Jobber Reviews: A Comprehensive Review for Your Business

According to recent statistics, the global field service management industry will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.6 percent, from $3.02 billion in 2021 to $3.64 billion in 2022.

Just look at the figures!

They are huge enough to confirm that the market is going to be super competitive over the years. And to beat such competition, you need to be digitally advanced and use a field service management software to scale your company.

One of the top field service management software in the industry that many companies use is Jobber software.

But is Jobber software the right fit for your business?

To help find out, we have compiled Jobber reviews with comprehensive details about its features and pros and cons.

Let’s dive in!

What is Jobber?

Jobber is a software solution designed specifically for small- and mid-sized service companies for field service management. It enables them to manage their field staff, deliver customer service, and extend business operations via a mobile app or a PC dashboard. It is completely cloud-based.

This software solution is used in various industries, such as HVAC, plumbing, cleaning, gardening, etc. Jobber is a customer oriented software providing various consumer services. It also assists organizations in automating and optimizing critical tasks with services such as online booking, scheduling, electronic payments, quote management, and invoicing.

Jobber, as a business solution provider, serves more than 50 service sectors and offers flexible capabilities such as:

  • Real-time scheduling and dispatching
  • Work order management
  • Expense tracking
  • Quoting 
  • Invoice creation and billing
  • Integrated CRM 
  • Online booking
  • Client reminders
  • Automatic emails
  • Self-service client hub

Jobber’s scheduling module, which includes time tracking capability, enables users to update any task in real-time. For instance, it can help update details on tasks performed and project progress, allowing management to track field technicians efficiently.

It ensures that multiple field techs can be assigned to a single job by management teams that can create individual jobs or recurring contracts.

Jobber also enables companies to create professional invoices using customizable templates and send them to their clients automatically via email.

Reviews of Jobber

  • The overall rating of Jobber in Capterra is 4.5/5
  • The overall rating of Jobber in G2 is 4.2/5
  • The overall rating of Jobber in Playstore is 4.3/5
  • The overall rating of Jobber in Appstore is 4.4/5

The above given ratings are an average of all the users who rated on their platforms. But talking about personalized reviews, Jobber has got some mixed, positive, and negative reviews from their users.

  1. We really enjoyed the invoicing and quoting software, and it was just what we needed. – Source
  2. The problem is there is no pricing function in the description area for estimating your job. – Source
  3. Great all in one software for small businesses – Source
  4. I do wish it would integrate a little bit better with QuickBooks by allowing categories, and I do sometimes have difficulty getting invoices that have been paid via Jobber to sync. – Source
  5. Give their free trial a run! It allows you to access all features. The support team is amazing and incredibly helpful! – Source
  6. Jobber fits most needs for service/field type scheduling work – Source
  7. Recurring jobs can be difficult to delete and when you have many it can cause more harm than good. It is built more for one-off jobs currently in my opinion. – Source

Now, let’s explore some of its features one by one!

Features of Jobber

Below we’ll go through the primary features of Jobber and how they can help you optimize your work processes and automate many of your day-to-day duties:

1. Invoicing and billing

Invoicing and billing

You can use Jobber to send your clients customized invoices electronically with your company’s brand logo. You can tweak and adjust invoice templates to incorporate vital details such as:

  • Contact information
  • Due dates
  • Line items
  • Payment options
  • Total amount

Jobber enables batch invoicing, which allows you to choose a set of customers and send numerous invoices at the same time. You can also set up automatic invoices to be created and emailed every visit or at predefined time intervals. 

This is a useful feature for recurrent work that necessitates sending several invoices to clients.

Jobber has built-in reminders, so you’ll never forget to send an invoice or track them. It keeps track of outstanding, issued, settled, and past-due invoices. Jobber will also give you a reminder if any of these tasks require you to take action.

2. Scheduling and dispatching

Jobber incorporates a variety of functionalities that help desk staff quickly and effectively schedule and dispatch field service techs. Jobber provides a drag-and-drop calendar feature for scheduling work for different days and hours, as well as assigning jobs to team members.

Scheduling and dispatching

It includes filtering features to assist you in sorting through the many items on your calendar. You could also color label staff members or individual tasks to help coordinate your calendar schedule.

Jobber incorporates a progress indicator to assist office employees in selecting qualified team members for a job. This feature shows how many tasks a team member performed out of the total given to them that day.

Jobber has a recurring tasks feature that enables you to effortlessly create customized schedules according to the requirements of your clients. 

You can schedule visits on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Jobber also allows you to create recurring work schedules by the day. You can, for instance, schedule monthly visits on the third and fourth Monday of each month.

3. Client management

You can monitor and manage your clients using Jobber’s customer relationship management software (CRM). Jobber saves important information for each client, such as:

  • Jobs
  • Visits
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • History of billing

For each client, you can upload images and critical files. Jobber also includes search and filtering options to help you manage and find clients easily.

4. Time tracking

Jobber provides a timesheet feature that allows team members to clock in and out and speeds up payroll processing. Employees can manually update their working hours using the Jobber mobile app. They can also use Jobber’s timer functionality to automatically record the start and stop times of scheduled tasks.

In their Jobber account, administrators can monitor employee records, authorize timesheets, and approve payments. Timesheet reports can be exported and synced to QuickBooks Online based on specific date ranges.

5. GPS tracking

The smartphone application of Jobber automatically tracks field technicians’ live locations. When a team member completes certain tasks, such as signing in and out or attaching notes and attachments to a task, Jobber places a pin on the in-app map.

Its GPS tracking is useful for planning effective work paths and swiftly assigning incoming projects to team members who are close by. Furthermore, GPS tracking assists administrators in monitoring employee locations and ensuring high-quality service.

6. Mobile app

Jobber has a mobile app for both Android and iOS smartphones. 

Mobile app

The user interface is pretty seamless and will certainly suit even the most non-tech-savvy staff. This is because Jobber’s software is designed to keep users’ attention on what’s in front of them.

For instance, clicking on the clients feature displays which clients you’re scheduled to assist that day. When you click on the timesheet feature, you’ll see a button that allows you to log in and out of a task. Additionally, clicking on the schedule feature displays your everyday schedule. This sort of prompting helps technicians who might otherwise forget.

While this may appear simple, not all field service software solutions are created with an action-first approach. This makes administrative details easier to manage for a professional who moves in and out of multiple locations frequently during the day.

Benefits of Jobber

Some of the major benefits of this FSM software include employee empowerment, a built-in CRM, and several support channels. Field service organizations that use Jobber have a more reliable and efficient workflow. It is because it allows service techs to schedule tasks and monitor work with the use of their smartphone devices. 

And with Jobber, manual invoicing is a thing of the past because work processes such as estimates, scheduling, billing, and payment settlements can all be done effortlessly.

Jobber also improves team efficiency because jobs (with client and work details) can be assigned in real-time. As the task proceeds, pictures can be shared to aid with work assessment.

Jobber’s CRM, which provides a comprehensive range of customer management tools, makes customer management simpler. These capabilities include complete customer records, automated client reminders, and professional-looking invoices.

Also, Jobber works constantly towards increasing its ease of use and ultimately becoming a game changer. Jobber has got an excellent support team to deal with all the issues of customers and provides commendable customer service. Whether the issue is related to workflow, accounting function, or payment processing, the customer support team will handle it!

Any difficulties with Jobber can be promptly rectified because assistance is provided via text message, email, or phone call.

Jobber’s Pricing Models

Jobber offers three pricing models, depending on the company size, namely: Core, Connect and Grow.

Pricing Models
  • Jobber’s Core pricing model

    Jobber’s Core pricing model can be availed for $39 per month. It is developed for a single user who works independently. This plan enables you to manage your work processes in one place, ranging from quoting to job scheduling to invoicing.

  • Jobber’s Connect pricing model

    Jobber’s Connect pricing model can be availed for $119 per month. This model allows up to 7 users to use Jobber at the same time. This plan assists in the development of effective work operations that better unite your workforce and impress your clients.

  • Jobber’s Grow pricing model

    Jobber’s Grow pricing model can be availed for $239 per month. This plan is suitable for a company that wants to scale its business as it provides them with robust sales marketing automation tools. This pricing model allows up to 30 users to use Jobber at the same time.

Now that you know about its pricing plans let’s go through some pros and cons provided by its users.

  • Jobber offers automated payment options as well as extensive scheduling capabilities, making it a great choice for managing recurrent jobs. It makes generating invoices a piece of cake.
  • Jobber has a powerful CRM that helps you to manage customer relationships and scale your field service business effectively.
  • Jobber integrates smoothly with a variety of third-party service providers, such as Mailchimp, FleetSharp, Zapier, and QuickBooks Online. It has a user-friendly interface, which is great for first-time users or those who aren’t technologically advanced.
  • Through its smartphone application, Jobber does not offer two-way text messaging. This can be a problem if service technicians are unable to report to their superiors or interact with their clients while on the job.
  • Users of Jobber have reported that the platform lags when multiple users log in at the same time. This is a matter of concern because there will be disruption in several work processes.

Is There a Better Alternative than Jobber?

Yes, there is a better Jobber alternative in the industry, which can be availed for as low as $29 per month for a single user. 

Its highest pricing plan goes up to $99 per month, where up to 25 users can access this software at the same time. If you need to accommodate more than 25 users, you can even customize your own pricing plans. 

Isn’t that reasonable? 

Yes, FieldCamp offers a lot more value than it charges for. 

It is easy to set up and provides 24×7 customer support of the highest quality. It offers you a wide range of features and functionalities that are similar to Jobber at cost-effective pricing plans. 

Its remarkable features mitigate any known minor drawbacks and increase work efficiency with complete automation.

A Service Scheduling Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


Jobber is a well-known field service management (FSM) solution, with over 100,000 service professionals using it in 43 countries.
Jobber includes the essential capabilities that assist service businesses in optimizing everyday work and improving client experience. Its capabilities include online booking, scheduling, mobile application, quote management, and invoicing.

Jobber is developed for home service businesses such as gardeners, plumbers, electricians, HVAC repair and installers, traveling locksmiths, and others.
Jobber software can assist you in staying productive and efficient if you have staff who spend the majority of their time in the field but take orders from the main office.

Jobber is a complete business management solution for home service businesses. Everything from client contact management to planning, job monitoring, quoting, and billing is handled by the program.

Jobber was created with its users’ requirements in consideration. If you are constantly traveling to reach your job sites and can’t afford to be glued to your computer or laptop, then Jobber can help you solve that problem. Through a mobile application, Jobber delivers a robust range of capabilities to the business management demands of enterprises.

Yes, there is a software that is better than Jobber in terms of price and features. Jobber possesses several drawbacks, which can be overwhelming for users because of its high pricing plans.
But if you want to have access to capabilities that can be beneficial for your field service business company, then without a doubt, FieldCamp is the right option for you. You can avail FieldCamp for yourself or your entire team at a much cheaper pricing plan.

FieldCamp Got You Covered!

A robust and reliable job scheduling software is necessary if you want to increase the efficiency of your everyday work processes with automation and boost profitability.

While Jobber offers a great many functionalities to achieve your business goals, you can certainly not afford it for your business, considering its evident drawbacks and expensive pricing structures. 

This is where FieldCamp comes as it is much superior to Jobber in terms of pricing, capabilities, and usability. 

With FieldCamp, you can streamline 90% of your everyday work processes, optimize field service management, schedule work orders, track your field technicians, generate invoices, and much more.

So, what’s holding you back?

Take advantage of our to see your business grow with our software.

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