ServiceTitan Reviews: A Comprehensive Review for Your Business

About 75% of business decision-makers agree that field service is driving revenue.  

If you are a startup in the field service industry, then you are certainly on a rewarding journey if everything goes right.   

You must know that you cannot scale your business after a certain period just by relying on manual processes. You need the help of a robust field service software solution with comprehensive tools to streamline your business operations. 

One such software solution that is used by many companies in the industries of the United States is ServiceTitan.

However, before you decide to choose this software to integrate with your business model, you need to go through all the ServiceTitan reviews in detail. 

It is imperative to understand if this software fits your budget and is suitable for your company.

Let’s get into the details right away!

What is ServiceTitan?

ServiceTitan is a robust software solution that is tailored to your business. It streamlines operations for both service techs and dispatchers and helps in field service management

It offers all-in-one software solutions for field service firms such as HVAC, pool service, plumbing, chimney cleaning, and electrical repair. Over 100,000 contractors in the field service industry use it for dispatching, scheduling, reporting, inventory, customer support and service, invoicing, and other operations.

Managing a field service staff is a difficult task. There are a lot of moving elements, and things could go wrong quickly.

You have customers to satisfy, field techs to supervise, office staff to manage, and dispatchers to keep everybody on track, and not to forget all of the organizational responsibilities that come with running a company.

ServiceTitan’s developers recognize this and have designed a feature-rich software platform to assist large-sized and developing organizations with their field service management requirements.

They accomplish that through this software, which is user-friendly for all the staff members involved and can automate business processes to streamline your operation.

Now, let’s go through some of its functionalities and benefits one by one!

ServiceTitan Reviews

The overall ratings of ServiceTitan on different review platforms:

The way to understand how easy or complicated software is to function is through review comments. Let’s go through a few positive and negative users review for ServiceTitan. 

What users have to say about ServiceTitan in the review sites:

  1. ServiceTitan is not the best solution for commercial businesses. Creating quotes from the office side is still not efficient, could be done differently. Multi-day jobs are confusing to figure out. (Source)
  2. ServiceTitan allows you to track everything you need for your jobs. They have great customer support that is always there if you need something and the best reporting features I’ve seen. They integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks, which makes accounting easy, and have a customer portal, giving your customers a better experience. (Source)
  3. The schedule and dispatch board and screens are easy to navigate and very helpful. (Source)
  4. There are too many bugs and trouble areas with the current basic software and they want to introduce more and more. We feel as though they grew too fast. (Source)
  5. As a service technician, the app takes forever to get through to get to the final invoice. Too many screens with too many choices…usually all the ones you don’t want. Then want to use location at all times, otherwise, you keep hitting cancel on every screen. (Source)
  6. The customer file has photographs, all of the past and current estimates, past and current invoices, any forms that were filled out, and all of the equipment information all in one spot. (Source)

Let’s sum up what and what not for ServiceTitan is:

Best forTracking, customer support
Whom forSmall business, medium business, and large enterprises
Whom not forFreelancers, commercial contractors
What users dislikeNotification setting, issues in multi-job, limited tech in mobile version

Now, let’s go through some of its functionalities and benefits one by one!

Features of ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is loaded with advanced features. It includes a multitude of robust capabilities that you can utilize to scale your business to new heights of profitability. 

Here are some of the most valuable features of ServiceTitan:

  1. Scheduling and dispatch

    ServiceTitan software allows you to schedule upcoming work orders and view them months in advance, so you know when and where you have assigned your service technicians. It will also assist you in ensuring that you are not overburdening one technician while not assigning enough work to another.

    Scheduling and dispatch

    The software handles dispatching techs when the scheduled job comes up on the timeline. It also gives greater flexibility and makes it simple to assign and reassign jobs, allowing you to instantly accommodate unforeseen situations such as traffic delays or unexpected cancellations.

  2. Integration with phone system

    Although several business operations are conducted online, many clients prefer to schedule appointments over traditional phone calls. With the phone integration functionality of ServiceTitan, you can ensure that these potential clients can smoothly transition from prospects to legit clients without any cumbersome procedures.

    Integration with phone system

    When service phone calls come in, the software will immediately display the customer’s details like name, phone number, etc so you can know who it is before picking it up. It makes scheduling appointments easier and adds a personalized touch that clients will value.

    The software solution also ensures that whoever answers the phone can see what data needs to be entered, and drop-down menus eliminate the necessity for a lot of manual typing, which can slow down appointment scheduling.

  3. Optimized marketing

    It is imperative to retain regular clients while also attracting potential ones. With ServiceTitan, you’ll receive access to marketing capabilities that will allow your business to flourish.

    Optimized marketing

    Marketing Scorecard is a ServiceTitan feature that allows users to manage, alter, and even develop targeted advertising campaigns. This functionality boosts efficiency while offering complete exposure to your marketing potential.

    You can even track where your advertisements perform best in order to fine-tune your campaign the next time.

    This feature of ServiceTitan also helps to determine just how much income is being generated by these advertisements. This will allow you to calculate the return on investment of a specific marketing campaign, allowing you to make adjustments to improve efficiency.

  4. Field report analytics

    Data analytics is the lifeblood of any successful organization, and ServiceTitan’s reporting capability provides you with all the necessary data you need to make the best organizational decisions for your company.

    Field report analytics

    The software has comprehensive reporting tools that generate highly visual analyses of what is going on with individual techs or your entire organization, depending on the amount of granularity you choose to look into.

    The reports are completely customizable, enabling you to decide which metrics to display. This is significant since some performance measures are more crucial to different organizations than others. 

    You’ll know exactly where your organization stands and how you can keep improving consumer services with revenue tracking, booking rate information, and consumer reviews based on their experience.

Benefits of ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan’s primary advantages are its comprehensive field management solution, ability to help you make better decisions, smartphone application integration, and ease of use.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Extensive field service management platform

    The ServiceTitan software was created with three objectives in mind: to assist businesses in streamlining their operations, expand the customer base, and provide high-quality customer support and services to their clients.

    The software system is loaded with important capabilities for this purpose, such as offering visual advertising experiences for their customers. This notable benefit significantly improves the standard of work and client conversion rate of the organization.

    ServiceTitan can also track and manage employees. This benefit would provide organizations with information about how their staff interact with consumers and fulfill their responsibilities.

  2. Provides services while on the field job

    ServiceTitan also offers a mobile application integration that ensures that users will have access to the many functionalities of the software system, wherever or whenever they are. You can integrate your phonebook with ServiceTitan to import any phone number. This way you can directly dial phone number and connect with any of the potential client.

    All they have to do is visit the mobile-optimized webpage on their android or IOS smartphone devices to gain remote access to the software system.

  3. Improves business decision-making

    ServiceTitan makes business operations more effective by applying best industry practices to every service delivered. When a customer calls, they can also read important information about them, such as maintenance history and equipment details.

    Service tech employees will be able to plan their next move more efficiently using the information provided by the software system in order to deliver excellent services. Leaving a great impression on their customer success manager and having a clear image of how their firm is doing can help lead them to success.

  4. Ease of use

    ServiceTitan earns high grades for accessibility and reliability, thanks to an intuitive UI and features that make work processes easier.

    ServiceTitan customer service features can be used in any industry, software company, customer service department of any organization, and much more no matter what your company size is.

    The ServiceTitan status page provides a proper overview of all the major elements of the business. And the icons are arranged at the top of the screen to allow users to quickly navigate to dispatch, scheduling, clients, or other sections of the platform.

    About 76% of smartphone application users of field service software believe their jobs are more systematic than ever before.

    The ServiceTitan software customer service feature also simplifies things for the client since they can track the field service specialist directly from their smartphone. Furthermore, the application’s mobile version allowed us in the field to access relevant client information such as estimates and other important records from prior service calls.

Now that you know the software’s primary features and the benefits it provides, let’s have a look at the pricing model of ServiceTitan.

ServiceTitan’s Pricing Model

Whether you’re a large firm trying to better your organization or a startup in need of assistance, the software can cost a fortune or a dime, depending on your field services or home services business requirements and company size. And ServiceTitan is no exception!

ServiceTitans Pricing Model

The ServiceTitan software has a rep for being on the sky-high side of the spectrum in terms of price. However, this renowned field service management software discloses absolutely no pricing information on its webpage or on other review sites.

They recommend that businesses use their free trial to gain a sense of how the service can aid them before settling on a flat-rate pricing plan.

While this system is suitable for huge corporations, it is not an ideal option for small-scale businesses or startups. 

Knowing about the pricing factors is very important for such companies to make informed decisions, as trying services (free for a limited time period) consumes time and results in waste if one cannot afford them in the end.

Nevertheless, let’s go through a few pros and cons of this software.

ServiceTitan Pros and Cons

  • It offers a broad range of features and functionalities to its users.
  • This software can be used at any time and place and is perfect for large corporations that want to expand their companies further.
  • ServiceTitan is a great company that offers an intuitive interface and a user-friendly experience to its users with its software.
  • It is not fit for small- and mid-sized companies because of its high pricing factor and tedious learning curve duration.
  • The software’s call booking feature is not one of its best since it doesn’t inform half the employees on time and has resulted in the loss of potential clients.
  • It is not easy to set up, according to half the employees of several companies.

This honest ServiceTitan review and feedback should be enough to convince you that the disadvantages of ServiceTitan software outweigh the benefits. This further raises the question of whether there is a better field service software solution than ServiceTitan.

Is There a Better Alternative than ServiceTitan?

Yes, there are several field service management software in the industry that are better than ServiceTitan in terms of features, overall rating, and functionalities as well as pricing. 

One such remarkable software solution is FieldCamp which can be used as a ServiceTitan alternative

It is one of the best service scheduling software in the field service industry and can be availed for as low as $29 per month for a single user. It is excellent for smaller companies and mid-sized companies.

FieldCamp provides far more value than it costs and helps save your company thousands of dollars. It is packed with robust capabilities, similar to that of ServiceTitan, to streamline your work processes and expand your business.

A Service Scheduling Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


ServiceTitan is a renowned field service software application that is designed to make your business a success. You can streamline payments, schedule and dispatch service techs, manage inventory, and improve marketing strategies.

ServiceTitan software is focused on HVAC and plumbing companies who desire a cloud-based platform to assist them in managing all elements of field service management.

This software is particularly useful for dispatchers who handle a high volume of calls and require access to more specific information about clients immediately, instead of having to draw it out during the service phone call.

Yes, you can monitor your field service tech on the job with ServiceTitan.

ServiceTitan not only tracks field service technicians when they are on-site but also allows you to change assignments based on any unexpected circumstances.

Yes, there is not one but several inexpensive and more feature-rich software available than ServiceTitan. Because of its expensive pricing options, ServiceTitan has various limitations that can be daunting for users.

But if you want to have access to robust capabilities at an affordable range for your field service business company, then, undoubtedly, FieldCamp is your best bet.

FieldCamp Got You Covered!

Undoubtedly, ServiceTian is a renowned software with a lot of customer success features. However, there’s no denying that it has several drawbacks that can cause problems in the future. Additionally, it is confirmed from honest employee reviews that its pricing models are skyrocketing and quite unaffordable for many startups and small businesses.

This is why you need to choose a software solution for your company that comes with comprehensive capabilities to improve your business operations with automation and is affordable for companies of all sizes. 

FieldCamp is one such field service software that companies should get their hands on!

FieldCamp will help expand your company and boost revenue sales by optimizing most of your work process with complete automation. It will save your time on manual activities, help your focus on core business goals, and provide exceptional customer support 24×7.

Leverage the benefits of our period to learn how our field service scheduling software can help your business flourish.

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