8 HVAC Business Ideas That Guarantee Good Returns in 2024

Do you want to start your own HVAC business but are unsure where to begin?

If so, this blog will provide you with some of the best HVAC business ideas and opportunities for 2022.

HVAC professionals and businesses will always be in demand as long as homeowners and commercial building owners require heat, air conditioning, and ventilating systems.

As a matter of fact, HVAC positions are expected to expand by 13% by 2028

So, if you’re considering founding an HVAC business company, the time is right.

Read ahead to discover the top HVAC business ideas of 2022 that guarantee good returns.

8 HVAC Business Ideas That Guarantee Good Returns

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1. HVAC unit installation and maintenance service

Every HVAC unit requires a professional installation service. If you offer this service, your installation skills will come in handy. 

HVAC unit installation and maintenance service

You can provide maintenance services in addition to installation services. These HVAC systems will need to be maintained periodically and repaired whenever required. You can begin by launching an HVAC unit installation and maintenance company to get started.

Working with HVAC system vendors or manufacturers provides numerous opportunities. These will refer people in need of HVAC services to your installation and maintenance company. 

Also, the air filters in residential and automobile air conditioning systems will need to be replaced periodically. This, too, is covered by HVAC maintenance services. When you pursue this opportunity with the zeal it deserves, the possibilities for securing great HVAC business contracts are endless.

2. Getting started as a commercial HVAC contractor

Your ability to become a commercial HVAC contractor is determined by your level of knowledge, industry experience and expertise, and adequate funding to start your business.

While this is correct, if you’ve been a specialist in the HVAC industry for a long time, it shouldn’t be a problem to get funding. This is due to the fact that capital for starting a business can be obtained through a variety of methods.

Now, what kind of HVAC business idea is this?

The majority of HVAC contractors design and construct HVAC equipment. As technology advances, such companies create energy-efficient equipment for the consumers.

3. Selling HVAC systems, spare parts, and accessories

If you have an interest in the HVAC industry, this is yet another excellent HVAC business idea to consider. HVAC dealers and retailers play a critical role in selling HVAC tools, equipment, and accessories to end-users. HVAC equipment manufacturers require this sort of business to scale their business and will gladly collaborate with you.

The Hybrid Split System, Heating and Cooling Split Systems, Duct Free (or Mini-Split), and Packaged Heating and Air HVAC systems are the most common HVAC unit types that you can sell in this business.

Based on your preferences, you can become an HVAC retailer or wholesaler. In any instance, the manufacturer will supply you with all of the assistance you require to market and advertise its HVAC products. Business-friendly discounts are popular, allowing you to maintain a solid profit margin.

4. Chimney repairs business

Many households have chimneys. This means that repair and maintenance services for the chimneys will be required regularly. The most common chimney hazards include crumbling mortar, clogs and creosote build-up, and water damage.

Chimney repairs business

Water damage to a chimney, for example, causes structural deterioration, decay, and rot, among other things. Excessive debris is the root cause of clogs and creosote damage. Crumbling mortar, on the other side, will necessitate the removal of the existing mortar and replacing it with a new one. 

All of these are chimney repair services that you can offer to your clients if you have the necessary skills or can hire a workforce to do the work.

5. HVAC maintenance services for automobile

There are lots of opportunities for individuals who are interested in providing HVAC maintenance services and starting their own HVAC businesses.

You can perform routine maintenance of the heating and air conditioning systems of automobiles. In this business, you will also be required to diagnose problems caused by the poor functioning of the vehicle.

Once you start delivering quality and satisfactory services, there will be no shortage of clients who require your skills.

6. Fireplace installation services

The fireplace installation is an HVAC-related business service that you can consider while planning to start your business. 

You can sell fireplaces to your clients that are easy to install and do the installation yourself. Because most house owners will require your services, this is a significant business opportunity.

When starting this business, several aspects must be considered. Depending on what your customers want, you can either maintain existing fireplaces or install new ones. 

To improve your company’s efficiency and boost profitability, you must pay careful attention to HVAC industry trends as well as advanced technology solutions employed by your competitors.

7. Invest in an HVAC franchise

Not every entrepreneur is willing to put themselves through the trials of beginning an HVAC systems business from the ground up. 

Owning an HVAC franchise is the simplest way out for such entrepreneurs. You will become a part-owner of a profitable HVAC business, which will eliminate the majority of the hard work. Even in this instance, having adequate funds to purchase the franchise is critical.

You must remember that every successful business, whether you are beginning from scratch or owning a franchise, necessitates hard work. To make your franchise a successful business, you must put forth hard work and dedication. 

Fortunately, franchises equip franchisees with all of the assistance they require to succeed and scale their business.

8. Become an HVAC equipment subcontractor

If you work for an HVAC equipment contractor, you can eventually become an HVAC unit subcontractor based on your knowledge of the HVAC industry and your relationship with your current employer.

It all comes down to not endangering your present employer’s business. A large Cooling and heating system contractor may opt to delegate smaller work to your business. In this manner, you can form a successful partnership that is beneficial to both parties.

As previously stated, this will work based on your trustworthiness and prior relationship with the HVAC contractor. There are successful cases in the industry that began in this manner. The same can become true for you.

Among the HVAC business ideas, regardless of what you decide to pursue as your HVAC business, you must also seek for technological solutions to streamline your business operations.

If you are unsure what to go for, it is alright! 

You can begin with an HVAC software solution such as FieldCamp that offers you major features and functionalities to optimize your HVAC business.

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The median net profit in the HVAC business ranges between 2.5 and 3.5 percent. You must make certain changes if you wish to reach margins of 10% or higher. This necessitates calculating your expenditures, evaluating job and labor costs, and determining the gross profit for each department.

Yes, HVAC is certainly a good industry to consider while planning to start your own business.
Of course, it’s wonderful to start your own HVAC business, but it’s perfectly alright to begin small and work in the HVAC field part-time. You can work part-time before going full-time as long as you’re capable and competent to adequately serve your customers while also making enough money to cover your expenses.

Marketing strategies provide HVAC companies with an in-depth understanding of current consumer requirements, as well as the ability to determine whether their existing items can be supplied in growing sectors. These present opportunities to increase sales.

Several HVAC business entrepreneurs make $50,000 in profit, but larger organizations might generate millions of dollars and divide it among their workforces.

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