Top 10 Housecall Pro Alternatives and Competitors For Field Service Business

Over 89% of the clients prefer modern, on-demand scheduling software, and would happily pay a premium for it. 

90% of the clients focus on customer service as their deciding factor for reaching out to the same vendor the next time they need it.

The importance of quality field service management is rising, and dedicated software like Housecall Pro can handle it.

But that’s not the benchmark you should look for. Housecall Pro has multiple drawbacks like poor customer support, limited tracking features, and no real-time tracking, among others that restrict your business from unlocking the best potential of a powerful field service software.

Let’s look at different Housecall Pro alternatives that can assist you in transforming your service business.

Why Do You Need A Housecall Pro Alternative?

Before we jump to the core part, we wanted to highlight the major drawbacks of Housecall Pro that increased the need to search for its alternatives.

  • Difficult to use for new users

    The interface and user experience of the software can be difficult for non-technical professionals. The complexities and advanced features of the software make it difficult for multiple management professionals and technicians to extract its maximum potential.

    It can hinder the growth of the business and result in limited optimization of your service business.

  • Poor customer support

    If you seek assistance from customer support to use the software to its maximum potential, you won’t get great customer support. 

    Housecall Pro has a poor customer support ecosystem with limited channels and no real interaction with the support team. If a user gets stuck with technical difficulties, they need to wait for hours or days to resolve the issue.



  • Limited features for tracking and reporting

    The software is limited with the reporting and tracking options. With the rising competition in the service management software industry, multiple software offers a wider range of features at lower prices than Housecall Pro.

  • No real-time change updates

    The changes made to the workflow or set schedule take time to show up. The technicians need to refresh the application or relaunch it to see the updates or changes to deliver better service results.

  • No desktop version

    The software doesn’t offer a dedicated desktop version which limits the accessibility of the software. You need to have consistent access to a smartphone to access the software as there are no alternatives.

  • Talking about alternatives, let’s discuss the best alternatives you can choose for Housecall Pro to bypass these drawbacks and touch the maximum potential of using a dedicated home service business software.


    Top 10 Alternatives & Competitors to Housecall Pro

    1. FieldCamp

    FieldCamp is one of the leading service scheduling software with a user-friendly and simple UI/UX, great customer support, and a wide range of features for tracking and reporting. Bypass all the hurdles restricting your service business growth using FieldCamp.

    You can extract previous data on your employee’s performance and customers for in-depth analytics to optimize your business and increase sales capabilities.

    Being one of the inexpensive software compared to others in the industry, FieldCamp offers advanced service scheduling features that can help you streamline your business operations and ensure quality customer service.

    You can minimize the extra manual efforts of your workforce and increase efficiency to ensure maximum productivity for better results. FieldCamp helps you to one of the leading field service companies with its finely curated customer care modules.

    You get excellent back-end support to bypass difficult technical glitches and ensure the smooth functioning of your service business.

    Irrespective of your business scale or type, you can use FieldCamp to improve your existing home service businesses, integrate automation, and get centralized control of business operations.

    You can schedule the tasks of your technicians, and they can access their schedules using the mobile application or desktop. It helps them to stay on track and avoid failed or delayed service.

    You handle the complexities of peak season and handle your resources in the most optimized manner by simplifying the process using FieldCamp. Your workforce can use the power of voice-to-text functionality while managing their work to explore different features of the software for a better user experience.

    FieldCamp helps you maintain all your books and transactions with accurate financial reporting. So, you do not need to opt for any third-party accounting software like Xero accounting software.

    FieldCamp can help you save 95% of the service management time. It also provides you with a 14-day free trial to understand the software’s ins and outs without prior technical knowledge.

    By choosing FieldCamp, you get features like

    • Staff management
    • Job scheduling, and dispatching
    • Recurring services’ management
    • Payment processing
    • Customer management
    • Generating business reports
    • Invoice management
    • Better customer conversion rates
    • Mobile access
    • Managing tasks easily
    • Voice-to-text functionality
    • One-click dispatching
    • No third-party integration

    Try This Housecall Pro Alternative For Your Business

    Schedule and dispatch jobs easily, create invoices, get paid, generate service reports with this Housecall Pro competitor.

    2. Jobber

    Jobber is another great alternative for Housecall Pro that can assist you in managing your field service business operations with finesse. Using Jobber, you can minimize your service business management effort and maximize your work efficiency. 


    It’s ideal for different industries like lawn care, plumbing, HVAC, and construction to streamline the business workflow and achieve the desired business goals.

    You can integrate automated workflows to remove redundancies and human errors for better business results. You can deliver a quality customer service experience with quality invoicing, scheduling, dispatching, financial management, and customer management.

    Jobber can assist you to have centralized control and handle the business operations. Your team can communicate seamlessly to avoid dynamic friction or troubles during the service tasks and collaborate for better work efficiency.

    While using Jobber, you do not need to use any accounting software as they are facilitated with accounting features. So, you can get rid of your existing accounting system.

    Jobber offers real-time job tracking, a mobile app, GPS tracking, generating professional invoices, and easy follow-up on assigned tasks.

    • It can be easily accessible.
    • You can search for the history of the customers.
    • The software can assist you in optimizing routes and notify the technicians of the appointments.
    • You can edit the information, and the changes will be updated in real-time.
    • Is a bit expensive.
    • You cannot restore the deleted history.

    3. Service Fusion

    Service Fusion is one of the Housecall Pro alternatives that can help you to transform your customer’s account information records into digital formats. It can enable you to control customer management, scheduling, invoicing,  payment reminders for customers, and reporting.

    Service Fusion

    You can control the tasks for your workforce and ensure maximum productivity and work efficiency for your employees. It can help you deliver the best customer experience to your clients and ensure that your employees are happy working for your business.

    It offers calendar sync, inventory management, GPS fleet tracking, and third-party integrations that can help you deliver a premium service experience to your clients and ensure that you stand out from the rest in the industry.

    • User-friendly experience
    • Quick and easy customization
    • Optimized inventory management
    • The calendar feels outdated
    • Updates happen without warning

    4. Service Titan

    Service Titan is a professional field service management software that can provide you with a one-stop shop to simplify business processes and increase productivity. You can get real-time updates about your team’s performance and ensure that they can bypass different difficulties in the service business.

    You can create a smooth communication channel using ServiceTitan to remove the friction in connecting the management team with the on-ground service team. 

    It offers advanced features like a dedicated training library, eliminating paper from service management processes, and importing data to improve the existing business workflow.

    Just like Oracle field service software, service titan has exceptional data analytics and management features.

    You can automate the scheduling aspect for your technicians once the customer places a service request because of the powerful back-end algorithm of software.

    • It has an excellent user interface.
    • It’s easy to use and operate.
    • The software company provides professional customer support.
    • It can be expensive for small or medium-scale service businesses.
    • The QuickBook integration is disorganized.

    5. WorkWave

    WorkWave is an intuitive smart job management software that can help you unlock new business opportunities in your service industry and increase your business revenue.


    You can use the advanced features of the software like QuickBooks integration, GPS tracking, work dispatching, mobile access, scheduling, and built-in reporting for better business efficiency and output.

    The user-friendly UI/UX can help you remove the hassle of using the advanced software for the first time. You don’t require prior technical knowledge to use the software and extract the best results for your business.

    You can train your workforce within no time to explore different software functionalities for better usability and ensure that they can increase their productivity to handle the rise in demand and deliver a quality service experience to your clients.

    You can access the desktop and mobile versions of the software and have a bird’s eye of the  business operations. You can get detailed reporting and tracking to achieve your desired business goals quickly.

    The field service management platform automates the scheduling process and improves the quality of on-demand service businesses.

    • It provides a user-friendly scheduling interface.
    • You can create multiple workflows to streamline your work requirements.
    • After completing the service task, your team can create a detailed and robust invoice.
    • The software is on the expensive side.
    • You can encounter technical issues.

    6. mHelpDesk

    mHelpDesk is a quality field service management solution that can minimize redundancies and human errors and help your team focus on the core business operations for scaling your business. You can handle the rise in demand and solve the complexities by simplifying business workflows using the software.

    You can enhance the existing quality of your service task and automate billings, scheduling, invoicing, and other business operations.

    mHelpDesk helps you extract detailed business reports to understand the business better and optimize the workflows. The software offers a quality user experience with automated features and customer support. 

    The stand-out feature offered by mHelpDesk is that it enables you to work offline and ensure that your team can operate with maximum efficiency even if the internet connection is weak.

    It can be easily integrated with third-party applications and used on different Android and iOS devices. You can schedule the technician’s day-to-day schedule seamlessly and use the wide range of features offered by mHelpDesk like offline mode, real-time location, GPS mode, mobile payment process, and workflow management.

    • Powerful workflow system
    • Great UI/UX
    • You can easily navigate through different features
    • You can experience a few glitches while using the software
    • Restricted reporting system


    7. FieldEdge 

    FieldEdge is an all-in-one solution for the team and a great alternative to Housecall Pro. The field service management software is used in the field service industries like plumbing, application repair, HVAC, and electrical. 

    The software allows companies to manage business remotely with features such as scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, customer service tracking, real-time data, customizing the report, and third-party integration. 

    It is easily accessible from both office and field with its web-based program. FieldEdge enables you to dispatch technicians and keep track of progress with its dispatch board. The software comes with a mobile app that allows technicians to access tasks, items, and materials.

    Also, the Housecall Pro alternative provides a customizable price book that helps technicians to present efficient options to the customers. Hence, increase in revenue and streamlining of the workflow.   

    The field service management software offered customer support through phone and email. 

    • Excellent user Interference 
    • Sync with QuickBooks
    • Customer support
    • Technical glitches in reporting feature
    • Unable to place picture

    8. Workiz

    Workiz is a Housecall Pro alternative for small to medium field service businesses. The field service management software streamlines business with scheduling, inovicing, estimating, and payment process features.

    It specializes in HVAC, carpet, plumbing, electrical, locksmith, junk removal, and garage. The software helps to manage important tasks like reporting, online booking, and quote management. 

    The unique feature of Workiz is their calling booking feature which you will not find in Housecall pro. It allows clients to book jobs through a widget and help the owner to interact with customers by using mobile devices. 

    Moreover, the booking widget syncs with the calendar in real-time. Also, it helps you to find the client quickly with its CRM and notify you if you have placed the same entry that matches the previous entry. 

    • Excellent tracking 
    • Client recording
    • Quote management
    • Customer service
    • Issues with PDF format

    9. ServiceMax

    The FSM software is built on the platform and offers an integrated suite of applications. It helps to manage services to business customers and is ideal for small-medium sized businesses. 

    ServiceMax offers features including contact management, task scheduling, customer services, time-tracking, and drag-and-drop functionality. It provides services for industries like manufacturing, medical, mining, utility, and energy.

    The software minimizes the complexity of the service business by providing a streamlined process to manage business resources. ServiceMax simplifies business processes by providing real-time technician tracking to manage the team. 

    Nevertheless, the unique feature of ServiceMax is its inventory management. The feature control business operations and helps to track, parts, and returns resource services. 

    • Full-service suite
    • Smooth interface
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Time-consuming
    • High price

    10. Kickserv 

    Kickserv is a cloud-based field service management software that offers small business functionalities and tools. It helps with scheduling, customer relationship management, invoicing, payments, dispatching, and estimating.

    Kickserv is designed for numerous industries like HVAC, cleaning, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, roofing, painting, pest control, and contracting. You can also share an online calendar if the task or job is complete.

    The solution supports integration with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and QuickBooks Desktop. It streamlines the workflow process with the 2-way integration and no chance of double entry. Thus, you can save more time and money as you don’t have to repeat the task.

    • Mobile payment process
    • Drag-and-drop capabilities
    • User-friendly interface
    • Customer support
    • Inaccurate reporting

    Now that you know the best Housecall Pro alternatives, you need to decide to choose the best software suitable for your business requirements and budget.

    FieldCamp – Best Housecall Pro Alternative

    Don’t take our words for it. Try FieldCamp free for 7 days and then decide.


    There are multiple alternatives for Housecall Pro, but there’s nothing better than FieldCamp because of its affordability and advanced features if you want to filter for the best alternative.
    There are multiple reasons to switch from Housecall Pro as it has limited reporting and tracking features, provides poor customer support and is difficult for new users to use and explore the software.
    Yes, you can link QuickBooks to Housecall Pro, but the experience of using the software is not great because of Housecall Pro’s multiple drawbacks. Look for a powerful alternative like FieldCamp to explore the maximum potential of using field service management software.
    HouseCall Pro offers a free 14-day trial for field service professionals and is available for Android and iOS.
    HouseCall Pro has been around for 9 years and was started in 2013.
    The above-mentioned list is better but if you are looking for the best HouseCall Pro alternatives, FieldCamp is for you.

    It’s Your Time to Decide

    Being in a service business; you need to minimize your operational cost and maximize your business profits and ensure that your workforce delivers the best service experience to your clients.

    Based on these requirements, FieldCamp is the most suitable service scheduling software you can use because of its highly cost-effective prices and wide range of features that can help you maximize your service potential.

    You can save up to 95% of your field management time and digitize 90% of your day-to-day operations.

    So, what’s making you wait?

    Get the 7-day free trial and transform your business with FieldCamp.

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