Top 5 Lawn Care Business Management Software

Will you be surprised if we tell you that in the past five years, the lawn care businesses and landscape industry has generated $99 billion annually with 3.3% growth and has employed more than 1.1 million people in the USA?

Yes, it is surprising and it also indicates that the lawn care business is growing. Are you wondering how does the lawn care business has become so fruitful and rising? The adoption of lawn care business management software is one of the primary reasons behind the growth of the landscape industry.

Managing a lawn care business can be a real challenge. There’s no question that good marketing is one of the keys to success and operational efficiency is the other. That’s where lawn care software can help.

We’ve mentioned 5 lawn care software that we think are the best around. Let’s dive right in, but first, let us understand what is lawn care business management software?

What is Lawn Care Business Management Software?

Lawn care software is a kind of software that is developed to optimize field service business operations. The software helps to operate business tasks easily and boost productivity with its automated features. Lawn care software helps you to schedule jobs, assigned tasks, create invoices, plan route optimization, and dispatch workers. It is useful for lawn care companies like you because it helps to manage and automate almost 90% of the business operations.

Multiple lawn care business software has features of information optimization which shows whom did you assigned the task along with time and place; therefore chances of overlap or missed appointments are less. The field service management software saves you 95% of the time by doing daily business operations automatically.

The software allows you to know how many tasks you have accomplished, at what times, how many, and which teams were required and assigned to the client, through which you can determine the performance of your lawn care business.

The landscape business management software will help you to track information of equipment, where it is being used, and when it requires maintenance.

Top 5 Lawn Care Software That Enhances Your Business Management

Logo Features Website/ Apps
  • Job Management
  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Customer Management
  • Payment Process
  • Business Reporting
  • Automated Quoting
  • Customer Database
  • Real-time Update
  • Estimating
WorkWave Service
  • Compliance management
  • Time Tracking
  • GPS
  • Maintenance Scheduling
WorkWave Service
  • Route Optimization
  • Time Tracking
  • Customer Management
  • Estimating
  • Multi-location Tracking
  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Work Order Management
  • Estimates
  1. FieldCamp


    FieldCamp is an all-in-one solution for lawn care businesses. The field service management software helps you schedule jobs, dispatch jobs to available technicians, create invoices faster, and tracking of real-time reporting. What makes it one of the best software for lawn care and ranks it on the top?

    FieldCamp eases your work with its cloud-based solution like real-time field staff tracking, schedule jobs, payment processing, and business reporting.

    Save 95% of your landscaping business time in your day-to-day operations with just a few clicks away. For instance, you have assigned a pest control worker for your lawn businesses and created invoices for them in a few min.

    • Easy online payments
    • User-friendly interface
    • Real-time field staff tracking
    • No GPS tracking
    • No cash flow
  2. Jobber


    Jobber is one of the efficient lawn care service software that helps to schedule jobs, generate invoices, and optimize efficient routes. Jobbers allow you to send information details to your crew and receive notifications whenever the work is done. The entire process of assigning work to complete work is visible to you.

    Jobber has a 14-days free trial and mobile apps where you get training about the setup and stay updated about the fieldwork. There are multiple options of payment as well. It has 24-hours customer support services and sends reminders of payments.

    • Simple mobile app
    • Multiple pricing methods
    • Fewer backup options
    • Unorganized QuickBooks integration

Looking For the Best Field Service Management Software?

Go with FieldCamp Or waste 100’s of $$$ on Software with Features that it is not Even Worth.

  1. WorkWave Services

    WorkWave Services

    WorkWave Service is a cloud-based lawn care service software solution. It is integrated with QuickBooks, so it will improve your customer relationship management services. WorkWave allows you to create lawn care invoices, schedule, dispatch, and different payment options.

    The WorkWave helps to get information and has easy access to customer details. It allows you to save records and record them in history, such functions are available in a few clicks. It also has chat options where you can connect directly with the customer.

    You can get WorkWave services on your mobile phones, it is available on the Google play store and Apple app store.

    • Free video of setup training
    • Effortless designs
    • No inventory management
    • Limited marketing tools
  2. LawnPro


    LawnPro is a free version of landscape management software. Its process helps to automate daily business operations with invoicing, notification, payment process, and scheduling to lawn care companies.

    They have a mobile app that has both free and paid version and give quick access to updated fieldwork. As the name suggests, it is specially designed for lawn care professionals.

    It is a good medium for client portals because of its efficient business management feature.

    • Latest CRM software
    • Efficient GPS tracking
    • No route optimization in free version
    • Messy invoice system
  3. mHelpDesk


    mHelpDesk is a mobile cloud-based lawn care solution. It allows you to generate a fully customize schedule and offline functionality. It is not recommended for small business owners because of its expensive price range.

    It is integrated with QuickBooks which makes the automation quoting and invoicing process easier. If you are looking for an accounting software system for your lawn care business, you should go for mHelpDesk.

    mHelpDesk has an offline version, therefore you can operate it even in a bad or less network.

    • Fully customizable
    • Offline version
    • Expensive for small businesses
    • Complicated reporting tools

What If You Can Save 95% Of Your Time You Spent On Manual Tasks?

What are you waiting for? Start using FieldCamp which helps you to manage your lawn care business operations instantly and automatically.


The best way is to adopt a field service management software like FieldCamp which helps you with scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payments, and reporting.
Yes, it is as it has several opportunities to offer. If we talk about real-life example: Russell Jeffcoat, one of the landscape business owners has earned $100,000 in the first year with the right method.


Above mentioned software will help you to manage the lawn care business management. The lawn care business is a difficult business to handle but adopting field service management software like FieldCamp makes it easier with its automation feature. FieldCamp helps you to manage your operations from scheduling to invoicing, everything is done with a few clicks away.

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