Best 27 Electrician Blogs to Stay Updated

Are you struggling to stay updated in the industry as a professional electrician? If you are on the hunt for talk about all new technology revolutionizing the world of electricians, then you are in the right place. 

Let’s get our facts correct. The U.S. electrical services industry demand is all prepared to achieve over 6% CAGR between 2021-2027. And to leverage this demand, you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge. 

That’s exactly why today we are diving deep into 27 of the best electrician blogs you must follow to stay updated on current trends. 

List of Top 27 Electrician Blogs for Latest Trends and Learning

Here are our recommended top 27 electrician blogs to learn about the latest trends. These will help you grow your electrician business and boost revenue. 

From helping homeowners with residential electrical expertise, such as home repairs (including something as basic as light bulbs), to commercial electric functioning, these blogs discuss everything. 

1. Electrical News

Electrical News is an excellent blog for anyone looking to stay updated with the industry. Their many informative articles summarise all the major happenings in the electrical world. Worth checking out for not just local news but also all global development in this vast field. 

2. VitalStorm Blog

For all industry experts looking to scale their businesses, VitalStorm Blog is the right place to start. Electricians and contractors will get great insight into marketing tactics to improve and scale their businesses. 

From implementing a social media marketing strategy to lead generation, VitalStorm will equip entrepreneurs in the electrical industry to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. 

3. Electrician Talk

Ever struggled with a query that you wished you could sort out faster? That is what online forums are for, and Electrician Talk is a great one out there. Electrician Talk is a forum with professional opinions that will help with your unique problems. You can also easily connect with contractors, apprentices, etc., regarding all types of qualms you may encounter. 

4. IBEW Media Center

IBEW blog is a great place to begin as it periodically features local and national industry news and updates about jobs, technologies, and initiatives regarding electricians across states in the US and Canada. 

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has been around for a while, helping electricians to engage in a community of a unified workforce with amenable expert electricians.

5. Lighting Supply

A dedicated blog for lighting and lighting enthusiasts, Lighting Supply is a go-to for all lighting-related news. The articles are highly informative and provide business owners with the knowledge to save money and promote energy efficiency in the lighting field. Besides product insights, electricians and contractors can also find trending and new technologies in the lighting space. 

6. Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Electrical Safety in the Workplace is a publication that offers news about the latest electrical system and types of equipment in the electrical field. They, most importantly, offer articles dedicated to electrical safety tips in the workspace to prevent dangerous situations. Plus, a thorough review of many new products that you might be interested in implementing in your line of work. 

7. Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine

EC&M Web Magazine is known for its helpful and highly applicable electrical industry information. The top stories are particularly inspirational, featuring successful electrical professionals in electrical work. Electrician contractors can even occasionally attend webinars to network with similar professionals and learn simultaneously. 

8. ElectricalWiki 

ElectricalWiki is the right blog for those looking to get highly technical knowledge. From articles on installation, testing, design, and equipment, this blog encompasses a rich knowledge base regarding the A-Z of this ever-growing electrical industry. 

9. Electrical Experts

Do you sometimes wish there were helpful tips on getting a particular electrical task done? Electrical Experts have come to save you from all your home and electrical troubles. 

The blog features a goldmine of information and new ideas that you can benefit from. These beginner-friendly technical articles are ideal for beginner electricians.

10. Electrician Mentor

This blog is all you will need to learn to be a successful electrician. Electrician Mentor is, first of all, a training platform for aspiring students to get a proper education. David Walter, the founder of Electrician Mentor, believes in encouraging people to take up the electrician trade. 

If you want to know more about available and upcoming apprenticeship programs, David’s blog has a ton of resources to help you land that dream opportunity.

11. Electrical Contractor

A super informative blog published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) that stays on trend with the inside scoops on all things electrical. This highly interactive resource is for electricians who like to get their news short, precise, and crisp. They regularly post industry how-to articles, educational webinars, and relevant information on legislation likely to impact electricians.

12. Electrical Safety First

Prioritizing safety is crucial in the line of work of electricians, and that’s what this blog does. Electricians must ensure they follow proper safety standards and protocols each time. Electrical Safety First is a blog that treats safety with the highest regard. It is also probably the least bit technical blog on this list, making it a friendly read. 

13. Trade Skills 4 U

If you want to be a master electrician, you probably have already come across the Trade Skills 4 U website. It is the gold standard for technical training in the electrical field. Electricians wishing to upskill should check out this blog to learn more about the courses they offer.

14. Electrical Marketers Blog

Marketing your electrical contracting business is a huge learning curve as a business owner or contractor. Thankfully you need no degree to be a great marketer, as the Electrical Marketers blog is here to help you. From setting up social media presence to increasing exposure to writing informative blog posts, you will find all the relevant marketing strategies you must implement in your business.

15. Service Roundtable Blog

Service Roundtable blog is one of the largest private contractor communities that share the insights of the leading contractors in the field. Their biggest goal is to help electrical contractors improve the business’s marketing, operations, and sales to improve profitability. 

There are 4 membership levels for everyone interested in joining. Moreover, you can network and collaborate with other contractors across the nation, ingraining valuable wisdom as you go along.

16. IEC Insights Magazine

The Independent Electrical Contractors Insights magazine is a publication published only six times a year written by and for electrical industry professionals. 

Each issue is filled with feature-rich articles, product releases, expert stories, and advice. They speak about building a sustainable business, inculcating safety, developing leadership, promoting diversity and apprenticeship, and more. Needless to say, this award-winning publication is all you might need to stay on top of the game in this competitive industry.

17. Reddit for Electricians

Reddit is the largest forum in the world, and Reddit for Electricians is a highly thriving community of aspiring electricians seeking an expert opinion. Electricians with a passion for memes will also find themselves laughing while still discovering quality information. 

Overall, Reddit for electricians is a great community filled with industrial electricians from all levels of expertise.

18. Mike Holt’s Forum

As the name suggests, next is a forum that every electrician should get familiar with. Dipping your toes into Mike Holt’s forum, you will realize the existence of a vast community enthusiastic about electrics. With over 100,000 members, it is a super popular forum among electricians. 

For easy navigation, the forum threads branch into categories such as safety, troubleshooting, controls and logic, business management, and more. This makes searching much easier, increasing the chance of finding an appropriate solution. 

19. Electrical Career Now

This is an influential educational blog for all aspiring electricians. Electrical Career Now offers promising apprentices and electricians knowledge of the industry and its standards. 

For students going back and forth on which career niche to settle in, the blog offers resources unique to popular careers like electrician, lineman, electrical systems technician, electrical mechanic, and electrical engineer. This is just one of the attractive points of the blog.

20. Electrical Trade Magazine

A primarily industry news website, the Electrical Trade Magazine is a go-to spot for all things electrical. This UK-based website also offers global insights into the world of electricians while at the same time addressing common problems that professionals face regardless of geographical barriers.

It is a trades-focused blog, so many professionals may find it interesting to keep up with.

21. Klein Tools Blog

Klein Tools Blog focuses on the current popular tools that electricians must be familiar with. Being an electrical manufacturers’ blog, they also provide detailed reviews of various appliances that experts use. 

Staying on top of the latest tools available in the market is an essential skill that every new-age electrician must possess. This blog gives you all the correct information to get electrically savvy.

22. Electrician Apprentice HQ

All electrician apprentices must get familiar with the Electrician Apprentice Headquarters blog. Every apprentice out there can utilize the many resources available in this blog to upskill themselves in this evolving field. 

The blog also features apprenticeship programs that you can enroll in for more formal training. It also offers a wide variety of resources, from books to articles about basic electrical terms and techniques and so much more.

23. ElectricalEasy 

Electrical Easy is a one-stop blog for all things electrical. The best part about this website is that beginner electricians can find a plethora of information about electrical systems, electrical laws, and AC/DC machines.

There is a lot of theoretical information available on the website, which is great for electricians looking to brush up on their knowledge. They’ve explained all topics in the most comprehensive manner and have categorized them on their homepage.

24. Contractor Talk

Contractor Talk is an excellent source of expert advice and professional help. As an electrician, you may come across specific queries that require another professional’s opinion. This forum consists of peer discussions aimed at solving the problems of electricians and professional electricians providing a sound second opinion. 

25. NECA

The National Electrical Contractors Association is a great resource for news about the industry. 

Electricians can refer to the website for not only current happenings but also news about laws and legislative changes in the industry, press releases, and even awards received by industry titans, and other helpful information.

26. Electrical4U

If you want to advance in the field of electricals, then you must keep an eye out for this blog. For electricians too busy to immerse themselves in a course, Electrical4U makes learning easy. 

The website hosts many articles about electrical engineering that are useful, especially if you are preparing for any certifications or examinations. If you are tired of scouring the internet for foundational information, then this website will be a great asset.

27. Electrical Marketing

Last but not least, the Electrical Marketing website is an exclusive blog that caters to all the industry’s professionals. Market trends, economic conditions, and sales potential are crucial to an electrician or a contractor. 

As an electrician, it doesn’t hurt to stay on top of the trends in the electrical economy. Upon subscribing to their newsletter, you will get all the industry information at your fingertips to stay current in this growing industry.

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A successful electrician or contractor business requires owners to 

  • Evaluate current performance levels.
  • Design a business plan that is unique to your particular needs.
  • Ensure customers’ requirements are always met.
  • Be on top of trends and technology advancements in the industry.
Getting advanced formal training and keeping up with the latest developments in the electrician field via electrician blogs are the best ways for electricians to further their careers.
Continuously learning and updating yourself as an electrician is fundamental to running a successful business. Be always on the lookout for new tools that can enhance work. You can quickly learn about new technologies through electrician blogs, forums and connecting with like-minded industry experts.


Staying on top of trends need not be a mammoth task as long you know where to look. As an electrician, learning about new developments and products is vital for better work success and overall business growth.

These electric blogs give you a unique perspective, from residential electrical work, motors, and safety (to prevent high-power electrical shocks, for example) to mitigating the effects of a power outage, these electric blogs give you a unique perspective. They come with various electricity services problems you may face as electricians, along with the solutions.

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