mHelpDesk Reviews 2022: Pricing, Features & Product Detail

mHelpDesk is a field service management software. It seeks to provide solutions to all the business needs of a field service business in a fast, easy, and powerful way. 

It intends to replace old, repetitive, and slow manual procedures with a fast, automated system. With a functional cloud-based system, mHelpDesk claims to be the best in class. 

Some of mHelpDesk’s best features include integration with QuickBooks, a minimal service ticketing system, an accommodating sales support team, a lead generation tool, and easy mobile access, among other features.    

However, mHelpDesk does face a few issues as well. Some of its biggest cons are high subscription prices, very little improvement via updates, and its unsuitability for large commercial landscape companies.

Read our mHelpDesk review to know more about the mHelpDesk software, features, pros, cons, pricing, and alternatives!    

What is mHelpDesk?

mHelpDesk is a field service scheduling and management software that helps your field service business perform better than its competitors. It seeks to organize field services businesses by providing them with expansive tools. 

mHelpDesk has been in the industry for over fifteen years. The company aims to provide its clients with reliable, functional, and affordable service management software.

The company also claims to have some of the most skilled mobile app developers, web developers, customer support teams, and database administrators. 

The primary objectives of mHelpDesk incorporate helping businesses collect payments, schedule jobs, invoicing, coming up with a disaster response plan, improvizing the business model, and more.  

Who is mHelpDesk for?

mHelpDesk is for several field service and repair industries, including home painting, pest control, pool service, lawn care, IT services, plumbing, landscaping, etc. If you go by the mHelpDesk website, the software is intended for large, medium, and small-sized firms. 

Here is a list of companies that can seek the assistance of the mHelpDesk software:

1. HVAC repair business

HVAC repair business

If you are the owner of an HVAC business, you can utilize the mHelpDesk application to simplify your business. You can provide your client with an excellent service experience using mHelpDesk. 

It assists businesses in automating everything from customer contact to billing. You can schedule your technicians to reach the exact site location promptly, maintain customer information, and indulge in organized billing. 

2. Janitorial and maid services business

Running a janitorial and maid services business can be tricky. Texting messages to remind clients of their appointments can be a major hassle. It is here that mHelpDesk steps in. 

You can send automated reminders to your clients via emails and messages with the assistance of mHelpDesk. It also helps you generate leads for your janitorial and maid services business. 

3. Landscaping business

With the assistance of the complete cloud-based mHelpDesk platform, you can run your landscaping business with ease. The landscaping business often requires clients to fill some extensive forms.

mHelpDesk allows businesses to digitize these forms and, in turn, simplify this complex procedure. You can schedule jobs, dispatch services, generate bills, and manage leads for your landscaping business using mHelpDesk.   

4. Electrical contractor and electrician business

Electrical contractor and electrician business

Switching to a digital reporting app like mHelpDesk will help your electrical business gain an edge over your competitors. This user-friendly application assists field technicians in gaining access to all pertinent information. 

You can track the location of your electricians, stay updated on their whereabouts, and communicate easily with them via mHelpDesk. 

Additionally, it also makes the customer database readily accessible and organized. All in all, mHelpDesk is a job-reporting software that customers did not even know they needed! 

5. Plumbing business

Scheduling and dispatching services are the main and most extensive bit of a plumbing business. Coordinating between field technicians, customers, and dispatchers can be a hassling task. 

However, with the assistance of mHelpDesk, you can keep a tab on the crew’s schedule. mHelpDesk allows you to assign jobs quickly and effectively. The designated crew will automatically receive notifications for the assignment. 

The facility to access work history, track consignments, digitize orders, integrate with QuickBooks, and easy billing and invoicing can help your plumbing business bloom.   

6. Computer repair business

A computer repair business already requires extensive work. Who would want to indulge in immense paperwork on top of that? 

mHelpDesk takes care of the paperwork so that you can focus solely on the tasks at hand. It digitizes pertinent data so that you can have everything organized and accessible.

Automating documents helps the new joiners go through the old files with effortlessness. This helps businesses save a lot of time, energy, and money.    

7. Security system installation business 

Security system installation requires supreme operational efficiency. mHelpDesk can help security system installation businesses in all their endeavors, including CCTV installation, monitoring alarm systems, etc. 

Every installation requires you to create quotes from scratch. mHelpDesk facilitates simple quote generation. Keeping a tab on the various calls for installation and repair can get hectic. mHelpDesk lets you take charge of that, as well. 

With the help of personal coaches at every step, you can make the most out of your mHelpDesk experience. 

8. Painting business

Painting businesses have an extra workload in certain seasons. During such seasons, scheduling and dispatching services on time, giving estimations, and quickly generating bills may seem even more taxing than it already is! 

Seasonal businesses can schedule and dispense services quickly with mHelpDesk’s assistance. On days when time is such a major factor, field workers can use GPS tracking and opt for the best routes. 

Missed appointments from clients can cause a major loss to service field businesses, especially during a high-demand season. Using mHelpDesk to send automated yet personalized reminders via phone and email can greatly aid. 

The software also facilitates clicking before and after pictures so that you have something solid to show your next client. Hence, a painting business can benefit a lot from mHelpDesk. 

9. Carpet cleaning business 

Carpet cleaning business 

mHelpDesk facilitates the customers to approach your carpet cleaning business with utmost convenience. They can fill out a form and get in touch with you. 

When you simplify the process of reaching out to your business, you attract more potential clients towards your business. mHelpDesk helps you ease the procedure. 

You can manage vast numbers of service requests, even on the go. mHelpDesk assists in converting emails to tickets, which renders the process of accepting requests much quicker and simpler! 

With add-on features like data migration, help from professionals in the field, and customized onboarding, mHelpDesk can greatly assist carpet cleaning and other field service-based businesses.  

10. Pest control business 

Pest control business owners have to always be on their toes. With much less time on their hands than other business owners, managing paperwork and keeping a tab on the workforce’s activities may seem like a lot! 

mHelpDesk can be the perfect office manager for your pest control business. It reduces manual work, helps business owners stay in full control of their businesses, and facilitates the technicians to perform to the best of their abilities. 

Firstly, recurring invoicing makes it easy for you to manage all your old customers. Secondly, online booking simplifies the process of scheduling appointments with you for your customers. Lastly, GPS tracking ensures your fleet is safe and reaches the client’s location well on time.

Thus, pest control businesses can bloom greatly with the help of field service scheduling software like mHelpDesk.  

Features of mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk has quite a few features to offer its clients. Some of them are as follows:

1. Generating leads 

mHelpDesk helps in lead generation and retention. With the option of replying to potential clients even on the go, you can leave a good impression by responding to queries quickly.

mHelpDesk makes the process of generating estimates simple, accurate, and fast. It helps your business send estimates directly to the client’s emails.

 It also provides them with the option of booking appointments online. Thus, mHelpDesk increases your chance of turning potential customers into real clients by 70%. 

2. Employee management 

Employee management 

Field service businesses have a large workforce. From an office manager to several field technicians, multiple levels of employees are involved. 

In such a situation, communication becomes extremely challenging. mHelpDesk helps you keep a tab on your workforce’s activities. It facilitates seamless and total visibility over their tasks. 

You can monitor their activities from the beginning to the end. With a well-integrated system, there is no scope for miscommunication between the schedulers, dispatchers, field technicians, and other office employees. 

3. Strong customer support 

mHelpDesk is known for its great customer support. Apart from being available on live chat and via phone, they also provide success coaches to take you through the entire process. 

Each business gets a separate coach. Since mHelpDesk also has an online forum, there is always scope for healthy discussions with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

The video library helps you go back to explanatory videos for reference. The library is updated frequently to keep the customers up-to-date with the latest features. 

You can also attend their live webinars to better familiarize yourself with the basics of mHelpDesk! Thus, customer support easily qualifies as one of the best features of mHelpDesk.  

4. Reporting 


Reports form an integral part of a field service-based business. They help businesses keep track of various employees’ performances, company growth, profit margins, and significant numbers. 

Errors in reporting can cause huge losses to the business. mHelpDesk ensures that you never go wrong with the numbers! Digitization of reports leaves barely any scope for major faults. 

It provides access to the new admins to edit and review the previous years’ data. Bar charts, grids, and pie charts facilitate a simplified understanding of statistics. 

Easy reporting is not just limited to archival data but also involves data on location history, hours, and jobs. Therefore, reporting is one of the top features of mHelpDesk. 

5. Simplified payments and billing 

mHelpDesk’s automated invoicing and billing feature enables technicians to record everything from time to material purchases. The application does all the calculations. Hence, the calculations are precise and time-saving. 

The application is extremely handy, so you can generate invoices wherever and whenever. You can generate the price lists and also import them pretty quickly. 

Apart from the speed with which one can carry out payments, another great thing about this mechanism is its security. 

Your clients will be impressed by the system as it provides them with the convenience of online payments. QuickBooks integration is the icing on top.  

mHelpDesk Reviews

The mHelpDesk platform has its fair share of pros and cons. Here is a comprehensive list of some of its major advantages and disadvantages to help you make the final decision:

  • According to one extremely positive review of the software, mHelpDesk offers excellent customer support. 
  • It integrates with QuickBooks. 
  • mHelpDesk provides its users with the option to create customer fields. 
  • It is a functional software that provides a vast variety of features, including great first customer contact, the option to create multiple accounts, and customer support’s professional and expediential matter-solving abilities.   
  • The cloud feature fits well with the businesses’ mechanisms.
  • mHelpDesk is a completely mobile-friendly application, which makes it suitable for on-the-go usage. 
  • The option of creating a price list simplifies invoicing. 
  • mHelpDesk helps your customers pay easily using a credit card account or other online payment gateways. 
  • Old customers of the firm have claimed to negotiate lower prices with the mHelpDesk firm. 
  • There’s even a feature for generating leads.
  • The application lacks a proper inventory module. 
  • Glaringly missing auditing capabilities makes mHelpDesk obsolete. 
  • The software does not have any facility to maintain the leases of the same customer separately. 
  • It provides only a check box for billing. 
  • Even though mHelpDesk integrates with QuickBooks, it is not as great as Service Fusion.   
  • You cannot track material with ease.
  • Removing former users from the existing staff list is a hassle.
  • Increasing prices for more or less the same set of facilities.  
  • There is no provision for individual bank accounts set.

mHelpDesk Pricing

The mHelpDesk cost is not clearly stated on its website. The pricing varies from business to business. However, you can request a quote from the software company. mHelpDesk also has the option of requesting a live demo. 

A demo would help you better understand the functionality, features, and software.   

mHelpDesk Alternative

Our list of pros and cons clearly shows that mHelpDesk has as many cons as pros. Even though mHelpDesk is a reliable software, it does not have anything new to offer. 

In the present day world, a field service business has multiple tools to choose from. We have a suggestion for you if you are also a field service business on the hunt for a tool that optimizes your workflow! 

Consider giving FieldCamp a shot! 

FieldCamp is a comprehensive field service scheduling software. FieldCamp is perfect for majorly all field service businesses, with all the modern features at a budget-friendly price. 

Unlike the other applications, FieldCamp is pretty simple to use. It is entirely customizable, which means you can run your business on your terms and conditions. Its end-to-end encryption feature ensures the safety of all your business information. 

Compatible with iOS and Android, FieldCamp is accessible to anyone and everyone. Send the client’s details to the assigned technician in a few clicks. 

As opposed to mHelpDesk or any other field service scheduling software, you can schedule and dispatch services to the location without adding the same site’s parent name. 

Whether you run a small home painting company or a gigantic maintenance and repair firm, FieldCamp has something in store for every size of service business. 

Job scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, sending and receiving payments, reporting, estimating, and activity tracking are some of the key features of FieldCamp. 

The best part about FieldCamp is that you can avail of their 7-day free trial to determine whether it is worth the while or not! 

Try FieldCamp as a mHelpDesk Alternative

Schedule and dispatch jobs, create invoices, get paid, generate service reports with our all-in-one service business management software.


Indeed, field service scheduling software can make running your field service business a hassle-free experience. Features like lead generation and management can also help boost your business manifold. 

Even though these applications may seem like a major expenditure initially, they are cost-effective in the long run. 

However, with the sudden rise in the number of field service management tools and applications, picking suitable software might seem like a challenge. 

Reading reviews thoroughly, going through the software’s website, taking demos, and availing the free trials are some of the best ways of gauging whether the software fits your business needs.    

Finally, you can opt for the best software that fits your budget and other business requirements. 

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