ServiceMax Reviews: Is it a Reliable Field Service Management Software or Not?

The rising demand in the field service management industry is expected to touch $10.81 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 11.9%.

Staggering numbers, right?

With the increase in demand, you need a professional business ecosystem to handle the pressure of the increased service requests, rising expectations, and a hardworking workforce.

A quality field service management software like ServiceMax can help you streamline your service business operations and achieve your desired business outcomes.

But you don’t want to jump to the buying stage too soon without knowing more about the software, right?

So, can it fit into your business environment?

Is it the best tool for your service business requirements?

You’ll find out everything once you go through the details of ServiceMax reviews. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is ServiceMax?

ServiceMax is a quality cloud-based field service management solution that offers an integrated suite of applications to manage your service business customers and employees.

What is ServiceMax

It’s ideal for small and medium-scale businesses that provide mining, energy, manufacturing, medical, and utility services.

It offers key features, including task scheduling, contact management, social collaboration, and customer service, to help you manage your service business with finesse. 

It assists businesses like yours in minimizing the complexities of the service business and ensures that you don’t face hiccups while managing your resources.

The software manages customer contracts in a friendly format to ensure the information is accurate and accessible to different management employees. The scheduling metrics enable the field service technicians to save time and be efficient. 

The stand-out feature of the software is inventory management, which helps track returns, parts, and repairs. It can help you control the business operations and ensure a smooth workflow.

ServiceMax is built on the platform, and you can access the ServicePulse social media network using the software. Your on-ground team can troubleshoot the issues by posting questions and pictures for a smooth collaboration with the management team in real-time.

It can create a strong communication link between the different teams in your service business to improve the quality of service delivered. It’s developed on HTML5, and the mobile app connects the technicians with the business ecosystem.

The vendor offers decent support to assist you in adapting to the new integration into your business ecosystem. 

The mobile application can be used on iPad and Android devices for better accessibility. Now that you have understood the basics of ServiceMax, let’s highlight the top features it has to offer.

ServiceMax’s Features

ServiceMax offers multiple features, but we have highlighted a few basic features that can help you better understand the ins and outs of the tool.

ServiceMax's Features

1. Billing & Invoicing

ServiceMax offers you to create quality invoices on the go. The technicians can use the mobile platform to create quick customer invoices based on their service.

It saves time and effort for the technicians by avoiding manual invoicing and helps them cover a wider range of service requests. The financial data can be handled professionally, and it can help you manage your billing and accounting system with no worries.

ServiceMax can be easily integrated with QuickBooks, NetSuite, and Xero. The quick and reliable integration with QuickBooks makes the billing process quicker and smoother. The financial data collected from the software can be shared with Quickbooks, which makes the financial management professional.

The data is updated in real-time with the accounting software, and if you have any technical difficulties with the integration or data sync, you can connect with the support team for further assistance.

2. Customer Database

You can manage your customer base effectively using ServiceMax. Your customer base is arranged systematically to give you a quality overview of the database with metrics like contact details and total customers.

You can manage your clients to provide them with a quality experience. You can send customized and special notifications to build a healthy business-client relationship to retain your customers. 

The powerful reporting system can help you extract the customer data reports that can help you get an overview of your customer churn and customer retention rates. The customer database is stored safely in the cloud servers of ServiceMax, and the safety of the data remains intact because of the powerful security layer provided by the vendor.

3. Job Management

The service request can be automatically scheduled by the software based on the availability of the workforce. You get the option to track the location of your workforce and share it with your customers for a quality customer experience.

The data shared will be in real-time to increase the transparency levels between you and the clients. Your technicians can get detailed access to the scheduled daily tasks to remain on track and never miss or delay a service request.

You can make quick changes in the job scheduling based on your preference to manage your business operations better. The update can be shared with the on-ground employees and the clients.

4. Mobile App

The mobile application is a convenient option for remote access to your business ecosystem. The technicians can access different features of the software while handling the service request on-site. 

The ServiceMax mobile application delivers a quality customer experience and has an excellent UI/UX for your team to explore the wide range of features offered by the software.

You can use the mobile application on different OS devices like Android and iOS. The app lets the technicians view their daily work schedules, check the next job, and know the overall booked jobs for better task management.

The mobile app version is smooth and reliable, like the desktop version, and makes it easier for the employees to access the ecosystem anytime.

The app version also has a reminder that ensures that the technicians don’t miss the appointment and are aware of their next job.

5. Service App Routing

ServiceMax enables you to provide routing assistance to your on-ground technicians to reach their work schedule quickly and efficiently.

You can get optimized routes based on the weather and traffic conditions to save the time and effort of the service team. The time saved can result in completing more tasks in a day, which can help you scale your revenue and profits.

6. Work Order Management

You can create new work orders once the customers connect with your representatives. The schedule of the service request can be handled by the automated software working in sync with the technician’s availability.

The booked job notification is updated to the technicians and clients to maintain complete transparency, which is crucial in improving business operations.

The technicians can view the in-depth details of the task to prepare themselves and handle the scheduled task based on their preference. The updates are made in real-time to ensure that everybody in the service chain remains updated about the situation with no communication gaps.

These features enable your field service operations to be efficient and help you to stand out in the services industry.

But ServiceMax is one of the most expensive field service management software in the industry. The software offers limited pricing plans, and the basic cost of the software is higher compared to other field service management solutions.

Before we look for cost-effective alternatives to ServiceMax, let’s explore the pros and cons experienced by other users.

ServiceMax’s Pros

  • Real-time updates

    The software updates the changes in real-time and ensures that everyone involved in handling field several operations has the latest information to ensure quality results. ServiceMax ensures that there are no lags that may lead to miscommunication and poor field service results.

  • Great support team

    The ServiceMax employees are helpful and deliver a quality customer experience to bypass different dynamic situations during service operations. It assists businesses in streamlining the business workflow and remaining carefree about future troubles or hiccups.

  • Quality performance

    The quality delivered by the platform for different business sizes is amazing. The interface is smooth, and the easy access to the features makes it reliable and efficient to use.

ServiceMax’s Cons

  • Difficult to spot the files attached with work orders

    The overall system of the software is smooth but sometimes it gets difficult to spot the files attached with the work orders that contain the specific and tailored details about the service request. It can get messy when you miss out on the specific details requested by the clients.

  • The reporting is complex

    The plethora of details offered by the software makes it hard to compile them into a single report. It gets overwhelming for the businesses to extract what they need to optimize the performance of their business and teams.

  • Poor audit process

    The audit process is poor. Because of the manual data tracking, the spreadsheets contained a lot of inconsistencies and errors.

    These drawbacks can hinder streamlining your business flow and cause troubles in the future. You need to look for a ServiceMax alternative that can help you bypass these hiccups and streamline your service operations.

Is There A Better Alternative Than ServiceMax?

Yes, there is a better alternative to ServiceMax that can help you get well-vetted reports, manage your work operations effectively, and is highly cost-effective.

FieldCamp is the top alternative to ServiceMax as it offers better functionalities and is highly reliable. 

The field service software offers a quality UI/UX design and enables quick access to many features using the powerful dashboard.

A Service Scheduling Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


The high price and multiple drawbacks, like issues with the reporting system and other bugs, are why you need to look for the ServiceMax alternative.

FieldCamp is the best alternative to ServiceMax because of its quality features that make it stand out from ServiceMax, and the cost-effective price acts as a cherry on the cake.

Yes, it offers quick integration with QuickBooks, making the accounting process smooth and efficient. The data is synced between ServiceMax and QuickBooks to ensure that real-time updates are showcased on the billing and accounting software for better results.

ServiceMax is a cloud-based field service management solution that enables service business owners to maximize their business efficacy and remove the manual processing of the workflow.

Yes, ServiceMax is based on the Salesforce platform and provides quality service management solutions to the customers.

Choose Wisely

Although ServiceMax has a lot to offer, the drawbacks are a serious concern for your business in the long run.

Whereas, FieldCamp can help you manage 95% of your work and digitize over 90% of your operations. It can transform your service business at a highly reasonable price.

Access the and witness the amazing results.

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