A Detailed Guide on Field Service Managers: Roles, Responsibilities, Salary and Essential Skills Required

Who are field service managers? What do they do, how much is their salary, and what skills are required to become one? Phew, that’s a lot of questions. Don’t worry, as, in this blog, I will answer each one of them.

From field service manager salary to their roles, responsibilities, and essential skills required. I will cover everything.

The information I share here will help you immensely if you aspire to become a field service manager someday. It’s not just for that. If you are building an FSM company, then this blog will be a perfect guide in spotting the right talent for this position. Let’s get started, shall we?

Who is a Field Service Manager?

A field service supervisor manages technicians who perform on-site services like installation, maintenance, and repair. They oversee the scheduling and training of these workers. Also, field service managers handle service contracts and direct support services. A bachelor’s degree will suffice for this position.

They develop methods, guidelines, and policies to provide efficient delivery of services. Field service managers ensure all customer issues are resolved promptly.

Average Field Service Manager Salary in the US

The average Field Service Manager salary in the United States is $102,763, but the range typically falls between $87,080 and $121,006. – salary.com

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What is the Average Field Service Manager Salary in the United States?

Here is the state-wise salary of field service managers in the United States. I have shared their national average salary and hourly rate. The base salary that a field service manager makes might depend on experience level too.

State Average Annual salary of Field Service Manager Hourly Rate of Field Service Manager
Alabama $76,953 $37.00
Alaska $81,002 $38.94
Arizona $90,486 $43.50
Arkansas $86,932 $41.79
California $88,664 $42.63
Colorado $125,806 $60.48
Connecticut $105,794 $50.86
Delaware $121,514 $58.42
District of Columbia $99,246 $47.71
Florida $88,746 $42.67
Georgia $96,261 $46.28
Hawaii $37,768 $18.16
Idaho $63,217 $30.39
Illinois $88,178 $42.39
Indiana $104,077 $50.04
Iowa $83,604 $40.19
Kansas $93,318 $44.86
Kentucky $83,911 $40.34
Louisiana $68,528 $32.95
Maine $88,260 $42.43
Maryland $102,313 $49.19
Massachusetts $96,013 $46.16
Michigan $95,525 $45.93
Minnesota $84,387 $40.57
Mississippi $68,853 $33.10
Missouri $110,268 $53.01
Montana $68,642 $33.00
Nebraska $71,928 $34.58
Nevada $94,837 $45.59
New Hampshire $125,052 $60.12
New Jersey $133,834 $64.34
New Mexico $60,846 $29.25
New York $143,203 $68.85
North Carolina $101,129 $48.62
North Dakota $88,153 $42.38
Ohio $92,470 $44.46
Oklahoma $86,759 $41.71
Oregon $108,956 $52.38
Pennsylvania $108,921 $52.37
Rhode Island $100,776 $48.45
South Carolina $100,843 $48.48
South Dakota $68,434 $32.90
Tennessee $67,894 $32.64
Texas $93,599 $45.00
Utah $86,949 $41.80
Vermont $76,965 $36.95
Virginia $127,032 $61.07
Washington $119,082 $57.25
West Virginia $63,586 $30.57
Wisconsin $97,636 $46.94
Wyoming $59,905 $28.80

What Are The Roles and Responsibilities of the Field Service Managers

  • The manager is responsible for handling the basic troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, and repairing of the designated equipment.
  • They handle complete preventative maintenance and field modifications.
  • Take care of ordering, managing, and repairing parts of the products.
  • Stay updated on the administrative roles and responsibilities like internal service records, maintaining service logs and total compensation, base salary, job titles, and requests promptly.
  • Handling daily communications with consumers, be it old and new. Also, ensure resolution and proper follow-up.
  • They must fulfill all the applicable regulatory needs.
  • The field service manager must handle the escalation process with the utmost care to solve customer service delivery problems.
  • They should know and participate in different sales opportunities like contracts, renewals, and system sales.
  • Works as a senior member of the local team to deliver efficient services to all the accounts under the assigned area.
  • Adheres to the ongoing regulatory needs that include, but are not limited to HIPPA, OSHA, and FDA.
  • They are responsible for taking the feedback from customers and reporting it to the manager. Also, managers need to provide the details related to the job. It also involves the client’s expectations and whether they get met or not.
  • They need to create reports as it helps in documenting and keeping track of all the essential things. It could be an issue, service request, or anything.

What are the Important Skills For a Field Service Manager?

There is not only one, but there are some essential skills that field service managers should have to perform and handle daily tasks and operations. Let’s check out the skills that FSM should have:

Leadership Skills

The essential skill that they should have is leadership qualities. The manager handles the team of workers, technicians, and field experts along with their work details. Hence, it is a must that they have some leadership qualities or skills to handle the team. Also, guide them in the right direction.

He can motivate them to accomplish their tasks and deliver the utmost quality services to their customers.

Focus on Details

Another essential skill that a manager should have is being attentive. They need to give attention to the small details of the business so that the employees don’t face any problems while delivering the service.

Managers need to visit different places they have never been to and work on equipment they have never seen earlier.

Managers need to write notes and take pictures to ensure that the equipment is intact in the same configuration.

Positive Attitude Towards Problems and Issues

The last most essential skill they should have is a positive attitude towards technical problems and customer issues. It is a must to have a problem-solving attitude rather than giving up on it.

Whatever the problem is, the field service manager should always participate in the solution, provide suggestions or opinions on different ones. In short, they should have a positive attitude towards the problems and issues.

So, these are some of the essential skills that one should look at in a field service engineer. Moving ahead, let’s talk about the pay scale of the field service engineer.

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Generally, the duties of a field manager’s salary depend on the industry in which he is working. Often, the field services manager is responsible for supervising the activities of staff, technicians, and workers, and performing different activities in the real world, on the ground, or in hands-on settings. A bachelor’s degree is a must to become a field manager.

The average amount that a service manager makes is $57,494 per year in the United States and $16,125 in overtime per year. In fact, approximately 53% of automotive service managers in the United States think that their salaries are enough for the cost of living in their area.

Some of the major responsibilities of the field service manager salary report are:

  • Need to handle the average field service technicians and workers’ team
  • Need to handle their daily task and work schedules
  • Have to create daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports on the business, covering all the important points like profit & loss, job requests, customers, technicians, feedback, reviews, payments, salaries, and more.
  • He has to handle the escalation process with utmost care to solve customer service and delivery problems.

The field service manager job description is the general description, highlighting the requirement of the company. The company can highlight things like years of experience, expertise, and any special skills that it’s expecting from the field service manager salaries.

We have covered detailed information about the field service manager’s responsibilities, salary, and essential skills required to succeed in this role. You are now fully armed with the knowledge to recruit the right person for this job in your company or aspiring to become field service managers one day.

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