Synchroteam Reviews To Go Through Before Making The Final Decision

80% of the decision-makers believe that field service is an important component of their daily work. 

Moreover, the field service management industry will reach $10.81 billion by 2026, and there’s no stopping the industry’s growth.

With the surge in the importance of field service, businesses need professional software to handle the management.

Synchroteam is one of the renowned field service management solutions used by businesses that can assist in transforming your field service business.

But before you decide, you need to go-through detailed Synchroteam reviews to completely understand the nitty-gritty elements of the software.

You need to understand what people are saying about the software and how it fits into your budget and business requirements.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Synchroteam Field Service Management Software Solution

Synchroteam is a cloud-based service management program that helps companies in security, maintenance, pest control, plumbing, and other sectors.

It helps with scheduling, invoicing, and dispatching tasks to streamline business operations and management. The software has a mobile application that can be used by Android and iOS users for wider accessibility to simplify and optimize different business activities. The technicians can use the application to access the required information and schedule tasks to ensure there are no service delays or failures.

Your field service technicians can use the application for invoicing and billings that can help you to streamline the business process and minimize the dependence of technicians on the management team.

Synchroteam can create a professional communication channel to minimize the communication gap and friction between the management and the on-ground team. You can scale your business and ensure that business complexities are simplified with the help of Synchroteam. The software offers a decent UI/UX to access the powerful dashboard and navigate to different features.

Now let’s explore the features it can offer for field service businesses.

Synchroteam’s Features

Like other renowned field service software in the industry, Synchroteam also offers the basic management suite for invoicing, billing, job scheduling, dispatching, and other business segments. 

Apart from these, it offers many features that can streamline your business operations. Have a look:

1. Schedule & dispatch

You can schedule field service tasks and dispatch your technicians’ team to the on-ground location within a few clicks. The software enables businesses to automatically schedule the task based on the availability of the technicians. It can notify everyone involved in the ecosystem about the job scheduling and ensures that the technicians don’t miss out on the reminders.

Schedule & dispatch

The automation feature for scheduling and dispatching can help you remove redundancies and human errors from your business processes. It can help you increase the efficiency and productivity of the team and ensure that you can achieve your business targets within a specific limit.

You can edit the set schedule within a few clicks based on your preference, and the update notification will be sent to the employees and clients to maintain complete transparency.

2. Map & GPS tracking

You also get a powerful GPS tracking system that can help you track the tool’s real-time location. You can also share the location with the clients to ensure they stay updated with the on-ground staff location and manage their work accordingly.

It can help you provide a quality customer experience to your clients and stand out from the rest of the service businesses in the industry. 

The direct integration with Google Maps enables the software to extract the real-time location of the technician team that maintains transparency.

3. Job management

The standout feature that Synchroteam offers is job management. It helps you manage your service jobs with finesse. You can get detailed information about the requested job and even the completed job history within a few clicks.

Job management

It can help you enhance productivity and ensure that your resources are utilized effectively.

4. Time tracking

The time tracking feature lets you check how much time your technicians take on a job in the entire day. The data figures can help you optimize your team’s performance and minimize the time wastage done in the service process.

You can calculate the ETA based on the data and share it with your customers, enhancing the quality of customer experience.

5. Payment processing

You can handle the payment processing and accounting using Synchroteam. It provides a secure payment processing channel where you can receive payment from your clients. 

The payments can be directed to the company account, complete security, and safety. The software provides decent customer support where you raise any payment-related issues that the team can resolve quickly.

6. Invoicing

Your team can use the mobile application to create quick invoices based on the service. It can be shared with your clients over email, where the payments can be processed. You can view the invoicing details to help you maintain your books efficiently.


You won’t face discrepancies with the data as the software ensures that the data is safe and secure from unwanted intrusions.

7. Quick integration

The software provides seamless integration with over 2000+ applications for field service businesses to help you create a robust environment for managing your business.

You can use the Zapier integration to connect with the most popular web apps to solve your business problems and create automated channels where data can be transferred from one application to another.

Data centralization can help you manage your business effectively and access the required information quickly.

You can create a secure and powerful management ecosystem for your business that can help you deliver better results and ensure that you stand out from the rest.

These are the top features Synchroteam offers. But there’s still more information you need to know to make the final decision.

Synchroteam’s Pricing

  • Synchroteam is a professional tool that provides users with a 14-day free trial to get a hands-on experience of the tool before making the final purchase.
  • The base price of the software is around $24 per month, and the pricing can differ based on the features you want for your business.
  • The increase in the features can increase Synchroteam’s pricing. You can contact Synchroteam support to get customized prices.
  • You also get one free administrator account integrated with iCal and Outlook, Quickbooks Online, Google Calendar, Sage, Xero, and ZohoCRM.

We recommend you contact the vendor to get the final price offer before deciding. Now that we have understood the ins and outs of the tool, let’s explore the pros and cons stated by different users of Synchroteam.

Synchroteam’s Pros

  • Excellent performance

    The tool’s performance is great as it can handle the complexities of the different field service businesses seamlessly to help you achieve your desired business outcomes. You can rely on the tool to handle the backend management of your business to deliver quality results to your clients.

  • Quality UI/UX

    The UI/UX of the tool is smooth, and you can use the tool with ease. It won’t raise issues with the navigation of different features, and you can explore the software effectively.

  • Extract quality PDF reports

    You can get professional and in-depth reports from the software to optimize the performance of the employees and get customer details. It can help you improve your operations and fix the areas of improvement in your business workflow.

  • Highly customizable

    You get great customization options that can help you get the desired business results. You can create different templates and forms based on your business to represent your brand professionally.

Synchroteam’s Cons

  • Multiple bugs reported

    The desktop and mobile versions of the software have multiple bugs that need attention by the vendor to ensure that field service businesses can manage their work efficiently. Or else, it can affect normal operational processing in day-to-day business.

  • Difficult setup

    The software setup is not easy, and it can take hours of hard work for the initial setup of the software. It can be time and energy-consuming for businesses to adjust to the new integration. It bypasses the initial purpose of integrating the software to streamline the business process and save time and effort by focusing on core business operations.

  • Difficult for new users

    The wide range of features offered in the tool can be troublesome for novice users who are not tech-savvy and are using the software for the first time. It can increase complications, and it may take some time for the users to understand the ins and outs of the tool.

Is There a Better Alternative than Synchroteam?

Synchroteam is a quality field service management solution, but its drawbacks let it down. You need to bypass these drawbacks to run a hassle-free field service business.

It can only be possible if you look for a better alternative in the industry. The best option you have currently is FieldCamp.

It’s a powerful field service management software that can help you manage your business processes at a highly reasonable price. You get a combination of effective and user-friendly user interfaces that supersedes the drawbacks that Synchroteam has.

You can digitize up to 90% of your processes and manage 95% of the management tasks with finesse. FieldCamp has strong customer support to help you with easy setup and ensure the best field service management experience.

You can automatically schedule the service business tasks, and it can help your workforce save time and effort. You can minimize the additional business expenses by optimizing the workflows and ensuring that your resources are utilized effectively.

So what’s making you wait?

Get your hands on the top Synchroteam alternative that can transform your business.

A Service Scheduling Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


Synchroteam software solution is a professional management tool that can help service businesses streamline their operations and ensure they can handle the industry’s complexities. With the rising demand and unique customer requests, Synchroteam can be the helping hand that a business requires.

Yes, Synchroteam can be integrated with QuickBooks online to help handle your finances effectively. You can share the data collected by the software in real-time with QuickBooks to ensure that you have the best accounting and billing experience. The ecosystem can help you manage your money well and ensure that you scale your business.

You can choose to form multiple Synchroteam alternatives, but FieldCamp is the best alternative that provides you with powerful features and cost-effectiveness. You can handle your business workflow smoothly and create a powerful communication channel with your team. You can add automation to the business process to minimize errors and redundant processes. You can channel your business resources towards the core business operations for better productivity.

You need to choose a Synchroteam software alternative because of the serious drawbacks of the software that can be a big problem for your business in the long run. The rising issues of bugs in the software and difficulties faced in the initial setup can be troublesome for service businesses, and it can hinder the smooth management of the business workflows. The rise in construction in residential and commercial buildings can increase the field service demand. You need professional software that can handle the demand without troubling you in the long run.

FieldCamp has Got You Covered

No doubt Synchroteam is a decent field service management software, but you can’t purchase software with multiple drawbacks that can create future problems.

FieldCamp helps you bypass the drawbacks and get the best field service management features at a highly affordable price

You can handle multiple business elements like job scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payment processing, among others, with a few clicks. You can get centralized control over the operations to ensure smooth business workflow.

Get a to experience the best field service management software.

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