25 Feature-rich HVAC Apps to Consider in 2024

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is a built-in system that provides hot and cool air while also providing sufficient ventilation and maintaining indoor air quality.

This system’s operation appears simple, but there are numerous technical processes that must be followed in order for it to function properly. The HVAC industry is vast and necessitates a variety of duties to be carried out in a systematic manner. These functions are sometimes defeated, and repairing those might be difficult.

The mending process, like the HVAC system, might be difficult. However, to avoid such a circumstance in which the technician is struggling with the parts of the HVAC to repair, there are many HVAC software and HVAC apps that enable the technician to work with ease.

Additionally, these applications provide digital accuracy and too just on your mobile phone.

25 HVAC Apps on Android and iOS devices Service Technicians Must Try:

1. FieldCamp – HVAC App for Job Scheduling

fieldcamp software

Pricing details: $29 per month (7-day free trial)

Download Here:


FieldCamp is widely used by HVAC techs and other industry professionals. For job scheduling & dispatching, it helps you streamline your on-field project operations with its advanced features. The admin user can even track the job status and ongoing activities. Its ability to manage employees’ schedules, project management, and invoicing can put you at the top of your business. 

This field service management app automates business operations and helps you expand your team by adding more employees as well as new clients. By using this well-developed app, you can cut off your extra work time and increase business productivity. In fact, it takes better care of your customers so that you don’t have to worry about your existing customers.

  • Automated job scheduling
  • Invoicing & payments
  • Managing emergency jobs
  • Affordable FSM app
  • Very limited period of free trial
  • It doesn’t include route planning & optimization

Best HVAC App to Schedule and Dispatch HVAC Technicians

FieldCamp is an HVAC software to automate your business operation like job scheduling and dispatching, payment processing, reporting, and creating invoices in a few clicks!

No credit card details required

2. Breezeworks

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android


This HVAC app simplifies and secures scheduling, communication, and bill payment systems. The scheduling app serves as a one-stop destination for any HVAC professional. It maintains the customer data of HVAC business up to date and also reminds companies if any services are due.

As soon as the worker finishes repairing any portion of the HVAC system, it will notify the company of the worker’s accomplishments. You can also maintain your focus on upcoming services by using color-coded scheduling tags which is new in this application. 

The website is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed from any device, including phones, tablets, and laptops.

Furthermore, you can download this mobile app from the Play Store, which is supported by Android, and the App store by iOS.

  • A comprehensive approach to non-techies
  • Accessible from mobile & app
  • Make payment while being on field
  • No multiple price option
  • User can’t integrate with inventory tracking

3. Jobber

Pricing details: $39 per month

Available on: iOS & Android


Jobber lends you a helping hand in the expansion of your HVAC business with its advanced features. The software allows your clients to approve or reject quotes using an online portal. The admin user can track the job status and search the entire history of clients.

In terms of payment, clients can make a payment via credit card to pay due invoices. With Jobber, consumer financing is also available to get more jobs. The HVAC-friendly app can also guide users to navigate driving routes. Jobber gets integrated with other accounting software as well.

  • Online calendar for scheduling
  • Batch invoice creation
  • Seamless integration
  • Instant payout feature doesn’t work properly
  • Very expensive app

4. ESC Mobile Tech

Pricing details: Free

Available on: Android & iOS

ESC Mobile Tech

This is a field service program and an HVAC app that aids in the creation of invoices, the scheduling of work, and the updating of dispatch information.

It also allows technicians and customers to communicate and discuss concerns and feedback on a direct level. This can be accessed via the website or downloaded from the App store or Play store.

  • GPS tracking
  • Quotes & invoicing
  • Mapping & routing
  • Dispatch notifications doesn’t work
  • Trouble adding more items

HVAC Calculator Apps

5. Heating and Cooling HVAC Assist

Pricing details: Free

Available on: Android & iOS

Heating and cooling HVAC assist

When you are asked to have an HVAC app, there is a risk that damaging parts inside the system. This software is like an HVAC buddy. 

It helps you choose the best HVAC store to simply find any parts. This tool also assists you in locating documents when you are in a hurry. With this app, you can also check the availability of any parts you need in nearby retailers.

This application has the capability of remembering the previous ten searches. Above all, this program is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

  • It provides HVAC pros technical support
  • Driving directions
  • Access to your desired mapping platform
  • It doesn’t allow job scheduling
  • It only remembers 10 searches

6. HVAC Buddy

Pricing details: $9.99

Available on: Android & iOS

HVAC Buddy

The HVAC buddy application is the finest answer for all of your refrigerant problems and diagnostics.

This HVAC app is ContractingBusiness.com’s number two choice for contracting apps, making it even more trustworthy among HVAC technicians.

You can even select a unit of measurement from psi, kPa, Fahrenheit, or Celsius to operate with. It also adjusts the temperature in real-time, providing you with up-to-the-minute information regarding your work. It will send you a personalized review report for you to evaluate.

HVAC buddy app is available on both the App store and the Play store, as well as and you can access the direct website.

  • Status report via email
  • Flexible units for temperature
  • Calculation speed
  • Needs frequent updates
  • One needs more paperwork

7. HVAC Duct Sizer

Pricing details: $2.99

Available on: iOS & Android

HVAC Duct Sizer

If you want to know the airflow at any time, it gives you a quick update on the duct size as well as the velocity and friction of the duct system. It provides instant results for your existing duct system. You may test this by adding the duct’s shape, material, and air pressure. The findings will be shown in both metric and imperial units.

The readers of contracting business magazines voted this HVAC business app as the best. This is accessible on the App Store and the Google Play Store, as well as directly from the website.

  • HVAC Equipment Locator
  • Quick sizing analysis
  • It enables slider controls
  • The app freezes while scrolling
  • No free version

8. HVACR Fault Finder

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

Hvacr Fault Finder

This application helps the HVAC technician to find out the exact problem in the system. We can say this is HVAC troubleshooting guides app or a complete HVAC dictionary.

When the app communicates with the equipment’s electronics, it displays an “alarm” code.

The code then assists the HVAC business specialist in locating the problem using a variety of suggestions and tactics that are simple for the technician.

HVAC technicians can also study manuals and watch videos, as well as get product information and guides. This software is available on Google Play and Apple App Stores. You can even use it directly from the webpage.

  • It provides interactive flowchart
  • Manual guides & videos
  • Useful for changing parts
  • App is not helpful for beginners
  • It can’t make calculations

9. HVAC Load Plus

Pricing details: $11.99

Available on: iOS & Android

HVAC Load Plus

This HVAC business app was designed by cameral software to assist technicians in calculating heating and cooling loads for small commercial and residential buildings.

Along with calculating, you may explain everything to customers on-screen using pie charts and graphs. You can even send the report by email marketing platform to anybody you choose. You can collect all work-related data on the screen and view it from anywhere with this one of the best HVAC calculator apps.

This HVAC service app includes weather data from 100+ cities as well as building data from structural components. This app is available in the app store, or you can use it directly from the website.

  • User-friendly
  • Sharing options for calculations
  • Online tutorial videos
  • It doesn’t sync data to the cloud
  • It’s quite expensive

10. Hytools

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android


This HVAC app was created by IMI hydronic engineering, a company that specializes in hydraulics and temperature management. This program was designed for HVAC specialists who need to perform hydraulic calculations. They can utilize it for pipe and valve sizing and presetting, pressure maintenance, radiator power and sizing, pressure drop, and controls.

The revised version features calculation expansion vessels and a pressurization system based on a compressor and pumps. Hytools is available on the Google Play store and the App store. You can even use it directly from the website.

  • In-built hydronic calculator
  • Pressure maintenance
  • Run-time selection of language
  • It takes more time to load
  • It may take longer calculations time

11. MeasureQuick HVAC

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

MeasureQuick HVAC

With the MeasureQuick mobile app, it is easier to analyze air conditioning terms and heating issues. Its in-built checklists help businesses to develop consistency between field workers. The app itself stores job details, and equipment that can be retrieved during the ongoing work process. 

MeasureQuick is not only limited to helping techs but also reduces the workload of admin and assists you in achieving the desired number of sales. Hence, this app can positively influence the technicians’ performance.

  • It can resolve on-site issues quickly
  • Easy to connect
  • Calculates estimated airflow
  • It charges $5 for a PDF file
  • It gives error messages while registering on the app

12. Duct Calc Elite

Pricing details: $6.99

Available on: Android & iOS

Duct Calc Elite

The duct calc elite signifies ducts as an essential component of the HVAC installation system. It is highly important in connecting the parts and providing cool or hot air and ventilation as needed. It is an HVAC duct sizer app that assists in determining the size needed to create a duct in any location.

This application makes duct installation easy and uncomplicated. Technicians can use any smart device to calculate duct size, velocity, pressure drop, and flow rate and customize them to the needs of the location. You can use the website or download the application from the Play store or App store.

  • Intuitive interface
  • It offers “pressure drop” mode
  • 3 different calculation modes
  • It may give inaccurate results
  • Can’t save calculations

HVAC Utility Apps

13. GEMAIRE HVAC Contractor Assist

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

GEMAIRE HVAC Contractor Assist

It is a popular distributor of HVAC equipment and products. The Gemaire app provides necessary product information and HVAC tools for service technicians. The user can calculate duct size, open spec sheets, and view diagrams for products with the help of a duct calculator. 

Moreover, Gemaire offers a quick search option to view order status, find HVAC equipment and get the stock availability at other branches. You can set up an account for personal use using a Touch ID so that you can quickly get into it. Also, you can check the timeline of HVAC equipment orders.

  • It gives real-time product availability
  • Multiple calculators
  • HVAC pros guidance
  • App usually crashes
  • It takes more than usual to open the app

14. CoolCloud Assist

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android 

CoolCloud Assist

This app is developed by Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P which allows you to stay connected with Goodman and Amana via Bluetooth. It provides real-time updates about HVAC maintenance equipment. It further ensures efficiency in overall performance. Basically, it reduces the workload of service technicians. 

CoolCloud is easy to manage by contractors as they don’t have to rely on other tools for information. They can simply open this app and get the updated status. Ultimately, it will save time and reduce frequent call-ups.

  • Efficient app for service and maintenance
  • Displays equipment status
  • User can view fault code history
  • Occasional Bluetooth connection failure
  • It should offer better customer support

15. Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

Carrier Enterprise HVAC

Carrier Enterprise is a suitable app for HVAC contractors. Especially, those who use carrier products would find it ideal for their HVAC business. This handy app provides all information to technicians and saves their maximum time. 

To get it started, simply login to your Carrier account on an iOS or Android device and review the available product without any hassles. It also gives you turn-by-turn navigation for driving. It seamlessly integrates with other mapping platforms as well.

  • It’s a super convenient app for technicians
  • Easy for picking up parts
  • Real-time inventory
  • It needs access to your location every time you enter the app
  • It often freezes while running

16. HVACR Check & Charge

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

HVACR Check & Charge

HVACR Check & Charge is the product of Emerson Climate Technologies mainly used for calculating refrigerant charges. Opening the app, it will ask you to choose between heating, cooling, or adjusting the airflow. Using this mobile charging app, you don’t need to manually calculate the change. 

It will further indicate if any changes are required or not as per the conditions. HVAC contractors can make the most from this HVACR Check & Charge app when they are unsure about the refrigerant charge.

  • Accurate PT charts
  • Airflow calculator
  • Best app for troubleshooting HVAC issues
  • It usually stops in the 80s outdoor temp
  • Possible breach of user agreement

17. SuperCool Slide Rule

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

SuperCool Slide Rule

It is best used for extracting dynamic solutions and diagnostics by HVAC contractors. It is one of the easiest HVAC test service apps which gives you the necessary step-by-step instructions for technicians to carry out repair works. 

This HVAC test system has “Add refrigerant” or “Remove refrigerant” to deal with specific conditions. It can calculate duct size and layout. This app is suitable for resolving airflow issues. Super Cool Slide Rule comes with a wet bulb calculator as well.

  • It offers comprehensive solutions
  • On-screen instructions
  • Belt sizing calculator
  • It needs reinstallation after a 30-day period
  • It doesn’t work properly on android devices

18. Ref Tools

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

Ref Tools

This HVAC app is highly useful and simple to use for everyone. It provides quick access to more than 80 refrigerants, including natural refrigerants, with new refrigerant charge calculator being introduced on a regular basis.

These data in the refrigerant slider include global warming potential (GPO), ozone depletion potential (ODP), oil type, and chemical blend. Temperature and pressure are displayed in exact values in either metric or imperial units. The most recent addition to this application is the Danfoss low GWP utility.

  • Useful app for technicians
  • Easy to use
  • Offers technical support
  • It doesn’t work on some mobile phones
  • PT chart may show incorrect results

19. iHandy Level

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

iHandy Level

As the name suggests, it is a very handy HVAC software for technicians who can access job information with their fingertips. It also has calibration guides to direct first-time visitors to get the app started. It provides an exceptional user experience with lighting effects and woodgrain.

Most contractors use this app for home decor, picture alignment, and pitch calculations. Tradesman can measure levels around sharp angles simply by using your mobile device. It has an in-built steel ruler which assists you to take measurements as per requirements.

  • It offers roof pitch calculations
  • Quick level check
  • Consumer privacy
  • One needs to calibrate with next level
  • It lacks major HVAC features

HVAC Troubleshooting Apps

20. iManifold App

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

iManifold app

This HVAC app computes system performance and also troubleshoots any problems that may occur in the system. We can also use live inputs to determine what is causing the HVAC check system to malfunction. There are over 40 different refrigerants with well-defined characteristics.

This is a Bluetooth-compatible app. Using the Imanifold pro+ You can save, print, and report on whatever you want to. This application can be downloaded from the app store and the play store, as well as used directly from the website.

  • More than 40 refrigerant and profiling options
  • Customizable HVAC r system
  • Data saved on Cloud-storage
  • Need to create a separate account for use
  • Problem in barcode scanning

21. Troubleshooter

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android


This is one of those applications that can be used even when there is no internet connection. The app displays an overview of the four major sections of refrigeration systems. Each area’s database contains signs of problems specific to that place.

After you’ve chosen the symptoms, you’ll be able to learn and address the problem. It is a useful HVAC app because it quickly detects and resolves issues. This app is available for download from the app store and the Google Play store. You can even get to it directly from the website.

  • It’s a time-saving app
  • Access to the database without internet
  • Great tool for remote service locations
  • No easier navigation option
  • Difficult to understand for new technicians

HVAC learning apps

22. HVAC Flashcards

Pricing details: $4.99

Available on: iOS & Android

The HVAC flashcards app is for beginners who want to explore more about the HVAC industry. Using this app, you will learn more about the theories and technology of HVAC. It covers all related topics for aspirants to clear the HVAC tech exams including five different categories. 

This basic app will help HVAC beginners and HVAC pros to expand their knowledge and set up a professional carrier in the industry. By using it, you can also make customized flashcards and keep them safe on your smartphones. All in all, it is an effective app for those who are willing to step into the HVAC world. 

  • Best app for HVAC learners
  • Option to customize flashcards
  • User can study offline
  • One may find incomplete questions
  • It’s not worth buying according to HVAC pros

23. Bluon HVAC

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

Bluon HVAC

This HVAC app can be your handy app as it has 17k+ features along with R-22 replacement information. It provides access to calculators, pressure test kit, airflow meter, and much more. It also includes starting guides and videos for new users. The app consists of practice guides for learning HVAC test procedures and theories. 

This app has an in-built database of documentation and service manuals that will help service technicians to complete their assignments on time. Users can also use a technician form to find and resolve specific issues.

  • Handy app for the HVAC tech
  • 24/7 live tech support
  • No hidden charges
  • It needs equipment manuals
  • Logging issues

24. HVAC School

Pricing details: Free

Available on: iOS & Android

HVAC School

It is a great HVAC app for acquiring knowledge about the HVAC industry. It helps the aspirants to explore features and receive daily operations updates by tuning in to the HVAC school podcast. Users can apply for an HVAC test practice in order to prepare for their examinations. 

The app also provides informative articles for HVAC professionals to get a better understanding of equipment and clear mathematical concepts. This free guide the HVAC beginners and HVAC pros to improve their performance and help them move to the next level.

  • HVAC school podcasts
  • Articles for beginners
  • It helps you improve service performance
  • No toggle button for navigation
  • It freezes when you click on tech tip

25. HVAC Refrigerant PT

Pricing details: $5.99

Available on: iOS & Android


This application is designed for HVAC technicians who want to learn while working. They offer thorough information for each of the 33 refrigerants, including pressure and temperature, physical attributes, and possible risks.

You may even customize the temperature to degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius and the pressure to seven different levels. There is also a color code for each refrigerant charge that provides information. This app is available on Google Play and App Store. You can even access it directly from the website.

  • It displays pressure in multiple units
  • Super easy to extract information
  • Refrigerant calculations
  • Free version is not available
  • Can’t integrate the app

An HVAC Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required

Why are HVAC Apps Essential For Technicians?

Heating and cooling systems are essential in any home or organization. This HVAC technique is becoming used in new projects and buildings. However, technical maintenance is quite difficult. Even for technicians, repairing such a large machine and using HVAC technology is challenging. As a result, there are several applications designed specifically for technicians to make their work easier and more accessible.

  • Because of these applications, technicians no longer have to worry about repairing the defect as a major task. These applications even display the actual problem or the main cause, making work easier. It helps users to store data on screen and view it whenever they want.
  • These apps make even the most complicated equipment repairs simply because they can detect damage even when the machines are being serviced on a regular basis. The best HVAC business apps are all available on the internet, complete with a thorough description of the services.
  • This HVAC software operates on both sides. One is a technician, while the other is the customer. The technician is linked to the customer’s HVAC r system; therefore, they can access data whenever required on a mutual basis.
  • These applications also assist HVAC professionals in systematically understanding the entire problem with previous data and records to be more clear about any common machine fault.
  • Furthermore, these applications assist new learners in learning a great deal about HVAC terminology and provide highly detailed specifics on how the system can be repaired with the processes. Some applications in the HVAC industry even include voice recognition technology. All you have to do is listen to what they say and work accordingly.

The above mentioned are the top HVAC business apps that fulfill all the advanced requirements like screening live system data, airflow calculators, presetting radiator power estimation, HVAC trade, ventilation systems, and HVAC equipment.

They offer a variety of features to make work easier, and they do so in a free app. These mobile apps are extremely useful and not at all difficult to use.

An application that helps you tackle HVAC issues from portable iOS or android devices is referred to as an HVAC home app. Such apps are specially designed for contractors to troubleshoot on-site problems.
Yes, the Bluon app is 100% free for any users across the globe. It is one of the HVAC business apps available in the market for contractors to perform repair works. Users can even watch video tutorials.
Obviously, the HVAC industry always has a stable demand for new HVAC techs. Hence, HVAC aspirants are likely to achieve their desired career growth by stepping into this field.


Technology has altered our way of life and provided us with limitless comfort. Nobody could have predicted that one day a massive machine like an HVAC system would be installed inside the homes and that maintaining this huge equipment would never be a source of concern for us. But this is now happening, and software has made it even easier to start an HVAC business and deliver on-time services.

Using online field service scheduling software like FieldCamp, the companies can manage, automate, and streamline their daily operations like job scheduling, dispatching, managing, invoicing, receiving payments, and generating reports. Not only this, but the software has a range of other features and functionalities that help you save time and effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Just start your free trial and experience a range of benefits.

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