Electrical Contractor Marketing: 20 Best Marketing Strategies to Attract New Customers

Electrical contractors work on the installation, maintenance, and design of the major electrical systems within the household or commercial facilities. A firm offering these services is termed an electrical contracting business.

The current statistics state that over 31,549 electrical contractors are employed in the United States. Most of them are located in New York, GA, and Atlanta.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, individuals and firms must adapt crucial electrical contractor marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd.

So, buckle up and get insight into the best electrical contractor marketing strategies to get more leads and excel in your business. 

What is Electrical Contractor Marketing and Why is it Important?

The activities executed by an electrical contracting business to increase the sales and promotions of their electrical services are called electrical contractor marketing. 

It provides ample benefits to an electrician business, which states its importance of execution. Some of the benefits of using rightful electrician marketing strategies for an electrical business are:

  • Improves sales: You can direct your marketing efforts for the brand by spreading positive word of mouth and growing your online presence. All of these measures will increase the sales rate, and eventually, the profits will also increase. 
  • Establishes brand: With proper marketing, people will be aware of your brand name. You can do the needful by representing your service quality leads through ads over different media platforms. 
  • Be discoverable: The marketing efforts will ensure that more new customers easily find you over the internet. The next time someone needs electrical services, they don’t have to run through the internet to find your number, as they should see your ad running over search results to find you. 

A proficient electrician marketing plan will get you ample potential leads. And then it is upon your service quality and business management solutions to convert them into paying customers. 

20 Best Electrical Contractor Marketing Strategies

As an electrical contracting business, your prime perspective is to have ample job requests throughout the month and year. With serious competition in the industry, you must be aware of some of the top traditional and digital marketing tactics to prove the efficacy of your service area over your competitors.

So, the best 20 electrical contractor marketing strategies are as follows:

1. Do the foundation research for the marketing plan

When you are planning on imposing traditional and digital marketing campaigns, make sure you do ample research on the approach. You should decide upon your goals and then create a plan to determine if your approach will help you meet your goals or not. 

2. Decide your target market

Before you market your electrical contracting business online and offline, you need to decide on the target market. 

Finalize whether you want to target the industrial sector, residential sector, commercial sector, or all of them. Your marketing plan will be directed according to the target audience you pick. 

3. Network with other electricians or electrical contractors

The initial step of a traditional marketing plan is to network with other electrical contractors or electricians. 

Even though they are your competitors, you still need to build a good relationship with them to build a professional rapport. 

They can refer you to their jobs if they are on a tight work schedule, and you can do the same as well. In this way, your entire network of local businesses will be able to help one another get more sales. 

4. Network with other home service businesses

Apart from networking with electricians, you should partner with other home service businesses. Suppose a company is offering a major renovation to a house or commercial building and has no electrical team. If you share a good rapport with them, they might recommend you take up the electrical works for the renovation project. 

Similarly, you can create a business network with plumbers, carpenters, and painters to get indirect help executing your marketing plan. 

5. Take the help of existing customers

When you have many satisfied existing customers, you can ask for their help to promote your services to prospective customers. 

Every time a new job request comes up, you can share the number of previous clients for them to interact with and validate your quality service offerings. 

But remember to take the consent of your existing customers before sharing their numbers with new leads. It is one of the perfect traditional marketing services for generating leads. 

6. Offer incentives and discounts to your customers

An evident marketing budget strategy is to offer free offers to existing customers. For instance, you can offer a free annual check for the clients who gave you big electrical work projects. This marketing budget plan will increase your chances of retaining a customer.

7. Ask for referrals

You have the liberty to ask satisfied customers to refer your business to their friends and family. It is called a positive word-of-mouth marketing strategy. You will have a lot of customers through this organic marketing strategy. 

8. Get a unique website while starting with digital marketing

The first approach to imposing digital marketing measures is to have a business website. Every digital marketing strategy you implement will be based on your website. Therefore, if you are willing to give a national or global presence to your local business, it is important to have a clean and informative website. 

Some of the key elements and business tips that you can add to your website to make it unique and presentable are:

  • Add specific colors that you have chosen to reflect your business identity. The color used in your logo can be added throughout the website with proper mixing and placement. 
  • The navigation aspect of your website should be easy for the visitors. Every time someone lands on your website, they should be able to find the desired information without much hassle. 
  • A custom website should not just have texts in it, but you should also add visual elements. You can preferably add photos, videos, and graphics to make it a visually compelling website. 
  • Make the website mobile-friendly as many potential customers will look for your brand over their mobile phones. If the website is not responsive enough for mobile browsers, it might not interest your potential customers to avail of your services. 

9. Get a perfect logo for your branding needs

A part of your marketing strategy demands you to have a perfect logo that represents your business motive in a unique manner. Even though your logo has nothing to do with the quality of work you offer, people will still trust the visual appeal to judge your brand. So, it is important to implement a good design and color in your business logo to represent your brand. 

10. Search engine optimization for more traffic

As per search engine optimization (SEO) statistics, around 75% of all searchers never prefer to check the second page of Google results

So, with optimal SEO measures, your website can rank up and be on the first page of the Google search results. As a result, your online presence will increase and more traffic will be redirected to your landing page.

11. Local SEO

Besides general SEO, an electrical business should also invest their time and efforts in implementing local SEO tactics. To make your business appear in the Google listings, you will have to optimize your business name, address, and phone number.

Claim your Google Business Profile listing and add keywords to the business description that are locally relevant. Ensure that your business name and other details are correct across the web. And then your local SEO measures will help your business attract more local customers to avail of your electrical services. 

12. Content marketing

Quality content is important as it loads up the entire website with valuable information about your electrical business plan and your services.

Content marketing involves website content, blogs, video content, downloadable service guides, ebooks, and everything that can be added to your website to promote your services and products. 

13. Adapt Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads, also known as pay-per-lead ads, flash right above the search results page on any local query of home services. 

When you qualify for Google Guarantee, you will be permitted to select a set of services your electrical contractor business offers. 

Every time a person’s search criteria match the services you offer, your ad will be shown to them over the results page. 

14. Social media marketing is a must

Most electrical contractors are unaware of the efficacy of social media for their business marketing needs. Social media can be the best platform for your electrical business to offer customer service, promote the brand, and get more leads. 

Facebook, a well-recognized social media platform, offers paid electrician advertising strategy services to help you get more website visitors or engagement over a specific post.

Apart from that, you can also direct your social media marketing ideas to LinkedIn and run dedicated ads over the platform. The LinkedIn audience has two times more buying power than any general or average internet audience.

So, if you are looking for electrical business opportunities from commercial sectors, you must invest in LinkedIn ads.

You can also rely on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to market your services and products to the target audience. So, count on leveraging the maximum potential of social media for your electrical business plan.

15. Use email marketing

Email marketing is the most inexpensive digital marketing approach to promote your business to potential leads. You can send emails to potential leads who have subscribed to your newsletter or have inquired about your services anytime recently.

16. Get your business on review sites

You need to link your business to electrician websites that allow customers to leave online reviews. Your electrical business customers will also leave their online reviews over the Google My Business listing.

The customers who are looking for an electrical company will consider the online reviews as well. Therefore, you need to push your satisfied customers to give you five stars over the dedicated rating websites and give positive customer reviews on Google listing.

17. Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC marketing campaigns are ideal for sending immediate traffic to one of the landing pages of your electrical business website. 

PPC advertising ideas is accountable as the best marketing idea for small businesses. Its purpose is to place your electrical business ads over the search results page of Google when someone searches for your services using business-related terms and keywords.

18. Start a blog section

When you have your electrician websites ready, it is better to start adding blogs to a dedicated section. Blogs can help direct heavy traffic to your website. People searching for relevant information about electrical services will land on the blogs posted on your website.

And you can smartly promote your services within those electrical blogs. It will let the visitors check out your services related to the information offered in the blog post. 

19. Video marketing 

Video marketing with company profile videos, testimonial videos, videos with answers to common questions, and other graphic/animated videos would do the job for you. 

You can post these videos on your website or the digital marketing channels to promote your brand presence. 

20. Electrical contractor scheduling software

You can retain customers and businesses to work with you when you show them how digitally involved you are with your business operations. Therefore, ideal scheduling software is important for your electrical contractor business to not just seamlessly operate your business tasks but also promote a sense of satisfaction for the customers. 

An Electrical Contractor Business Software That Helps You

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You can market your electrical contracting company by taking care of your initial planning and preparation. You will have many construction projects to work on, when you network well with the other electricians and other businesses.

Apart from perfect electrician marketing goals and strategy, you should also emphasize following basic service disciplines to hold onto the customers.

You should be on time and quote a budgeted rate to the customers. You should always assign the workers considering the job request and the individual competencies.

FieldCamp Can Be a Supporting Hand to Your Electrician Marketing Ideas

FieldCamp is efficient scheduling software that can escalate the effectiveness of your marketing ideas. When your electrician marketing measures start to work out and you start getting more and more jobs, you will need to pick up the pace to respond to them. 

With FieldCamp, you get instant notifications on any request for electrical work. You can immediately assign the available electrician to the job site. 

You can also use the stored client details to schedule revisits to their sites for annual maintenance or other offered services. 

Even after successfully executing your electrical contractor marketing plan, you will always need a digital tool to respond to those marketing results. So, check out FieldCamp’s and explore its features yourself.

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