HVAC Business Owner Salary: 5 Steps to Boost Overall Profit & Revenue

Interested to be a part of the HVAC industry but not sure how much you are going to make?

Well, you have come to the right place. The HVAC business is booming with advanced technology and it is a good time to be part of it. If you are new to the business as an HVAC contractor, you should know how much you will earn. Even if you are already in the business, this article will help you to elevate your earnings.

According to Indeed.com, 53% of employed HVAC technicians are happy with their salary and believe that it is enough to pay the cost of living. Nevertheless, the other 47% do not believe their salary is sufficient to meet the ends. Now, you think, why is that so?

In this blog, we will discuss the average income of HVAC business owners and the steps you should follow to boost the profit and revenue of your HVAC business.

What is the HVAC Business Owner’s Salary?

The HVAC businesses have multiple tasks to do like installing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining HVAC equipment. And owners like you have to meet numerous expenses on equipment costs.

A new business person who is planning to enter the industry would have questions like how much does an HVAC owner make after all expenses? Is it profitable? Well, yes it is and the owners received at least 5% of the total net profit.

There are no specific criteria for HVAC business owner salary, it depends on the experience, degree, and specialization HVAC tech hold. On average, the salary of an HVAC contractor in the USA starts from $24.23/ per hour. The annual average salary ranges between $68,643 and $90,305.

The average salary of residential HVAC business owners is 6% of the total profit their business generates, while the remaining 94% goes to business expenses. For instance, if your HVAC business makes $ 90,000, you will receive $5,400.

For small businesses, the owner gets 5% of their total profit revenue or around 50% after taxes, depending on the total revenue. The average income of HVAC small business owners would be around $67,573.

5 Steps to Boost Overall Profit and Margin

steps to boost overall profit
  1. Adopting Software To Automate Operations

    Adopting software to automate operations is one of the effective steps to boost the profit and margin of your HVAC business. The software helps HVAC companies to work faster by automatic manual tasks like scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing. As a result, business owners can focus on expanding businesses and technicians can perform more jobs.

    All HVAC businesses owners want HVAC service scheduling software that is quick and efficient. Software like FieldCamps helps to automate operations like creating scheduling jobs, generating reports, keeping information and records, creating invoices, and easy multiple options of payment. If you are looking to improve your financial freedom, adopt FieldCamp as it saves time and energy by managing receipts.

    Adopting software to automate operations is an investment that ensures profitable augmentation and helps to manage work efficiently. Efficient work is not a myth anymore, it is possible with operating software. HVAC company owners tackle several difficulties with tools, technicians, communication with the customers, and advanced technology, so adopting software is an all-in-one solution for you.

  2. Efficient Staff

    Will customers hire your HVAC company if they did not like your work? They would not, they would never prefer you if the work is not satisfied.

    There is cut-throat competition among the HVAC companies because of the growing HVAC industry. Moreover, advanced technology has taken place, so the challenges have increased. So, you have to do your best to maintain your customers.

    You will require skilled staff who can work efficiently and deliver users a good experience. If the work is done right, users will approach you again, hence more financial gain.

    HVAC contractors can provide training to the worker for better performance. When the demand for your work increases and irrelevant expenses reduces, the revenue will boost.

  3. Improve Marketing Approach

    You are doing great in the business, you have everything an owner should have- advanced technology, efficient staff, good service, but it is also a waste till the customers are not aware of you and your HVAC company.

    You need to improve your marketing approach to boost your income. The more people know about you, the more chances of generating revenue. Now, marketing is transforming into digital, thus you need to focus on the online or digital marketing approaches.

    Promote it on social media, publish a blog, advertise it online such as third-party websites. Send an email to your targeted customer, inform them about your company. By gaining more attention from your target customer, the profit margin of your HVAC business will increase.

    Even your small own separate business can also be part of it. Yes, it will take time to make a space in the industry but eventually, with the right marketing strategy and approach, you can achieve it. The improved marketing approach will give you several aspects of taking and managing your HVAC business.

  4. Setting Goal

    No business is successful without planning. It is the primary and most important step for a successful HVAC business. To boost your revenue, you need to set a goal. It is not necessary that you have to invest a lot or make additional expenses to reach your goal.

    Yes, the process depends on your company and its size and revenue. But the right goal is achievable with correct steps and approaches like giving good customer service, using the latest technology, knowing your target audience, and smart investment.

    The establishment goal could be long-term or short-term, but it is essential to have. The goal also gives you an aspect of where your company stands and how you should do analysis.

  5. Emphasize on Customer Experience

    A good or positive review encourages other users to approach your company. It is one type of word-of-mouth advertising where customers acknowledge your work. Therefore, you must emphasize customer experience.

    The customer should be happy and satisfied with your experience. If the customer’s experiences are not good, it will leave a negative impact on your company. Ask for reviews or ratings from them, whether they are happy or not. And if they are not happy, know the reason behind it and work for the same.

    These 5 steps will help you to focus on what matters and what does not matter in the business.

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    It depends on your HVAC companies, what’s the size of the company, how many HVAC contractors they have, what type of equipment they use, profit margin, and strategies they have applied in the business model.

    Below points will help you to make your HVAC business worth:

    • Invest in the right technology
    • Out of box approach
    • No unnecessary expenses
    • Think bigger
    • Provide extraordinary customer service
    • Remain Updated


      Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation are evolving industries with lots of opportunities on a plate for HVAC business owners. The starting salary and profit margins of HVAC owners are average or lower, but years of experience will boost.

      Following effective strategies and adopting online service scheduling software for field service software like FieldCamp will help you to boost your HVAC company faster by giving notification on assigned schedule and dispatch work, and creating quick invoices.

      FieldCamp is a one-stop solution for managing your HVAC company, from scheduling to generating reports. Start your free trial to avail advantage of its range of features.

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