Housecall Pro Reviews: Is This Software Suitable for Your Business?

About  52 percent of people in the field service industry still employ manual methods for their business processes.

This is more than half the number of people who still rely on manual processes to execute most of their work. This is not at all a wise choice, rather, it will slow down the business, resulting in low profitability.

If you’re a growing business or startup, then you certainly do not want that. You need to streamline the majority of your business processes with automation to save time, ease of use, and generate more money.

And to achieve this, you need reliable and robust field service management software.

A field service software solution that several companies in the industry use is the Housecall Pro.

But is this software fit for your business?

Will it help scale your company and help it reach new heights of profitability?

To find out, you need to go through all the Housecall Pro reviews in detail.

Let’s get into the details without any further ado!

What is Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is a modest but effective cloud-based software solution for field service managers responsible for supervising a team of professionals while generating invoices and interacting with clients. 

The software solution is easy to use, and while it is comparatively more expensive than several other software solutions in the industry, it can help most field service organizations operate efficiently.

Operating a business that sends service professionals out into the field is a difficult task, whether you’re in a plumbing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning or HVAC service businesses, or even carpentry.

You have a lot of factors to take care of. You’re frequently generating invoices, which involve important details, and there are a lot of variables at play that could go wrong and ruin your day or even the net income of your business.

This is where Housecall Pro software comes in. This cloud-based system streamlines things for field service managers by providing a simple method to monitor their workforce. 

Housecall Pro also automates several of the work processes you typically do manually, such as contacting or notifying customers and generating automatic invoicing.

HouseCall Pro Reviews​​

The overall ratings of HouseCall Pro on different review platforms:

There are two sides of the same coin, likewise HouseCall Pro comes with negative and positive outcomes. Let’s find out about it with user reviews with positive and negative feedback. 

What users have to say about HouseCall Pro in the review sites 

  • Housecall Pro makes operating a small service business easy and centralized. Integrates with your other business software and streamlines customer communication. – Source
  • Horrible for my accounts. We can not figure out what we paid in credit card processing fees. – Source
  • I love that I can do everything in one spot. Employees can clock in, jobs can be scheduled. Dashboards are present to view performance, and credit processing is easy. – Source
  • The app works well when it is connected to Wifi. Several times even after that there are few issues while uploading photos. There’s a struggle to operate it. – Source
  • I’ve been using HCP for almost 3 years now and with every update, some bugs get fixed and some things get added. – Source
  • Due to its extensive uses and tools, there can often be difficult navigating the application, if you’re trying to multitask.- Source

Let’s sum up what and what not for Housecall Pro is:

Best forScheduling, dashboard
Whom forSmall business, medium business, and large enterprises
Whom not forNone
What users dislikeExpensive pricing model, issues in customer services, lengthy onboarding process

Now, let’s go through a few of Housecall Pro’s features and benefits one by one.

Features of Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro does an excellent job of creating a basic, ease of use system. It has some good features that make it quite simple to manage your workforce and customer relationships.

1. Scheduling

The software has a schedule calendar with day, week, and month views. From your computer or smartphone application, you can effortlessly create and change your schedule. You can also keep your staff informed with periodic notifications sent directly to their phones.


Scheduling with Housecall Pro is as simple as selecting a time slot; clicking the work, estimate, or event section; and then selecting a client to associate it with, as well as any other details or documents that need to be included. Once these details are added to the schedule, they will appear on the Housecall Pro dashboard as its due date advances.

2. Client database

One of the best functionalities of Housecall Pro is its client database feature, which is easily accessible whether you’re using a desktop or your smartphone. It’s simple to contact any client and get a complete history of their job orders, as well as any overdue tasks or pending invoices. 

You can also use this functionality of Housecall Pro to communicate with clients directly, either individually or automatically, through notifications.

You can also include customer attachments, which is important for retaining any files linked with that customer, and generate recurring automated invoices if you do a lot of business with them.

3. Invoicing

One of Housecall Pro software’s primary features is generating invoices. When you go to the job section of Housecall Pro, there is a series of icons at the top that tell you the progress of the job. Out of those icons, when you click on an invoice, the software instantly displays the invoice filled out with all the details.


After a quick review, you can click the next button, which will open an email with all the sections filled out with relevant information. You can then tweak the details as required before clicking the send button.

Furthermore, the software system simplifies payment processing for the client by allowing them to pay immediately from the received invoice without having to enter a web portal or payment gateway. Moreover, Housecall Pro integrates with QuickBooks, making bookkeeping much easier.

4. Smartphone application

About 76% of field service application users have confirmed that using apps has streamlined their work processes to a great extent. But there are several known field service management apps in the industry that are not worthy of purchase. They are mostly integrated with bare minimum features and are frequently glitchy for users.

However, that’s not the case with the Housecall Pro smartphone application, which is just as easy to use as its desktop version and has essentially the same functionality. You get a dashboard similar to what you’d see in a browser, with navigation icons at the bottom.

Another great feature of the Housecall Pro app is that when you click on the client button, it instantly pulls an image of the address assigned to a particular client from Google Maps. This functionality might be useful when service techs are out in the field attempting to find the client’s location.

Benefits of Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro includes a remarkable range of functions, but its greatest strength is its accessibility. It automates numerous activities for you, which is great for field service managers and techs who are frustrated with manual work processes.

Housecall Pro allows you to get started straight away. It’s simple to use, so you can start using the software as soon as you create a user account. Furthermore, the mobile app is robust and has all the features that are on its web version. You can easily use all the features of Housecall Pro through its mobile application while you are on the go or while already working on a job.

It also includes a decent Google Maps feature that informs your service professionals what the building or area looks like as they drive to the job site.

Below are a couple of benefits of Housecall Pro discussed in detail:

1. Accessibility

Housecall Pro software is remarkable because of its accessibility and usability. The intuitive dashboard of the software is split into blocks showing features like upcoming jobs, today’s status, open invoices, paid invoices, sales leaderboard, jobs by tags, open estimates, and custom reports. 


You can change the arrangement by moving parts around to optimize accessibility and adding or removing elements as required. The six icons in the upper left corner allow you to quickly go to the most significant features of the software:

  • Dashboard
  • Schedule
  • Customers
  • Map
  • My apps
  • My money

Then there’s the mobile application, which looks similar to its web version. As a result, transitioning from one mode to the other is effortless. Because the Housecall Pro software is cloud-based, any changes you make on the phone or browser will be reflected on both platforms.

2. Customer support

The customer support provided by Housecall Pro is good; however, it does have certain drawbacks. Customers are usually directed to contact assistance via the chat bubble that appears on the website. There is no method to contact customer service support through the smartphone app.

If you require additional assistance, you must be willing to pay for it. A one-on-one onboarding guide is only accessible after you subscribe to a more expensive user model. 

However, if you want a dedicated account manager and expedited phone assistance, you will have to pay a lot of money. 

Enough customer service support should be accessible in times of need, but charging hefty to provide assistance is certainly unreasonable and one of the biggest drawbacks of Housecall Pro.

Now that you know the core features and the advantages of Housecall Pro, let’s have a look at its pricing plans.

Housecall Pro Pricing

pricing model
  • Basic pricing model

    The Housecall Pro software is rather expensive, starting at $49 per month for one user if you sign up for a year and $65 per month if you choose the monthly pricing plan.

  • Essentials pricing model

    It costs $129 per month for up to five people per year and $169 per month for monthly subscriptions. Each additional user costs $30 per month for both packages.

  • MAX pricing model

    If you have more than five users, you must sign up for their MAX pricing model, which does not state the pricing plans. Instead, the website asks you to contact them for pricing details and emphasizes that the MAX pricing model is designed for businesses that are already established or growing.

Since they provide a free 14-day free trial, it is simple to test Housecall Pro for a couple of weeks if you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment.

However, as the old saying goes—Time is money!

As you can already see, the two plans with mentioned pricing structure are pretty expensive for a single user or a group of 5 users. Unless you are a large corp, these pricing plans are not suitable for you in the long run.

So what’s the point of trying the trial version if you cannot afford it in the end?

It would be a waste of time as you need to be sure of the pricing plans beforehand to make proper assessments and take appropriate business decisions.

Despite these drawbacks, let us go further and check out some of the pros and cons that users of this software have encountered.

  • Generating invoices is easy with Housecall Pro.
  • The scheduling process doesn’t take much time.
  • Asking for customer support will cost you money, and even then, it isn’t worth it.
  • Its employee GPS tracking feature has a lot of flaws.
  • The software has a lot of bugs that take days to fix, causing errors for users and leading to loss in business.

These differences should be enough to persuade you that the downsides of the Housecall Pro software significantly exceed the upsides. This leads to the question of whether a better field service management software exists other than Housecall Pro.

Is There a Better Alternative than Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is a renowned software in the field service industry with a lot of features. However, there’s no denying that it has several drawbacks that can cause trouble in the future.

And as we now know, its pricing plans have gone through the roof, making it inaccessible for several small businesses in the field service industry and other home service businesses.

But not to worry; Housecall Pro has several alternatives that are better in terms of pricing and functionalities.

FieldCamp is one of the best Housecall Pro alternatives that businesses of all the company sizes can get their hands on because of its ease of use access and inexpensiveness.

However, FieldCamp is not simply restricted to the above two factors. It is packed with robust capabilities to streamline your business operations with automation.

FieldCamp will help your company grow and boost profitability by optimizing most of your everyday business processes, such as scheduling, real-time dispatching, invoicing, and reporting. It also ensures to provide exceptional customer service support 24×7.

A Service Scheduling Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


Housecall Pro is a basic field service management software that is cloud-based. It is designed to assist field service organizations in keeping track of jobs, monitoring technician activities, and automatically generating invoices.

ServiceTitan software is focused on HVAC and plumbing companies who desire a cloud-based platform to assist them in managing all elements of field service management.

This software is particularly useful for dispatchers who handle a high volume of calls and require access to more specific information about clients immediately, instead of having to draw it out during the service phone call.

Yes, there are many affordable and feature-rich Housecall Pro software alternatives available in the industry. Housecall Pro has a lot of drawbacks that users can find troublesome due to its high subscription plans.
However, if you want to have access to comprehensive features at a low price for your business, FieldCamp is unquestionably the ideal option.

FieldCamp Got You Covered!

No doubt, Housecall Pro is a good software, but it is still unmatched by FieldCamp when it comes to accessibility and affordability.

FieldCamp is one of the finest field service scheduling software for technicians in the industry, packed with remarkable functionalities to optimize your everyday work processes, save time, and generate more profits.

Take advantage of our to discover how our field service scheduling and management software can help scale your business.

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