How to Market a Cleaning Business in 16 Easy Ways?

Most people get confused when they are asked to choose one thing from numerous options. 

Likewise, the increasing competition in the cleaning services industry makes it difficult for customers to hire one business for cleaning services. 

Because the market size of the cleaning business has increased to $40 billion between 2011 to 2022. And, every day there is a surge in competition and more new businesses are entering into the industry.  

So, how do you stand out in the market? All you need to do is promote or market your business in the most unique way possible. But how? What ways you will follow to promote?

There’s a solution for that also. We have researched and compiled the result-proven ways which will help you to understand how to market a cleaning business.

Why Should You Market Your Cleaning Business?

If we look at statistics, the global cleaning service market size is expected to reach $92.69 billion by 2027. That’s a huge amount, isn’t it? 

After all, cleaning is an all-season and on-demand business. With the high competition, you need to strike out in the market, and for that, you need to market your cleaning business.

With the following points, let’s learn why you should market your cleaning business:

  • It allows you to reach out to your target audience and spread your business.
  • It helps you to boost and expand your cleaning services. 
  • For a newbie in the business, it will help you to make a way in the industry.
  • It enhances work way by knowing what to do and how to do it. 

16 Ways To Market a Cleaning Business

1. Building a company brand

We are starting with the most essential and primary marketing plan, building a company brand. Because the brand represents your company, it speaks on behalf of your company’s work, how you treat your customers, and what type of services you provide. 

The way you deliver services shows the credibility of your company. Moreover, when you present professionally and match the customer’s expectations, customers will take you seriously.

For creating a brand, your cleaning business should include primary elements such as

  • Company’s name: A company’s name is not just a business name; it is your make or break point. Thus, the company’s name should be simple, easy to understand, and relevant to your cleaning service business.
  • Design a logo: Create a logo that presents your cleaning service business. Use a logo maker for cleaning business to design a professional and appealing logo that effectively represents your brand.

2. Create a cleaning service marketing strategy

Marketing strategies

They say go with plan B if plan A is not working out, but what if you do not have any plan? This is the reason you need a strategy that promotes your business. Implementing a marketing technique will help you to go ahead and make decisions wisely. 

It is like a plan which gives you a crystal clear idea of what you want and can expect from your company. The strategy will only work if you know what the market looks like and how to reach your audience.

Following are the steps to create a cleaning service marketing plan:

  • Find out who is your target audience. What’s their age, choice, location, gender, salary, and family status? And most of all, know the reason behind looking for cleaning service.
  • Once you have clear information, set a marketing goal. Determine the plan of how many more customers you want to attract and define their criteria. 
  • With detailed information, analyze and research your competitors in the market. See how your competitors are promoting and whether it will be helpful for you. Review their work by going through the website and social media. 
  • By comparing your plan with the competitor’s advertising method, you will come to know what to do and what not to do. 
  • Next, you need to choose a marketing channel. Check where your potential audience spends their most time and promote your service. Calculate all expenses and set your advertising budget. 

3. Ask for referrals 

Customers often believe what others suggest rather than what they see online. Thus, it is vital to do word-of-mouth marketing to reach out to your potential customers. 

Also, it is essential to know when to ask and where to ask for the referral to the customers. However, the ideal time to ask for a referral is when the customer is happy with your work or services. Create referral programs or offer discounts/ incentives as referrals. 

A referral is a win-win situation for customers and cleaning business owners as both earn something for spreading about business. A successful referral is when you get new clients because of word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Connect with potential clients on social media

It is the fastest and easiest way to involve the audience. Analyze and see which potential customers are using which social media platforms. Then, connect them by creating profiles on different social media networks and posting about your service.

You can find new customers on social media and keep existing customers engaged. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin are famous for commercial cleaning businesses and home cleaning services. 

You can run Facebook ads, Twitter campaigns, and Instagram reels to increase new leads to gain new customers. 

5. Design and develop a conversion-focused website

A website is a medium between you and your potential customers to communicate. Information such as the company’s name, address, services list, contact details, and email address should be included in the cleaning business website.

Whether you provide residential or commercial cleaning business, mention everything about your services on the website. Your website can get noticed through SEO, which we will learn about in the next point.

6. Invest in SEO


Let’s face it, we all spend most of our time online. If we have any doubts or inquiries, the first thing we do is search online. Likewise, your potential customers search online to find the best cleaning business. 

Search engine optimization helps them to know about your cleaning service business. However, it is possible in two ways: paid and organic methods. In the paid way, you need to use pay per click method.

In the organic method, you don’t have to pay any money, simply post relevant and informational content on the website.  The search engines will crawl business pages that are informative and provide quality. 

7. Use Google Ads and Google local service ads

It is an advertisement that comes up at the top search engine result. We all have seen it, even might have used it once. It is an effective way to get customers’ attention and convert them into potential customers.

To make yourself noticed by Google, you require to focus on keywords. If your keywords, business information, and website data are inappropriate, Google Adwords will catch that.

8. Use display ads and remarketing ads

If we give you a picture and a word to remember, which one would you be able to recall first? Mostly, it would be an image as it is easy to remember. Thus, how can we forget that while promoting your business and adding display ads to it?

You can create a promotional video of your before and after service. It not only delivers your marketing efforts but indicates how dedicated your company for work. Upload an image or video on your business page to engage existing and new customers. 

Don’t think your work is finished there as you have to do remarketing of numerous advertisements.

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9. Use email marketing

Promote your marketing services with email marketing. It is a quick and inexpensive way to reach out to your potential audience. According to the survey, 70% of consumers think direct mail is more than online interactions.

Therefore, make your email personalized and conversion friendly. You can update about your new services, business cards, discounts, new ways, achievements, and business offers. It is one of the best ways to grow and expand your network.

10. List your business on lead generation sites 

Another effective method to get noticed by customers is to list your business on lead generation websites. For instance, your cleaning business name is listed in more hand maid service and Angie’s list.

By getting listed, it becomes easier for potential cleaning customers to learn about your services. The online directories will help you to find new business and connect customers to your website to book an appointment.

It is helpful among locals as they search for cleaning businesses near them on Google. Also, it allows you to grow your business and network faster.

11. Use your vehicle as a billboard

A fast way to get seen by an ideal cleaning client is to use a vehicle as a billboard. Purchase a vehicle that will cost you around $15,000 and stick your company’s logo into it.

Not just that, put the image on the vehicle to attract customers. This print marketing might seem heavy on the pocket, but it is a one-time investment. Also, the print vehicle is effective marketing as people will notice often.

12. Network with other local businesses

‘A strong network will always be helpful for your business and that is the golden rule of every industry. To build your network, you need to connect with associates, talk with people who are in business, and promote your cleaning business among locals.

It is not easy to grow your network and it will not happen overnight. However, while attending trade shows, taking participation in community events, and merging with other cleaning companies you can expand your network.

13. Distribute flyers

Online advertisement is an effective source to reach your target audience but let’s not forget how effective offline marketing is. And one of the strategies is flyers. Printing and distributing flyers help you to associate with your customers.

You may have to visit every door of the neighborhood but with fewer efforts, you will get a positive result. Even, if the customers do not contact you for the service right at that moment, they will remember and contact you whenever they need it. 

14. Understand the pillars of marketing and your target customers

Marketing is not limited to one idea and strategy; every business work differently. Hence, no one should forget the three pillars of marketing: personalization, over-targeting, and multi-touch. 

Not every business operates the same. So, it is not mandatory; if it has worked for your competitor, it is beneficial for you too.

  • Over-targeting

    Several times, businesses say yes to work for the sake of money and customers. However, it is pretty wrong ethically and practically. Because if the worker does not perform up to the mark, the customers will be disappointed, and you might lose your credibility and customers. 

    Thus, do not promise or say yes to service/work that you would not be able to perform. 

  • Personalization 

    One loyal customer is equal to multiple random customers. Remember, providing quality work should be a priority for every business owner. Therefore, running the extra mile for your potential customers will help you to win trust.

    Understand the problem of your customers and solve all the challenges that come in between the work. Learn the reason why they need the cleaning service business in the first place. 

  • Multi-touch

    Building life-long relationships with customers is a dream for many customers business owners. Your work is not limited to one service; keep updated and stay in touch with the customers. For instance, you can send a message or email about your new offer.

    The customers should feel that you care about them. However, don’t push it too much that the customers feels pissed or frustrated with too many reminders. And ensure that it should be relevant and helpful to the customers. 

15. Create an emotional touch video and leverage video marketing

It is another effective method to promote your cleaning business. Because video brings value to the brand story and helps to attract cleaning customers to check out the services. Create and edit a video using free video editing software available online narrating your business and services.

Have a conversation video with your audience; tell them why you have started this cleaning business and what’s your objective of delivering cleaning services. A personalized touch will help your customers to connect with you and show you are there to provide them service. 

It will also help you to build loyal customers. 

Pro Tip: Make the video short and crips. Add the human element to keep the audience hooked and interested.

16. Ask your customers for reviews

Ask your cleaning customers for reviews

The last yet effective marketing strategy is to request your customers to review your service. It has become crucial because customers check reviews about services before hiring or approaching the company. 

The reviews can be positive or negative. If the reviews are positive, then it will be the cherry on top for your company as they will encourage other customers to contact you. 

However, negative might affect your business but do not think of skipping it. Instead, work on it and show customers that you value their feedback and suggestion. Hence, both positive reviews and negative reviews matter to the business.

Those were the tips to market your cleaning business. 

Are you still uncertain about marketing your cleaning business? Let’s discuss it in our next section of the most frequently asked question.

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To get customers for your cleaning company, you can request customer referrals, join online marketplaces, network with related businesses, and examine online reviews.

You can grow your cleaning business network with the following points:

  • Set up a referral program
  • Distributing flyers on doors
  • Grab more business with email marketing
  • Pay attention to cleaning clients
You can promote your cleaning business for free on LinkedIn, YouTube, Canva, and Yelp. Other than that, place your business brochures and cards in nearby stores and distribute them in your area.

Ready to Market Your Cleaning Business?

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