House Cleaning Business Checklist That Helps You Excel

Cleaning checklists are the tools that ease the life of your cleaning business and team. A house cleaning business checklist can be created and referred to when cleaning homes and can be handed to your customers too.

If you are a cleaning business owner, this task list will help you recall what your team will be cleaning whenever they visit a client’s home. Let’s get an understanding of how to deliver house cleaning services professionally.

How to Deliver House Cleaning Services Professionally? A Step-by-Step Guide

Guide on House Cleaning Business Checklist

An ultimate house cleaning services checklist will summarize all value-added tasks in the particular process based on the kind of services offered. The following is the step-by-step guide that is helpful in delivering cleaning projects in an organized and systematic way:

  1. Use a Basic Cleaning Checklist Before Your Cleaning Work

    Trim your cleaners’ prep time off by requesting your clients to go through a few errands. For this, you may send them a decluttering task list:

    • Get rid of any clutter – clothes, paper, and appliances
    • Unload all the dishes from the dishwasher and sink
    • Keep aside fragile objects
      When you mail this to-do list before the appointment, make sure that your client knows that such decluttering will provide a great cleaning experience.

      Groundwork on your side will also spare your crews’ time. For this, make a pre-cleaning checklist:

  2. Arrange Your Cleaning Materials

    Prior to producing an exhaustive house cleaning worksheet, ensure that you have a dispensable list of cleaning products that includes every type and area of job. Here are some of the supplies’ list to begin with:

    • Microfiber cloth or yellow dusters
    • Sponges
    • Cleaning brushes
    • Dustpan and brush
    • Mop and bucket
    • A caddy to carry the essentials
    • Protective gloves
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Sanitizer
    • Furniture polish
    • All-purpose cleaner
    • Disinfectant for germ-prone zones
    • Paper towels
    • Toilet brush
    • Garbage bags
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  4. Create the Ultimate House Cleaning Business Checklist

    Your customers’ house cleaning plans will be subject to what they want and how much they can afford. House cleaning checklists bifurcated by type and by area will help your team remain consistent and efficient in each cleaning job:

    House Cleaning Checklists: By Type

    1. House Cleaning Checklist: Monthly
    • Vacuum blinds
    • Wash baseboards and windows
    • Vacuum air vents
    • Dust dirt from ceiling fans
    • Wipe chair rails
    • Wash rugs and mattress pads
    • Wash curtains and blankets
    • Clean up pantry
    • Clean kitchen appliances and washing machine thoroughly
    • Spot treat upholstery and carpets
    • Wipe down door frames
    • Scrub kitchen and bathroom tile grout
    • Clean out trash cans and dryer vent
    • Clean garage and laundry room
    2. House Cleaning Checklist: Weekly
    • Sweep all the floors
    • Clean furniture and fixtures
    • Change bedding and cushion covers
    • Mop bathroom and kitchen floors
    • Clean microwave
    • Wipe down kitchen appliances
    • Sanitize light switches and door knobs
    • Disinfect sponges
    3. House Cleaning Checklist: Regular
    • Dust window sills and blinds
    • Dust all shelves, décor, and furniture
    • Deep clean doors and doorframes
    • Dust fixtures, ceiling fans, and lamps
    • Get rid of cobwebs from every corner
    • Vacuum all carpets, floors, stairs, and rugs
    • Clean glass surfaces and picture frame
    • Clean and organize shoe cabinets
    • Straighten linens and pillows
    • Vacuum sofa and other upholstered furniture
    4. House Cleaning Checklist: Deep Cleaning

    Here, include the below-mentioned tasks along with your general house cleaning checklist:

    • Clean and sanitize:
      • Inside the refrigerator, stove grids, and hood fan
      • Inside the dishwasher and oven
      • The walls behind huge appliances
    • Clean soap scum and grout from bathroom tiles
    • Polish copper or metal hardware
    • Wash shower curtain and windows from inside
    • Change bedsheet and pillow covers
    • Wash shower walls and curtain or shutter
    • Cleanse rugs and gutters
    • Vacuum carpets thoroughly
    • House Cleaning Checklist: Move-out
    • Dust every closet
    • Remove hooks and nails and fill in holes
    • Clean walls, shelves, and doors
    • Clear interior and exterior of drawers and cabinets
    • Wash window sills, shelves, and baseboards
    • Wipeout cobwebs
    • Dust light fixtures
    • Replace burnt-out light bulbs
    • Clean laundry machine
    • Clean tub, shower, toilet, and sinks
    • Wipe and disinfect countertops
    • Eradicate carpet stains

House Cleaning Checklists: By Area

1. Kitchen Cleaning Checklist:
  • Soak stove knobs and drip pans in the sink
  • Clean in and around the sink
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Clean interior and exterior of appliances – microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher
    Pro Tip:
    Throw away the expired items from the refrigerator
  • Remove dust from cabinets and countertops
    Pro Tip:
    Start by wiping down the stove
2. Bathroom Cleaning Checklist:
  • Spray everything with multi-purpose cleaner (except shower/tub, toilet, and mirror)
    Pro Tip:
    Put a few drops of all-purpose cleaner in a bucket filled with water and use it to mop the floor
  • Clean soap dishes, shower rack
  • Place bathmats
  • Remove things from shower cubicle and tub
  • Apply grout cleaner to shower cabin, allow to sit, and scrub
  • Scrub soap dish and sink
    Pro Tip:
    Spray tile and grout cleaner in the sink
  • Rinse off bathroom and shower area walls and dry them with a cloth
  • Wipe down cabinet fronts and the vanity countertop
    Pro Tip:
    Spray there with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Use a grout brush along the drain and faucet
  • Replace bath mat and rugs
  • Clean the mirror
    Pro Tip:
    Spray glass cleaner on a cloth and buff
  • 3. Cleaning Checklist: Living area and other areas
    • Dust off wall art, knickknacks, and blinds
    • Vacuum and mop floors
    • Wipe baseboards and window sills
    • Dust furniture sides, fronts, and tops
    • Dust lights, ceiling fans, and lamps
    • Clean switch plates and empty trash
    • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
    • 4. Cleaning Checklist: Bedroom
      • Dust surfaces and furniture
      • Hand wipe furniture tops
      • Dust chair rails, door panels, and baseboards
      • Dust window sills, lock ledges, and blinds
      • Vacuum carpets and mop the floors (if non-carpet)
      • Change covers, sheets, and make beds
      • Fold the laundry and put it in the cupboard


      Window Cleaning Service Checklist:

    • Wipe down blinds or change the drapes
    • Vacuum dust from window frames and scrub with soap, water, and a sponge
    • Dry window frames with microfiber fabric
    • Remove and clean window screens
    • Clean exterior window glass, frames, and tracks

      Best Recommendations:

    • Wash hands before and after cleaning
    • Use disposable gloves, where possible
    • Use reusable cleaning equipment
    • Empty and re-clean equipment

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    A standard house cleaning checklist includes sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming floors and carpets, high and low dusting, emptying trash, dusting window sills and ledges, changing linen, and cleaning door handles and light fixtures.

    To create a housekeeping checklist, include these aspects – change the bedsheets and start a load of laundry, move all pieces of furniture so that you vacuum easily, dust and wipe all the surfaces, dust blinds and make the beds, ensure that all knick-knacks (remotes and decorative items) are at their spot, and sweep or vacuum all the corners.

    A jobber or cleaner can vacuum the entire house, clean the bathrooms (including toilets), clean the kitchen (including mopping the floor), and do a few small tasks like dusting curtains and wiping all the surfaces down.

    Regardless of an individual’s skill set and cleaning experience, a house cleaning business checklist decreases the risk of jobbers missing essential steps or forgetting clients’ requests. Also, it helps them feel positive and confident that they have completed their tasks like an expert.

    Use FieldCamp – a residential cleaning business software for FREE and allocate house cleaning tasks to your jobbers in a way that they do not feel overstretched and deliver the highest quality of services.

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