How to Market a Cleaning Business in 10 Easy Ways

Creating and implementing marketing strategies can make or break any company. It is vital to make use of various marketing tactics and tools in order to advertise your services and business.

When it comes to marketing a cleaning, creating an effective strategy on how to market a cleaning business entails describing your brand, conveying it to the public, and delivering exceptional services. Let’s understand the marketing ways utilized to strengthen your network and develop your business.

What Does Marketing Mean for a Cleaning Business?

Marketing is characterized as the approach or process to adopt to promote and advertise your brand. To market a cleaning business, communicate your service or product to potential customers and the general public and thus, expand your network.

Often, marketing is mistaken as ‘sales.’ But these two terms are complementary and not interchangeable. A clear marketing goal and strategy for a cleaning business unlock the gate for sales conversations to take place, but you ought to build a clear marketing plan to start selling your brand.

Top 10 Effective Ways to Market a Cleaning Business

An exclusive customer experience will encourage your consumers to repurchase your goods and services. It leads to positive word-of-mouth marketing as these happy customers will refer to your brand in their group. To market your cleaning business more effectively, here are the top 10 ideas you can adapt:

  1. Join Networking Events

    One of the ideal ways to start your cleaning company locally is by connecting with networking events. Join your regional chamber of commerce to meet other businesses in your city. Moreover, renting a booth in trade shows to exhibit your business products and spending some time getting to know some local business owners, upsurges sales.

    The concept behind such networking is to contribute or participate and present yourself to prospective customers. If you build relationships, it can bring you new contacts and leads, and thus, your sales increase. Ensure that networking is a segment of your cleaning business marketing plan.

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  3. Understand Your Targeted Users

    Invest your time in researching who your business’ prime audience is. Also, study your competitors’ communication in the industry. Such identification of your target market will give you insights on which ideas to adopt to promote your cleaning business.

    Pro Tip:
    Get aware of the demographics (gender, age, and location) of your targeted market. This will assist you in crafting your advertisements in a relatable and personal way.
  4. Utilize Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the trusted methods of availing leads and enhancing your follow-up strategies with prospective clients. As you create your content marketing scheme of videos and blog posts, you may plan out new content that you can forward to your email list.

    With every part of the content you email, it builds more trust and credibility with your company. With such continuous mails, when the time is right for the targeted clients, they will purchase your services in place of competitors’.

    Best Recommendation::
    A crucial factor to understand while practicing email marketing is that you cannot simply use it to send offers only. Instead, you need to exercise the 80/20 rule.
    80% of your emails should be focused on providing value-based content and only 20% should be aimed at selling. This way, people will stay hooked when you do have discounts and offers and not ignore them.
  5. Invest in a CRM Software Package

    Customer relationship management (CRM) software permits you to store clients’ contact information effortlessly. With this data, it becomes easy for you to schedule cleaning appointments and streamline your operations.

    CloudTutorial knowledge base platform sanctions you to maintain a client database and estimates. You can also keep records of one-time and recurring cleaning appointments and assign tasks to your jobbers accordingly.

  6. Improve SEO

    To get exposure for your house cleaning company, listing it in citation sites or business directories online can be useful. This tactic can aid your business to appear in online searches more frequently.

    Usually, if you list your business in different directories, they will link back to your website. And one of the deciding aspects for getting ranked your cleaning business site on Google is the number of websites connecting to it.

    How to utilize SEO to accelerate your cleaning business?

    Using SEO for cleaning firms must be intended to create content that is built on search terms that your potential customers are searching for. If you want to promote your cleaning services and get organic traffic with SEO, location pages are an ideal step, to begin with.

    Basically, a location page is a page where you can mention your cleaning services and their related benefits, along with the location and city you operate in. Also, you can add this location page on your cleaning business site, which will gain more visitors to your website from that location. Having a feature-rich site and call-to-action will produce leads. And this increased traffic can bring new cleaning clients eventually.

  7. Optimize Your Google My Business Page

    Wishing to get your cleaning firm rated first in the maps on Google? Boosting your Google My Business page can be a terrific way to assist your company gets a high ranking on Google.

    Setting up your business page is just the preliminary step of the process. The other step that you need to focus on is optimization, else your traffic will start declining from Google Maps.

    Pro Tip:
    Consider providing every detail about your business. to keep your users informed, fill out the services you provide, add pictures that are geo-targeted, and your business hours. When you adhere to the optimization tips for your business page, you can enhance your traffic locally and amplify leads dramatically.
  8. Make Your Social Presence

    Keeping an active social media existence can be a fantastic way to promote your business. Understanding diverse social media channels functioning will help you market your cleaning business in a better way. Various social platforms where you can advertise are:

    • Twitter: Twitter allows you to create your business page and connect with your audience. Having this page will allow you to make paid advertisements reach your targeted users more effectively.
    • Facebook: Setting up a business page and having users follow you can be done through Facebook easily. From this page, you can provide details on services offered and operating hours. Your visitors can also post a review and such positive reviews help more probable customers discover your page.
    • Instagram: Lately, Instagram has turned out to be a major platform for social influencers who have a large user base and generally get paid to promote products and businesses. These influencers can team up with you and support you advertise your cleaning services.
    • LinkedIn: A professional platform like LinkedIn also helps you to generate awareness for your cleaning brand. You can use this medium to keep your existing customers up to date by posting relevant messages.
    Pro Tip:
    Post relevant comics, memes, or DIY tips about home and office cleaning to achieve popularity on social media channels. Moreover, on Facebook, you can create events and post promotional deals to make the best use of this medium.
  9. Think Beyond the Usual

    If you have developed your website and created your Facebook Business Page, it is time to consider groundbreaking some advertising practices for marketing your cleaning business that will grab your users’ attention. Here are some of these techniques you can use:

    Keep Your Business Card at Local Stores and Stations

    Various local gas stations, small shops, and eateries will permit you to place your business cards at their desks for free. Also, network with regional business owners and request some free promotions.

    Place flyer and door hangers in your locality

    You are certainly not permitted to put your company’s flyers in private letterboxes, but you are entitled to place them on the doors of your possible users. Also, door hangers are less expected to fly away and are the easiest means to share your business’s information.

    Make your vehicle a moving billboard

    You can place a billboard on your and your employees’ vehicles. This scheme works well as it lets people see your brand on the road easily. This enhances your cleaning services’ reach.

  10. Blogging Works Wonders

    Blogging is an important part of building a content marketing scheme for any cleaning business. It helps in yielding the benefits of SEO and gaining traffic to your site. Moreover, it is used to educate probable customers and transform them into leads.

    Various websites present free blogging plugins that you can attach to your site. Designing informative blogs that are applicable to your cleaning business will boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and attract more traffic to your website.

  11. Employ Video Marketing

    Yet another greatly underutilized promotion strategy for cleaning firms is video marketing. It is a powerful source as it includes a sense of authenticity to your business. Additionally, when you publish a video, it can build rapport, credibility, and trust with your audiences quickly.

    Mostly, cleaning companies do not utilize video marketing. So, if you are an option for this type of advertisement, it can make your business shine in the market. If you market your cleaning business on YouTube, you will get an immense online presence as it works like a search engine similar to Google. This states that every time you post a video, it will work to promote your cleaning services 24*7.

    Best Recommendation:
    Video publishing ideas that produce leads are time-lapse cleaning videos, testimonials from your customers, how-to videos, and before and after videos.

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Bonus Tip

Devote in Pay Per Click Advertisement

Use ‘pay per click’ advertising to attract traffic to your business website. Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads offer varied paid plans that will highlight your site over a rival’s site when somebody hunts for commercial cleaning, house cleaning, or other services your company offers.


To get customers for your cleaning business you can request customer referrals, join online marketplaces, network with related businesses, and examine online reviews.

Top 7 ways to grow your cleaning business – network more, set up a referral program, keep knocking on doors, grab more business with email marketing, pay attention to clients with each step of the marketing cycle, and be human and share what makes you stand apart from the rest in the market.

You can promote your cleaning business for free on LinkedIn, Youtube, Canva, and Yelp. Other than that, place your business brochures and cards in nearby stores and distribute them in your area.

While planning how to market a cleaning business, it is advised to implement a prominent marketing strategy and ways. Today, various CRM tools, sites with inbuilt SEO and conversion tools, and social media platforms help you to understand which marketing tools will be suitable for your cleaning business.

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