Tree Service Marketing Ideas to Get More Leads

Your tree service business can seamlessly grow only if you know who is your right audience and what marketing ideas could help you connect with them. 

It is true that you have many competitors to your business out there that are using the same marketing tactics to acquire more leads.  As per IBISWorld, there are more than 125,065 tree trimming businesses in the United States as of 2022. 

But your tree service can grow majestically with a proper and unique marketing plan.

To stand out amidst such a large competition, it is important to tweak your marketing strategy and make it your unique approach. 

You must build a combinational strategy of less-preferred and most-preferred tree service marketing ideas. Only then would you be able to lead your way into the growth cycle. 

Look at the five most effective marketing ideas with suggestions on utilizing them better. 

Whether you are just commencing or are an established business, using these ideas might help you get more customers and stay ahead of other tree service companies

Tree Service Marketing Ideas to Grow Business

Tree service marketing can be impactful only if you use the right methods to suit your unique style of advertising your tree care services. Even though the ideas seem commonly adaptable by most of your competitors, you can still add to them your unique touch. 

Here are some of the best tree service marketing ideas to learn, improvise, and use to reach out to your target audience:

1. Utilizing Facebook 

Your Facebook business page can often be a great sales channel for you. A lot of your target audience and existing customers are on Facebook. So, it is the easiest way to stay connected with happy customers and a wide target audience. 

If you have delivered quality tree service to your customers, request them to leave feedback on Facebook by tagging along your page. Apart from just verbal promotion, it is also the easiest way to spread positive word-of-mouth for your brand to friends and close ones. 

Running paid ads is cheap and easy on Facebook. The advertising campaigns for your tree service business on Facebook will primarily focus on immediate returns and trackable results. 

Sharing organic posts on Facebook with your website URL might not get you too many calls at the start. But if you try different social media trends to market your tree services through posts, it can bring a lot of attention to your brand from the target audience.  

2. Use Google My Business profile 

It is free to add your business to the Google My Business listing. You just need to spare a couple of minutes to fill out all the important details, and your business will be visible in all the local search results on Google. 

Almost every tree service business is on Google My Business listing today. But you can try something different and unique to fix the loopholes and add unique elements to stand out in the local listing. 

Prefer using the actual name of your business without adding any additional keywords as suffixes. Such an approach will make it difficult for your brand to be visible in the local search results. 

Following that, you should also give an actual phone number instead of a data tracking phone number on your Google My Business profile. It is because Google checks the available phone number against all the similar data it can find across the internet. If you are caught sharing inconsistent data, it will reduce your visibility in local searches. 

Remember to add all the categories that seem relevant to the services offered by your tree care business. You must also add all relatable business trades, such as landscaping, lawn care, tree removal, and other services, even if you are not currently offering them. 

It will help you get visibility in many local searches that involve keywords associated with relatable categories. So, once you have sufficient tree service leads for the business, you can change your profile and remove those categories and business trades you are not offering. 

Consider adding photos of your office, employees, equipment, and work site to add credibility to your tree service marketing measures. People landing on your profile will have a better understanding when they can visually judge the professionalism and standard of your brand. 

3. Run a customer referral program

Run a referral program

Spreading positive word-of-mouth is the most powerful way of marketing your tree services and acquiring leads. Verbal promotion through word-of-mouth might not be the only way of spreading the word but is the most effective technique. 

Therefore, you must start a customer referral program where you will pay an incentive or discount to existing customers who bring you new ones. You can put conditions on the referral program. 

For instance, you can mention, “The customer will be eligible for getting the referral benefits, only if the referred client spends more than $500 on a tree service.” You can frame such interesting conditions that should not be complex for your existing customers to convince their friends and family and should bring you great profits. 

Be consistent on the offers for anyone who meets the criteria. Do not constantly change it, as that would do more damage than good. No customer will be your organic brand ambassador without getting a cut for pitching your business to their known circle. So, launch this referral program for a while until you have a good number of tree service leads. 

4. Start a blog section on your website

Digital marketing is the key to marketing your tree services to a wider audience. And the powerhouse of digital marketing is your website. So, to rank your website on Google, you need to add quality content with optimal keywords that can help Google crawl through your website and rank in the top search results. 

Website content cannot be changed frequently within a day or a week, as it has to be there for a long time to build the impression of consistency for your brand. What else could you do to maintain the ranking of your website on search engines? You could prefer adding a blog section to your website. 

When you write blogs with relatable yet different topics, you will have better chances of adding more backlinks and keywords to its contents. People who search for related information about tree services will land on your blogs and, thus, your website. Your website will have more traffic, and gradually, your leads will increase. 

You can schedule your tree service marketing through website blogs weekly or monthly. Some people in your target audience might not initially search for tree care services, but they might type in, “How much does it cost to hire professionals to remove a tree?”.

When they do that, your blog should rank in the search results, and they must get their answer through your website content. Add internal links to the blog, redirect those readers to your pricing page, and let them book their service with you. Your diverse tree service marketing measures will work all together to convert your website traffic into your potential customers

5. Use tree service trucks as marketing materials

Tree service companies use trucks to transport equipment and staff to the job sites. You must wrap your tree service trucks or add vinyl graphics to them with relevant promotional details. It is one of the best marketing tactics to get public attention while you are in pursuit of completing a job. 

When you print the vinyl graphics or get the truck wrapped, make sure your design can be seen and read from even a 50ft distance while the truck runs at 30mph. You don’t have to add all the crucial information to your trucks, but the most important ones should be there, which include:

  • Brand name and logo
  • Website URL
  • Phone number
  • Basic and demanding service offering
  • Catchy tagline
  • Relevant and attractive background graphics

This tree service marketing strategy would work best for you only if potential consumers can read it from all sides. So, keep the information uniformly visible from all sides. It is a very cost-effective tree service marketing plan, as good quality graphics can last 7 to 10 years without periodic maintenance. 

Imagine having two to three trucks moving around the city daily and working at different job sites. Soon, people will start spreading the word about your availability all across the city and will also check your website and services out of curiosity. Eventually, people will connect with your tree care company and avail of your services. 

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Tree Service Marketing Mistakes

Tree service marketing mistakes

It is important that you know what marketing approach brings your tree care company more leads and makes more profits. But there are certain mistakes that most tree service companies make while marketing their services. Avoiding these will help your tree care business grow exponentially. 

Some of the marketing mistakes that you should avoid implementing for your tree service company are:

  • You don’t have to compete with the big brands if you are not an established tree service company. Instead, compete with businesses at moderate levels for a start. Later, when you have a good reach, you can also target the big established companies. 
  • The biggest mistake tree service companies make is they don’t measure their marketing efforts. Suppose you cannot tell your marketing expenditure, return on investment, website traffic count, and other metrics of the last year. In that case, you probably cannot learn from your past marketing mistakes. 
  • Traditional marketing methods such as print marketing, direct mail marketing, newspaper advertisements, and television ads don’t work well for all businesses. If they don’t work well for your tree care business, then it is better not to hold on to them. 
  • Do not hire different teams for sales and marketing; hire just one and train them to do both jobs proficiently. It will help you reduce your overall marketing expenditure. This way, the same team will market your tree service to the leads and convert them into your customers. 


The steps that you must follow to acquire more leads for your tree service business are:

  • Use online marketing measures with the help of your website. 
  • Implement local search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your online visibility for local searches. 
  • Use pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing (SMM) as part of your important online marketing tactics. 
  • Try paid ads on Facebook and Instagram platforms. 
The tree care companies in the United States are pursuing a good career, earning better than what they would have got paid as an employee. The approximate earnings for an average tree care business are more than $540,000 per year at the start. With more clients and proper marketing, this income ratio might probably increase.

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