13 Best Landscaping Tools To Enhance Your Gardening Service Business

The landscaping service business is on the rise in the United States as the revenue generated by the industry is expected to reach $115.6 billion in 2022.

The industry has employed over 1.1 million people in the United States and can scale at 4.5% CAGR in the coming years.

Exciting numbers, right?

The opportunities are endless in the industry, but you need the right tools and strategy to make the most in the lawn care business.

Talking about tools, experienced or new landscaping service businesses have questions about finding the best lawn care tools. So we have filtered the best landscaping tools to help you improve your arsenal.

13 Best Landscaping Tools For Your Service Business

We have categorized different landscaping tools based on their use and requirements. Have a look.

Landscaping Hand Tools

The first categorization is simple and low-tech landscaping tools that can help you improve the quality of lawn care services you offer.

Before we discuss the top landscaping tools, you can follow a few tips before buying these tools, like ensuring that the wooden handles are durable, affordable, and strong.

Avoid purchasing tools with painted wooden handles, and if the tools have tubular steel or fiberglass handles, you can purchase them as they have better longevity than wood.

Another important aspect you can check is the tool’s weight and its distribution. Your field service team needs to have a firm grip to have great impact when using the landscaping hand tools. 

Look at the specific landscaping tools.

1. Shovel

Shovel is a simple lawn care tool used to dig holes. Lawn care service professionals prefer fiberglass or steel handles to shovels with wooden handles. 


The stainless steel shovel is strong, lightweight, and easy to clean. You need to ensure that your shovel is sharp every time your team goes for the landscaping task. Assign your team the task of sharpening the shovel a few times a year to deliver quality results during commercial assignments.

2. Pruning Shears

A pair of Long-handled pruning shears can help your team remove the branches for quality lawn care service. Hand-powered pruning shears can assist the service professionals in cutting through the branches which are one inch thick.

If the requirement is thicker than one inch, you must equip your team with electric or gas-powered shears.

3. Rakes

two types of rakes can be used for handling your lawn cleaning service. Professionals use steel and leaf rakes based on the requirements and situations.


The level-headed steel rake is used for completing tougher jobs like moving gravel, soil, mulch, or compost. The leaf rakes are lightweight and can be used for moving twigs, leaves, and other lightweight debris.

When purchasing rakes, you can choose a wooden-handled rake because it’s unnecessary to use a steel or fiberglass handle, even while handling the heavy lifting of gravel or soil.

Landscaping Equipment

Apart from hand tools, power tools are also essential for improving the lawn care service experience.

You should purchase  high-quality landscaping power tools that can help you optimize your team’s performance and minimize the hiccups of breakdown. Select the tools from well-established brands for a quality experience. Have a look at the tools.

4. Grass Trimmer

A weed whacker or grass trimmer can help your team remove the grasses and weeds quickly with a quality finish. It can deliver a finishing edge against sidewalks, trees, and other lawn features. 


There are multiple trimmers available in the market that can be gas or electric-powered. You need to select and filter the best after getting a product demo before making the final purchase.

5. Lawn Mower

The most expensive lawn care tool is the lawnmower. You need a significant amount of your budget towards making the purchase, but once you provide a lawnmower to your team, they’ll increase their productivity and help you save time and money with every single service they make.

A high-quality lawnmower adds efficiency and precision to the work of your service team and enables your clients to get the best-in-class lawn care service experience. It conveys your team’s professionalism and helps maintain a solid relationship with the client for future services.

Depending upon the scale of your service business, you need to choose the size of the blade for your lawnmower. If you have a long commercial clientele to serve, you need a blade diameter of 30 inches or more.

Using a smaller blade can impact the precision and quality of the mow. Also, the smaller mowers can break down quickly if used regularly to provide lawn cleaning services.

6. Leaf Blower

Hand-powered leaf rakes can be used for touch-up, small work. If you want to clean a wider space, you need an electric leaf blower to blow away the leaves and collect them over a specific area for cleaning.


There are multiple models of leaf blowers that can make wrangling up stray leaves faster and more efficiently, but you need to choose your tool carefully. Gas-powered leaf blowers are more popular than electric models in the commercial lawn care industry.

The amount of power required to operate a leaf blower for a long duration is tremendous, and gas can be easier to deal with throughout a long workday.

7. Lawn Aerator

Quality aeration helps keep a lawn full and healthy. Aeration allows oxygen, water, and other vital nutrients to go into the soil and help the lawn become lush green. There are multiple hand-powered aerators available in the market, but using an eclectic aerator can be beneficial for managing your commercial landscaping service.

8. Hedge Trimmer

Selecting a hedge trimmer can be a tricky part. You need to focus on the portability and the comfort of using a hedge trimmer.


If you don’t have enough experience selecting the tool, you can ask individuals from your on-ground workforce to help you with the process. 

You need to hold a hedge trimmer rather than push a mower to get the work done. We would recommend you choose a padded, lightweight trimmer with ergonomic handles to make it easier and more comfortable for your service crew members to get the job done.

Apart from these technical tools, there are a few essential landscaping tools that you should consider for your lawn care service business.

Other Essential Landscaping Tools

The essential landscaping tool list is incomplete without including the third category of tools listed below:

9. Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is a critical part of the equipment kit to ensure that your workforce has the best shield to protect them from dust, accidents, or other undesirable situations. Your field service team can wear the minimum safety gear: ear protection, ear protection, long-sleeve shirts, and gloves.

Also, steel-toed boots can help your workforce handle rocks, trees, and heavy equipment. It can ensure that your team is healthy and delivers quality output for your business day in and day out.

10. Vehicles

Purchasing vehicles and investing huge sums of money can be tricky. It can be difficult to lease or purchase heavy vehicles if you start your lawn care service business.

You should not purchase a fleet of vehicles at the start; you can choose one truck at a time and ensure that you manage your expenses in an organized manner.

Assign the task to your team to clean and maintain a good quality of the vehicle and avoid rash driving to increase the wear and tear in the vehicle’s health.

Focus on branding the vehicles and putting a logo on your vehicle. It will look professional and increase the marketing aspect and trust amongst the prospects.

11. Gloves

You can purchase three types of gloves, including washable synthetic gloves, leather gloves, and cotton gloves coated with latex, to enable your workforce to perform the service activities with maximum efficiency.

Synthetic gloves can handle dry equipment, material, and other general-purpose activities. The latex-coated cotton gloves are ideal for dealing with wet soil and prevent the field service provider from getting into direct contact with the viruses and bacteria present in the soil.

And the leather gloves provide the best protection to the service provider for digging, planting, and handling different projects.

12. Buckets

Buckets are one of the most underrated tools used in landscaping service. You need to provide your team with multiple types of buckets for carrying items, cleaning up, disposing of waste, and handling other tasks in the landscaping service tasks.

Plastic buckets can be a better option than metal buckets that can be exposed to corrosion or rust after regular exposure to water.

Heavy-duty plastic buckets can also be flexible, making them easier to carry and use daily. Ensure that the bucket you select is sturdy and has an ergonomic section to make the holding of the bucket easier for the service team members.

13. Lawn Care Business Software

We saved the best for the last. A dedicated lawn care business or field service scheduling software helps you improve your lawn care service business and access the best optimization features to streamline your business operations.

FieldCamp - best landscaping tools

It can help you get a bird’s eye view of the service workforce and improve their productivity with detailed scheduling of their day-to-day tasks.

A professional lawn care business software can automate the redundant process and provide you with real-time business reporting, payment processing, field staff tracking, and scheduling tasks.

You can provide a quality experience to your customers and scale your business to new heights. Let’s dive further into why field service management is necessary for your business.

Why is Field Service Management Software a Must For Your Business?

Managing a landscaping business can be a task in hand for your business. You need advanced tools and technology like dedicated field service management software to handle the rising demand in the industry and streamline business operations.

A field service management can convert your lawn care service business into a modern high-tech business that can minimize errors or service delays.

You can manage your workforce efficiently and dispatch jobs to the available technicians to manage your day-to-day service operations in a better way.

But which field service management software can help you improve your lawn service business efficiency?

Out of hundreds of software tools available, FieldCamp is the field service scheduling tool that stands out from the rest.

A Field Service Management Software That Helps You To

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

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Yes, it is a growing business. The industry’s market size expanded by 4.2% in the last five years.
Yes, you can make a hefty amount of money in the lawn care business if you use the right tools and strategies to stand out from the rest and deliver a quality customer experience.
You can better manage your resources and deliver and automate the redundant process to achieve your desired business outcomes with finesse.
There are multiple tools, but having a shovel, rakes, lawnmower, buckets, and dedicated landscaping software are a few important tools to have for your landscaping service business. You can also include safety precaution tools to help your workforce avoid accidents or injuries.

FieldCamp is The Solution You Are Looking For

FieldCamp is a professional lawn care business software that can help you create invoices faster, dispatch technicians for tasks, schedule different service tasks, and manage different operations within a few clicks.

It has a user-friendly UI/UX that can provide real-time field staff tracking details, business reports, and payment process feature to help you achieve your business targets.

You can:

  • Save up to 95% of the landscaping business time.
  • Automate up to 90% of the business operations.
  • Enhance the quality of your service.

So, what’s making you wait?

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