Want to Make your Property Maintenance
Business More Client Oriented?

Manage property maintenance business

In the property maintenance business, you have to focus more on fulfilling clients’ requirements. This helps you retain your old customers and establish a new customer base with your goodwill.

This can be achieved by providing them instant services, minimal calling, instant payment solutions, and quick tech support. FieldCamp, a job scheduling software for property maintenance services, has it all, making itself a one-stop solution for your business’s managerial needs

Core Features – More Than You Can Ask For!

From scheduling jobs to marking it completed and clearing payments, FieldCamp provides it all.

Without FieldCamp, you have to carry out every task manually and individually that is very time consuming. While FieldCamp automates 91% of your business tasks and saves 96% of time spent in job scheduling.

Easy job scheduling01

If you are scheduling jobs using pen and paper, spending hours of time, and still getting it mismanaged, you need FieldCamp as your property management software!

  • Schedule jobs automatically in just a few minutes
  • Manage many jobs and teams and refrain yourself from underbooking or overbooking
  • Check live status and differentiate between active, pending and completed jobs

Easy job scheduling
One click dispatch

One-click dispatch02

You can dispatch teams of technicians to the client’s location instantly after job scheduling.

  • Dispatch teams and complete jobs on time
  • Know your active/inactive teams to avoid any mismanagement
  • Add job notes to help your team instructed on site

Use Google-like calendar03

FieldCamp provides you an easy way to view your scheduled jobs and vacant days available to schedule jobs using Google-like calendar.

  • Get day, week, and month-wise view
  • Reschedule jobs by just using “drag and drop” feature
  • Set custom working days and hours
Use google like calendar
Property maintenance reporting and team tracking

Reporting and team tracking04

Generating reports at different time intervals can help you know your business better. Also, FieldCamp provides tracking of your teams for easy updation and less communication.

  • Know your company’s profit and loss statement, sales report, and much more in graphical and listing structure
  • Know your team’s location once they update their job status
  • Detect fake updation and increase transparency

Instant invoicing and payments05

Many times clients may delay your payment for a longer extent and it can disturb the cycle of other payments too. So, FieldCamp provides you instant invoicing and options to accept payments.

  • Generate editable and shareable invoices instantly
  • Setup due date to ensure on-time payments
  • Accept payments in 3 ways: Cash, cheque, and Stripe
Property maintenance invocing software
Save time with FieldCamp for property maintenance business

Save the Most Precious Resource of Your Business – TIME

Automate your business operations and save 96% of job scheduling time. Get a FREE TRIAL now to know more.

Frequently asked questions

FieldCamp provides various features that are ideal for your property maintenance business. If you take up FieldCamp, you get access to features like job scheduling, job dispatching, reporting, team tracking, invoicing, and payment.

Also, all these features require least manual effort and so, it saves hours of your business time.

Manual job scheduling needs a list or an excel sheet of all the jobs, teams, clients, and their data. Then you have to carry out each process manually like looking for vacant days, unoccupied technicians, and managing addresses. Then you can schedule jobs and this process utlizes a lot of time. Also, chances of making unintentional errors prevails.

On the other hand, scheduling jobs manually is comparatively easy. You can directly import excel sheets of clients, use calendar to check vacant days, schedule jobs, and dispatch technicians in a single click. Automatic job scheduling is quick and saves hours.

Yes, you can generate an invoice and export it in the PDF form. Also, you can share invoices to your clients’ Email ID directly from FieldCamp.

Confused on How to Schedule High Priority Jobs?
Explore FieldCamp and its job scheduling feature to schedule high and low priority jobs easily.