What is a Cleaning Business Proposal? Tips to Create One!

With the intent of having a clean and safe surrounding, workplaces and residential buildings need cleaning and maintenance services regularly. This is where cleaning services firms like yours come into play.

To reach out to your probable customers and show them the benefit of your business, you need to convince them to appoint you. For this, let’s understand how to write an effective cleaning business proposal that charms clients.

What is a Cleaning Business Proposal?

A cleaning business proposal is a formal offer that illustrates the cleaning services delivered by the company. Such companies require these proposals to present their professional cleaning-related services (carpet cleaning, sweeping and mopping of floors, windowpane washing, office cleaning, bathroom disinfection, dusting, and trash service) to the prospective client.

This proposal permits you to exhibit your expertise in cleaning and emphasizes your dedication to customer satisfaction. It also allows you to make an impact on your customers by demonstrating positive recommendations from your former customers.

How to Write Cleaning Business Proposal: 9 Tips

A janitorial services proposal is generally a sales document that is meant to induce your potential consumers for hiring your services. For this, you should instill the belief that you can provide the services that your potential client requires. Here are the 9 tips that help you write a proposal that will gain trust.

9 Tips to write a Cleaning Business Proposal
  1. Define Your ‘Why’ and Communicate

    Most organizations realize that they require to communicate the reason for their existence and offerings. Hence, the question you need to ask yourself is – what is your ‘why?’ The best portion to define your ‘why’ is in the summary at the initial point of your proposal.

  2. Demonstrate Your USP

    Your unique selling point (USPs) should be knitted through your entire cleaning job proposal clearly and prominently. You must describe how your business processes impact clients’ satisfaction. Also, you may explain what unique strategies and innovative technologies you use to provide a definite standard of quality.

  3. Convey How Your Services will be Beneficial

    The effect of a clean and fresh space results in fewer sick days and this, in turn, increases team morale and productivity. Irrespective of the prospect’s organization size, a sanitized and clean space is more crucial than ever. With the outbreak of the COVID-19, it has become more important for firms to follow rigorous cleaning practices.

  4. Share Clients’ Thoughts

    Many exemplary cleaning services proposals have social evidence scattered throughout their accounts and sites. Social evidence reveals people’s actions or opinions to affect behavior.

    Measures like case studies, reviews, ratings, number of customers or products sold, endorsements, and testimonials are some of the great ways to highlight your business’ strength and worth.

  5. Conduct Follow-up

    Your probable clients could be getting proposals from your competitive cleaning company. So, you need to ensure that your service proposal templates get the deserved attention. Whether they have not had a chance to look it over or are busy communicating to your competition, a gentle reminder never upsets.

  6. Articulate Your Next Steps

    Your proposal’s aim must not be upfront selling but confirming that the initial interactions in your customer-contractor bond are positive. The most crucial thing to define here is how and when you will request payments so that there is no confusion or delays.

  7. Use Digital Signatures

    In the case of conducting remote meetings and maintaining social distancing, delivering documents virtually is the viable option. Using digital signatures or eSignatures works as a foolproof paperless backup. Moreover, this method is environmentally friendly and saves paper, printing, and scanning costs.

  8. Usage of Proposal Software

    Proposal software programs might be the biggest competitive benefit when it comes to grabbing cleaning deals. In addition to creating spectacular proposals that will knock off your competitors, it will also give you complete insights and control of the proposed procedure. From conception to closure, it comes loaded with all the tools that you require to send bid proposals more effectively.

  9. Express Your Dedication

    You may define clearly what your customers can be expecting when they employ your commercial cleaning job. For this, you must communicate the blueprint of the plan you will execute in order to make them content with your company.

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Components Included in a Cleaning Service Proposal

Most of the proposals extending services, irrespective of the sort of business, adhere to a common structure: introduction, a summary of the requirements, information about the service provider and their capabilities, and description of the services and their costs. Here are the 9 components that must be included in a successful cleaning service proposal.

  1. Cover Letter

    The objective of including a cover letter in your business bid proposal is to introduce your cleaning company to your potential clients. Firstly, it should thank the customers for their interest in you.

    Then you may list your services and give details about how your process works from the beginning. It must also hold an overview of the business and more aspects should be included in the ‘About the Company’ portion.

  2. About the Company

    This portion should give a comprehensive explanation of your cleaning company. Here, talk about services that your organization specializes in (e.g.: carpet cleaning or industrial kitchens and floors). It must encompass the following details:

    • Years of service, company history, a description of the process, and type of ownership (individual or corporate)
    • Types of facilities you provide
    • Explain what distinguishes you from other competitors
    • Add a narrative of your training or hiring process as well as uniform policies
  3. Equipment and Supplies Used

    The intent of the supply and equipment portion is to let your prospect know what exactly will be utilized. As a professional, your teams should know which things to use and not to use at certain tasks.

    Pro Tip:
    Do not mention any particular brand as you may not be able to avail the same product afterward. So, include generic depictions like (surface cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, etc.)
  4. Explanation of Services

    This segment should elaborate on the tasks and their occurrence on which they will be completed. The services that are customized to the client’s requirements must be described. To put it simply, this description must entail every detail that your prospect needs to know.

  5. Quality Assurance

    Here, you should describe how you will provide services as per the contract. This is your chance to praise your enterprise and your capability to offer services efficiently. Let them know how the quality of services will be assessed and evaluated. Also, intimate them that you will be keen to train and supervise the employees at the specified location.

  6. Cost Summary

    This portion presents the prices of the services requested for. It should be defined in one- or two-line. Here, you should specify the occurrence of services and how much the customer will pay for the service.

  7. Invoicing

    You may list the occurrence of the invoicing procedure at your organization, whether it is made weekly or monthly. This part also contains the terms of payment and illustrates which modes you accept as payment for the offered services. Detailed information about including several payment options must be provided to the potential client.

    A Point to Remember:
    Make certain to specify if this sort of service will cost the customers extra.
  8. Reference Page

    The aim of mentioning references is to show your integrity to your clients. Make a list of current clients’ testimonials that can be used as references by prospective users. It is advised to ask the customers for their involvement before registering them in this bid proposal.

  9. Approval of Proposal

    This unit should summarize the terms and conditions of the contract. It must specify the contract duration if it is a fixed price or variable, the frequency on which the services would be made. Here, include provisions that may put an end to the terms of service early.

    Moreover, include information regarding additional payments like cancellation fees, overtime hours, and rescheduling fees.

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    Your cleaning business proposal must include a description of tasks, regular cleaning schedule, hourly or job rate, estimated completion time, and total cost.

    Some of the best ways to promote your cleaning business are to spread your brand via social media, distribute flyers, set yourself apart from the competition, create a refer-a-friend program, and use digital marketing.

    A cleaning business is a timeless example of possessing repeat customers and constant income. These types of businesses may not seem fashionable but are solid money generators. Moreover, it has low investment and can be executed from your home. So, you can refer to our guide on how to start a cleaning business from scratch.

    To write a business proposal, you must start with a title page, build a table of contents, describe your why with a summary, specify the need or problem, offer a solution, communicate your qualifications, insert a price quote, and elucidate your terms and conditions.

    To start a cleaning business, the cost depends on various factors. But talking about the approximate cost, it ranges between $6,725 – $60,380. To know which factors affect the cost, you can go through our guide on how much does it cost to start a cleaning business.

    If a potential customer likes your cleaning business proposal and wishes to do business with you, they will sign this bid proposal and begin a contract. To have such a fruitful association, create well-designed proposal templates that will entice your prospects to hire you.

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