13 Effective Plumbing Van Organization Ideas to Improve Your Business

No plumber wants to be called out for not being able to find the tools they need, especially when it can mean the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy one.

The U.S. plumbing industry is a $107 billion industry, and you do not want to miss any chance to leverage such a massive industry.

Van organization is one of the top strategies you need to make your plumbing van as resourceful as any office. Organizing the tools in the van helps you get jobs done more efficiently, enables you to get on the road to your next job on time, and saves fuel costs.

You may lose business if plumbers waste time going back and forth to the van and looking for a tool they can’t find. There is no way you can afford that.

Van organization is the key to making your plumbing business more efficient and productive. Let’s look at 13 plumbing van organization ideas to organize your plumbing vans and improve your business.

13 Strategies for Plumbing Van Organizations to Grow Business

A well-organized and optimized mobile plumbing van can help your days run smoother so you can be more productive. It also helps prevent wasted time searching for the right tools or parts during an emergency.

Here are thirteen tips for plumbing van organization to intelligently leverage your plumbing van and grow your plumbing business.

1. Planning the layout

When looking for plumbing van organization, the first thing you need to do is think about how you want to organize the plumbing tools.

You can use a notebook or sketchpad to write up a list of all the items you need for plumbing truck organization. It will help guide you when deciding where to put each item, which is essential for ensuring everything is easily accessible when needed. It also helps keep everything in one place so things don’t get lost or misplaced.

You need to take this step seriously. How you want things organized will significantly affect how much time and money you can save in the long run.

2. Vertical over horizontal

If you’re looking for van racking ideas for plumbers—ways to maximize the storage space in your work van, consider starting with a storage system that uses vertical space. 

The organization of small parts can be made more accessible with shelves and containers that can be stacked. Consider this plumbers van storage idea if you wish to suspend lightweight items from the ceiling, like extension cords. Do this by hanging poles across the van’s length, leaving enough clearance for headspace.

It will help keep things reach as you move around the vehicle during a job.

3. Combine frequently required tools

Combine frequently required tools for plumbing van organization

It is one of the most brilliant plumbing van storage ideas. To keep things organized, store similar items together. 

For example, repairing tools and cleaning supplies go together. This way, you won’t have to hunt through your stuff when you need something specific. 

Just think about what plumbing tasks are the most common and keep those items near each other. If you use one thing more than others, ensure it’s easy to reach instantly. 

Like most people, plumbers probably have a few plumbing tools they use more than any others. It may be a wrench or pliers, but whatever it is, you likely want to be able to reach those items easily and quickly.

4. Assort the tools based on size

The first step to efficiency is ensuring you’ve got the right tools for the job. And when it comes to your work van, that means ensuring you have the right van racking ideas and storage system.

First things first, size matters. You don’t want to carry around a bunch of bulky items that take up space and weigh you down. Instead, consider storing bigger equipment at a low level (you can also create shallow drawers for it) and keeping smaller tools towards the top (in upper shelves). That way, you’ll maximize space and keep your back feeling good.

5. Label the tools

Plumbers are extremely busy, so they don’t always have time to keep track of all their essential tools. It can make it challenging to find the right tool when needed.

Labeling will make it much easier for plumbers to keep track of their tools. It will also help ensure that the plumber knows where everything is when they need it.

Labeling also helps prevent accidents in the workplace. When you know exactly where your tools are located, there’s no chance that one of them could end up causing damage or injury if you accidentally use it instead of another instrument.

6. Invest in the right flooring

The work van floor is a crucial component of plumbing work vans.

Your workers leave, enter the cargo area, and prepare their tools for the day on the floor. 

When working with chemicals and grime, you need more than just standard padded floor mats to keep your workers’ feet safe. This is one of the top plumbing safety features in high-quality vehicles.

You need a material designed specifically for this use: something that is anti-slip, easy to clean, and protects against spills and dents from sharp tools.

Dozens of options protect your plumbing work vans’ floors while keeping them safe enough—Stabiligrip flooring or Aluminium diamond plate, for example. It is an overlooked area while planning for a plumbing truck organization, but it clearly shouldn’t be.

7. Use plumbing shelves

Plumbing vans are often cramped spaces with many people moving around. The last thing you, as a plumbing business, need is an inconveniently placed wrench or tool.

Your van is your second home if you’re running a plumbing trade business. You want to ensure that it is as efficient and well-stocked as possible to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Plumbing van shelves are the key to a well-organized van.

Plumbing van shelves are an easy solution as they provide the perfect space for your plumbing tools.

8. Adequate lighting

You’ve got your tools and plumbing van, but what about the lighting?

Your work van is a space meant to be used in all kinds of different situations, so it’s crucial that you can see what you’re doing no matter the time of day.

The first step is making sure that you have overhead lighting. You can hang tap-activated lights on the interior side of your van doors so that you can see and find what you need—no matter the time of day.

9. Making the most of the doors

When working on plumbing jobs, it’s easy to forget the most straightforward van storage idea.

Magnetized stripping on doors can easily keep hand tools accessible, or business owners can modify the door to stow a hand truck to lift heavy tools or large equipment on and off the van.

The best way to store things in your van is with a specific purpose for each item. For example, if you use a reciprocating saw for cutting pipes, it should be stored in a way that makes it easy to grab and go when needed. 

You can do this by either storing it in its case or using a magnetic strip on the side of your van so tools will stay put when they aren’t being used.

10. Utilizing the van roof

You need van racks on the false roof for transporting pipes to and from your job site.

With a roof rack, you’ll have plenty of space for storing ladders, drain cleaning machines, rods for cleaning drains, and other long or bulky items. The roof rack is easy to install on your plumber’s van and will leave you additional space outside your plumbing vans. It is an essential component for plumbing truck organization.

You can purchase an affordable roof rack and install it on the top of your plumbing work van in just a few minutes. Once it’s on, let it stay there until you’re ready to take it off again!

11. Tool box

When choosing the correct box for your plumbing tools, you want to be sure that you are getting a sturdy and durable container that can withstand the weight of your plumbing tools. It is essential if you work in an area where you will have to lift these items often.

The best way to determine if storage boxes are strong enough for your needs is by testing them yourself. You should place all of the heaviest items inside the storage boxes into it and see how much weight they can hold before it begins to collapse or break apart.

12. Compartmental partitions

Your plumbing van is your mobile office and needs to be organized. But even with good organization, you will have to deal with some issues.

One of those issues is your tools and supplies flying around your van’s back when you suddenly stop. That’s why partitions are a must-have addition to your fleet. They keep everything in one place and protect you in case of an abrupt stop.

Plus, partitions can help you and your workers stay comfortable driving around town.

Using these plumbing van storage ideas, you can drive your plumbing business towards efficiency.

13. Ensure regular cleaning

Having daily, weekly, and the monthly clean-out session is non-negotiable. Your plumbers are always on the move and it’s easy for junk to get accumulated inside the van. 

Unwanted items increase disorganization, decrease space, and negatively influence your plumber’s productivity. So you need to throw out the waste regularly and put all the scattered materials into their specific places. 

Remember to include interior/exterior washing, maintaining the first aid kit, vehicle inspection, and installing trash bags, storage bins, and sanitizing wipes in your cleaning sessions. 

Manage and Organize Your Plumbing Business

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Organizing your plumber van tools can be done in a few ways:

Make a list of everything you use on the job, and then choose an order for where to store those items in your van. You’ll want to put things that are used more frequently closer to the door, but consider how often they’re used so you don’t waste space storing items that get used infrequently.

Sketch what your system will look like with all these things in place. It will help ensure everything fits appropriately while planning for plumbing truck organization before you start putting things away!

Ensure you create an organizational system that works for your handyman van. Gather all the items that need to be organized into one place. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple cardboard box with labels on it or a fancy caddy, as long as it keeps your items accessible.

Once they’re all together, think about how best to group them based on how often they’re used. For instance, if there are frequently-used items stored near the doors of your van, then group those; if there are items that only need to be accessed once in a while, put those further away from the doors, so they’re not in the way. Then transfer it into containers that work well for those groups.

Hanging tools on pegboards and storing them in bins is a great way to keep your power tools organized. If you don’t have a pegboard, you can use hooks to hang medium-sized items such as hand tools and power tools. You can also store small parts in plastic containers or boxes labeled with the tool’s name and description.


A considerable part of successful plumbing businesses is to have easy access to all the tools and pieces you need. That’s why it’s essential to keep your mobile storage container well-stocked and organized. These van-racking ideas directly translate into increased productivity and efficiency and keep your customers happy with fast, reliable plumbing services.

With optimal mobile storage solutions and a well-stocked van, your days will run more smoothly, and you’ll be able to provide excellent customer service.

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