All-In-One Arborist Software to Ease Your
Manual Efforts

Use tree care software to ease your manual efforts

FieldCamp, a tree management software, is a solution-based approach to eradicate problems faced by business owners.

Along with job scheduling, FieldCamp is featured with other features like job dispatching, invoicing, reporting, quick payments, and much more.

In a nutshell, FieldCamp helps you carry out operations faster and enables you to complete hours of work in minutes.

Don’t Settle For Less When You Can Get More!

Whether you manage a small or large business, carrying out all the tasks manually will take forever. So, opting for field service management software can be your best decision.

The only constraint in any business is time, and FieldCamp saves 95% of time spent on job scheduling and other tasks. So you can focus on other tasks necessary for your business to grow exponentially.

Schedule Jobs in No Time01

What do you need to schedule jobs? Pen, paper, an excel sheet of jobs and arborists, and plenty of time? Well, all you need is FieldCamp and a couple of minutes.

Now, you can schedule jobs by directly importing an excel sheet of all the data. Not just one-time jobs, you can even schedule recurring jobs to avoid repeating the process every time.

After scheduling, you can dispatch arborists for work in just a click. Also, while scheduling, you can set the job’s priority to make it easier to dispatch teams.

Schedule jobs in no time
Use color codes for job management

UseColor Codes02

While adding a new team member, FieldCamp lets you select a color code for that team member. The use of it is to easily differentiate between teams. While reviewing the calendar, you can identify the team assigned to any particular task using the color odes.

Generate EditableInvoices Instantly03

With instant invoices, you can get payments after job completion. Also, you can set a due date to send reminders of due payments to your clients.

FieldCamp’s customizable invoices enable you to add your company’s name and logo To establish a professional image of your company.

Generate editable invoices
Team tracking reporting

Team Trackingand Reporting04

The team tracking feature of FieldCamp enables you to get the location status of your team once they update their job status.

The motive is to ensure transparency between the admin/business owner and the team members.

You can detect fake job updates by comparing your team member’s actual location and the updated location.

ModernOrganized Calendar05

We provide a modern organized calendar just like Google Calendars for a better view of your scheduled jobs.

You can directly add, remove, or modify jobs from the calendar. Also, it enables you to drag and drop the jobs to modify the schedules.

It automatically sets national holidays once you select the operational country of your business.

Modern organized calendar
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Frequently asked questions

We provide 3 different packages according to the number of users you require. The one with the most users can add up to 25 arborists. All though we provide customized packages for clients with more requirements.

Yes, you can add a discount while scheduling the job. You get an option to add a discount by percentage or amount.

Yes, you can use the filter to get a distinguished result of paid or unpaid invoices.

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