A Detailed Guide on How to Get Clients For a Cleaning Business

Commercial and home cleaning business is said to be one of the most lucrative businesses. As reflected in a report by Allied Market Research, the cleaning industry will continue to grow with a CAGR of 5.8% in 2022.

So, it seems like starting a company in this industry could be profitable in the near future. But the question that comes to your mind is how to get clients for a cleaning business. So, we have curated this blog to answer your questions and provide you with a detailed guide on gaining clients for your cleaning business.

15 Ways to Get More Clients For Your Cleaning Business

One of the biggest problems with getting more clients is not about actually getting them but retaining those who come to you. The following points will tell you some of the best ways to get and keep your clients in the best possible manner.

1. Make up a marketing plan

Marketing plan to get clients for cleaning business

After successfully establishing a business, you are required to market your business and your cleaning services to come into the limelight of the general audience. For that, you have to come up with a solid marketing plan covering all your desired aspects.

You have to figure out your business’s target audience, create marketing strategies, decide your pricing, hire cleaners, and much more. Every step in your marketing plan should get your business towards growth and success.

Creating and implementing a marketing plan can help you:

  • Widen your reach
  • Get a chance to convert leads to potential customers
  • Get in the notice of the service seekers across town
  • Know your customer’s requirements
  • Get honest reviews

2. Create your pricing plan

What’s the most frequent question customers ask businesses?

It is the pricing plan; customers ask about the service charges and if the company provides an offer that comes along with that. Moreover, it is essential to create a pricing plan because customers would not hire before knowing the prices. So, how to make it, and on what basis? 

It is created by calculating factors such as employees, pieces of equipment, and logistics. Hence, every service contains different charges.

So, the price range should not be too low to make a profit nor too high to sustain. The price plan should be profitable enough to beat your competitor, also, do not forget to provide some offers and discounts to attract customers.

Note: The pricing plan for commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning services will be different.

3. Ask for customer referrals

Ask for customer referrals to get clients for cleaning business

Reaching out to previously serviced commercial cleaning clients is the way to get referrals. They can refer you with proven experience. Using real experiences through customer testimonials or referrals is the best way to get clients.

Businesses can use the same testimonials on their website and social media profiles. Customers’ word-of-mouth publicity is the best type of publicity, as people believe other customers more.

You can sift through the referrals received from your customers and put them out for a potential cleaning client list. No one can trust your business completely without customers’ recognition.

This way, you can make your customers your marketing agents. Apart from your primary marketing strategy, this type of silent marketing strategy helps you reach a particular audience segment that you cannot reach with the help of other strategies.

4. Network with related businesses

Building a professional network through attending business events and conventions can help you find business groups and communities you can join. There are groups and communities for local businesses of all kinds. 

The cleaning company business is a vast market. You will find that it also has some of the most significant communities. 

These communities help you advance in business by collectively sharing ideas, tips, and forging ahead in the cleaning industry. You will find several cleaning business owners who own cleaning companies of all sorts. 

5. Join online marketplaces

The online marketplaces offer you to create an additional sales channel for finding more cleaning business clients. Another benefit of being a part of an online marketplace is that it involves fewer marketing costs compared to other sales channels.

Customers prefer an online marketplace because they can easily compare services and prices on such platforms. Such platforms allow you to be transparent with the cleaning clients by giving them access to the availability and prices of your services. You can start by creating a profile and increasing visibility for new cleaning clients in your area.

For example, if you are providing office cleaning services, you could get commercial clients easily using online marketplaces as cleaning services are a constant requirement among them.

6. Use lead generation sites to get more clients

A lead generation site helps clients to know about your service with qualitative information regarding the cleaning industry. However, before using lead generation websites, you should be clear about your target market audience. 

Because it will be like knocking on the wrong door the entire time and missing your opportunity to get clients. As a result, you should have a clear idea of your service, what you are selling, whether it is limited to a specific group, and understand their pain points.

Also, through sites, the client for a cleaning business will end up on your landing page, business page, and website content. So, keep that updated and well-informed to attract clientele.

7. Distribute cleaning flyers

Traditional method to get customers is by distributing cleaning flyers near the locals. The flyers are an inexpensive and effective method for the market cleaning business. As a business owner, you can find attractive, efficient, and attention-grabbing cleaning service flyers online.

In the flyers,​ add your company’s name ( should be highlighted), address, service information, and contact details. 

8. Use coupons/discounts

Make sure your cleaning clients have access to your services without spending too much time or money. It is one way of being recognized. Offering a discount or coupon can help you entice cleaning clients to try out one of your services. 

You can offer discounts on the first two or three services. Discounts and coupons are ads with an incentive. You can promote one type of service to another service’s client using discount coupons. For example, you handle both types of cleaning businesses, residential and commercial. 

So, if you provide a coupon for residential cleaning to a client of your office cleaning business, it will let your clients try your other services too.

You can also ask residential and commercial cleaning clients to bring in their friends and receive a discount in return. It is a great way to indulge more clients for your cleaning business.

9. Use Google My Business and other local directories

​​Another way on the list to get a client is by using Google My Business and other local directories. Google allows you to set up your cleaning business online by providing essential data such as business name, contact information, and service information. 

With the help of search engines, numerous listed cleaning service companies’ name pop up on search pages. It is free to create a business profile on Google. Once you create your profile, you can manage your business and reach potential clients from Google Search and Maps.  

10. Invest in paid FB and Instagram ads

The latest and fastest way to get customer attention is through Facebook and Instagram advertisements. Both social media platforms are linked and are easy mediums to promote because they will show ads to your target audience.

Social media sites provide the prospect of selecting demographic, audience behavior, interest, geographical location, and age range. So, it makes it more effortless for business owners to target their potential customers. For instance, the age group of 25-45 will take an interest in watching cleaning service ads.

So, you know which age group to attract. Also, it allows you to post advertisements through pictures, videos, reels, GIFs, and blog posts. 

11. Use Google Local service ads

Have you ever searched for a “cleaning service near me”?

If you did, you must have seen a list of companies that provide cleaning services. Well, that appears with the help of Google Local service ads. It is a medium to promote business and allow clients to search for nearby cleaning services. So, if you want your company to be on the list, you need to register your company details in it.

It is a verified source, so you are required to submit materials such as business licenses and insurance. Google will check whether your business is reliable and do some background checks. Once, it is approved your cleaning business will show on the list.

12. Use of remarketing ads

Let’s face it- not all customers will buy or contact you for service on the first visit. 

In the high-competition market, clients will look for numerous cleaning service businesses but select one company that matches their criteria. 

Here, remarketing ads come into the picture. The ads are a follow-up and reminder to make customers check the website. It also allows you to display what your cleaning service business offers and doesn’t let potential customers disappear without turning them into the lead. 

For instance, a customer has visited your website but returned in a few seconds. With the remarketing ads, you can approach clients and ask them to revisit and continue with the activity. 

Here, the goal is to convert clients to contact and hire you for cleaning services. 

13. Send emails for promotional offers

​​One strategy that is effective yet underestimate is email marketing. It is helpful for follow-up or spreading the word about your company’s new events. It also helps to reach out to a broader target audience and inform them about the latest promotional offers. 

It is one of the profitable marketing campaigns which help to showcase your outstanding services. You can send an email about your new services, exclusive promotions, free delivery, 50% discount offer. It will increase brand awareness and help to build a trusting relationship with clients. 

Also, it will be a medium to keep your user engaged. 

14. Sponsor, support, or volunteer at a local community 

Participating in a local community event gives you a chance to build a professional network of companies. It is for the good cause and might not help you to earn money but will be helpful to be part of the networking events and make friends.

15. Use cleaning vans to promote your business

Another way and last effective method to get clients are using cleaning vans. The visible promotion helps cleaning clients to know about your services. For instance, if you are going for your job, on lookers will read and remember your cleaning business.

Those were the methods to get clients for a cleaning business. Now, let’s look at the most frequently asked questions.

Manage and Grow Your Cleaning Company

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You can get the first customer by promoting your cleaning business online and offline. Market your business on the following mediums will help you to get customers:
  • Company’s website
  • Social media platforms
  • Flyer
  • Door hangers
  • Referral
  • Google Ads
As a cleaner you need to promote and market your work. First of all, you need to understand your target audience, focus on them and provide them quality and unique job. Also, you can ask your existing clients to spread a word about your service by giving testimonials.
You can expand or grow your cleaning business by-
  • creating a marketing plan
  • extend your network skills
  • set up a referral program
  • increase word of mouth marketing
  • new innovative cleaning service ideas
The trends in the cleaning industry are:
  • Sustainable technology
  • Enviornemtn friendly equipment
  • Supply chain
  • Add-on service
Residential and commercial cleaning clients want a trustworthy and reliable cleaning company to clean their space. They want well-trained cleaners to perform their work efficiently and effortlessly.


Getting new customers for your business is a difficult endeavor. Therefore, we discussed different ways to get more clients for your cleaning business and expand your business worldwide. Following these mentioned ways, you will get more clients and make more profit.

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