Fieldpoint Reviews, Pricing, Alternatives & Product Details

Running a business can be pretty taxing if you have to manage everything on your own, especially when you run a business that requires fieldwork.

This is the point when Fieldpoint comes into the picture. Fieldpoint is a field service management software. Its primary goal is to make the entire service management experience hassle-free for its clients.

Fieldpoint enables you to schedule and dispatch services, manage the workforce, optimize resources, take care of inventory, and many business operational tasks. 

If you are on the hunt for field service management software, want to develop an understanding of Fieldpoint, learn about its pricing policies, its alternatives, or other relevant information, you have come to the right place. 

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What is Fieldpoint?

As iterated earlier, Fieldpoint is a field service management software for businesses that helps your field service business accomplish a plethora of tasks. From helping in customer relationship management to providing field labor force leverage, there are quite a few things that Fieldpoint can do for your business.

Here is a list of things that Fieldpoint can help your business achieve:

1. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

With the development of technology, the needs of customers are at an all-time high. Field service businesses may have a hard time managing field technicians, high volume of orders, providing deliverables on time, and catering to their clients all at once. 

Fieldpoint helps businesses establish an able system for coordinating all business operations. Fieldpoint is a cloud-based business software that helps you deal with all parts of the administration from one place. Hence, you can save time and work in a more organized manner. 

Meeting the expectations of your customers in a timely manner wasn’t ever this easy! Thus, with the help of this field service management software, you can ensure full customer satisfaction. 

2. Efficiency

Fieldpoint facilitates your business to drive efficiency. A business needs a skilled workforce to beat the competition and reach great heights. Dispatchers form the backbone of a field business. 

Their job includes finding the right person to accomplish tasks and taking up service calls. Firstly, Fieldpoint assists dispatchers in recruiting able and certified technicians. Thereby greatly reducing training efforts. 

Also, skilled field technicians do the job quickly and effectively. Secondly, the new platform Fieldpoint lets technicians access data online to help them reach their destination on time. 

Hence, Fieldpoint supports the efficiency aspect by helping both the dispatchers and field technicians in completing their tasks in a timely and fruitful manner. Thereby greatly enhancing the business’ efficiency. 

3. Increased profits

Increased profits

One important advantage of using field service management software is that you can achieve greater profits. Proper data validation is a significant step toward generating increased revenue. 

Fieldpoint provides you with access to the most updated data. With the help of the newly acquired authenticated information, you can make better decisions for your firm. 

Using the metrics provided by Fieldpoint, you can come up with the best solution to all your field service management problems. This data can be used to figure out whether the contracts are profitable or not, the ideal wages of field technicians, best-selling products/and services, best employees, and so on. 

With access to such pertinent data, you can increase your profit margins manifold and easily transform your small business into a mid-size business.  

Fieldpoint Pricing

The Fieldpoint pricing policy is pretty discreet. However, there is a pricing form available on the vendor portal that you can fill out to get a quote.

According to what is known, Fieldpoint does not offer free trials or free versions. However, you can schedule a demo of the various services to get a rough idea.

Features Fieldpoint Offers

There are some out-of-the-box features that Fieldpoint offers to their clients, like resource routing, mobile access, contract management facilities, a fully mobile app, scope completion abilities, checklists to guide users, etc. 

To know about these features in-depth, continue reading:

1. Work management

Work management

Without proper work management, a firm can never please its clients. Fieldpoint provides businesses a work management software that helps the team in managing, monitoring, and catering to the clients’ field service requests. 

It also helps your firm fully implement the pre-determined operational goals, improve the cash flow, and increase business opportunities.

2. Contract management

Contract management is an integral part of small, mid-size, and large enterprises. Fieldpoint’s contract management services help businesses maintain healthy relationships with clients without compromising on profit margins. 

With the assistance of Fieldpoint, you can manage all types of contracts, from maintenance to preventive, through a single vendor portal. It eliminates the manual business model and replaces it with an automated framework for quick product/service delivery.

3. Fully functional mobile application

Fieldpoint offers its users a well-developed mobile app. With mobile access to all Fieldpoint’s services, you can set, track, and complete tasks even on the go. 

When issues arise, staff can easily locate replacement parts using the Fieldpoint mobile app. They can also generate invoices, record expenses, provide their signatures, and work on numerous other modules with the help of the mobile app.   

An important advantage of this mobile application is that you do not even need a really good internet connection as it functions equally well both online and offline. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the content loading fast, even if you do not have a strong internet connection.

4. Skilled staff

The Fieldpoint staff comprises certified software consultants, architects, software engineers, service managers, and strong customer support executives. 

With an able service organization staff on board, what might seem like a difficult transition from a manual system to an automated framework becomes simple. Moreover, Fieldpoint also conducts online webinars and features several dedicated blogs and videos to help its users understand its mechanism better.

Fieldpoint Reviews

Fieldpoint is a popular field service management software. It enjoys favorable reviews from many small and mid-size businesses. However, it comes with its fair share of pros and cons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Fieldpoint’s integrations: Fieldpoint integrates well with most of the systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, and NetSuite. The hybrid system is one of the key components of Fieldpoint.
  • Security system: The Fieldpoint software is end-to-end encrypted, which means your company’s data is completely safe.
  • Strong customer support: Not only can you schedule demos and watch demonstration videos to understand the work behind the software, but also you can reach out to the customer-friendly staff at FieldPoint.
  • Customizability: Every business is different, and so are their needs. Fieldpoint enables businesses to set their business objectives and create a setup that is holistic to their requirements.
  • Efficient progress billing features: Fieldpoint makes progress billing seem like a cakewalk. Therefore, if you are involved in long-term ventures, Fieldpoint is the tool for your enterprise.
  • Slow performance: Contrary to its claims, FieldPoint does tend to slack off in some segments. Slow performance is one of the major cons of Fieldpoint.
  • Lack of free trials: Even though FieldPoint does provide the option of scheduling a demo, trials are a better option. It becomes difficult to gauge the feasibility of a product in the absence of a trial.
  • No information regarding the price point: There is not much information regarding the pricing policy on the Fieldpoint website. However, they do have the option of getting a quote from the vendor by filling out a basic form.

Try FieldCamp as a Fieldpoint Alternative

Schedule and dispatch jobs, create invoices, get paid, generate service reports with our all-in-one service business management software.


You can fill out the Fieldpoint form if you want the consultants to reach out to you directly. Otherwise, you can also get in touch with them at their address or contact numbers provided on the website.
Fieldpoint caters to various enterprises and businesses, including medical devices, HVAC, refrigeration, security systems, refrigeration, telecommunication, etc.
The field service mobile app enables the technicians to reach the client’s location, fulfill tasks on time, and keep in touch with the supervisors. It also helps the supervisors to keep a tab on the activities of the subordinates.

What are the Alternatives of Fieldpoint?

Fieldpoint has a slow performance, does not offer any free trials, and also lacks transparency regarding its pricing policies. If you want to get rid of all these cons, FieldCamp is the perfect alternative to Fieldpoint. If you are a small business owner, FieldCamp is your best bet at a field service software. It offers more or less the same features as Fieldpoint at a more reasonable price point. 

As opposed to Fieldpoint, FieldCamp does not glitch or slow down. It is an all-encompassing business software that works on an updated and new system. It allows businesses to stay on the top of their game by offering many services. 

Scheduling jobs, storing client details, keeping a tab on the field staff, helping the technicians in issue reporting, and processing online payments are some of the many offered services. 

In contrast to the otherwise very poor pros of it competitive applications, FieldCamp has some great advantages. One of these benefits is its free 7-day trial policy. Yes, you no longer need to spend a bomb to decide whether or not you want to invest in a service engine!

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