Top 21 Pest Control Apps to Grow Your Business

If you’re in the pest control business, you know that your industry is buzzing with activity. 

Twenty-seven thousand pest control service businesses are operating in the United States, and the pest control industry is projected to generate $17.4 billion in revenue by 2023.

With more than 74% of homeowners performing some DIY pest control on their own, the market for pest control services will only grow.

So what do you need to do to ensure that your business stays on top? You need to leverage the best pest control apps available in the market today.

These solutions will help you manage all aspects of your business, from sales to customer service and everything in between. Here are 21 recommendations to save you trouble. 

List of Best 21 Pest Control Apps for Effective Business

1. FieldCamp

FieldCamp is the best pest control app that helps you increase efficiency and optimally manage your field team. Its simple, easy-to-use, and distinctive key features allow you to manage all your field members remotely and resourcefully fulfill business needs.

FieldCamp has been designed to create a user-friendly experience for workers and service providers. An intuitive interface is what makes FieldCamp an ideal tool for managing your business. What’s even more exciting is that it starts at $29 per month, which is a supremely cost-effective option and more so with an annual subscription.

With FieldCamp, you can:

  • Digitize 90% of your daily business operations. 
  • Keep track of pest control technicians and crews with just a few clicks. 
  • Track and create reports in real-time! 
  • Save up to 95% of your time on recurring job scheduling and reporting. 
  • Most importantly, increase customer satisfaction by informing them of the job’s progress.

Want to Know How FieldCamp Benefits Your Business?

FieldCamp is an all-in-one service scheduling software, allowing you to manage your business operations in clicks and make things smoother!

No credit card details required

2. Jobber

Jobber - pest control app

Are you a pest control business owner looking to streamline your workflow, optimize routes, send quotes and invoices by text, and get paid on-site? 

Then Jobber is the tool for you that comes with efficient key features. The subscription starts from $35 per month.

With Jobber, you can: 

  • Schedule jobs efficiently.
  • Offer seamless customer service with online booking and payments. 
  • Run a more efficient business in no time with a mobile app, a simple setup, and free 1-on-1 training.

3. GorillaDesk

GorillaDesk - pest control app

GorillaDesk is the perfect solution for pest control service businesses. The subscription starts at $49 per month per technician.

With GorillaDesk, a cloud-based field service management tool, you can: 

  • Keep track of your devices.
  • Assign jobs to team members.
  • Access customer information from multiple devices.
  • Leverage a drag-and-drop calendar, email automation, document management, and cost estimation functionalities.

4. FieldAware

FieldAware - pest control app

FieldAware is the intelligent field service management software that will change how you manage your pest control business. A monthly subscription costs $70.

With FieldAware service management software, you can:

  • Manage service requests, scheduling, dispatching, customer relationships, and invoicing from anywhere in the world.
  • Streamline the entire process while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • View invoice totals in real-time and gains visibility on service costs versus revenue.
  • Monitor staff productivity in the office and the field with ease.

5. JobLogic

JobLogic - pest control app

Job management is a pain. While managing pest control projects, you can’t afford to waste time scheduling and organizing your workforce. That’s exactly what JobLogic’s field service management software helps you with. 

The best part? JobLogic offers a free 30-day trial so you can test it out before committing to a monthly subscription fee of £30.

With JobLogic job management software, you can:

  • Schedule jobs in real-time and view them on your mobile device, so you don’t have to worry about double booking or missing an opportunity. 
  • There’s a customer portal where customers can monitor job progress and status updates. 

6. Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot is a cloud-based field service management solution. Its user-friendly interface is what differentiates it from the rest. You can access it for $49 per month.

With Service Autopilot,  you can:

  • Manage your business, schedule and dispatch teams with a single technician or the entire crew, create custom services, and more.
  • Create a complete workflow for managing service requests and tracking assets, all while reducing costs.
  • Efficiently conduct client and lead management, scheduling and dispatching, routing and mapping, mobile field access, and custom training sessions.

7. Pocomos

Pocomos help your pest control service team stay on top of their jobs while in the field. The subscription for this field service management solution starts at $59 per month.

With the Pomoco Field Service Management software, you can: 

  • Easily manage your entire pest control company, from the office staff to field workers, in one place.
  • Manage customer data with detailed profiles that include location, service history, billing information, and more.
  • Generate reports to monitor progress across your entire pest control company.
  • Take payments on mobile devices in the field
  • Create contracts in real time.

8. PestPac

PestPac - pest control apps

PestPac’s pest control work order management system is the most efficient way to manage your one-off and recurring jobs. This is among the best pest control software available. 

With PestPac, you can:

  • Create your service programs, including monthly, quarterly, and annual services. 
  • Add your services with names, descriptions, frequencies, pricing, and tax details.
  • Track services for multi-unit buildings with the multi-unit management module.
  • Automate follow-ups and track multiple units and devices, whether residential or commercial.

9. FieldRoute

FieldRoute - pest control app

If used optimally, FieldRoute’s field service software can transform the future of your own pest control business.

With FieldRoute, you can: 

  • Use powerful lead progression tools to track, manage, and nurture prospects. 
  • Reduce your time on the road, automate manual processes, and save time with your pest control business automation functionality.
  • Improve payment collections and reduce delinquencies with automated follow-ups and an easy-to-use customer portal. 
  • Visualize the true ROI and make data-driven decisions based on real-time numbers and user-friendly, interactive dashboards.

10. BigChange

The BigChange Job Management Platform is another leading business software. It’s potent cloud-based software for pest control service businesses. You can effectively access it at £69.95 per month.

With BigChange, you can: 

  • Access job/resource scheduling, customizable template-driven workflows, invoicing, health & safety, and more. 
  • Leverage back-office live Google Maps, geofencing, journey histories, fleet and resource management, timesheets, and performance reporting.

11. Revetize


Small pest control businesses need a better way to manage their customers. And Revetize helps you achieve that with its efficient customer management and team management solution. There’s no one-size-fits-all pricing attached.

With Revetize, you can: 

  • Gain tools to collect and visualize NPS feedback surveys from an actionable dashboard. 
  • Schedule and send personalized messages to mass lists of customers automatically. 
  • Create and share promotions and direct social campaigns straight from the Revetize platform.
  • Access marketing information on any internet-enabled device, including mobile devices and tablets.

12. PestScan


If you’re looking for the best pest control software that is also versatile, PestScan is for you.

With PestScan for pest control businesses, you can:

  • Manage the contact information of your customers.
  • Track leads and appointments.
  • Plan routes via the map.
  • Generate invoices within the field.
  • Conduct inventory management across multiple locations.
  • Generate reports from your data in real time.
  • Work offline and continue working in basements, for example, without an internet connection.

13. iGEO

iGEO is one of the pest control software on the market that lets pest control companies digitize the entire pest management workflow and manage everything from one place.

With iGEO, you can:

  • Capture client feedback in real-time.
  • Access client accounts from anywhere.
  • Manage schedules from any device.
  • Manage payments according to requirements.

14. Fieldwork


Fieldwork is like Uber for pest control businesses. It aims to save you from paperwork and enables you to focus on fieldwork. And best of all? It’s just $39 per month!

With FieldWork, you can:

  • Schedule one-time or recurring appointments; you can now do that within the centralized Fieldwork calendar. 
  • View locations plotted on Google Maps.
  • Issue automated appointment reminders and pre-printed tickets where required, and track trap data using barcode scanning.
  • Work remotely, even if you are not connected to the internet, with companion apps for iOS and Android. 

15. WorkPal


WorkPal’ smart service is dedicated to customer success and offers fully integrated job management and field operations software, so you have a connected workforce anywhere. You’re billed £25 per month.

With WorkPal, you can:

  • Easily create custom job sheets, assign them to your field technicians and track their progress with the smartphone app. 
  • Enable workers to sync detailed reports to your office system, including job notes, forms, photographs, and customer signatures once they complete the job.
  • Accurately track worker shifts plus job time, and eliminate the need for paper time sheets.
  • Invoice clients directly through WorkPal’s invoice feature and export data in various formats.

16. EviSane

EviSane is a pest and Legionella control solution for pest control companies that makes it easy to generate, sign, and upload reports in just a few clicks. You can request a free demo call on their website.

With EviSane pest control software, you can:

  • Create situation diagnoses, treatment certificates, and trend analyses. 
  • Add custom traps and control points to work orders on interactive maps or plans.
  • Create process automation, interactive maps, and customer area.

17. Formitize


Formitize is a cloud-based platform that helps pest management service businesses manage customers, clients, and leads. It starts at $29.99 per month.

With Formitize leading business software, you can:

  • Manage contacts and accounts.
  • Create innovative forms to collect data and documents from clients.
  • Track tasks and milestones across teams.
  • Schedule events and set deadlines or appointment reminders with customers.

18. FieldMotion


FieldMotion is the top pest control software for a service business that helps you manage your workforce and be more productive by offering an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

With FieldMotion pest control software, you can:

  • Schedule, assign, and track tasks and appointments with the nearest field worker in real-time. 
  • Create and manage company assets, track asset rentals, set maintenance schedules, and monitor costs and income from investments. 
  • View the status of all jobs within a Gantt chart, including a breakdown by department, skill set, and length of time a job takes. 
  • Generate reports to gain insight into work costs, labor, stock use, and budget status.

19. Payaca


As a business owner, you know that pest management customer service is key to success for your business.  Pacaya enables you to impress your customers via customer management, organize your team via team management, and get paid fast. It starts at £54 + VAT.

 With Payaca field service software, you can: 

  • Create and send professional-looking interactive quotes, estimates, and invoices – all while tracking your sales and customers’ feedback on the go.
  • Access powerful analytics and marketing tools that will help you make intelligent decisions about your business.

20. Orcatec


Orcatec has the potential to become your go-to field management software for managing field agents and dispatching tasks. It will help you manage all aspects of the pest control business, including customer relationship management. 

With Orcatec pest control software, you can: 

  • Generate proposals with equipment details and rebates.
  • Remotely view schedules and track tasks status as in progress or canceled.
  • Process payments through credit cards and optimize routes.
  • Monitor employees’ expenses based on labor hours and request customers for reviews across social media platforms.

21. Synchroteam

Synchroteam - pest control apps

Synchroteam offers a convenient, cloud-based solution for managing your extermination service business. You can start using it at $31 per month. 

With Synchroteam pest control software, you can: 

  • Streamline your operations and save time and money as a result.
  • Manage contacts, schedule employees, and dispatch them easily.
  • Have the ability to bill your clients with ease and keep track of inventory as well as invoices. 
  • Access support via phone or email so that you’re never alone on the job site!

Organize and Manage Your Pest Control Company

Schedule and dispatch pest control jobs, create invoices, get paid, generate service reports with our all-in-one pest control software.


Mobile pest control software or field management software is often priced on a per-user, monthly basis. Pricing can range from $9-$250 per month, depending on the provider and feature package.
You need a solution that will make your company stand out from the crowd and help you get more customers by making it easier to manage your team and keep track of your service schedule. Hence the best pest control app will be the one that helps you simplify your business.
Pesticides are the most effective pest control. They are available in a wide range of forms and can be used to kill insects, bacteria, and plants. There are three types of pesticides: solid, liquid, and aerosol.


You know your pest control business is going to be a hit. You have a great product and fantastic service. But if you don’t have the right management and automation tools, you might find yourself struggling even before you even start.

You need pest control management software that works for your business, not against it. With the right service scheduling software, you can automate every aspect of your pest control operations, replacing outdated, unorganized, strenuous, and time-consuming manual processes.

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