Thank You Notes for Customers to Show Them Appreciation and Care

Customers are the most integral bit of a business. They are the fundamental source of revenue for the business. Sometimes, businesses are so focused on attracting new customers that they forget to acknowledge loyal customers. 

A loyal customer forms the crux of a business. According to statistics, repeat customers contribute the lion’s share (65%) of a business’s revenue. Therefore, it is supremely pertinent to show customer appreciation to your valued customers. 

Businesses often associate expressing gratitude with gift cards, discount coupons, and giveaways. However, you do not need to burn a major hole in your pocket to express gratitude. 

If you are a small business and do not have a huge budget to make your customers feel valued, you can resort to thank you notes. A thank you letter is more impactful than you think. 

Thank you messages to customers can build customer loyalty and ensure that customers return to your business often. If you do not know how to write thank you notes for customers, do not worry. This comprehensive article has got you all covered. 

Continue reading to find ways to write a professional thank you message, a few best practices to improve the client-business relationship, the appropriate time for thanking customers, and sample thank you notes for customers. 

How to Write Thank You Note?

A thank you note might seem like a pretty basic thing. However, a business appreciation letter differs from a regular thank you note. It requires you to use an appropriate tone to write professional appreciation messages.  

Here are some tips to keep in mind while writing thank you notes for customers: 

1. Figure out the medium 

Figure out the medium to write thank you notes for customers

You can show genuine gratitude to your customers through thank you notes. Handwritten letters, text messages, and emails are some of the most popular mediums to make returning customers feel appreciated.

Every medium has its pros and cons. Small businesses can opt for handwritten notes as their medium. Handwritten notes have more personal touch than any other medium. However, they are time-consuming. 

Mid-sized and large-sized firms can opt for either email or text as the preferred mode of sending thank you notes for customers. Even though emails and text messages lack the personal touch, they are more efficient than handwritten letters. 

Therefore, you can opt for the best medium that suits your business needs. Even sending emails and text messages might be a hassle for some firms, especially field service businesses. 

Running a field service business is a tiresome task. It requires many tasks, including scheduling and dispatching services, coordinating with the office staff and field technicians, and communicating with the customers. 

However, that does not mean you cannot thank your existing customers for their continuous support. You can always use field service scheduling software like FieldCamp to manage your jobs and clients. 

2. Incorporate a salutation 

No matter what medium you choose for the thank you notes, including a salutation, is a must. Address the person as Mr./Mx./Ms. to maintain a professional tone. Use “dear” for a more informal touch.  

Without a proper salutation, your message might appear rude and unprofessional. A thank you note with proper salutation is bound to leave your customers impressed. 

If you send your customer a “thank you letter” through the mail, ensuring a short and precise subject line is a must. 

It will help you to grab the client’s attention. A thank you mail is incomplete without the subject line, especially if it contains coupon codes and special offers. 

3. Ensure a well-structured body and proper closing 

The body and conclusion are equally significant, as important as including the salutation and subject line in an email and beginning the thank you letter on a warm note. 

The body contains the crux of the message. Everything your business means to show gratitude for should be included in this part of the message. 

Conclude your message in a line of gratitude, and top it off with “best regards.” Ending the thank you note with “best regards” comes off as professional and considerate. 

Thus, proper beginning, middle, and closing are essential components of a well-drafted customer appreciation message.  

A quick tip: Refer to email templates if you are still confused about how to draft a proper thank you email. Select the template that resonates with your business the best!    

When Should You Send Thank You Letters?

Properly timing your thank you letters is also significant for positively impacting the customer. You wouldn’t want to trouble your clients by spamming them unnecessarily. 

Here is a list of probable occasions you can utilize for showing appreciation to your existing clientele:

  • Years of association: If a client has shown continued patronage towards your business for a few years, sending a thank you message would be great. You can schedule thank you notes for customers annually for the date or month they first decided to associate with your business. 
  • Assignment completion: You can send your client a short thank you note after you have worked for them on an assignment or a project. Thank them for showing faith in your services. 
  • Recent purchase: Thanking clients for every purchase they make from you symbolizes how you truly cherish even the smallest contributions to your business. Immediately sending a message shows you genuinely care. 
  • First purchase: Sending thank you messages are also a great way of converting first-time consumers into permanent clients. Customers would appreciate being acknowledged. 

Sending thank you emails, messages, letters, notes, and more on earlier occasions will help you win more business opportunities!

Thank You Notes Examples

These thank you notes examples will help you figure out when to send thank you notes. You can create full-fledged messages of your own with the help of the few examples given below:    

1. End of Year 

End of year thank you note to customer 

“We, at (insert business name), wish you a very Happy New Year! Thank you for associating with us throughout the year. We hope to continue serving you in the years to come.”  

2. Loyal customer 

Loyal customer thank you note

“Thank you for your continuous contribution towards our business. We largely owe our success to loyal customers like you. We shall continue to work hard day in and day out to keep you contented with our services/products.” 

3. First-time customer 

“Dear (insert customer name),

Thank you for shopping with us/availing of our services. We hope you are satisfied with your first-ever purchase at (insert company name). Hoping to see you more often.

Best regards,

(insert name, designation, and company name).”  

18 Short Thank You Messages

Short thank you notes to customer

You do not need to write incredibly long messages to boost customer loyalty. In today’s fast-paced world, clients prefer short and precise messages. Here are 18 free templates to help you out with the same:

1. Thank you for being a valued customer (Mr./Ms./Mx./Dear [insert customer’s name]). We genuinely appreciate your contribution to our business. Looking forward to serving you again! 

2. Thank you for selecting (insert company name) to perform (insert the task). We look hope to assisting you with our best services. 

3. Dear (insert customer name), thank you for shopping with us. Here is a redeemable coupon code for your next purchase with us. Hoping you appreciate this small token of appreciation.

4. Thank you for your genuine interest in our business (insert business name). We hope to associate with you on your future projects. 

5. Our skilled team at (insert business name) has just finished (insert specific details of the task accomplished). Thank you for partnering with us. 

6. We at (insert business name) are pleased to conduct business with you. Thank you for choosing us. Looking forward to our business partnership.     

7. We have received your order at the (insert company name) online store. Your products will arrive shortly on (insert probable date). Thank you for purchasing from us. 

8. We are obliged to you for being a valued customer of our business (insert business name) for the past (insert time duration). Enroll in our loyalty program to gain better deals and offers. 

9. Thank you for showing faith in our business (insert company name) by booking us for fulfilling (insert job description). We hope to assist you with the accomplishment of the task! 

10. Thank you for contacting (insert company name). We hope your query was resolved. Please take time to provide feedback so we can better our services.

11. We have accomplished the task (insert the work details). Thank you for choosing our business (insert business name). We would be obliged if you could help us improve by filling out this short survey (insert a link to the survey).

12. We at (insert business name) truly appreciate a loyal customer like you. Thank you for associating with us yet again. We hope to continue serving you even in the near future. 

13. Thank you for supporting our small business (insert business name). We hope our products/services bring as big a smile to your face as you have brought to ours! 

14. Dear (insert customer name), we are writing this letter to express our gratitude for being a valued customer. You inspire us at (insert business name) to work harder daily. Thank you for your unwavering support. 

15. Thank you for being our first-time customer. Working for you was a breeze. Hoping to associate with you on more future projects. 

16. Hurray! You have completed a year with us. Here is a special discount on your next purchase for being a loyal customer. Use (insert coupon code) on checkout to avail this exclusive offer. 

17. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to complete the feedback form. We have considered your feedback. Hoping to serve you again soon. 

18. Thank you for your booking. We have scheduled the requested service for the said date. Looking forward to serving you! 

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Decide the medium of sending the message, pick the customer base you intend to send a message to, and write a well-structured message. The text should have a proper starting, middle, and closing. The tone should be professional.
You can send thank you notes to clients in many instances. These instances include first purchases, multiple back-to-back purchases, constant patronage of your services over the years, and more.
Sometimes, providing your customers with excellent service is not enough. Thank you notes provide clients with an added sense of customer satisfaction. Acknowledging their contribution to your business encourages them to repeat business with you.


Thank you notes for customers are not the only way to increase customer satisfaction. Another great way of improving customer experience is by using service scheduling software.

Field service businesses can get super hectic. They involve an assortment of tasks, including coordinating with the whole team of field technicians and office staff, scheduling and dispatching services, and catering to the customers’ requirements.

More often than not, in such cases, gratitude texts and emails take a back seat. However, field service scheduling software would help you manage all aspects perfectly and with utmost ease. 

Whether your business is old or new, taking a perfect customer for granted can negatively impact your business. You don’t want your emails or messages to land in the wrong person’s inbox!  

A field service scheduling software will help you manage the entire team, take customer matters into hand, get more leads, and boost your business. Thus, send well-crafted thank you note to your loyal customers via a field service scheduling app and increase customer satisfaction.

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