​​How to Get Quality Appliance Repair Leads? 7 Simple Steps to Follow

Appliance repair industry is worth $5 billion in the US, and this big revenue is generated by around 62,695 appliance repair businesses across the country. More than 78,000 people are working in this industry with full-time or part-time employment

The stats prove that this industry is a profitable sector for businesses to leverage the earning opportunity. 

Apart from that, these statistics also prove the scope of competition for a new appliance repair company with all the existing ones.

A new appliance repair business will have to compete with the established firms to acquire leads and sales in profitable numbers. But that just cannot be done with your usual or traditional methods. 

You need a proper understanding of simple yet impactful steps in acquiring appliance repair leads. And this article will offer you the same.

Importance of Getting Quality Appliance Repair Leads For Your Business

  • Appliance repair marketing refers to the strategies implemented to acquire leads and sales. It is a necessary measure for appliance repair companies to stay ahead of their competitors, adapt to the newest technologies, and meet customer expectations. 
  • Without appliance repair marketing practices, your business will eventually suffer. You need strong planning and execution to meet the changing landscape of this industry. Every appliance repair company needs to make optimal use of their money, time, and effort while attracting leads with marketing approaches. 
  • You might be a specialist in fixing air conditioners, washing machines, or refrigerators, but you still need leads for all of your appliance repair services. Even if someone doesn’t have your business card or direct contact, they will still go online to look for the best local company that can fix their broken appliance. 
  • As per HubSpot marketing statistics, 72% of all consumers who did a local search over the internet visited the physical stores situated around their 5 miles circle. Apart from that, 97% of people know about local companies through the internet and online searches. 
  • This proves how proper appliance repair marketing with online and offline considerations will help your business grow.

These statistics state that you need to think of marketing your appliance repair business digitally first, even before you consider listing the different appliance repair services for your customers. Your services won’t be requested if people don’t know you or can’t find you.

7 Steps to Getting Quality Appliance Repair Leads

Step 1: Set up your appliance repair website or update the existing one

You will primarily need a high-quality and updated website for appliance repair marketing. Calling the businesses over their contact numbers could be daunting for your potential repair leads, especially millennials.  

Therefore, every time your appliance repair leads need your help, they expect to get all the information through your website first. So, ensure you include the important business details, such as contact details, operating hours, service areas, and the appliance service types you offer. 

Fresh and updated websites will help you generate new appliance repair job leads and will also help you convert them into sales. 

Add more stories, testimonials, and past project details about your appliance repair service business to explain your expertise in the field. It will state the credibility of your business amongst your appliance repair leads. 

The appliance repair business websites also use search engine optimization (SEO) practices for all their web pages. It helps them rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs). The SEO factors determine whether or not your appliance repair leads will find your business.

Step 2: Make use of SEO and PPC marketing measures

When you intend to generate appliance repair leads, you will have to spend money on high-quality SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing measures as a priority. It is because these strategies will speed up your results. 

Make use of SEO and PPC marketing measures

Even if you have imposed SEO elements on your appliance repair business website, you still need to update it over time. Here are a few fresh and impactful SEO practices to implement and get more appliance repair leads online:

  • Add fresh content to your website on a periodic schedule.
  • Link your service pages throughout the website in different content pieces and images. This  is called backlinking.
  • Run keyword search and find the ones that are commonly being used by your target audience to look for appliance repair services. Add them to your website content and rank your sales platform over your competitors. 
  • Get analytic reports for tracking the conversion progress of potential leads to paying customers. 
  • Add blog content to your website to keep it more informative and fresh over time.

Apart from SEO implementations, you can also try PPC marketing measures to escalate your visibility over search engines and direct more traffic to your sales platform. PPC marketing runs ads over search engine result pages, social media platforms, and browsing websites. 

Every time someone clicks the ad to redirect themselves to your business website, you will have to pay a decided fee to your PPC marketer. In this way, you will get exclusive appliance repair leads who will already have a bit of information about your company through the ad, even before visiting the website.

Step 3: Google My Business marketing measures

Even though general SEO is important for appliance repair companies, local SEO seems more beneficial in drawing the attention of more local customers. Your target audience is mostly located around some specific area. Therefore, when you rank well in the local search results, you will eventually get a lot of exclusive appliance repair leads. 

Local SEO practices for your appliance service business will help you with better conversion rates, quality lead generation, and profitable return on investment (ROI). The best way to acquire good local SEO results is to optimize your company’s Google My Business page. 

You need to give complete information over your Google My Business listing, such as office location, operating hours, service area(s), service list, and contact details. 

The aim of imposing Google My Business marketing is to get visibility over the SERP features,, such as local packs and knowledge panels. 

The local packs SERP feature responds to the local searches by displaying three relevant businesses under your area map. On the other hand, knowledge panels are a complete information panel of your brand when Google considers your business as an exact match to what the customers have searched for. 

To increase your chances of being found with local SEO measures, make sure you add the most searched keywords to your description in your Google My Business profile. It will increase the possibility of your business being found when the same or related keywords are searched. 

Another evident way of generating appliance repair leads with local SEO is by interacting with customers through the Google My Business portal. You need to engage with your customers over their reviews and post updates. It will help increase your ranking, and your appliance repair business will get more visibility.

Step 4: Use Google Analytics for analyzing customer reviews and behavior

Your business will get appliance repair leads when you are properly analyzing the customer behaviors and making relevant changes to your service offerings, sales platforms, and other marketing measures. 

Use Google Analytics

The appliance repair marketing companies also suggest the owners impose practices on understanding customer behavior. With this approach, the appliance repair lead generation pace will multiply every time your exclusive leads try to find repair services. 

Moreover, analyzing behavior and reviews will help you offer better customer support to your qualified leads or potential customers.

You can use Google Analytics for your business to analyze your website data to identify trends and interests of your audiences. It will help you learn how customers use your website, how they prefer to contact you, and what content they like the most when they land on your website. 

Following that, you can use this data to improve the website, work on your brand messaging to ensure higher dwell time on site. Using data to optimize will attract more appliance repair leads, and hence improve the rate of conversions.

Some of the benefits that you will experience with the use of Google Analytics for improving your business marketing system are:

  • It will help you retain your existing customers. 
  • The customers will spread positive word of mouth for your brand, which will get you more website visitors and prospective clients. 
  • You can have more customer reviews and utilize them to improve your overall appliance repairing business. 

Maximum quality leads come to you due to the influence of customer reviews for your brand over the internet. People prefer reviews over sales pitches to decide whether to trust or avoid your business and services.

Step 5: Add service chatbots for added feasibility for visitors

Chatbots are automated business assistants that can help you build better customer relationships. The best thing about it is that they are set to be active over the website 24*7 to attend to common customer queries. 


Hence, it will increase customer engagement and help you save time on assisting each customer with general inquiries. The website visitors would like to interact with the chatbot to locate the exact service or information they are looking for. 

Apart from general service inquiries, the chatbots also share the contact information of your business if the customer asks an in-depth query or needs executive support. 

When the customer gets necessary information about the services and your business, there is a high chance of an assured conversion. Hence, this is a proven lead generation system for appliance repair businesses.

Step 6: Distribute physical appliance repair ads

Even though the business era is proficiently leveraging the potential of digital marketing, traditional marketing measures are still fruitful to some extent. 

The entire appliance repair industry is using a mix of digital and traditional marketing measures. The best thing about these traditional or physical ads is that they are available in various forms and are quite budget-friendly. 

Some of the different physical ads that one can distribute for their appliance repair business are flyers, business cards, newspaper advertisements, postcards, vehicle decals/wraps, door hangers, billboard ads, and flex ads. 

These ads have the potential for impeccable lead generation. Lead generation and other marketing companies are highly promoting the strategy of distributing physical ads to better connect with potential customers. 

The only thing business owners need to remember is to have the business name, contact info, colors, and logo consistent in all forms of physical ads they print and distribute. This ideal marketing strategy will help your business get more exclusive leads in a short span of time.

Step 7: Give the taste of automation to your customers (BONUS STEP)

It is not a direct marketing tip or step but is something that will add points to your brand reputation. Having automated operations through the best scheduling software embedded with your system will get you more business opportunities over time.

Some of the features that a scheduling software will add to your business processes are:

  • Automation of the price estimates and invoices
  • Optimization of job schedules
  • Integration of necessary customer information for future records 
  • Delivering personalized data-oriented services to customers 
  • Improving communications with your qualified leads

An Appliance Repair Business Software That Helps You

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The appliance repair industry consists of operators who are engaged in repairing, maintaining, and replacing household and commercial appliances. They consist of businesses with a team of technicians to carry out designated repair jobs on request.

You can either get in touch with some professional lead generation company or adopt the marketing measures listed above. With the rightful inclusion of all the measures, you will eventually have a good flow of appliance repair leads.

Concerning the Demand Generation Benchmarks Report of 2017, the average cost charged by a lead generation company per lead was $198. The average cost might vary depending upon different business trades.

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