How to Get Pressure Washing Jobs in 7 Simple Ways

After setting up your pressure washing business with all the necessary equipment, you must look for high-paying contracts to earn good revenue. 

There are several ways to learn how to get pressure washing jobs. But before implementing them, you must know you don’t have to spend your entire budget to showcase your availability with pressure washing services. 

Instead, you need to amend your promotional and marketing approaches to increase the exposure to a wider audience of your operating region. 

When you have made up your mind with this ideology, you are ready to explore how to get pressure washing jobs.

7 Ways to Get Quality Pressure Washing Jobs

There are around 10,247 pressure washers in the United States. A male pressure washer earns an average of $29,298 per year, whereas a female washer earns an average of $28,590 per year

This shows the rising necessity and demand for pressure washing services in the United States. Therefore, running a pressure washing business in the country is also an impactful decision as the scope of earnings is high here. 

It is not just about the United States, many other countries have shown an impeccable contribution to this industry. The global pressure washer market is predicted to generate $3 billion by the end of 2026, with a CAGR of 4.2%. 

Keeping these facts and statistics in mind, here are the seven simple ways with which you can acquire an ample amount of pressure washing jobs. With it, you will eventually be able to make your pressure or power washing business stand out in the crowd. 

1. Traditional advertising

Pressure washing businesses can adapt the traditional and digital pathway of advertising their service offerings and quality of operations. 

There are many traditional marketing measures available to kickstart healthy marketing of your power washing business, such as promoting the brand over door hangers, distributing flyers, and installing store signs and truck wraps. 

The idea of using traditional marketing tactics is to provide sufficient contact or communication details over promotional materials. If you miss on that, then the customers seeing your advertisements will not be able to reach out to you. And your traditional marketing for the pressure washing business will eventually fail. 

Flyers with your brand details need to be distributed to each individual you feel is a potential lead. You might have to hire someone to go door to door and distribute these flyers highlighting the different specializations of your pressure washing jobs. 

Under the traditional advertising arena, you can try publishing ads on TV, radio, and newspaper.

2. Digital marketing

As the generation has grown and people see businesses changing over time, the need for digital marketing is also rising stupendously. You need a website for your pressure washing business that you can market digitally to be available for all the potential leads searching for pressure wash services online. 

Digital marketing can give an online presence to your pressure washing brand. Irrespective of the method of marketing you choose for it, the end goal will be to build credibility and trust among the potential customers. 

Creating a website is the first approach to digital marketing, while you can impose many other online marketing measures to make your website interact well with customers. 

Promotion of your brand services or any specific pressure washing job can be done over social media channels such as Instagram or Twitter. You will be able to post unique pressure wash ads on these platforms to reach the target audience. 

Moreover, the next digital marketing approach for getting limitless pressure washing contracts is email marketing. Customers who have already opted for your pressure wash services or have subscribed to your newsletter services can be retained or converted with proper emails.

3. Offer incentives and discounts for your customers

When executing this step for acquiring your pressure washing contracts, you need to do it along with the traditional and digital marketing approaches. 

When you are sending out a flyer, posting a billboard ad, or posting ads online, you need to think about getting the attention of your potential leads. And you can do that by adding some pressure washing offers or incentives. 

Some of the types of discounts or incentives that you can offer for acquiring more leads and customers for your pressure washing company are:

  • Make an offer for some additional services at the same cost or some freebies with every ad you post. For instance, you can offer a free deck cleaning service and the power washing contract you get. 
  • Offer a collective cleaning package for the entire exterior of a house.
  • Propose a discount for a limited period of time. 

You can try out many more pressure washing advertising ideas with respect to incentives and discounts. The one that works well should be continued and improvised for the next advertising campaign, and the ones that don’t work can be omitted. 

4. Video promotions of your pressure washing services

Video is an inevitable part of pressure washer business marketing. As per the statistics, by the end of 2022, online videos will probably contribute to around 82% of all internet traffic. This is 15 times more than that of 2017. 

Videos are helping various businesses earn potential leads and more sales. With this initiative, your pressure washing business will be able to create better engagement. Try uploading shorter videos over social media sites or adding them to your websites to create a visual impact for your customers.

5. Offer necessary and quality pressure washing services

Even though you are offering the best marketing strategies, you still need to look after the operations and overall management of your company. You need to offer quality pressure washing services to your customers to get positive reviews and feedback. 

The best mode of marketing is positive word of mouth, and your existing customers can help you achieve it. When you offer quality services, your customers praise your services to family members and friends.

Next time someone in close proximity or a particular neighborhood of your existing customers expresses the need for pressure washing services, your existing customers will recommend your brand.

As professional pressure washers, your aim should be to pick the services that are most demanded around the nearby locality or your operating cities. Suppose you offer a service for pressure washing of a deck, but not many houses in your locality have a deck. In that case, your service won’t sell, and it will be a flop.

Instead, go for services such as power cleaning exterior walls and driveways, which is quite common in every household. Such services will always be requested, and your profits flow will be constant. 

6. Advertise on your service truck

You need to have a truck to take your pressure washing equipment to the job site. So why not make that truck a billboard-in-motion? You can wrap your truck with advertising vinyl stickers to promote your residential and commercial pressure washing jobs. 

Give your contact details and the list of residential and commercial pressure washing jobs you offer. Find a creative way to mention your services over the truck wrap. Add some cool graphics to catch the attention of people around you in city traffic. 

When you head to a work site and park your truck on one side of the building, people passing by will get a good glance at your branding. Some might even wait to see your team working with high-end pressure washing equipment. It is a free demonstration cleaning session for them. 

Anyone who stops to see a pressure washer service can be your prospective client. You needn’t take any hassle as potential clients take your number from the truck and will contact you themselves for a power wash. 

If you are just planning on starting a pressure washing business, it is better to have someone stand by the truck and distribute flyers to potential clients. It will be a great initiative to blend two marketing approaches into one. 

Even though residential clients are getting the information from your truck, a flyer would make your potential customers remember you. It is recommended only if you are new to starting a pressure washing business.

7. Use a pressure washing business management application

The final thing you can do for your pressure washing business is using a management application. It is scheduling software to help you attend to all of your pressure washing jobs without delay. 

Your pressure washing business will get a good reputation among customers when they experience your digitized business approaches. Customers like businesses that are evolving with the trends of the world.

And with proactive scheduling software embedded in your business operations, your work process and execution will be streamlined. Overall, this will reflect the quality of service that you offer. And people will rely on your team of pressure washers for their service needs more than your competitors. 

Using a digital tool can also be an evident way to market your professional team of pressure washers and your complete pressure washing business.

A Pressure Washing Business Software That Helps You

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A pressure washer gets clients with the use of traditional and digital marketing measures. All these ideologies are stated above for you to relate to and adapt. Email marketing is one of the impactful ways for a pressure washing business to reach out to potential leads and existing commercial and residential clients.
Emails can be personalized, and offers can be conveyed in detail to get the attention of your leads.
The commercial and residential pressure washing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. For an owner or an operator of a pressure washing business, the average charges for the dedicated services are $40-$60 per hour, which is common in most states of the United States.
But there are many other services carried out by a pressure washer, which helps them earn around $80 to $100 per hour. The compensation or payout for the pressure washer jobs will vary from region to region, depending upon the demands and necessities in the area.
You can also charge additional overhead fees from the customers if you are using high-end pressure washing equipment for the service operations. If you are adding more quality to your service, you can request an additional fee in your job invoice.
Pressure washing business ideas are a good start for people willing to work with limited resources. The startup costs for a pressure washing company are very low, and you can start taking up job requests by hiring just one pressure washer for the initial days.
Over time, when the count of job requests increases, you can hire more team members to carry out the service deliveries seamlessly. The best part of starting a pressure washing firm is that you are free to keep a higher profit margin.

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