20 Successful Handyman Business Ideas

Starting a handyman business is a bold move where you get to pick the business trades that you think would benefit your career. It is bold because bad business ideas could get you stuck in your business anytime. 

But the best thing about running such a business is that you can always consider adding new profitable handyman services to the list and jumpstart the business flow. 

No entrepreneur trying to build a successful handyman business would ever want to pick the wrong business ideas to start their handyman career. You want to pick the most profitable services or ideas to streamline your handyman business immediately.

If you intend to achieve that, dig deeper into these 20 successful and profitable handyman business ideas listed below. 

20 Handyman Business Ideas for Success

It might be safe for people to consider only a limited type of handyman job to add to their business offerings. But, any limitation would restrict your earning potential in the long run. 

Today, there are over 91,000 handymen employed in the United States. Some of them are recruited by a handyman business like yours, while most are independent handymen offering services to the local customers. 

In short, the competition is broad. To surpass them and mark your brand’s reputation, you must break the limit barriers and add more creative, demanding, and profitable ideas to seek business growth. 

top handyman business ideas

Assess the potential of your handymen in the company. They might just have some proficient add-on skills that could make your brand a one-stop solution for all the odd jobs of a house. 

Keeping that aspect in mind, here are the 20 best ideas to thrive your handyman business and make it stand out from the crowd. 

1. Air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance and service

When the seasons change, people call in professionals to service their air conditioning systems. Apart from that, people often buy air conditioners in the summer and pay a high amount for their installation. So, this is probably a proficient trade for all small business owners.

2. House moving services

Help the residents who are about to move from one place to another. Hiring packers and movers for the job costs them a fortune. If your handyman service company can offer the service at a lower cost, you will help the customers save a lot of money, and you can earn a good profit out of it.

3. Furniture assembly and repair services

Handyman businesses must have employees who are aware of installing and repairing furniture. Most retailers do not offer free assembly services when someone buys furniture. And to save a few dollars, customers try to assemble it themselves and preferably experience damage. 

Therefore, if your business can step in and extend a helping hand at a nominal price, it can be a demanding business idea to start a furniture assembly business. You need to market your services well to be in the minds of your target customers to hand you over such jobs.

4. Window cleaning services

You can use the skills of your handymen to start a window cleaning business. Every now and then, the customers would request a thorough cleaning of their windows as it hampers the overall appeal of their house. You should have the right equipment and team members to offer this service.

5. Construction cleanup services

A construction cleanup business is an extremely profitable trade within the handyman industry. After the construction job is done at the site, there is always a lot of mess left behind. The property owners might want to get that cleaned out as soon as possible. And they will eventually look for handyman businesses to take up the job. 

Depending on the size of the property and the intensity of cleaning needed, you can quote a good price to the customers and offer the destined value to that pricing. 

6. Carpet installation services

You can start a carpet installation business as a handyman. It is mostly requested by the house owners who have shifted to a new home within the state. They want their carpets installed at dedicated places around the house and perfectly. 

Along with carpet installation, you can also add removal services for customers who are moving from one place to another and want their carpets safely removed and packed. 

7. Boat cleaning services

When you start a handyman business, make sure you buy pressure washing equipment with different attachments on priority. It is because this one set of equipment can help you execute a lot of business ideas. One such idea is to offer a boat cleaning service. 

Clean the boats inside out and earn a good profit for your business to thrive. You can quote your customers based on the boat size and the cleaning intensity that it needs. 

8. CCTV camera installation and removal services

A CCTV camera business idea can be a proven idea for handyman businesses. It is not always a job for a big team, as a single person with some technical knowledge can do the needful. A few carpentry skills are also needed, which is why a handyman seems a perfect fit. 

9. Crate packing services

When a customer decides to transport a lot of goods from one place to another through a delivery truck, they might need help packing those items in a safe crate. So, a packing crate service offered by your small business could be really helpful for the customers in need. 

If you are already offering carpentry services in your handyman business, then crate packing can just be an add-on skill for the handymen that can add more paying opportunities. 

10. Glass tinting services

People living in hotter states of the US often prefer to call in glass tinting services for their residential and commercial properties. Its main purpose is to reduce the solar radiation and heat that enters the interior of your house. A handyman business can offer this service easily and charge the client on a per-window basis. 

11. Blind cleaning services

Blind cleaning service is an add-on to the window cleaning job offered by handymen. To ensure overall customer satisfaction, you can upsell this service and the window cleaning projects at nominal pricing. You need to make some business expenses by buying the chemicals and cleaning solutions needed for this job.

12. Appliance repair services

Appliance repair business is one of the most profitable trades across all industries. As a handyman business, you must add this trade to your new business by hiring skillful individuals for your team. 

Appliances are of many types, such as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, home theatres, and others. You can take up appliance repair projects depending on the skills that you have hired. 

13. Organizing attic rooms

It is one of the unique services that most handyman businesses are unaware of. Many residential apartments or properties have attic rooms that can be converted into productive spaces such as a playroom for children or a home office. Be the expert your clients need in organizing and setting up the attic rooms. 

14. Plumbing repair service

Work on imposing plumbing repair business ideas and all the other handyman services you offer. You can add only the minor repair jobs to your list as the devastating damages need thorough repairs from the deep-rooted plumbing lines. 

If your handymen have specialized skills to handle emergency and intense plumbing faults, you can definitely go beyond the bar and offer better assistance.

15. House painting services

house painting services

House painting is a very complex task, and it needs a lot of skill and patience to obtain good results. When you start a handyman business and have plans to add painting jobs to the service list, you must hire skilled painters to be part of your team. 

Go for smaller projects first to build your confidence with this business idea. Later, you can take up big projects when you have the manpower and skills. 

16. Landscaping services

Residents with a big property area and garden space want beautiful yards and gardens to spend quality time outside. Therefore, landscapers are very much demanded in all of the United States. Add this service to your new business and reap the demand benefits. 

17. Cell phone repair business

It is again a service that is not so common among the handyman businesses. Today, every individual around the world is using a smartphone. People who don’t want to leave their homes to go to the dedicated service centers would look for someone who could come and repair their cellphones at home. 

It is a sign of a successful business to help the customers by solving their real problems. And being creative with what you can offer as a handyman business is something that would benefit your target market as well as your business growth

18. Chimney repair business

Chimneys are used by most of the residents in the United States, and they need timely cleaning to keep serving the purpose they are meant for. Therefore, there will always be a demand for chimney cleaning businesses. Make sure your handyman business offers chimney repair solutions to clients. 

19. Making dog houses

Being creative and unique in terms of your offer will always make you stand out from the crowd and get people’s attention. Dog lovers are infinite in the United States, and the new pet parents would always need a dog house to give room to their fur friend. 

Basic carpentry with little architect skills is sufficient to build a dog house. If you have hired carpenters while starting a handyman business, you can list this service in your offerings. Let your team try building out some of the dog houses in their free time to build confidence. 

20. Locksmith services

There are many instances when people get locked out of their houses due to lost or forgotten keys. The problem is that most people don’t know whom to call for help in such situations. Therefore, as a handyman business, you must market your locksmith services and give a point of contact to the residents for reaching out to you in such situations.

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A handyman business is only profitable if it has a good amount of services to offer. The handyman services get paid with an average annual payout of $46,139. The more the services, the more profitable your handyman business will be. The top 10% of highest-paid handyman jobs have earned over $65,000 annually.
Yes, a business plan or a structure is important for you to start a handyman business. You need to be aware of the goals that you have set for a specific time period. You need to plan out the initial services of your business model in advance and mention them in your plan. You can later make changes to this section and add more services on the go.

Here are some things that you must do to make your small business stand out from the crowd:

  • Use a business plan as your guide to success.
  • Get small business insurance to back up your business expenses.
  • Create a business bank account to record the transactions on legal terms. 
  • Price the services appropriately.
  • Choose impactful handyman advertising ideas by referring to your strict marketing strategy.
  • Pick the services that people hate to do by themselves.

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