Top 10 Jobber Alternatives and Competitors for Field Service Businesses

The field service market is rising because of the demand in multiple service sectors. By 2026, the industry’s market size will reach $5.7 billion with a CAGR of 11.9%.

The field service industry is responsible for 20 million field technicians’ jobs, and businesses need to manage their resources in the most optimized manner to handle the industry’s rising demand.

Jobber, being one of the leading field management software, can help you manage your resources in an optimized manner and handle the rising industry demands. 

But because of its drawbacks like expensive access, no history restoration, and ineffective third-party integrations, you need to explore different Jobber alternatives for better business management results. 

We have filtered the best from hundreds of Jobber alternatives available in the industry. Have a look.

Why Do You Need A Jobber Alternative?

There are multiple reasons to look for a Jobber alternative because of specific drawbacks it has for field service businesses.

Let’s look at some of its drawbacks:


Jobber Expensive

Jobber is one of the most expensive field service management software compared to multiple software on the list. You need to have a high budget to integrate Jobber into your existing business ecosystem and optimize your field service operations.

No history restoration

You cannot restore the history of the service details and your employee details as the software doesn’t provide the feature to restore the details once it’s deleted.

Jobber also doesn’t provide great backup options where the essential data can be stored and saved for future use. It becomes hard to secure the information you want to use without great backup, even if it gets deleted by mistake.

Ineffective third-party integrations

Jobber’s integration with other field service software is not of the highest standards. It provides unorganized results when the integration is done with QuickBooks, one of the important accounts management tools used by different businesses.

Considering these drawbacks, you need a quality Jobber alternative that can help you bypass these hurdles and deliver you a quality field service management experience.

Our team has filtered the top Jobber alternatives out of hundreds of tools available in the industry. 

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 10 Alternatives & Competitors to Jobber

1. FieldCamp

Ideal For: FieldCamp is one of the best service scheduling software ideal for instant job scheduling and dispatching.

One of the leading service scheduling software available in the market, FieldCamp is the best alternative you can choose for Jobber. 

The major plus point is that the software is inexpensive compared to Jobber and provides multiple features like easy job dispatching and scheduling, payment processing, and customer management that can help you streamline your service business.

The software is designed to help businesses of multiple sizes solve their field service business complexities. 

You can manage and create dispatch invoices and schedules, process payments, take consistent follow-ups, manage customer relations, and send reports within a few clicks.

The powerful dashboard enables you to get centralized control over your field service business and ensure that the work is efficient and effective.

The software is available in the desktop and mobile versions.

You can use the software to save up to 95% of the field service time in day-to-day operations handling as the FieldCamp provides best-in-class features like

  • Staff management
  • Job scheduling and dispatching
  • Payment processing
  • Customer management
  • Generating business reports
  • Invoice management

You also get a period to get a hands-on experience of the software before making a purchase. The premium version of the tool starts just at $29/per month.

  • Manage tasks easily
  • Mobile access
  • One-click dispatching
  • No third-party integration


FieldCamp provides 3 plans according to the number of users. 

  • Start: It is a basic plan ideal for startups and small businesses and allows 1 user at $29/month.
  • Grow: It is the most preferred plan among the business owners and allows 10 users at $49/month.
  • Manage: This plan serves all the benefits and is ideal for enterprises that allow 25 users at $99/month.

FieldCamp – Best Jobber Alternative

FieldCamp is a field service scheduling software that can automate small to medium-sized business operations like job scheduling, payment processing, reporting, and creating invoices in a few clicks!

No credit card details required

2. Synchroteam

Ideal for: Synchroteam is ideal for HVAC, electrical, pest control, plumbing small, and other medium-sized businesses.


Synchroteam is another powerful scheduling tool that simplifies processes and simultaneously manages different jobs. It handles the day-to-day schedules of your on-ground service professionals to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

Synchroteam can be used in different field service industries like electrical, HVAC, plumbing, construction, and lawn care. The drag and drop features help your management team schedule the task of the workforce easily and quickly based on the tasks and their availability.

Synchroteam can help you to create workflows that can be used by the team to handle recurring tasks and make the optimized use of the working hours.

It offers a robust reporting system, job management, automated scheduling, tracking, dispatching, project time tracking, and optimized service delivery.

  • Synchroteam supports integration
  • Automated reporting and scheduling
  • Available for iOS and Android apps
  • Expensive
  • Not a great UI/UX


  • You can get access to all the features of Synchroteam at $31/month

3. mHelpDesk

Ideal for: mHelpDesk is ideal for businesses like electricians, plumbers, landscapers, HVAC repair and installation.


mHelpDesk is a quality, easy-to-use field service management solution that can help service companies streamline their service tasks with finesse. It can help automate schedules, billings, invoices, and other estimations.

You can extract detailed reports from the tool and generate the required information for enhancing your service experience.

The tool delivers a quality customer experience with automated operating features and quality customer support. It even works in an offline mode that can help your team and your management collaborate even if the internet connection is weak.

mHelpDesk supports multiple third-party integrations and is available for iOS and Android devices. You can create quick schedule estimates using the software, and it offers quality features like GPS mode, real-time location, offline mode, workflow management, and mobile payment process.

  • Great UI/UX
  • Powerful workflow system
  • You can easily navigate through multiple features
  • Restricted reporting system
  • You can experience a few glitches while using the tool


mHelpDesk offers a customizable plan depending on the number of employees.

  • It costs $374/month for up to 10 users. 
  • For more than 10 employees, they charge $35/employee.

4. Service Fusion

Ideal for: Service Fusion is ideal for businesses with a large number of employees.


Service Fusion is a great software to help you optimize your business processes as it converts customer records into digital formats. It provides a centralized system for scheduling, customer management, payment processing, invoicing, reporting, and payment reminders for your customers, among other advanced features.

You can get a bird’s eye view of the business operations to ensure that the team delivers a quality customer experience to the customers.

Service Fusion also offers advanced inventory management, calendar sync, quick third-party integration, and GPS fleet tracking.

  • Quick and easy customization
  • User-friendly experience
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Updates happen without warning
  • The calendar feels outdated


Service Fusion provides 3 plans, all with different features.

  • Starter: This plan comprises all the basic features and is available at $129/month (billed annually).
  • Plus: This plan comprises more features than the starter plan and is available at $186/month (billed annually).
  • Pro: This plan comprises all the features of Service Fusion along with the features of Starter and Plus plans and is available at $339/month (billed annually).

5. ServiceTrade

Ideal for: ServiceTrade is ideal for all commercial service businesses.


ServiceTrade can help you improve your existing business workflow in the service industry that can enable you to deliver quality customer satisfaction. It can add immense value to your service business by maximizing the work efficiency of your workforce.

The software provides customer service functionality that can help you increase the customers’ online engagement and maintain a healthy relationship. You can strengthen your long-term relations and build a good business profile to stand out from the rest and achieve your business goals.

ServiceTrade enables you to share after-service reports and photos that can help you get a holistic view of the service. You can manage your work orders, emergency services, and scheduled work plans within a few clicks.

The software can be integrated with other business tools to help you create a strong business ecosystem that eliminates human errors and redundancies.

ServiceTrade offers inventory management, activity tracking, document management, application programming interface, and third-party integrations.

  • Easy to use intuitive software
  • Provides a great support team
  • Streamline field service business operations
  • It’s unable to take customer signatures at the end of the fieldwork
  • The invoicing process is not smooth


ServiceTrade is available in 3 plans.

  • Select: To improve your service operations, available at $79/month.
  • Premium: To grow your service business, available at $119/month.
  • Enterprise: To build a premium brand, available at $159/month.

6. WorkWave

Ideal for: Field service companies looking to maximize and improve service field service business.


WorkWave is a powerful field service management software that can help your business unlock new growth opportunities by integrating automation in your existing manual service management process. It has a user-friendly UI/UX that makes the software easy to use.

You can access the mobile and the desktop version to centrally manage your on-ground employees and access their details within a few clicks. WorkWave also lets you accept payment, schedule work, and extract customized reports using a powerful backend system.

You can review the details within the software and achieve better productivity for your workflows and your team.

WorkWave has some top features like GPS tracking, QuickBooks integration, built-in reporting, mobile access, work dispatching, and scheduling.

  • You can create a different workflow to handle different work requirements.
  • It provides a user-friendly scheduling interface.
  • Your team can create a robust and detailed invoice at the end of their service task.
  • You can encounter technical issues.
  • The software is on the expensive side.


To get pricing, you’ll need to visit their website and get a quote based on your requirements.

7. ServiceTitan

Ideal for: ServiceTitan is ideal for service contractors.


ServiceTitan is a one-stop solution for your field service management problems that can help you streamline your business flow and optimize your operations. It provides real-time updates about your team’s progress and ensures no compromise on the service quality.

The tool offers features like sales performance tracking, a training library, importing data, and eliminating paper to help you achieve your business goals.

The tool has a smooth interface and a powerful dashboard where you can access different functions within a few clicks. You can access the free trial where you can use multiple functions of the tool and improve your business.

  • It has an excellent user interface.
  • The software company provides excellent customer support.
  • It’s easy to use and operate.
  • The QuickBook integration is disorganized.
  • It can be expensive for multiple service-based businesses.


To get pricing, you’ll need to visit their website and get a quote based on your requirements.

8. FieldRoutes

Ideal for: FieldRoutes is ideal for enterprise and small field service business owners.


Next in the pipeline of alternatives is FieldRoutes. It does a good job of task management as you can set up alerts of your work and convert alerts to tasks so you don’t miss any of your work.

Know your data better with the help of graphs and charts. Filter information as per your needs quickly and easily. 

Interactive and easy-to-use dashboards enable you to view different data like customers with payment due, active/inactive subscribers, number of stops, number of jobbers, and much more.

  • Schedule jobs according to priorities.
  • Reschedule jobs using the “drag and drop” feature.
  • Optimize routes with the smart routing feature.
  • Invoicing process is not smooth.
  • Cannot share PDFs on third-party apps.


FieldRoutes’ plan starts from $199/month for your first 1000 customers.

9. FieldEdge

Ideal for: FieldEdge is ideal for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing businesses of all levels.


FieldEdge’s services focus on upscaling your service business. It lets you save planning time, reporting time, and time spent on accounting, and generate considerable profits from the business.

You can dispatch field technicians instantly and generate performance reports for them. Every transaction automatically gets saved into QuickBooks. Also, it helps you avoid double-entry and eradicates paperwork.

FieldEdge helps you save 20 hours on data entry a week. Stay up-to-date with your inventory no matter if it is small or vast.

  • Seamless integration between field and office.
  • QuickBooks integration works efficiently.
  • Sometimes the app crashes while using it on mobile.
  • Dissatisfactory customer support.


Setting up the FieldEdge costs around $500-$2000 (based on individual business needs). Additional costs involve $100/month for office users + $125/month per technician.

10. Microsoft Dynamics Field Service

Ideal for: It is ideal for organizations who want to manage their field service operations like manufacturing, utilities, health care, and equipment maintenance. 

Microsoft Dynamics Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics Field Service is used by leading brands like G&J Pepsi, SIEMENS, and many more. They have implemented the use of mixed reality and IoT for smart route planning. 

Its key features include optimization of service operations, increasing workers’ productivity, and handling of business data. It provides you a facility to carry out post-job surveys to improve your business operations wherever needed.

You can maximize time utilization in scheduling jobs, updating clients, and rescheduling urgent tasks by using the built-in schedule board optimization.

  • Helps you gain customer insights.
  • Better customer relationship management.
  • Very much costly.
  • Cannot opt for yearly plans.


  • Microsoft Dynamics Field Service costs $95/month per user

Now that you know the top Jobber alternatives, you need to choose a quality, seamless field service management software for your business.

But why is field service management software important for your business?

Why is Choosing Field Service Management Software Necessary?

  • A field service management software automates the manual tasks and processes that can restrict your business from achieving new business heights. You can provide a professional platform for your customers to book and schedule your service, and it can automatically update your workforce.
  • You can minimize the time for updating and checking daily schedules, which can help you maximize your profits. You can also get a centralized view of the business activities to help you control the workflows to deliver a quality customer experience.
  • You can increase the efficiency of your workforce, and they can get access to the work schedule within a few clicks.
  • Providing 24*7 access to the customers to book your service can build a strong relationship and help you increase the customer base to drive in more business profits.

But to unlock these benefits of FSM software, you need to make a wise decision from choosing a professional Jobber alternative to streamline your service business in a budget-friendly manner.

A Field Service Management Software That Helps You To

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required

You can choose multiple alternative tools for Jobber, but if you have to select one, FieldCamps stand out from the rest.
Jobber is a bit expensive and has multiple drawbacks like no history restoration and ineffective integration with QuickBooks.
The field service management software helps you transform the manual management of your service workflow into a digital format. It can help you give centralized control over the operation to ensure you optimize your performance results.
Yes, the field service business is highly profitable as the industry and customer demands are rising, and there is a need for quality professional field service management businesses.
Yes, jobber offers multiple third-party integrations to streamline your business, but sometimes the integrations can be disorganized, as in the case of QuickBooks.

These are the top 10 competitors of Jobbers:

  1. FieldCamp
  2. Synchroteam
  3. mHelpDesk
  4. Service Fusion
  5. ServiceTrade
  6. WorkWave
  7. ServiceTitan
  8. FieldRoutes
  9. FieldEdge
  10. Microsoft Dynamics Field Service

Choose The Best For Your Business

Now that you are aware of the alternative of a Jobber and why you need to choose a professional field service management software for your business, you must make the decision as early as possible.

If you want a software with minimum drawbacks and maximum output, then FieldCamp is the best solution you should use.

You can save up to 95% of the service management time and increase your team’s productivity.

Moreover, you can increase your profit and remove the manual errors in the service process. 

Get the to experience the transformation in your business.

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