Types of Plumbing Services: A List of Services Offered by Plumbing Companies

As of 2020, around 481,472 individuals in the United States were working in the plumbing industry. It shows the demand for plumbers and the scope of this industry in the future. Not just that, the plumbing businesses are also making an average gross profit margin of 35%

Opportunities are diverse, but one needs to start somewhere to reach a milestone and beyond. 

Therefore, every aspiring plumbing business owner needs to decide on the services that they have to offer initially. 

A complete list of different types of plumbing services will give you a check on what you can consider adding to your business offerings.

Types of Plumbing Services

The residential and commercial space owners cannot deny the necessity of professional plumbing services. Gone are the days when people looked up to a professional plumber only when the damage was done. 

Today, people are smart enough to get prior checks on their plumbing systems. In the case of any possible problem, it can be fixed at the earliest before the damage becomes more destructive for the household or commercial space. 

The need for plumbing repairs can arise unpredictably at any time. A perfect sewage system, plumbing setup, and tapware connection are part of the peaceful livelihoods of people. 

Keeping that in mind, many businesses have extended their trade to be part of this industry and offer professional plumbing services to residential and commercial spaces. 

But intending to start a plumbing business that is profitable yet helpful business, one needs to decide on what services they want to offer. There are many options out there for business owners to pick from. 

Even though you can offer all the plumbing services, you still need to focus on a few initial ones to attain expertise. Here is the list of different yet common plumbing services for you to get an insight into what to add or omit from the list of services.

1. Gas plumbing services

Gas plumbing might not be a common service with most plumbing businesses, but it is still a very skillful service in demand. The certified gas fitters hold the license to install, repair, and replace gas pipes. 

They have expertise in gas pipe leak detection, gas pipe installation, and installation of gas appliances (gas grills, gas stoves, furnaces, gas fireplaces, heating units, and gas ovens). 

The gas fitters or plumbers offering gas services must have the license of the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to offer all such services with proper safety considerations. 

A professional plumber with expertise in gas services will always be called upon, even for minor leakage or other associated problems. It is because ignoring the gas line problems can be lethal. 

Therefore, with such awareness, residential and commercial space owners will always hire professional plumbing services for routine checks of their gas lines. 

If you have this service within your list, you can spread awareness among the target audience so that they get their gas lines checked on time and prevent destructive scenarios. This way, you can market your service and get more projects for a better business outcome.

2. Drainage service

A clogged drain is the most common problem that homeowners face and frequently calls for the help of professional plumbers. 

Drainage service

But drain clogging is not just the only drainage issue that people face. The drainage service plumbers also attend to problems such as bad odor, recurring clogs, flooding issues, and slow-moving water. 

Some of these issues can raise an alarming need for emergency plumbing services. Imagine being stuck in a flooded bathroom. Can you leave the problem to attend to later? Probably not! 

So when you offer proficient drainage services to your customers in any scenario, ensure you share your contact with them to let them connect with you for any emergency drainage issues. Market your availability even during odd hours, and your services will sell more.

Some of the skills that your drainage service professionals should have are:

  • Inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and cleaning drains
  • Cleaning and repairing underground drainage
  • Inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing the minor sewage clogs
  • Cleaning of catch basin
  • Expertise with kitchen, basement, and bathroom plumbing systems
  • Fixing and repairing toilet clogging and leakage problems

3. Water heater repair services

Hot water is necessary in every household for daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing, especially in the winter. But water heaters are just like any other appliance and are connected to direct household water lines. 

The flow of water passes through the water heater system and gets heated up to give you hot water from the tap outlets. There are a few wirings and connected pipes, and a water tank to run the entire system. 

Water heater repairs are needed if there is any kind of leakage, loss in water pressure, lower water temperature, strange noises from the system, or rusty water. Train your professional plumbers to deal with minor wiring issues in conventional water heaters.

This will prepare your team to work on collective issues that arise with a water heating system. You might need to put your team for specific training to be proficient in handling water heater repairs and maintenance.

4. Sewer line services

Cleaning a sewer system differs from a drainage system. Most people get confused about whether to call for drainage plumbers or sewer line plumbers for the sewer problems. 

Every debris or waste that goes down the skin or toilet must pass through connected pipes and find its way to the sewer line. If the drainage pipes get clogged in the middle, and the waste doesn’t get deposited in the sewer lines, you will need to call a drain cleaning plumber. 

But the sewer lines are larger than the drain pipes, and they are responsible for collecting the wastes from all of your household drains, which then flows toward the water treatment plants. 

In the process, the sewer lines often get clogged with flushed wastes and buildup of oil, fat, or grease. When the debris sticks to the sewer walls to block its passage, it will soon start to clog the drain pipes as well because the water flow will eventually be stopped at the sewer lines. 

And then, there will be a need for proper sewer cleaning with the help of professional service and repair plumbers. Even the drainage plumbers are trained to handle minor sewage clogs for office or home plumbing systems. But the significant cloggings need a different set of cleaning equipment. 

It is a high profit-margin service for the plumbing businesses, which they should have mandatorily included.

5. Water supply services

Some of the common water issues that people face are water backflow, drips, leaks, and blockages in various water supply systems of the house or office spaces. 

Water supply services

You can offer adequate service assistance by sending plumbing professionals for the job. Some of the jobs that your plumbers might have to do on receiving a call for a water supply problem are:

  • Inspecting and repairing the hot water systems
  • Checking for proper supply of hot and cold water in the kitchen and bathrooms 
  • Inspecting and fixing the connection between rainwater tanks and the garden irrigation system

6. Sanitary plumbing service

The purpose of sanitary plumbers is to diagnose and repair any possible issues related to sanitary tanks and pipes in both residential and commercial settings. 

These plumbers are not entitled to duties to install any household appliance or repair taps, plugs, and valves. They handle services such as

  • Cleaning, unclogging, and installing the toilet and bathroom pipes 
  • Installing, repairing, and replacing the bathtubs 

7. Residential plumbing services

It is a bundled service with many sub-expertises. Whether someone is constructing a new house or is moving into an already-constructed house, they will need a thorough check of the plumbing system around their property. 

Residential plumbing services

And booking individual services might cost them a fortune. So, they should take up a bundled service consisting of inspection, maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation of various parts within the plumbing system. 

A residential plumber will work on various types of plumbing services at once, including

  • Inspection of all of the plumbing fixtures of the house. If found faulty, they will either be repaired or replaced. 
  • Inspection and repair solutions for all plumbing problems, such as clogged drains, lowered water pressure, a pipe burst, and minor/major leakage in the residential setting. 
  • Installation of gas and water pipes as part of the construction of a new home or as per request for existing homeowners.

Basically, this service will be a collective package for all the residents to get an overall inspection of their plumbing setup by residential plumbers. In the case of multiple plumbing issues within the home plumbing system, the customers will be able to fix them all at once to save future expenses. 

This will be a profitable service inclusion for your plumbing business compared to the individual services. Depending upon your business convenience, you are free to add or remove services from this bundled package.

8. Commercial plumbing services

Just like the residential service bundle, this is a packaged service for commercial plumbing needs. A commercial plumber dedicatedly works for big commercial settings, such as hospitals, colleges, schools, and buildings. 

When you offer this service as a bundle, your commercial plumbers will check the water outlets, pipes, drain lines, and the entire plumbing setup of a commercial building or property. 

It needs more manpower and highly proficient plumbing skills to attend commercial level inspections, maintenance, and repairs. 

Many business owners often call a professional plumbing company for a complete checkup of their humongous plumbing setup at every nook and corner. The reason is that it will become difficult for office spaces to call in plumbers frequently for individual repair services over time. 

It is economical for them to call in for an overall inspection, repair, and replacement of all necessary parts within the system. 

It is beneficial for the customers as well as the plumbing business. You can eventually give a higher price quote to the commercial plumbing projects as you will need more plumbers, resources, and expertise to get done with quality service.

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Plumbers mostly offer leakage repair, toilet repair, drain cleaning, sewer repair, and all other plumbing installation/replacement services. These are the common services that every plumbing company offers as part of their business.

A handyman is just one person skilled with just the use of basic tools for carrying out minor plumbing hassles. Handymen are good only for fixing minor pipe leakages or drain clogs. Anything severe than that will need complete professional assistance.
Some plumbing problems, when left unattended, can cause severe health problems. Therefore, professional plumbers assigned to the job are trained and skilled to tackle adverse situations easily.
Plumbing businesses train their team of plumbers to use modern plumbing tools, equipment, and appliances to speed up their respective jobs at ease. Hence, this is something that a handyman cannot help the customers with.

The three different types of plumbing systems are sanitary drainage, potable water, and storm drainage systems. They are all responsible for keeping the households and cities healthy.
All of these variations in the plumbing system ensure that clean water is separated from dirty/used water. Most municipalities use these three mentioned plumbing systems to serve the purpose.

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