155+ Painting Business Names Ideas You Needed 

Painting and coating is a huge industry. In fact, the U.S. paints and coatings market was valued at USD 24.2 billion in 2019. The painting industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% from 2020 to 2027.

This is clearly the best time to ride the wave and start a painting business. If you’ve been thinking about the same for some time now, this article will be a huge stepping stone.

Naming your painting business is one of the first steps you will need to take as a business owner. And naming your company is not something that you should take lightly as around 77% of customers remember items by their brand names

Searching for the perfect name to reflect the service you provide can be long and arduous. To save some hair-pulling moments, we have compiled a list of painting business names for you to select from. Read through the list to find the most unique, funny, and fancy names for your painting company. 

Unique Painting Business Names 

Unique painting company names usually have the owner’s or locality’s names. The benefit of attaching your name is that it makes your business more trustworthy and personal. People also prefer working with their local businesses. 

However, there are a few downsides. 

With locally named businesses, picking up new customers from neighboring cities can be challenging as they will worry about proper scheduling and punctuality. It will also pose some dispatching issues for your company. You can easily alleviate all these worries by using field service scheduling software like FieldCamp that eliminates manual dependencies and does the job scheduling and dispatching for you. 

Back to names, here are unique painting company names for your reference:

  • Safin Painting 
  • Painting by Sean
  • Muddy Pete Painting 
  • Wallorama
  • Thermal paint services
  • Kelly-Moore Painting Inc
  • Persian Wall Painters 
  • Raymond’s Painting and Drywall Company
  • ProCoat Drywall Painters
  • Pastel Pro Painter 
  • Continental painting
  • Paint &Twist
  • Painting and decorating
  • Classic painting
  • Artistic painting inc
  • Da silva painting services
  • Painting Pals Inc
  • Paint Your World 
  • Color Crux Painting Services
  • Clound9 Painters
  • Carnival Custom Painters
  • Finishing Touches Inc
  • Quality Painters

Catchy Painting Business Names 

Catchy names are more memorable and instantly register themselves in the mind of your customers. They will instantly recall your name whenever they need some painting or repainting work done. Moreover, catchy names add more depth to your brand image. With such names, you portray that you are light-hearted and embrace humor. Here are some catchy names for your painting company: 

  • Wooded Way Painting
  • Handy Walls Painting Services
  • Paint It Dry
  • Quality Color Coats
  • Colorful coats
  • Quality painting co
  • Allbright painting inc
  • Paint without the pain
  • Paint & Prime
  • Magic Painters Inc
  • Master Painters Co.
  • Coating Company 
  • House of Hues
  • Brush Brothers
  • Paint Pushers
  • United Colors
  • We Paint the World
  • Timeless Tones
  • All Care Painting
  • Colored Canvas
  • Freshcoat Paintworks

Cool Painting Company Names Ideas

Cool names are either a play on the words or have a certain rhyming to them. These are fun and represent the current culture. Of course, your brand should cater to people of all age groups. But millennials and gen z make up about 40% of the current American market. And cool names will attract more customers from this generation. Therefore, cool names help you improve your marketing efforts. Let’s look at some cool painting name ideas:

  • Paint Monkey Perth
  • Pure Painted Inc
  • Dawn Stoner Painting
  • Blue Alps Painting
  • Universal Paintworks
  • Noble Painters
  • Cactus Color Canvas Services
  • ColorVibe Painters
  • Tropicolor Painting House
  • SunStar Painters
  • Vector Paintworks
  • Painting by the Buckets 
  • Shady Painters
  • Paint without the pain
  • Pacificpro painting services
  • Fire painting
  • Art boys
  • Casa painting services
  • El gato painting
  • Brilliant PaintBrushers
  • Paint Palace
  • SageArt Paint Shop

Funny Painting Company Names 

Everybody loves a light-hearted joke and good humor. This is why people are more drawn toward brands with funny names. Funny names make your brand memorable and leave a lasting first impression. Here are some carefully chosen painting company name ideas:

  • Epic Overpainting 
  • Paint-N-Veg
  • Painting with Paint
  • Top Gun Paint Pro
  • Painters of Colors
  • Color it High
  • Flas and Lather
  • Glidden Skilled Painters
  • Drywall Artworks
  • Brush Hour 
  • Colorware Painters
  • Handy Brazillian Painter
  • Paint Kings
  • Painting Prestige
  • Paint parents
  • Colormate Drywall coating and Paintworks
  • Urban Painters
  • Color Schemers

Good Painting Company Names

You are sorted if you can think of a good painting name for your company. The upsides of having good painting company names are limitless, with virtually no downsides. Here’s what we have for you in terms of good painting company name ideas:

  • The Painting Station 
  • Dependable painting service
  • Thermal paint services
  • Incredible industrial painters
  • Loft Painting
  • Pilar point body shop
  • El pilar point body
  • The House of Paints
  • Pure Coat Painting
  • Catchy Paintbrush
  • World of Painters
  • Five star painting
  • Professional painters
  • Fine paint repairs
  • Master painters
  • Art painters
  • Painting wizard
  • Taste of Paint
  • Floor to Ceiling Paintworks
  • Glamour Brush
  • Mughal Murals
  • Painting and decorating
  • Classic painting
  • Artistic painting inc
  • Da silva painting services
  • Life painting paint
  • Paint professionals
  • Complete painting company
  • Eco Painting House
  • Glendale Dream Painters
  • Paintbar
  • Paint guru
  • Decorative portrait place 
  • Acropolis Painting
  • Satin Paint Studios
  • Matte Colorworks

Creative Names for Painting Company

Creative names signify innovation. Painting companies with creative names will attract customers that want more artsy painting, repainting, and coloring done. Consequently, it allows you to set high prices and still attract a decent crowd. Just avoid being too descriptive or vague while coming up with creative names. 

Regarding creativity, FieldCamp managed to create a highly interactive and creative UI that makes it easier to assign and dispatch jobs with a single click. 

Coming back to painting company names ideas, here are some creative painting company names for your painting business:

  • Sgt. Painting
  • Artistry Painting Service
  • Props Paint
  • Coastline painting company
  • Rentals sunny south paint
  • Vivid paint store
  • Pilar point body shop
  • El pilar point body
  • 360° Painting
  • Paint kings
  • Paint parents
  • Stars and Stripes Painters
  • Plus Ultra Paint House 
  • Paint guru
  • Painting wizard
  • Continental painting
  • Five star painting
  • Professional painters
  • Bold painting
  • Mughal canvas thermal paint
  • Premier painting
  • Painting project
  • Gray paint
  • Mastercraft painting
  • Fine paint repairs
  • Pearl paintings
  • The Caribbean Paint Company
  • Delta Painting 
  • Eagle Eye Painting Company
  • Color Mixed Painters
  • French House PaintWorks
  • Abstract Painters
  • Bravera Painters
  • Super Star Painters 
  • Alpha Painters
  • Espirit Paint House

Dispatch and Manage Your Painters

Schedule and dispatch painting jobs, create invoices, get paid, generate service reports with our all-in-one painter business software.

How to Name Your Painting Company?

Here are a few steps that you need to follow while selecting a name :

  • It is unnatural to think that you will find the perfect name for your painting business on the first try. So, to start, you need to do a word dump. You could also try a painting business name generator. In this step, start jotting down the words that describe your business ethics and services. Using a thesaurus or a word generator will make this process a bit easier for you. 
  • Next, start shortlisting the top names for your painting business. They should make sense and be related to the services that you are providing. 
  • The name should be easy to recall and spell. For suffixes, you must follow the business structure convention. For example, if you are registered as a Limited Liability Corporation, you add LLC after your business name. 
  • Using descriptive sentences for names is advised against, but you can use descriptive words. The name can be literal or unrelated. 
  • You can use your own name or opt for an acronym. The naming opportunities are endless. Geographic names are also great. But they can somewhat limit the extent of your business growth. 
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to check the viability of your name in a controlled test group. 
  • After you choose a name, check for the domain availability. In addition to that, check for federal trademarks. If everything checks out, register your company name at the relevant government office. 


Yes, you must register your painting business name before selling your products and services. Registering the name should also prevent people from opening new businesses with the same name.
The name should be short and easily understandable. There are other factors to consider as well, like the ones mentioned above, but these two should be enough to attract your customers’ attention.
Yes, they are a specific rules you must follow while registering your business. However, the set of rules wildly varies depending on the locality. So, you have to get it checked by your registrar’s local office.


You can scour the internet to come up with cool, catchy, creative names or use our list as inspiration to choose it yourself. A great name will surely help you get new customers, but the quality of your service retains them. 

FieldCamp introduces its painting job scheduling and dispatching software to keep you punctual. Adding new jobs and dispatching the team can be done with minimal clicks. With FieldCamp, you will never miss or delay another painting job ever again. 

But that’s not all. 

With FieldCamp, you’ll also be able to track task completion status, manage and track invoices and payments, and access advanced reporting. This is literally all you need to uplevel your service business. Start your FieldCamp free trial now. 

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