How to Grow a Cleaning Business? The Secret Revealed!

The demand for professional cleaning services is high, but the market is crammed with cleaning companies. So, how to grow a cleaning business can be a real challenge in this cleaning industry. But, with research and the tips and tricks listed here, you can build a strong client base and spread the word about your business efficiently.

How to Grow a Cleaning Business – 8 Tips and Tricks

Whether you are commencing your cleaning business or looking for ways to escalate your new business, here are the 8 secrets that help you make strategic decisions and stay ahead in the industry.

8 Tips on How to Grow a Cleaning Business

    1. Network and Multiply Your Connections

      For any business, Word-of-mouth marketing (WOM marketing) works enormously. You may connect to networking groups on Facebook and Linked In as well as attend local events where your targeted audience participates. Forming contacts through the community will provide you with the inside trail on cleaning companies’ developments and upgrades.

      Thus, for cleaning businesses, make a business plan and start building connections through networking. Here are some of the best recommendations to observe:

      • Join a community

        Every community gives ample opportunities to meet people from different commercial cleaning businesses. Joining one of such communities will be a gateway to new possibilities for advertising and attracting more money.

      • Trade shows

        Trade shows and conferences serve as an excellent abode as a marketing strategy where small businesses can meet new clients and other business owners. For this, you can rent a booth and display your commercial cleaning service. You can even seek the public’s attention by conducting a competition for free cleaning services.

      • Community activities

        Community events, sponsorship opportunities, fairs, and festivals invite new leads. Contributing or volunteering will help you form your reputation while serving your public. Such events need cleaners too. To promote yourselves more, you can put on your company T-shirt and help the group.

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  1. Partner With Other Companies

    Forming partnerships with other service suppliers can be a terrific approach to creating a mutually advantageous business association. For example, a maid services company can recommend you to their clients and refer them too. Apart from referral program, partnering with a successful business can boost the value of your services in the market.

  2. Schedule Aptly and Stay Productive

    A cleaning business means administering lead generation, client billing, and stocking deep cleaning products can be a head-scratching job. For this, organize your routine operations, schedule employees correctly, and track their time with janitorial business scheduling software like FieldCamp, thus, raising your productivity.

  3. Make Your Knocking Heard

    In the internet era, door-to-door sales may have lost luster, but that does not indicate that you should ditch door-knocking. It is a great chance to have a face-to-face conversation, form an enduring impression, and grow your cleaning business or cleaning company.

    If the targeted audience is not at their abode, ensure to leave a brochure or flyer. This way, when they need a cleaner, they have your contact information handy. Moreover, it is a terrific opportunity to offer discounts or extra services.
  4. Set up a Referral Scheme

    One of the best marketing tools is happy customers. When you have a great bond with your existing customers and offer first-rate service on every occasion, they will be delighted to refer your cleaning service to their neighbors and friends.

    Make a list of your customers in your knowledge base who give you potential clients and offer them free additional services or discounts. At first, it might seem a bit expensive, but it proves to be a brilliant way to expand your consumer base in the long run.

  5. Ensure Top-notch Security

    Cleaning business owners have to schedule employees to deliver cleaning services without supervision at people’s offices and homes. So, focus on conducting background checks of every cleaning team member. Let your prospective customers know about this process so that they feel safe. In addition to this, you can consider presenting a guarantee in written format.

  6. Make Your Social Presence

    In the digital age, the power of social media and email marketing is immense. To generate awareness and expand your business, create an account on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, start a YouTube channel, or send targeted emails depending upon the goals and needs of your business.

    Include the right content, contact details, website link, and calls to action on your homepage so that your customers can interact with you easily.

  7. Promote Offline too (Budget-friendly)

    The internet is the widely used tool for promoting but promoting your company offline should not be overlooked. Here are some of the offline marketing tactics that can be conducted on a shoestring budget:

    • Stick posters in local community centers and businesses.
    • Print T-shirts of your brand and give them to your employees and customers.
    • Put flyers up in coffee shops around your new customers’ offices to secure their attention. Also, consider adding business cards up with such flyers.
    • Seek bulletin boards in large shopping centers or office buildings and use a bold title that states your office cleaning services.

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You can get new clients and grow your business by joining online marketplaces and communities, networking with related companies, asking for customer referrals, having online reviews, scheduling, managing, and delivering high-quality work with utmost security.

The best ways to improve your cleaning business services are – advertise on a budget, do word-of-mouth marketing, form alliances with other businesses, set up a referral program, network, and increase connections.

Usually, it is mandatory to get a general business license to start a cleaning business legally. Also, you may require a special bond or license to conform to norms and laws in your area or deal with specific clients. Along with bonds and licenses, your cleaning firm may need business insurance.

A cleaning business is a timeless example of having repeat customers and a steady income. These types of firms may not be alluring, but they can be excellent and reliable money makers. It is an instance of a low investment kind of enterprise that you can operate in the comfort of your home.

Following these above-mentioned simple tips and tricks on how to grow a cleaning business will help you expand and stay competitive in the evolving cleaning market. FieldCamp, an service business scheduling software enables you to streamline your job allocation and customer acquisition and retention.

Its numerous features help you ace business management and gain more revenue from a cost savings strategy to improved productivity. Still, thinking? Just start your FREE with FieldCamp and know how it benefits your business.

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