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Manage clients with FieldCamp

When it comes to handling your staff, a lot of time is spent on asking for work updates, their recent location, and the estimated time of work completion.

This leads to delays in all other important tasks, and ultimately it affects the company’s performance and revenue. So, FieldCamp makes it easier to carry out tasks quickly by digitizing them, and thus, you get spare time for all other tasks.

Opt For FieldCamp and Forget Time Constraints

You don’t need any other software when you take up FieldCamp, a pressure washing scheduling software for all your business requirements.

FieldCamp provides you with features like job scheduling, job dispatching, invoicing, payments, reporting, and team tracking.

Job scheduling and dispatching01

Job scheduling and dispatching are time-consuming tasks and sometimes take hours. But, with FieldCamp, it’s a matter of a few minutes.

  • Import clients’ contacts from the phonebook and schedule jobs easily
  • Save up to 93% of scheduling time by automating your work
  • Dispatch pressure washers immediately with just a click
Pressure washing job scheduling and dispatching
Power washing team tracking

Team tracking02

Getting updates from each pressure washer is not possible, and you can’t make sure the updates they are giving are accurate or not. So, FieldCamp provides team tracking to keep things on track.

  • Know the exact location of your pressure washer once they update their job status
  • This detects fake updation and improves productivity
  • No requirement of calling up washers and asking for updates


To know your company’s statistics and growth analysis, it is necessary to get on-time reports, and FieldCamp provides accurate reporting.

  • Get P&L status at different time intervals
  • Figure out under-performing and over-performing washers
  • Get graphical representation and listing structure to know your reports better

Pressure washing reporting
Power washing invoicing software


FieldCamp vows to ease your every task, including invoicing and accepting payments. With FieldCamp, you are no longer required to carry out manual invoicing.

  • Generate and share digital invoices instantly on-site
  • Add a due date and send notifications on payment delay
  • Search or filter old unpaid invoices easily


When you give more options to accept payments, clients are more likely to pay early than the due date. FieldCamp knows this better, and so we made payments easy.

  • Generate invoice and accept payment on-site
  • Accept payments via cash, cheque, or Stripe
  • Notify clients of payment confirmation and overdue
Pressure washing job payment
Schedule and dispatch jobs with pressure washing software

Your Job Scheduling Problems Are No More Problems!

With FieldCamp, job scheduling has become much easier and quicker. Your hours of tedious work will be a matter of a few minutes now.

Frequently asked questions

Currently, FieldCamp lets you accept payments in only 3 modes: Cash, cheque, and Stripe. Other digital methods are in the developing stage and will be made available in the next update.

Job notes are special notes made for the pressure washer by the admin. It has all the instructions and guidelines to proceed with the work as per the client’s requirements. Job notes are important as customer satisfaction is an important factor in the business’s growth.

Yes, you can directly apply a filter to the jobs to filter out paid or unpaid jobs. These filters make your search easy, and you can instantly find the invoice you are looking for.

Fieldcamp Has Come Up With the Time Management Solution!
Using FieldCamp, you can automate job scheduling
and invoicing processes and save 93% of your business hours.