How To Market Lawn Care Business? [ 6 Tips + Benefits]

Do you run a lawn care business, or are you planning to start one? Great, you are on the path of varied opportunities. 

Don’t believe us? According to research and markets reports,  the landscaping business of the United States is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5%, during 2021-2026. Hence, the market for landscaping services is growing and will continue to increase in the upcoming years. 

If you are already in the market or not, you should know that owning a company is not enough. How would customers know that you exist? For that, you need to market and spread your business to the customers.

Today, in this blog, we will discuss some tips and benefits on how to market your lawn care business.

6 Tips On How To Market Your Lawn Care Business

  1. Determine Marketing Goal


    Imagine a customer approach you for particular lawn maintenance on prime time. Still, you are not aware whether your company will do it or not, will it leave a good impression? No, it would not. 

    It is essential to set and determine your goal because if you are unclear about what you want to do with your business, how will customers understand your lawn care business? Make a realistic goal and form a budget, time, and landscaping marketing strategies. And with the help of that, you will get to know better how to market your business.

    A goal is not just about achieving the target but a simple factor that helps you know what you want to do? How you will do it, and what are the ways to do it.

    It is the first step towards the lawn care marketing strategies and helps you define a budget and concentrate on potential customers.

  2. Connect to Local Community and Newspaper

    74% of consumers left reviews for local businesses to boost local chamber of landscaping service. 

    That shows how consumers like local businesses, and to do your lawn care business on the list of local residents, you need to connect with them. You can advertise about your lawn care company in the local newspaper or join a local community.

    Also, networking with local trade associations for your local landscaping businesses will benefit you as residential clients will easily recognize you. 

    If you are new to the industry, you can find local trade associations on Google; you can register yourself on yellow pages or connect with the entrepreneur from the existing industry. It will help you to understand what trade groups and entrepreneurial are there in your area. 

    Connecting with the local community and the local newspapers are useful lawn care advertising ideas for small-town services or small lawn care business owners because they can reach out to their potential customers (local residential customers) easily.

  3. Focus on Online Presence


    We have come to an era, where everything is digital. If people want something, the first thing they will do is search online about it. Thus, it is important to emphasize online marketing to attract more customers.

    There are multiple ways to make your online presence, but the website, Google ads, search engines, PPC ads, and social media platforms are the most important modes. 

    Let’s start with search engine optimization; your lawn care business will not automatically  fall into the search engine list. For that, you need to form a website, make yourself listed on Google ads, online reviews, and post blogs. 

    Having your website for your lawn care business increase the sales of your business. Your website should include company name, contact number, email id, pricing, testimonials, landing page, and most importantly, what your business is providing.

    And in your social media pages, you need to reflect your service area, what type of lawn service you provide, make commercial accounts for it, show your online business card, and what you will do for clients care?

    Your social media pages do not require a formal format; showcase your work in a fun and quirky ways that people can get connected or approach you for your work. 

    Now, let’s come to search engines. To generate traffic with search engine optimization, you can do PPC advertising and create online ads. 

  4. Email Marketing

    Email is one of the effective marketing strategies for your landscaping company because you advertise directly to your target audience. It is a great way to advertise your lawn care services because it will keep you in touch with existing and new customers. 

    There are two ways in email marketing- you can send direct mail to potential clients or encourage them to sign up for a news email newsletter for every update. The email should have a professional design and outlook because an informal email would negatively impact your company.

    It is also a good landscaping marketing plan because you can attract more clients with your offer and boost sales of your landscaping business. For example, you are offering discounts on lawn care services on the occasion of new year’s eve, the chances of customers approaching you are high because of discounts and offer you are giving on the services. 

    Email marketing is more than a marketing strategy, and very useful for your business. You can mail to the existing clients about the job being done and send them the invoice. The text in the image is also one of the strong and adequate direct mail campaign methods. 

    Pro Tip: Every email should not be about you, and do not make it too obvious sales copy or strategy, customers will lose interest.

    Moreover, do not send too many emails at one time or in a short period of time because that will be spamming, and prospective customers would not like it.

  5. Referral program

    Like email marketing, another effective tip to market lawn care business is a referral program. The referral program includes offering discounts, promotional events, publishing, and distributing lawn care flyers and pamphlets on door hangers.

    The advertising campaigns are ways to grab the attention of potential clients; it could be online with PPC advertising, Facebook ads, online offers, and rewards, or offline with yellow pages ads, brochures, business cards, and lawn care flyers.  

    It will also help you to extend your lawn care services and increase client care by sharing your landscaping work. 

    For example, if you recommend a lawn care company to others, you will get a $50 cashbook or any other exciting offer. Such offers are beneficial for both because current customers are happy customers due to the reward offer and will tell others about it; this will help you to gain more customers.

    Pro Tip: Early winter and late fall is a good time to contact new clients
  6. Online Reviews


    It is hard for new clients to trust you, especially in the lawn care industry, because they are giving entire lawn responsibility to you. As a lawn care business owner, it is your duty to make them trust and show how genuine and valuable your landscaping services are. 

    But the main question is how to build their trust? So, for that, there are two ways, one is word of mouth, and the other is online reviews. According to a bright local survey, 89% of customers trust a company with online reviews. 

    It proves that numerous people are reliable and consider online reviews before approaching them for lawn services. You can ask your existing customers to give their feedback by providing online reviews. 

    Every review, good or bad, is important because it will help you manage and enhance your business with improved lawn care services. 

    And those were the lawn care marketing strategies that will help you to boost your business; now let’s understand the benefits of marketing the lawn care business. 

Benefits of Marketing Lawn Care Business:

  • Marketing, a lawn care business, will help you to attract more customers.
  • It will help you to understand your business even better. 
  • Potential clients will be aware of your company, and your business name will be recognized in the market. 
  • Marketing a landscaping business will help you to boost sales. 
  • It is a bridge that connects you with your prospective clients.
  • You can spread about your business and its specific services faster. 

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