FieldEdge Reviews That Can Help You Make An Informed Buying Decision

There has been a surge in the field service management industry, and there’s no stopping the growth as the industry can hit $10.81 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 11.9%.

To handle the industry’s demand and competition, businesses need to integrate the best field service management software to increase efficiency and productivity.

FieldEdge, one of the top software, is preferred by multiple field service brands. 

But can it fit into your business ecosystem?

Is it the best tool for your business requirements and needs?

Once you go through the FieldEdge reviews, you can better understand the software’s drawbacks, features, and advantages.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

FieldEdge Service Management Solution

FieldEdge, a field service management solution, helps businesses coordinate the tasks and steps involved in running a successful field service business. It’s designed to handle tasks like routing, invoicing, and scheduling, among others, using a single platform.

The wide range of features and a high price point can be lucrative for big organizations, but it can be prohibitive for small or medium-scale field service businesses.

It offers great customization and support features that can help you streamline your business management process and scale your business to new heights. You can also get a professional support representative to help you with different technical trouble, integration issues, and other support-related matters.

It offers QuickBooks integration, and once the payment is received, the data is quickly updated from FieldEdge to QuickBooks. There might be delays in the real-time updates related to transactions and payments, but the software’s overall processing and management features are great.

It’s a large enterprise-friendly tool that offers a wide range of advanced features to minimize the complexities of business management. You get an in-build pricing book for the inventory items that can be useful for technicians during their task completion process.

The technicians don’t need to enter the price of the new item as they can look up the item in the price book using the price book feature that can improve the field service process.

It can be used in different businesses, like landscaping, HVAC, plumbing, and construction. The management can coordinate their activities with the technicians to create a robust handling process ecosystem.

FieldEdge can create an effective communication channel for your on-ground employees to contact the management team to bypass other dynamic hiccups during the task completion.

The software vendor offers great support to assist the organization in adapting to using the software and extracting the required work. 

Now you might have a glimpse of the software’s capabilities, but let’s explore the features it can offer for field service businesses.

FieldEdge’s Features

It offers a standard suite of management features like work order management, invoicing, billing, routing, and dispatching. The features are designed to remove redundant processes and errors from the field service management process and add agility and automation.

FieldEdge features remove the busywork from your field service management process and cut down the intermediary steps.

The software offers:

1. Billing and invoicing

The smooth integration with QuickBooks makes the billing process easier and quicker. The software offers live integration with QuickBooks, which helps it stand out from the batch and sync processing other software offers.

The data from the software is updated in real-time in the QuickBooks billing and accounting software which makes the finance management simpler. It offers a built-in price book of inventory and parts that have access to hundreds of up-to-date prices of products and inventory used in a field service business.

The technicians can quickly spot the product that needs to be billed, and the industry pricing will be updated in the invoice for seamless billing to the customers.

But you need to pay an extra amount to get the database of the price book to ensure your technicians don’t confuse the pricing of the new repair and service products used during the task completion.

The mobile application of the tool enables the technicians to quickly invoice the service task that can be shared with the customers and management team in real-time.

The software’s entire billing and accounting system is secure and robust, delivering quality management results for field service businesses.

2. Customer database

FieldEdge enables you to manage the customer database effectively. The entire customer database is arranged alphabetically, and you get an overview of the database with metrics like total customers, contact details, recently visited customers, and other details.

 Customer database

It can help you manage your clients well and deliver a quality customer experience. You can contact your clients to offer special offers and send customized notifications to ensure that they remain in touch with your business for the long run.

FieldEdge offers you the option to list all the customers’ different job sites. It can help you view the number of customer locations at a glance.

The single customer view lets you dive deep into the customer details and extract the required information whenever you want. You can also check the transaction history to help with any misconceptions that may occur in the future.

The data stored is kept safe and it helps to increase the transparency of your business operations that can help you stand out from the rest.

3. Mobile app

The mobile application provided by FieldEdge is great and offers a quality user experience. It has a professional and smooth UI/UX that can help your team explore mobile devices’ various features.

Mobile app

It offers wider accessibility as it is available for Android and iOS devices. The app’s home screen enables the technicians to overview the daily work schedule, check the next job in line, check the overall booked jobs, and other metrics for better task management.

Once the client books the service request, the job is automatically scheduled and updated for the technicians based on their availability. 

The mobile version of the software has similar features compared to the desktop version, making it easier to access the software from anywhere and anytime without being on a dedicated desktop.

The technicians can also check the timesheet feature in the mobile application to remind their appointments. It can help them never to skip an appointment to ensure a quality customer experience for your clients.

The mobile app version of the tool is highly responsive and doesn’t lag or hinder continuous usage.

4. Work order management

It offers a work order management software feature that creates a new work order once the customer calls. The scheduling of calls can be automatically handled by the backend of the software based on the availability of the technicians.

Work order management

Once the job is booked, the notifications are updated to the customers and technicians to ensure that they remain on track of the situation.

The technicians can view the information about the job to get a better understanding of the job. You also have admin access to override the scheduled tasks and change the tasks based on your preference.

The updates will be visible to the customers and technicians to maintain complete transparency.

5. Routing

The software also provides routing ability for the technicians to get the most-optimized routes based on the traffic and weather conditions to save the time of your on-ground team.

The technicians can get detailed routes for the entire work schedule to minimize the traveling time and ensure that the service task can be completed within the promised time.

Now that you understand the software’s core features. Let’s look at the price factor.

FieldEdge’s Pricing

  • The software price is not listed on their website. But based on the information available on the internet, the licenses for using the software were around $100/month per user for desktop access and $125/month per user for field technicians.
  • You can customize the price based on your industry and user requirements. The sales representative of FieldEdge offered one organization desktop access at $300/month for unlimited users.
  • There’s another pricing element included in the software apart from the monthly cost. You need to pay a one-time fee of $4,000 for remote training and software setup.
  • If we boil it down, the software can be ideal for large enterprises based on pricing and is not preferable for small businesses with a limited budget.

Now let’s explore the pros and cons experienced by existing users to finalize your decision regarding the software.

FieldEdge’s Pros

  • Quality service management software

    The overall experience of using FieldEdge is great, and the users may feel satisfied even though it has a few drawbacks. The software is built professionally to handle the large requirements of big organizations in the field service business.

  • Great dispatching and billing software

    FieldEdge is great with dispatch and billing, and it provides a robust platform that can handle the processing. The technicians can access the mobile application to provide the same interface, functionality, and results.

FieldEdge’s Cons

  • Not user-friendly

    With the wide range of features, the software may be troublesome for multiple new users to navigate. The software also experiences a few bugs that make it difficult to handle the management task.

  • Multiple downtimes

    The software gets interpreted with multiple downtimes, delivering a poor user experience. The on-ground and management teams can experience different login issues that hinder work management.

  • Issues with QuickBooks integration

    The interaction with QuickBooks is not reliable, and there are multiple data issues encountered by customers that can impact the proper financial matter of a business.

  • Ineffective customer support

    The customer support provided by FieldEdge is not up to the highest standards set by multiple other field service management software in the industry. You might face difficulties with support, hindering your smooth work process.

    These drawbacks are serious, and you need to consider them while selecting a professional field service software for your business.

If you want to bypass these drawbacks, we can help you find a great alternative to FieldEdge.

Is There A Better Alternative Than FieldEdge?

Yes, there are multiple user-friendly alternatives to FieldEdge and they provide you with a 99.9% uptime to complete your management tasks.

But we have filtered the best for your business. You can use FieldCamp instead of FieldEdge and ensure that your field service management business runs smoothly.

The software offers powerful features at highly reasonable prices that make it ideal for field service businesses, irrespective of their business scale.

It can help you minimize 95% of the management time and digitize 90% of the work. 

Don’t you want these numbers for your business?

A Service Scheduling Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


It’s a professional field service software that can help your entire business stand out from the rest and manage your field service operations professionally.

Yes, FieldEdge offers integration with QuickBooks that can assist the service companies in syncing the billing and accounting data with QuickBooks.

FieldCamp is the best alternative to FieldEdge as it offers great features for the field service technicians and the management to ensure quality work at an affordable price. FieldCamp is the best solution that automates your entire business operations in just clicks.

FieldEdge has many shortcomings that can be troublesome for businesses. That’s why a professional and reliable alternative is required to bypass the drawbacks and ensure your business’s success.

Choose Wisely

FieldEdge is a professional tool, but it has multiple shortcomings that can be a big problem for your business in the long run. You need to choose a better alternative like FieldCamp to set a solid management foundation for your work.

The software offers a variety of features that can streamline your dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, payment, and other important business elements and help integrate automation to save your time and effort.

You can scale your business and boost your business profit by choosing FieldCamp as your reliable management partner.

Get the to experience the transformation.

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