How to Start a Chimney Sweep Business? 7 Easy Steps to Guide You

The world’s most valuable companies today had a humble beginning as startups. 

Considering data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there’s a 10.7 % of startup rate in the United States alone. 

Competition is high, so choose your niche wisely. 

If it’s a chimney sweep business you plan to start with, you are just in time.  

Market statistics show that the global cleaning business is taking a leap and is expected to reach 46.9 billion US dollars by 2026. 

The chimney sweep industry has less competition as compared to other industries. 

So, the risk factor is low, and the small business success rate is much higher.

But, what do you know about the chimney sweeping business? 

Let’s find out about this business and the procedure to get started.

An Overview of the Chimney Sweep Business 

A chimney sweep business mainly involves sweeping or cleaning chimneys and fireplaces to make them ready for the next use. 

When it comes to residential maintenance, most of the sweeping and cleaning is done once or twice a year. 

In contrast, some industrial chimneys require frequent maintenance due to fire safety regulations. 

Chimney sweep business owners in side hustle hold an advantage of investing less and earning more. The equipment involved in the sweeping process is quite simple and easily available.

Since the costs involved in the process are relatively low, the reputed chimney sweep businesses can charge a good amount and make profits real quick. 

Although this business idea is highly profitable, that doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s cup of tea. 

how to start a chimney cleaning business

Starting a chimney sweep business is a long process if you do it professionally. 

There are factors to check before starting and a procedure to follow once you decide to go for it. 

What factors require a precheck?

7 Steps to Starting a Chimney Sweep Business

Here is your ultimate guide to starting your chimney sweeping business in just seven simple steps. 

Every aspect of the chimney sweeping business in these seven steps shall be discussed. 

So, let’s begin.

1. Do good market research

To own a chimney sweep business, one must thoroughly go through the predominant business structure. 

Keeping updated on the changing trends and market demands is another important aspect of a successful chimney cleaning business.

To get all the information regarding the chimney sweep businesses functioning, one must do proper market research. 

Good market research covers the important aspects of a startup idea, like the niche chosen, the demand for the services provided in the market, the target market, and the costs and benefits of the business.

To conduct reliable market research for the sweep business:

  • Check the predicted scope of the industry if it’s in decline or is expected to grow. 
  • Find out the industry giants of the same niche and study their business models carefully. 
  • Look for the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the chimney cleaning business. 
  • Study the business ideas of small businesses as they are in nascent stages and most likely the type of businesses you can relate to. 
  • Check for both legal and industrial formalities for the chimney cleaning business and determine if your business idea is eligible. 
  • Also, search for the activities of your target audience and study their behavior patterns for better customer understanding.

All the above-mentioned market research will provide enough data analytics and ideas. 

These ideas can be used as a reference or molded to create a foolproof business idea for your chimney sweep business. 

2. Plan your investments and funds for the business 

Although the capital required to start a chimney sweep business is considerable, there are chances of misfortune. 

Sweeping chimneys require very simple tools. 

But with the commercial chimney sweeping, there has to be an upgrade in the equipment. 

Being a business, you should be prepared for both the simple and the complex chimney cleaning jobs. 

So when planning to start a chimney sweep business, make sure you have enough capital to:

  • Establish the brand 
  • Purchase infrastructure 
  • Buy equipment and cleaning materials.

You need to calculate your startup costs and create a budget limit from minimum to maximum for business insurance.

Along with this, you need to sort out the policy with insurance companies that will make your business secure.

A general liability business insurance policy can serve the purpose.

3. Establish your brand name legally

Getting your chimney sweeping business registered is the most important yet easy step. 

Registering your business model and getting it approved will create authenticity. 

The best part about this process is that it is very simple compared to registering other businesses. 

You don’t need a separate registration or side business to start a chimney sweep business. 

Getting a general business license and registering your business can serve the purpose.

To get a general business license, you need to:

  • Apply for the employer tax identification number
  • Mention the license you require, which is the business license
  • Determine the details of your business
  • Pay the required license cost.

And you are done with the registration. 

Although the procedure to get a business license may vary from country to country, it’s generally simple. 

Chimney sweep certification works well to establish brand authenticity.

4. Open a business bank account

Mixing funds and losing track of expenses is normal in businesses. But the real problem occurs when it’s time to sort them out. 

If you plan to manage your business and personal expenses, you’ll end up in a chaotic situation. 

Hence, it is important to keep both expenses separate.

For that, you must create a business bank account. Choose a bank that provides excellent service and deals with handling business accounts. 

This will help you track business expenses much easier.

5. Hire eligible staff

To build a successful business, you need capable staff and a strong foundation. 

Selecting your staff is a crucial step because their working capacities will ensure your later success. 

Hence, you need to have a checklist of all the many qualities you want in your staff for chimney cleaning services.

These qualities might range from their working capacities to their moral standards. 

Also, sort out the different management areas you need staff for. 

Maintenance work, customer base, scheduling, and sweeping staff need to have skills to get the job done.   

So choose your staff wisely.

6. Create your presence- online and offline

Creating a business buzz even before it’s officially launched is a great strategy to kick-start your business. 

The chimney sweep business normally doesn’t require much promotion, but remember step 1, some competitors are always out there.

To ensure that your staff doesn’t sit idle for the first few weeks of the opening, start creating the flyers and online promotions.

Set up hoardings in the areas around you to preannounce the launch of your sweep business. 

Simple banners with exact brand names, services provided, and contact details can help you get the sight of potential customers. 

Adding a lunch offer will excite your audience too. 

Social media presence is another magnetic way to attract customers online. 

Hence, creating hype will serve the purpose of getting more sweep jobs.

7. Set measures to manage your business

Lastly, you need to decide how to manage your business. 

Is it some additional team that will work as a service analyzer and maintains the workflow?

Or you want to upgrade to automation. 

Managing your business is a huge task because it involves almost every aspect.

Everything needs to be managed properly, from getting orders to serving customers and closing the deal. 

Challenges like task scheduling, route optimization, and service analysis often occur but are important for the smooth functioning of the business. 

Although you can keep separate staff for this work, remember that there is always some room for human error. 

A strong yet cost-effective measure is to buy powerful chimney sweep software.

This can be a crucial step towards the growth of your business.

It is recommended to buy it beforehand so that you don’t waste time understanding features later on when it’s real-time to use it efficiently.

Follow these steps diligently to lay a solid foundation for your chimney sweep business

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Things to Consider Before Starting a Chimney Sweep Business

Being a chimney sweep business owner is a great responsibility. 

So before you decide to take up the task, make sure you know what you are doing. 

Consider the four main questions before starting with your chimney sweeps.

Where do I see this business in the coming two to three years?

It is important to have a vision for your business; otherwise, all the hard work and side hustle will be in vain.

Set a main goal and then break it into smaller achievable bits. 

This will track the success rate of the business for you and keep you focused and aligned. 

Having a vision will also help plan strategies and create the roadmap for better results. 

Your employees will also be able to work in a direction as they’ll be able to set goals for their tasks to meet the main goal.

What is the market status of the business I am choosing? Is it profitable or not?

Do proper market research about the business you are starting with.

Market analytics can give you a rough idea of the industry’s status and how it responds to the changing market trends. 

This will also help you in estimating the cost for the startup.

Further, the market research will introduce you to your competitors. You can always take lessons from their success and failure.   

This will help you decide what works best for your business plan during and after starting.  

Once you are clear about the vision and status of your sweeping business, you can start with the following steps.


Chimneys can get dirty over time. It does not always contain soot, but sometimes webs, chimney lining, and brick dust.
Hence, a chimney sweep can bring down a lot of dust and soot, making the duct clean again with equipment like a vacuum cleaner.

Chimney sweeps do not need a separate license to work freely. A registered chimney sweep business can work with a general business license. If you deal with certain chimneys that are industrial and dangerous to work in, you can ensure authentication and safety measures by registering at the concerned offices.

Yes, the HVAC business is profitable because of the rise in residential and commercial buildings. You need to ensure that you deliver a quality customer experience and have the right pricing model to strengthen your presence in the industry.

There is no particular qualification to become a chimney sweep. All you need is proper training under an experienced chimney sweeper.
If you want to work with large-scale industrial chimneys, you might need certification from a good training institute.

It normally takes about half an hour to sweep a regular household chimney.
Although the time might be exceeded for apartment complexes chimneys or industrial ones.

To start a chimney sweep business, you need to:

  • Do good market research
  • Plan your investments and funds for the business
  • Establish your brand name legally
  • Open a business bank account
  • Hire qualified staff
  • Create your presence- online and offline
  • Set measures to manage your business

A household chimney must be swept at least once a year, whether it is in use or not.
An industrial chimney must be swept according to the usage and requirements.
The factors like the amount of soot and time of use of the chimney must be considered before deciding on the frequency of the chimney sweep.

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