Service Fusion Reviews: Pricing, Features & Alternatives

Whether you are a home-run business or a full-blown business, Service Fusion aims to make operating a simple affair. Service Fusion is a field service management software that helps you solve workflow problems. 

Service Fusion offers customer management, the option to schedule payment notifications, inventory management, phone automation, simplified management, and many other consumer services.

If you are looking for field service management software, you have come to the right place. This article will take you through Service Fusion’s reviews, its add-on features, pricing policy, and viable alternatives.  

Continue reading to have an unbiased review of the Service Fusion software.

About Service Fusion

Most businesses want to grow their firms. However, they do not know where to start. The process of running a business might feel a bit overwhelming. It is here that service fusion steps in. 

As a field service management software, Service Fusion ensures that there is a sense of coherence between your business’ several key processes, field services, clients, field workers, and office staff.

Service Fusion’s primary goal is to help your business excel in customer management. It assists you in keeping a tab on customer information, maintenance contracts, billing information, and storing pertinent data. You can provide great customer service to your clients with the help of Service Fusion. 

One of the key areas that Service Fusion can help you pioneer is fieldwork. You can deal with your field workers, sales team, and other office staff with ease using Service Fusion’s assistance. From keeping track of their service locations to reducing the paperwork, this field service management software does it all for you!  

All in all, Service Fusion is a great tool to fix all your major issues pertaining to customer management, field service management, initial training of staff, job costing, and the firm’s other key workflow processes.

Who is Service Fusion for?

Service Fusion is for a small-to-medium-sized field service company. Here is a list of the industries that can make use of Service Fusion’s services:

1. Plumbing companies

Service Fusion facilitates plumbing companies to schedule workers and dispatch services to service locations with ease. It eliminates manual scheduling and dispatching. 

The Service Fusion team helps you create estimates and assign jobs. It also assists you in collecting credit card payments, accessing customer history, and speeding up all the necessary plumbing operations in general.

You can manage both your office and field staff from the same place. Service Fusion has so many tools that are office-friendly. You take the work pressure off of your team’s shoulders by using these tools. Moreover, your plumbing customers also feel happy to receive continual updates from your end. 

Therefore, Service Fusion can help you quite a lot in your plumbing business.

2. Electrical contractors and firms

Service fusion reviews for Electrical contractors

Getting rid of obsolete and old systems, and broken software, Service Fusion brings efficient software into the picture. It is remote-friendly and eliminates the need for manual scheduling.

You can now strike a healthy balance between your field electricians and office workers. The delegated staff can keep a tab on the electricians’ location, and even the technicians can complete multiple tasks with the help of Service Fusion.

Technicians can gauge the amount of work assigned, fetch clear directions to the destination, capture signatures, and generate and send bills after the completion of work. 

3. Refrigeration and HVAC industries

Service fusion reviews for HVAC industry

Service Fusion eradicates the need for expensive HVAC software. You can manage new and existing clientele from one and the same place. The software has a call tracking feature through which you can keep a tab on the conversation between the technicians and the clients.

The phone automation feature helps you auto-route, transcribe, and record calls. HVAC and refrigerator businesses can incur major transportation charges. You can reduce these expenses by employing the Service Fusion HVAC software. 

Improvement in client relations, driver behavior, and rate of interest are some key features that the software provides. 

4. Locksmith, appliance repair, garage, overhead door, and other industries

Even though the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC industries may come off as major industry clients of Service Fusion, other field service firms also seek Service Fusion’s assistance in running their businesses. 

Locksmith, appliance repair, and garage and overhead doors are some of the many other industries that could and also do benefit from field service management software like Service Fusion. 

These firms use Service Fusion to gain visibility, reduce time on secondary tasks, get payments faster, and provide consistent consumer services.

Service Fusion enables various field service firms to create job estimates, schedule and dispatch goods, and services, generate online invoices and bills, quicken the onboarding process, and indulge in successful customer management.

Features of Service Fusion

Service Fusion has several add-on features apart from the primary attributes. Let us take a look at all of Service Fusion’s features, including the primary, secondary, and tertiary:

1. Schedule and dispatch services with ease

Service Fusion has a separate field service dispatch software dedicated to scheduling services for clients and dispatching them. You do not need to be face-to-face with your workers to assign them tasks. Service Fusion digitizes everything for you.

2. Digital invoice creation and payment 

Keeping track of the payments is one of the most gigantic aspects of handling a business. Service Fusion has its individual payment gateway, FusionPay. 

FusionPay allows businesses to receive payment through multiple modes of payment like cash, cheque, and credit cards. Therefore, no matter how remote your client is, payments with FusionPay are never an issue. Moreover, this is an in-built feature and is accessible for free.

3. QuickBooks integration

One of the greatest features of Service Fusion is its integration with QuickBooks. Gone are the days when people had to sit with a pile of notebooks to keep a tab on the company’s income and expenses. 

With Service Fusion’s assistance, you can handle the firm’s accounts with the tap of a single button. QuickBooks integration facilitates syncing of clients, services, and products. 

It also ensures automatic sync of various other aspects, including invoices, payments, and deposits as well. The integration implies that the Service Fusion clients get special discounts on QuickBooks.   

Thus, it is safe to say that Service Fusion’s integration with QuickBooks is one of its best features. 

4. Simple estimate creation 

Creating estimates can easily pass off as the most challenging aspect of handling a field service business. One needs to create precise estimates quickly to build a rapport with their client and earn profits at the same time. 

Service Fusion helps businesses create accurate estimates with utmost ease. Please your clients by creating five different estimate options in the time required to make one. 

When using Service Fusion, you also have the option of renaming, archiving, and duplicating data. Service Fusion’s Custom Document Module helps clients make personalized multi-page proposals. 

Want to get everything in print? Service Fusion allows you to download the estimates, email them, and print them in multiple formats for offline usage. If your client is a remote one, you can send them the estimate online and even get their e-signatures when it is approved. 

Thus, Service Fusion makes the entire process of creating, storing, sending, and printing estimate data simple.   

5. GPS fleet tracking  

Even though this feature is not available for all Service Fusion clients, GPS fleet tracking is a pretty useful feature. GPS fleet tracking has many perks. 

Some of these benefits are:

  • It helps fleet managers stay in control of the situation. 
  • Even though it costs additional money, the GPS fleet tracking feature helps save money in the long run. 
  • Field service vehicles are expensive. Losing the vehicle to theft or any other unforeseen circumstance can cost your business a lot of money. Thus, enabling this feature ensures that your service field vehicle stays safe and secure. 
  • This feature assists drivers in taking shorter routes. This ensures customer satisfaction as the fleet always reaches the service locations on time. 
  • GPS fleet tracking also helps you in multiple other ways, like improved communication between the dispatch staff and drivers, decreased traffic violations, enhanced safety measures, improved productivity, and more.  

Service Fusion Reviews 

Just like any other field service management software, Service Fusion has its fair share of pros and cons. Here is an all-encompassing list of pros and cons to help you decide whether Service Fusion is the right fit for your business or not:

  • Service Fusion’s salesperson team is knowledgeable. They are well-acquainted with the working of the software.  
  • Unlike most other field service management software, Service Fusion allows unlimited users to access it. No matter what plan you buy, there is no tab on the maximum number of users. 
  • Service Fusion’s intuitiveness is a good sign. 
  • Service Fusion is known for its great customer support. You can get in touch with their customer service reps with ease.
  • Not heavy on your pocket, Service Fusion is an inexpensive inventory management tool.
  • With a pretty high learning curve, Service Fusion may come off as complicated software. 
  • Common user does not have access to the advanced options. You need to be one of the VIP customers to be able to unlock more tools and features.  
  • Even though heavily marketed for all sorts of industries, it is extremely lacking in handling heavy functions.  
  • Custom template setup can be a tricky affair.  
  • Meant only for small and medium-sized businesses; large-scaled businesses cannot opt for Service Fusion. Therefore, Service Fusion may not be as comprehensive as it might seem.

Service Fusion reviews are a mixed bag. While some users appreciate its customer support teams’ attitude and QuickBooks integration, others deem it complicated and glitchy.   

Service Fusion Pricing

Service fusion pricing

If we were to go by data reasons, most businesses choose Service Fusion for its inexpensive pricing policy. With the starter pack costing as low as 99 dollars per month, Service Fusion has a plan for almost every business. 

However, the call tracking and GPS fleet tracking features come at an additional cost. Some pertinent features like inventory management and customized web portals are not included in the starter packs. 

Service Fusion’s pricing policy is pretty transparent and readily available online on their website. They do not provide a FREE trial, but they do have the option of a free demo. You can avail the free demo feature to see which of their plans suits your business needs the best.     

Service Fusion Alternative

While users recommend Service Fusion in some cases, there is no denying that there is better field service scheduling software in the market. If you find Service Fusion too complicated or does not fit your business needs, we have a software recommendation for you.

You can adapt FieldCamp, which is a comprehensive field service management app that aims to automate the majority of your business’s everyday operations. Contrary to Service Fusion, FieldCamp is a much less complicated software. 

You do not have to waste time and energy on learning how to operate the FieldCamp software. It is intuitive, user-friendly, and extremely simple to use. 

It helps you create smart reports, increments the cash flow, and saves time. With extensive primary features like job scheduling, dispatching services, invoicing, collecting payments, and reporting, there is practically nothing FieldCamp cannot do for you. 

It is an incredible platform with various secondary features like multiple language options, customization choices, a comprehensive dashboard, tight security, two-tap scheduling, and availability in all formats (ios, android, and web application).

While Service Fusion is for a few businesses, FieldCamp is for majorly all field service businesses, including cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, boat cleaning, handyman, trash cleaning, fence services, pest control, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture assembly, and lawn cleaning. 

Its continual updates ensure its betterment. As opposed to the crappy back-end support from the Service Fusion management, reporting issues with FieldCamp is genuinely worthwhile.  

Unlike Service Fusion, FieldCamp provides its potential customers the option of availing of a free trial. Therefore, you can try out the software before making a final decision. All in all, FieldCamp serves as a great alternative to Service Fusion

Try FieldCamp as a Service Fusion Alternative

Schedule and dispatch jobs, create invoices, get paid, generate service reports with our all-in-one service business management software.


All said and done since there are multiple field service management applications on the web, it is pertinent to go through reviews and consider your business needs and your budget before you finalize an application.

Field service management software is the need of the hour for all field service businesses. It renders the work of a business owner much easier. Field service management applications have a solution for your business’ maximum workflow problems. 

Therefore, no matter what the size of your business is, taking the assistance of field service scheduling software will always come in handy. 

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