10 Best Scheduling Software For Cleaning Service Providers

The global cleaning service industry is continually breaking new barriers! It is growing at a CAGR of 6.2% and will reach $74 billion by 2022. Scheduling software has played a significant role in contributing to this growth.

Cleaning businesses have realized the value of scheduling software and the digital transformation it ushers into their company. They are using it to automate their operations. It is not only saving time but has also improved its customer services.

With so many options in the market, it feels confusing regarding which one is the best scheduling software for cleaning service businesses. To help you get the ideal one, we have compiled a list of the 10 best cleaning service scheduler software. Continue reading this blog and determine which one is right for your business.

10 Best Cleaning Software Solutions For Cleaning Service Businesses

The cleaning business software is mainly designed and developed for all the cleaning businesses that have to manage technicians, workers, cleaners, service providers, jobs, work schedules, and their job progress.

Let’s get started to see some of the best software solutions.

  1. FieldCamp

    FieldCamp is a premier field service management software solely responsible for managing and automating your entire cleaning business operations with ease.

    FieldCamp - Best Cleaning Software For Cleaning Businesses

    FieldCamp allows you to easily deal with scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, follow-ups, payment processing, reporting, and even view customer reviews. In short, it’s not just an app, but your complete service business in your hand.

    FieldCamp is an ideal choice for other service businesses like HVAC, Plumbing, Carpeting, Snow removal, Painting, Pest control, Landscaping and lawn mowing, and many more. It is a complete enterprise-level Field Service Management software solution. FieldCamp provides a 7-day free trial.

    Top features of FieldCamp

    • Job scheduling
    • Staff management
    • Customer management
    • Payment processing
    • Invoice management
    • Real-time field staff tracking
    • Comprehensive business reports

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  3. ScheduleOnce

    ScheduleOnce is an impressive solution that helps you to deal with creating and managing the schedules for cleaning tasks.

    ScheduleOnce - Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business

    With the help of this cleaning business software solution, it becomes pretty easy for you to enhance your connection by including the various integration platforms. The software is equipped with alerts and notifications where you and your team members are connected with each other.

    ScheduleOnce provides an inspiring outcome by offering an end-to-end solution with all the customer lifecycle phases that help schedule the relevant prospects. In addition, the software is robust and used by various organizations globally.

    ScheduleOnce comes up with the features like:

    • Connects easily with major calendar platforms
    • Integration with CRM, web conferencing
    • Handles multiple event types
    • Enhanced availability
    • Supports customized themes
    • Website integration
  4. Workwave

    Workwave is one of the best cleaning business software for businesses, allowing you to brush away the hassle of paper schedules and messy excel sheets.

    Workwave - Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business

    Considered as an industry-leading and automated cleaning service schedule online software, this work wave provides a user-friendly and online cleaner booking solution. It is solely responsible to streamline and automate company operations and grow your overall cleaning jobs.

    Workwave comes with a quote, accounting, invoicing, and handling major cash flow features. Also, it supports real-time tracking features that will help you save 80% of the time and effort you spend on greeting schedules.

    Also known as maid services software, cleaning quote software, and maid business software, Workwave keeps all your information in a single place so that you can access it easily from anywhere and anytime. Workwave offers a free trial.

    Some of the common features of Workwave are:

    • Appointment scheduling and work order management
    • Customer database to manage client information and requirements
    • Job management and payment processing
    • SMS reminders
    • Customer support and customer service software
    • Tracking job status with complete details
    • Generating bills and invoices

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  5. mHelpDesk

    mHelpDesk is a cleaning software for dispatching and automating everything from first customer contact to getting paid. They empower their consumers with online tools that are excellent in performance, reliability, and functionality.

    mHelpDesk - Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business

    They have packed everything into one easy-to-use and affordable package that requires no significant upfront investment.

    Top features of mHelpDesk:

    • Access Controls/Permissions
    • Alerts/Notifications
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Automated Scheduling
    • Billing & Invoicing
    • Business Process Automation
    • Client Management

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  6. RazorSync

    RazorSync software is one of the best maid service software that offers field service management solutions for the front and back end of the maid service business. Using this solution, it becomes easy for you to manage and organize cleaning service operations more efficiently, allowing the maid service owners to focus on growing their business.

    RazorSync - Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business

    Designed and developed for the field service industry, this maid services software solution will connect cleaners, admin, and owners.

    Whether you are looking for a solution that runs on a tablet for service technicians, smartphone, laptop, or any other device, this cleaning business software solution is something that you need for your cleaning business to improve profitability by saving significant time and effort. RazorSync provides users with a free trial.

    Some of the common features of RazorSync includes:

    • Scheduling jobs and online booking system
    • Route optimization
    • Worker management and GPS
    • Estimating and invoicing
    • Automated SMS reminders
    • Customer portal to manage new customers and their data
    • Supports Quickbooks integration

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  7. Zenmaid

    Zenmaid is a simple and easy-to-use cleaning service software that is mainly developed for saving time on managing schedules, employees, and client requests. The solution helps you manage and streamline your cleaning business and expand your business by receiving more requests from clients.

    Zenmaid - Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business

    You grow your business worldwide and earn more profit by saving your time on creating schedules manually and handling paperwork. There is no need to perform any paperwork and take sheets in your cleaning company to keep all the client information safe and secure.

    This home cleaning software helps you improve efficiency, provide better customer service, and manage your business seamlessly.

    Whether it is about managing invoices, cash flow, bills, and receiving & pending payments from clients, Zenmaid is an all-in-one app solution for the cleaning business.

    So, it’s time to replace your daily and old-school tools like Google calendar, excel sheets, pen & paper, and adopt this Zenmaid solution to handle all the operations without taking much time.

    Some of the wonderful features of Zenmaid are:

    • Automate scheduling and bookings
    • Manage a team of employees and clients with just clicks
    • Assign jobs and track the progress with just a click
    • Generate yearly and quarterly reports to analyze business profits
    • Get email notifications, SMS, and text messages for new job requests
    • Safe and secure payment processing method

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  8. FieldVibe

    FieldVibe is a cleaning business software solution that is specifically designed for field service professionals. It is ideal for small HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Cleaning, Lawn Care, Handyman, Appliance Repair, and other field services businesses.

    FieldVibe - Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business

    FieldVibe is the cleaning schedule software that helps in dealing with schedule, dispatch, and managing their entire field operation from a single app. It allows you to plan, dispatch, and track your jobs and field staff in a real-time scenario. FieldVibe offers a free trial.

    FieldVibe is used by multiple field service-type businesses, including HVAC, electrical, lawn, plumbing, cleaning, handyman, and pest control.

    FieldVibe comes up with features like:

    • Supports GPS tracking for time tracking,
    • Helps in job creation, job calendar, notes, and photo attachments
    • Impressive user interface
    • Creates impressive task lists
    • Time and revenue reporting
    • Automated SMS reminders
    • Typing-free late-to-job texts

    Download Here:


  9. Track Your Cleaners in Real-Time

    Automate 90% of your daily operations and save up to 95% of the time that you are spending on scheduling & reports with FieldCamp!

  10. EngageBay

    EngageBay is an affordable and straightforward cleaning software that is designed explicitly for sales and service experts. In addition, it is equipped with free CRM that helps many businesses to enhance their cleaning business growth to a great extent. EngageBay is one of the best maid service software.

    EngageBay - Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business

    This cloud-based cleaning software helps you save time, nurture your audience and automate routine, manual tasks. You can easily organize all your email contacts, track deals, and the sales pipeline to enhance your sales strategies. Further, it contains outstanding customer support.

    It’s easy-to-use scheduling features include, drag and drop scheduling, automatic dispatching, and automated email/text confirmations.

    EngageBay provides real-time assistance by having free live chat and helpdesk features for your clients.

    EngageBay provides features like:

    • Allows up to 10 users to gain access free-of-cost
    • Offers a marketing automation platform
    • Offers Sales automation platform
    • Simple contact management,
    • Telephony and automated tasks
    • Cleaning appointment scheduling
    • Custom reports with automatic SMS reminders

    Download Here:


  11. ServiceTitan

    ServiceTitan is an all-in-one software solution for residential and commercial FSM businesses. This software will help you boost sales of your cleaning business and improve the efficiency of your team. It will also provide real-time insights.

    ServiceTitan - Scheduling Software for Cleaning Business

    Some Features of ServiceTitan are:

    • Eliminate paperwork
    • Training library
    • Track sales performance
    • Monitor call booking
    • Import data
    • Receive consultation on best practices

    Download Here:


  12. DoTimely

    DoTimely is an all-in-one solution for pet sitting, dog walking, training, maid services, carpet cleaning, lawn care, coaching, pool cleaning, pest control, and handyman businesses. Users can run their business from anywhere, using their mobile devices.

    DoTimely provides features like:

    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Billing & Invoicing
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Customer Portal
    • Recurring Appointments
    • Scheduling

    Download Here:


Next, I will share the benefits of using scheduling software.

What are the Benefits of Using Scheduling Software for Cleaning Businesses

After looking at the list of cleaning service software that helps business owners of cleaning businesses deal with automating company operations, it’s time to see the benefits of such software.

  1. Automate Scheduling, Tracking, Route Optimization, and Billing

    This software helps the business to provide an optimum solution to generate impressive and effective outcomes. Using the maid service software, you can quickly resolve complex and tedious tasks by possessing automated schedules of the tasks allotted to perform the relevant tracking of the work performed, which eventually makes your work easy.

  2. Get Rid of Paperwork and Manual processes

    Typically, most companies are spending more time and effort to create the sheet for all the work orders of the field workers. So, to overcome such issues, the scheduling app plays a vital role in performing automated tasks, and the business gets rid of performing manual activities like job scheduling, job creation, scheduling cleaning appointments, and others.

  3. Improve Customer Communication and Customer Engagement

    Customers are the most important and valuable resource for any small business running in any sector. So, it becomes pretty obvious to deal with appropriate customer satisfaction by delivering valuable information about the services. This eventually brings awareness about the organization to the customers and leads to enhancement in business growth.

  4. Reduces Conflict of Availability

    A scheduling system gives lets an employee collaborate, with regard to their schedules. It helps mitigate scheduling conflicts among employees. As a result, employee satisfaction will increase, and there will be minimal errors in time-off requests. An employee schedules as per the requirements and by acknowledging the needs of other workers.

  5. Plan personal time without hindering professional commitments Scheduling tools helps the management allocate the resources as per the requirements and work priorities. It enables the employees to make adjustments and changes in their plans to fulfill their work commitments. Remember, there is a common observation that employees who work in a flexible working environment are more productive and motivated than those who have to adjust their time and commitments due to an instant change in their shifts.

Easily Assign Jobs With All It’s Details From Place

With FieldCamp, you can share all job details automatically with the cleaners. Our software is compatible with both Android and iOS.!


Initially, you will need at least a vendor’s license for your home and running a cleaning business. All business owners must pay sales taxes on non-wholesale revenue they earn within their state. Also, you will need to apply for a business license if you use a fictional name for your business.

To give a customer an estimate, add the times for the areas given by the customer, divide those times by 60 to get how long it will take to clean, and multiply that number by your hourly rate. For example, 200/60 = 3.33 x $30 = $100. The number you get will be the amount you charge your customer.

To organize your cleaning business, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Ditch the old-school techniques of managing job requests
  • Adopt a scheduling solution like FieldCamp to manage all the operations
  • Hire experienced managers to handle customer’s needs and business
  • Make use of advanced tools, whether it is about estimations and payments

Ensure that you understand the challenges and requirements of your business before choosing software. Take into account the budget, features, and functionalities you will need. It will help you determine the ideal software for your company. If you have decided to opt for FieldCamp, then visit our website today.

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