How to Increase Revenue From Existing Customers? 11 Result-Proven Strategies

Imagine your business is not meeting the revenue mark you predicted for the current financial year. What would be your strategy to change things around and make it profitable again?

Most businesses will start investing their effort, time, and money in modern home service marketing strategies for new customer acquisition. Channelizing efforts to get more new customers to increase revenue and have better chances of making them repeat customers is of the ways to get back on track.

But, when you need to boost your revenue in a short time, it is better to strategize on how to increase revenue from existing customers, as they already trust you, and there is a higher chance they would buy from you without much comparison. 

Existing customers are loyal to your brand and would rely on you for specific products or services in the long term. So, when your revenue crashes, it is always advisable to strategize your offerings for the existing customers before you invest in acquiring new customers. 

Find below the practical strategies to help you generate a good amount of revenue from your existing customers. 

11 Strategies to Generate Revenue From Existing Customers

Most entrepreneurs have quite deviated from the real meaning of running a business. The prime purpose is to get more customers, achieve more sales, and increase revenue every year. 

But at the same time, you should emphasize increasing the count of repeat customers. You don’t want your customers to avail your products or services just once and then forget you. 

You can generate revenue from existing customers, even more than what you would generate from new customers. It is because you don’t have to put the effort into building trust for your brand. As they are already satisfied with your services or products, a strategic approach towards them would guarantee you a sale. 

To help you believe that investing in existing or loyal customers can be a good bet for the revenue of your company, here are the six evident reasons to prove it:

  • BIA/Kelsey reports that in 2012, small business owners prioritized customer acquisition over customer retention in a ratio of 7:1. But a new trend in the modern era has changed this ratio for good. As per a survey, 61% of small businesses have stated that more than 50% of their annual revenue is generated from repeat customers. 
  • BIA/Kelsey also states that over 67% of the repeat customers spend more on a business than that new ones. 
  • During the holiday rush, an existing customer purchases more products or services from a business than a new customer. It is because you have earned customer loyalty. 
  • It is easier to sell products and services to your existing customer base. 
  • Acquiring a new customer will cost you around five times more than holding onto the current customers. 
  • Offering attractive services and discounts to existing customers will help you leverage the potential of positive word of mouth. 

These reasons might have given you a brief about why you can generate a good amount of revenue from existing customers. You must implement the best possible strategies to increase your repeat business opportunities. The 11 best of all strategies on how to increase revenue from existing customers are listed below:

1. Start a customer loyalty program

Start a customer loyalty program

Customer loyalty program is an initiative where you appreciate your current customers. The customers who don’t get the appreciation of being loyal to the company often leave and choose your competitors over you. 

Therefore, with such a program, you can value your customers. The more valued they feel, the easier it will be to sell products and services to them. 

Under the loyalty program, you must offer a reward to your customers for choosing your brand over the competitors. Every time they make repeat purchases, offer them some incentives or discounts. 

Such programs also work on a point system where a card is offered to the customer, and reward points are deposited for every repeat purchase. There will be a specified reward at a milestone of points on the card. In addition to that, the brand loyalty program card will also help you track customer purchases. 

2. Stay connected with the consumer

After the consumer has completed the first sale with you, you should not disappear but be recalled in their minds for a long time. You can send them updates on new offers or releases and pre-sale discount coupons through email or text messages. 

Your reminders should not force your customers to buy something but should be in an informative tone. You don’t have to use pressurized conversations to retain existing customers. They already trust your brand and have spent on your products or services. 

Now, you just have to continue with that rapport and update the customers with exciting offers they can’t refuse. 

Domino’s Pizza is a brand that sets the best example for generating revenue from existing customers. Domino’s sends attractive discount coupons to its existing customers that they can’t refuse. Suppose they propose an offer of two medium size pizzas at 30% off, whereas two regular size pizzas at 20% off. 

In that case, the existing customers will think of buying not one but two pizzas, as they are getting a discount on them. So, this is a very strategic move to increase revenue and achieve customer satisfaction simultaneously.

3. Attend the customer queries and provide a solution

Attend the customer queries and provide a solution

Customer experience is everything for a brand to build an empire. If you miss out on the opportunities to attain high customer satisfaction quotients, your business’s cash flow will collapse. 

Poor customer service is possibly why you are losing your existing clients. Hire a team that can attend and solve their queries, which will help you hold onto them for a longer time. 

4. Be realistic in what you price the products and services

You must be realistic in terms of pricing for the products and services you sell to the existing customers. Just because you have proved your value to some target customers, it doesn’t mean you can boost revenue by increasing the prices of your products and services. 

If your price seems unrealistic to the existing clients, they will still compare it to your competitors and eventually object to it. If you can prove the value you are offering with the price hike, your satisfied customers might not raise a question.

5. Use upselling and cross-selling techniques

Use upselling and cross-selling techniques

Top companies worldwide are utilizing their resources and efforts to build long-lasting relationships with existing customers instead of acquiring new ones. It is because getting new clients is a very expensive and daunting process, whereas upselling and cross-selling to current clients is an easy approach. 

Upselling is the strategy where you will be encouraging your customers to buy a specific product or service that can add a better customer experience than their existing choice. For instance, if you are running a hotel business and a customer is booking a standard room, you can upsell an upgraded sea view room at a discounted price. 

Cross-selling is the strategy where you will encourage the customers to buy something different as an add-on to the existing purchase at a discount or offer price. For instance, if a customer buys an air conditioner from you, you can offer them a combo sale with the voltage stabilizer at a discounted rate. 

6. Have a good sales team

You need to hire a good team with proficient sales partners. They are facing the customers for your brand, and the conversions depend on how your customers respond to the behavior of your sales executive. 

Run a quarterly check on the performances and reviews of your sales partners to train them and guide them towards handling customers and increasing conversions. They need to give better input while interacting with existing customers. 

Keep your sales employees happy by incentivizing them to achieve the targets. Hence, it will motivate people to work effortlessly for the company and increase revenue for your business.

7. Offer flexible payment options

Offer flexible payment options

If a customer finds payment hassles on your business website or application when they purchase from you for the first time, then there is a high chance they won’t return to your brand again. 

Assess the reports on how your customers are responding to your current purchasing options. If your target customers demand flexibility in the payment or purchase options, offer them the same. 

Depending on the business type, you can offer cash-on-delivery, credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and EMI options. The process of placing an order should be easy for customers of all ages. 

The convenience of payment will draw the attention of your existing customers, and you will be increasing revenue with more sales. 

8. Stay ahead of your competition

Even though you have already acquired your customers with a seamless customer experience and quality services, it is still important for you to stand out in the crowd of competitors. 

Over time, you must check your products and services to maintain your brand’s quality and reliability. Make sure you keep offering the value you promised to your entire customer base. 

Spend your funds on improving and upgrading your service offerings before you can invest them in implementing marketing strategies. When your products or services justify value, your customers will not head out to your competitors.

9. Take customer feedback

Not all customers will be happy with your service or product and might have faced problems due to some management errors. Whether good or bad, you should refer to every review published with your brand’s name tag. 

If many customers are pointing out the same thing, run your research and get rid of the solution. Following that, connect with those customers and send them emails on how you have fixed the problem, and offer them a compensation offer. 

This way, they will make another purchase to use their compensation offer and find out the changes you made concerning their feedback. This way, they will feel a positive authority over your brand and contribute to your business’ growth.

10. Use remarketing strategies

Remarketing is one of the best ways to increase revenue from existing customers. It is a proven display advertisement technique that increases the chance of repeat business opportunities for everyone who has been retargeted. 

11. Offer freebies with the first purchase

Making the first purchase special will make it easy for your brand to bring in more repeat customers. If you are running an eCommerce company, then you can send freebies with the first orders placed by your customers. 

The customer experience quotient will be higher, and there is an evident chance an individual would turn out to be your repeat customer. Such efforts will make them remember you for a longer time and will possibly encourage them to make a second purchase from you. 

Apart from a physical freebie, you can give them a service coupon they can’t refuse. For instance, give your customers limited-time access to your premium services.

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If you want to retain customers after they have witnessed poor customer service from your sales team, you must make phone calls and follow up on their reported problems. It is better if a higher authority of your brand takes the call and discusses the matter with the customer. 

The customers will feel assured that a higher authority is handling their query, and the company apologizes for their earlier behavior by a staff member. In this way, you can revive the customer experience in your favor and still use your chances to increase revenue from existing customers.

The feasible strategies that you can use to increase revenue from existing customers are:

  • Run targeted promotions for the existing customers. 
  • Implement effective marketing strategies to maintain your online visibility. 
  • Amend your products and services to a possible extent, as per the customers’ demands. 
  • Work on your pricing strategies to be within the acceptable window of your customers. But remember not to affect your profit margins in pursuit of holding onto the existing customers.

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