WorkWave Reviews – Get a Clear Idea About The Software

If we believe the current trends, the market size of the field service management industry can reach $10.81 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 11.9%.

With the rise in demand, field service businesses choose the top field service technology software to handle their business operations.

One of the top software is WorkWave which multiple brands use.

But is it the best fit for your business?

Should you integrate WorkWave into your existing field service business ecosystem or not?

Based on multiple reviews and information available, we have compiled WorkWave reviews to help you understand the features and drawbacks of the software.

It can help you make better buying decisions. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is WorkWave Service?

WorkWave service is a mobile-ready, cloud-based, end-to-end field service software that can assist businesses in better managing their existing operations and workflows.

What is WorkWave Service

It helps to connect the workforce and customers with the service business on a single platform and offers features that can help to increase the business efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s an effective field service management software that provides a user-friendly interface to manage businesses. Employees and customers can access the software using a mobile or desktop to connect with the business ecosystem and get the work done.

It helps manage different field services business aspects like scheduling, routing, dispatching, billing, and payment processing.

WorkWave offers multiple benefits to business owners as it minimizes the effort and time required to handle the backend of the service business and paves the way to scale the business to new heights.

It can be used for multiple field service industries like lawn care, cleaning services, pest control, HVAC, plumbing, and delivery management business to transform the management process.

The software offers multiple features to manage and optimize the field service business. Let’s explore them one by one and dive deep into their functionalities.

WorkWave’s Features

WorkWave has multiple features; we’ll understand the software’s basic functions and better understand the software.

WorkWave’s Features

1. Scheduling and dispatching

WorkWave can help you schedule and dispatch your service technicians and handle the service tasks within a few clicks. The powerful automated system integrated inside can handle the scheduling and dispatching process based on the availability of your workforce.

It can help you minimize the manual handling of the scheduling processing and remove the errors and redundancies. Your team can be informed automatically once the service request is placed, ensuring you never miss a book service request.

The dispatching of the workforce can be monitored in real-time to ensure that work operations are handled with finesse.

2. Mobile access

The software provides simple mobile access to the users with the help of its user-friendly mobile application that can deliver the best results. 

You can access the software 24*7 using the mobile application that provides access to all the functionalities compared to desktop access.

You get professional support from the team with the communication channels like chat, phone support, knowledge base, FAQs, and emails to overcome different technical difficulties that can cause hindrance in your business operations.

The software can be used on a Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iPhone, Android, and iPad for easy access.

3. In-built reporting

You get a powerful feature of in-built reporting that can help you drive business excellence and greater technical performance reports that can help simplify the analysis process.

You get detailed descriptions, visual representation, and a wide range of metrics to explore to improve your analysis’s quality.

The well-vetted reports provided by WorkWave can simplify the optimization process and help you ensure that you achieve your desired business results quickly.

Sometimes it may be troublesome for a novice user to extract the reports and use the wide range of features of the software, but it provides different modes of training like videos, documentation, webinars, live online, and in-person that can ease the process of using the software.

3. Integrated with QuickBooks

WorkWave can be easily integrated with QuickBooks, which can help you manage your financial aspect with finesse. The data extracted from WorkWave can be utilized in accounting, tax filing, invoicing, inventory management, payroll processing, bank account tracking, and expense management.

The integration can help you get a complete overview of the business operations and extract the required information within a few clicks. Only a few field service management software offer the feature of QuickBooks integration, and WorkWave is one of them.

Once you get your financial management in order, you can scale your service business and achieve the desired goals within a specific time.

4. GPS tracking

The real-time GPS tracking feature offered by WorkWave can help you track your technicians’ location and share the details with your customers for better transparency.

It can help you build a strong relationship with your clients and ensure that they can trust your service business over others in the competition.

GPS tracking can assist your team bypass different hurdles with no lag in the information.

5. Billing and invoicing

WorkWave allows you to handle the billing and invoicing effectively within a few clicks. Your team can access the software once they complete the work and quickly generate detailed billing and invoice reports for the clients to receive the payments.

WorkWave can also help you handle the payment processing to deliver quality results for your business. You can remove the manual dependencies and errors that can boost the overall ecosystem of your business.

6. Alerts/Notifications

WorkWave can send quick and detailed notifications to your employees and clients regarding different updates in the schedules or other elements. It can help you maintain complete transparency in your business ecosystem that can strengthen your presence in the industry.

You can provide a quality customer experience to your clients that can increase your clientele and minimize customer churn. Gaining repetitive customers in your field service business can drive more business revenue and profits.

The best talent in your service business niche will love to work with you, and your clients will be happy associating with your business.

Now that you know the top features offered by the software, let’s explore the pricing of the software and see whether or not it fits your budget.

WorkWave’s Pricing

The pricing options of the software are not disclosed in the public domain, but you can get the customized pricing by contacting the sales team and accessing the demo version of the software.

You get a free trial of WorkWave to get hands-on experience and ensure that it is the right asset investment for your business. 

Our research found out that the starting price of the software is around $49.00 /month, which is considered expensive compared to multiple other software available in the industry.

If we compare the features to the starting price, you might want to explore other field service management solutions in the industry that offers similar features at lower prices.

We couldn’t extract more information about the pricing of WorkWave but let’s explore the pros and cons experienced by existing users to finalize your decision regarding the software.

WorkWave’s Pros

The wide range of features offers great benefits to the service business owners, and we have selected the best pros of the software for better understanding.

  • Great experience

    The software’s user experience is amazing, and you can access different aspects of the software within a few clicks. 

    It’s easier for a novice to extract the desired results from the software with no complications. WorkWave offers a user-friendly interface with detailed descriptions of the powerful dashboard’s multiple features.

  • Easy and user-friendly scheduling

    It’s easier to schedule a task using WorkWave because of the powerful backend processing. You can handle daily service tasks within a few clicks. 

    The software offers a smooth invoice processing ability that the technicians can use once the job is completed on the site.

  • Powerful training options

    The training features of WorkWave are great compared to other software in the industry. It offers a wide range of training material that can assist your management and on-ground team in understanding the different features of the software.

    The training videos and reading material is simple to understand and easily accessible on the portal.

WorkWave’s Cons

While the positives look promising, we can’t ignore the downsides of using WorkWave. These cons can help you decide whether or not you want to use the software for your service business or you want to look for a powerful alternative to WorkWave. Let’s see.

  • Poor customer support

    The customer support provided by the software is not professional, and many users have complained about the troubles they face with the support team. The software restricts sharing the pricing details at the front, which can cause multiple misconceptions during the later phase of billing.

    Different users have faced difficulties with transparency and the customer support issue using WorkWave.

  • Expensive

    The software is expensive and troublesome for different small and medium-scale business owners. The software charges hundreds of dollars for different businesses based on the number of users accessing the software.

  • Difficult to set up

    The software is difficult to set up, which increases the complexities of integrating WorkWave into your business ecosystem. You can try to contact the customer support team, resulting in no help and increasing the frustration of using the software.

    These drawbacks are serious and can hinder the overall experience of using WorkWave. But if you want to bypass the hassles and get hands-on with the professional field service management software that can bypass these cons, we got you covered.

Is There A Better Alternative Than WorkWave?

Yes, there is a better alternative than WorkWave in the industry that can help you get quality customer support, that’s easy to set up, and is accessible at a reasonable price.

FieldCamp is the top alternative you can choose for WorkWave that can offer you a wide range of functionalities similar to WorkWave with lesser drawbacks. It is a field service scheduling software that comes with advanced features and functionalities for service businesses

A Service Scheduling Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


WorkWave Service is the leading field service management solution that provides a solid ecosystem to manage different field service operations like dispatching, scheduling, and invoicing. You can improve business efficiency and manage your resource with finesse.

Yes, WorkWave is legit, and you can access the demo version from their official site. They haven’t disclosed the official pricing, but you can contact the sales team to extract the official pricing.

You can use multiple WorkWave alternatives, but FieldCamp is the best alternative for WorkWave because of the feature-rich options available at a cost-effective price. You can bypass different drawbacks of WorkWave using FieldCamp, which enhances the effectiveness of the business operations.

WorkWave doesn’t provide quality customer support and is expensive compared to other software in the industry. You also find it difficult to set up the initial software in your business ecosystem, which raises multiple reliability questions in the long term.

Make The Right Decision

Choosing a professional field service management software is necessary for your service business to increase efficiency and achieve the desired business outcomes.

While WorkWave offers great features, you can’t make a big purchase for your business without considering the drawbacks.

Once you explore the alternatives like FieldCamp, you will understand why it stands out from the rest in terms of features, pricing, and usability.

You get the best support and can manage your work remotely. You can save up to 95% of your management time and digitize over 90% of your service business operations.

So, what’s making you wait?

Avail of the version to experience the transformation in your business.

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