Essential Lawn Care Tools and Equipment Every Lawn Care Owners Should Own!

There is a popular quote about lawns ‘A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself.

And we could not agree more on that, don’t we? It takes a lot of effort from lawn care experts or lawn care business owners like you to make a lawn perfect and beautiful. And to accomplish this goal and make your work effortless, there is no better companion than lawn care tools and equipment.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the global market of landscaping tools was valued at $27.96 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $37.10 billion by 2026. Thus, you can say how much lawn care tools and lawn care equipment are essential for the lawn care business.

The right tool and equipment make your work efficient and here are the essential lawn care tools and equipment that every lawn care owner should own.

6 Must-Have Lawn Care Tools That You Must Include

  1. Lawn Edger

    Being a lawn care business owner, you know how every small details matter and how you need to take care of every side of the lawn. Several times, you cut, weed, and raked the front lawn, but forget about the sides.

    lawn edger

    Here, the lawn edger comes into the picture as it helps to cut edges and create boundary lines in the yard. The tool can be manual or motorized (gas-powered tools). It is designed to create distant boundaries around your lawn and form a division between your lawn and surroundings like driveaways, flower beds, and the sidewalk.

    Manual lawn edgers are heavier, cheaper, and make more noise than motorized lawn edgers, however, both are effective lawn care tools. The price range starts from $20 to $200. The manual edgers are made of variations of spade blade tools. But if you are looking for efficiency, you can go for both because the manual and motorized edgers both give a clean edge and provide a sharp lawn.

  2. Shovel

    If you are looking for a basic tool for lawn maintenance, nothing is better than a shovel. It is a simple garden tool that helps you lift and move materials like soil and digging holes. It is an important process because it will improve the quality of your lawn.

    Lawn Shovel

    As a lawn care business owner, a steel handle or fiberglass shovel will be a good investment because it will help you to shape larger yards. Moreover, if you are looking for a primary one, you can go for wood-handled shovels.

    Lawn tools need to be taken care of for services, thus you need to sharpen shovels over a certain period of time.

    Shovels have different narrow and concave blades and tips, therefore choose shovels as per your lawn requirements.

    For example, you want to remove weeds, you can use a small shovel with a pointed tip. It will help you to remove and neaten up the edged of the lawn.

    There are different types of shovels. Following is the list of different shovels used in grass clipping, cultivating soil, and shaping the ground.

    • Snow Shovels
    • Root Shovel
    • Power Shovel
    • Flat Shovel
    • Post Hole Shovel
    • Scoop Shovel
    • Pointed Digger Shovel
    • Edge Shovel
    • Trench Shovel
    • Tree-Planing Shovel
  3. Lawn Spreader

    Are you looking for a budget-freindly tool?

    The lawn spreader is for you. The tool helps you with fertilizers and would not allow you to have inconsistent clumps of lawn fertilizer in your lawn. It also helps you to distribute grass seed, lawn seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides.

    There are two types of lawn spreaders: broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. The broadcast spreaders assist to spread lawn materials in a particular manner, depending on the way you operate the tool across the lawn.

    Whereas drop spreaders spread drop seed direct into the rows and tend to be more accurate. This lawn care tool can be even rented for a day or a few months. Using the right lawn spreaders will help you to improve the end results and you need to make less effort than you usually do manually.

    For example, if your lawn is uneven and requires more grass, you can put grass seed in the lawn spreaders and spread it all over the lawn. It will help to grow grass faster and evenly. Also, ensure that you do not put it too much otherwise it will ruin the lawn.

    As a business owner, you face times when the environment does not support you, for such a situation you can load up fertilizer in the lawn spreaders ( it could be any broadcast granular spreader or drop spreader) and sprinkle it wherever required.

  4. Rakes

    Do you have trees near your lawn and worry about leaves falling and ruining your lawn? Well, we have got a solution for you and that is the rakes tool. As a business owner, you cannot miss rakes because the lawn care tool will help to smooth out the soil surface.

    The rakes are applied to scrape dead leaves, branches, grass clipping, and other materials that have fallen on your lawn. The rakes are used to patch the entire lawn in vertical and horizontal directions. The tool is easily available and the price range starts from $10- $150.

    A rake will disrupt the soil’s surface and help to bring up the roots of old pants and remove deeper sets of roots such as rooted weeds. There are different types of rakes such as leaf rakes, lawn rakes, landscape rakes, and thatch rakes. The tool uses a nylon string that rotates at very high speeds to trim the edges of the grass.

    If you are looking for a tool that will provide a healthy lawn? Rake is for you. Thus, the list of must-have lawn care tools is incomplete without rakes.

  5. De-Thatcher

    As the name suggested, De-thatcher is a tool that removes thatch from your lawn. Being a lawn care business owner, you know how important it is to remove thatch because it will affect the quality of your lawn.

    Lawn de-thatcher

    It is designed to loosen and get rid of a thick layer of debris and grass clippings from the ground beneath the grass plants. You need a de-thatcher to make your lawn smooth and unspoiled.

    Another reason to adopt a de-thatcher is that it would not let thatch cause problems in the roots. Several times, thatcher becomes thick and prevents water and nutrients from the soil, de-thatcher helps to prevent that cause.

    The dethatcher is a heavy and large tool but preferable to multiple lawn services because it enhances the quality of the lawn.

  6. Lawn Care Software

    Now, you will think that why you need lawn care software and it does not count in a tool. Well, it does and to make your lawn care business run efficiently, you need to adopt a field service management software like FieldCamp.

    Everyone in the lawn care industry works hard but it is time for you to work up smarter, and it is possible by getting field service management software in your business. It helps you with streamlining daily tasks, such as scheduling, job estimating, dispatching, invoicing, and reporting.

    It will increase the productivity of your lawn care work by keeping track of the tasks. The field service management will allow you to focus on customer service and manage your lawn care business by allowing you to create schedules, organize dispatch, and generate invoices.

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4 Essential Lawn Care Types of Equipment

  1. Lawn Mower

    Looking for equipment to cut your grass? You should use the lawnmowers. It is a special piece of machinery that is designed to help you mow your lawn with ease and little physical effort on your part. Using this equipment has a few inherent issues though, so be sure to read along before buying anything.

    The majority of the time you will spend on your lawn will be cutting the grass, especially for those with larger yards. It can also be the most physically demanding task, especially when the sun is down on you.

    Fortunately, by choosing the right lawn mower, you can drastically cut down the amount of time and effort spent on your lawn without sacrificing the end outcome.

    There are different types of lawnmowers:

    • Mulching MowersA mulching mower will help you to chop down pieces of grass into bits and pull it around into your lawn as your trim. The equipment will assist you to fertilize grass naturally. Moreover, it will save time and money, you spend on unnecessary fertilization.The blades of mulching mowers are formed to leave behind finely chopped grass clippings. The equipment would save your grass to cause harm and allow experts or you to trim grass evenly.

      The mulching mowers are powered by electric ( cord and cordless with a battery), and gas-powered. Do not forget to get a good-quality lawn mower for better performance.

    • Self-propelled Lawn Mower
    • Tractor-pulled Mowers
    • Riding Lawn Mower
    • Zero-turn Mowers
    • Reel Mowers
    • Robotic lawn Mower
    • Push Lawn Mowers
    • Rotary Lawn Mower
  2. String Trimmer

    Another effective equipment after mower is string trimmer. It is handy equipment that lets you cut grass and weeds where mowers cannot reach. It is gasoline-powered or electricity. A string trimmer is operated by a nylon string and is a loud tool.

    The string trimmer is one of the most used equipment because it enables you to remain agile around trees, fences, and bushes. It will help you to give a perfect lawn by providing an edge with neatly trim.

    If you are looking for a machine with rapid speed and battery technology? A string trimmer is for you because it allows you to cut grass at a rapid speed and with a spinning length of cord. Thus, you can witness grass grow with the string trimmer.

  3. Leaf Blower

    One of the common complaints every lawn care business owner like you have is of a leaf falling. And we know during fall, it becomes hard for you to collect all leaves and not let your grass ruin.

    Leaf Blower

    Do not worry, we have the perfect solution for you and that is a leaf blower. The equipment allows you to clear leaves in a few minutes. The leaf blower makes your task more effortless by getting rid of clippings after mowing. It is a versatile machine and multi-tools that allow you to clean up in the snow, autumn, and other seasons.

    There are different types of leaf blowers such as battery handheld leaf blowers, gas-powered leaf blowers, and corded electric-powered leaf blowers. The price range starts from $30 to $800.

  4. Hedge Trimmer

    The last on the list and another trimmer is the hedge trimmers. It is similar to a leaf rake and mower. If you are looking for portable and comfortable equipment, select hedge trimmers.

    It will be beneficial for you because it is a long period or for long usage. It will allow your lawn to be in good shape by planting with lawn equipment. The electric models have many advantages like trimming small pieces of grass and making them into the fine garden rake.

    If you are working on a new lawn, you should consider hedge trimmers because the equipment will allow you to trim with ease.

    And that was the list of best and must-have tools and equipment every lawn care business owner should own. Hope that was helpful for you and you choose the right lawn care tools.


No, there is no such thing as perfect tools, however, to make your lawn better you need basic and efficient tools like edgers, shovels, trimmers, and other tools.

No, it solely depends on the tools you are purchasing and there are different ranges of lawn care tools and equipment, for example, the range starts from $10 to $200.


We know choosing a proper and right lawn tool can be challenging as your lawn work is all dependent on that tool and equipment. But the above-mentioned tools are primary and effective tools and equipment which will help you to provide the best lawn maintenance service to your customers.

But along with the right tool, you will need field service management software like FieldCamp to stay ahead in the lawn care business. It will reduce your workload and help you with schedule, dispatch, payment, invoice, and reporting. Not only this but FieldCamp also helps you to improve the productivity of your lawn care workers and keep them updated about the jobs. To know how FieldCamp benefits your business, you can and explore its range of features.

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