Field Service Management Strategy: 5 Successful Ideas to Improve Business

We are blessed with advanced technology but are we using it in the right way to manage the field service business? 

We are living in an era, where we are using technology not just for technical business purposes but we are using to be ahead in this competitive market. However, along with that, you require one thing that can reduce the gap between your business and a successful business, and that is field service management strategy

According to salesforce, 80% of decision-makers say that field service is key to their overall strategy. Not just that, 75% of decision-makers believe that the strategy has helped them to boost the revenue of their company.  

That’s pretty impressive, right? Now, let us take you to the field service management solutions, also known by field service management strategies which will help you to enhance your field service business.

5 Field Service Management Strategies To Improve Your Field Business

Field service management has helped field service businesses to grow, even in times of pandemics. So how strategies can boost your field service business? let’s find out with 5 proven successful field service management strategies.

  1. Centred Customers

    Will you be able to operate your business if your customer is not happy with your work experience? No, the chances are low and it will keep dropping and affect your company’s reputation because of poor customer experience.

    Thus, the first field service management solution is to focus on customers. A field service company is not about the company owner and technician, but it is about the customer. And to make customer-centered in your field business, you need field service software.

    The software will make your work process faster and easier with its automation process. So, instead of wasting time doing things manually, you can switch to automate and get time to improve customer service. 

    After all the business is to provide a great customer experience. Meeting their needs should be on your list because it will help your business to grow and promote your element.

  2. Digital Innovation

    When everything is going digital, then how can field service companies be left? The scope of improvement in the business increased after embracing digital innovation in the field service business

    digital innovation - field service management strategy

    Some of you may not consider getting into digital because of certain reasons like-

    • Hard to operate
    • Heavy on the budget
    • Tough time understanding technical
    • Have to be updated all-time

    We agree these reasons are genuine but let me tell you that innovative technology is not rocket science. It may seem difficult initially but gradually you will understand it is not difficult.  Moreover, it is essential to adopt digital innovation to improve and be ahead in the competition. 

    Still, do you think neither you nor technicians are good with innovation? Well, don’t worry because field service management software like FieldCamp is there to help you. The software is easy to use and help to manage your field service work in just a few click away. 

    FieldCamp allows you to create automated scheduling, dispatching, generate an invoice, and report work done at the field by the field service technicians. 

    Along with field service management software, technology like artificial intelligence helps field service organizations to reduce complex workflows with automation. Thus, you can focus on tasks that matter and do not waste time by doing repetitive mistakes.

  3. Buy-in Business

    Do you know your field service management strategy could go wrong? Yes, even if you have an expert technician? How? Well, the field service management tools are not worth it if the technicians do not know how to operate or use them.

    Field service management teams should know what will go along with their business, and most of all it should be relevant and valuable. To create and evaluate planned business takes time and money, but with a positive outcome, it is all worth it. 

    Unnecessary features and factors in field service will form no motivation and frustration of not using the strategy in the right manner.

    Pro Tip- If you own a large field service business, hiring a professional or expert to teach or train employees will make your job easier.

    The right buy-in or field service software will create more interest and encourage employees to perform the job with more willingness. The reason behind this field service strategy is to ease workflow and improve communication among employees and business owners.

  4. Insight Work Status

    A field service business owner has a list of tasks and responsibilities to fulfill like managing technicians, executing business, keeping updated with work status, communicating with field service employees, and payment process.

    But there is a solution for everything, correct? And here the key is field service software that makes daily operation easier. One of the purposes of embracing field service software is to provide excellent service delivery. 

    Thanks to modern technology, you can access software on mobile devices which will give you insight into work status anywhere. The field service operations are tedious but with every update of the mobile worker on software, the task becomes simpler. 

  5. Financial Opportunity

    When your customer service levels are high, you are also opening the gate for financial opportunities. With field service management, the revenue of your business is boosted and inventory levels are high.

    financial opportunities - field service management strategy
    The global market size of field service is expected to reach $24,294 million by 2030 and a growing CAGR of 19.7% from 2021 to 2030.

    The above figure explains the growing market and financial opportunity of field service. And if you want to stand out among all, you will require a field service management strategy.  It will keep your work order management organized and your field service organization successful.

And that’s the wrap for field service management strategy. By following the 5 strategies, you will get efficient field service management success.

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Still, have little doubts? Let’s solve frequently asked questions.


Field service management defines managing and organizing operations performed on the field or outside the office. Repair equipment, maintenance tools are examples of field service management.

The benefits of field service management are the following:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Automate scheduling
  • Monitor and manage fieldwork
  • Accurate data
  • Streamline workflow
  • Improve customer experience
  • Less production cost
You can manage your field service team with field service management software like FieldCamp. The software helps you to manage your field service team by automating 90% of your daily operation.


Field service is a tough job because of on-field work like repairing equipment, maintenance, and solving all field problems. In all this chaos, to avoid repetitive tasks and increase productivity, you need a field service software like FieldCamp.

FieldCamp is a field service management software that automates field service scheduling, dispatching, reporting, and invoicing operations in just a few clicks. An FSM software helps the business worker to receive all work status and updates from field workers on their mobile devices.

To know how this software is helpful to you and your business, and avail a range of benefits with a variety of features.

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