How to Start a Furniture Assembly Business?

The online furniture delivery and assembly industry is estimated to grow by $84 billion between 2020-2024.

This prediction clearly tells us that starting a business in this industry will be a profitable one. So, if you are planning to start a furniture assembly business, now is the right time.

However, before you launch your business, you need to have some things in order, such as a business plan, licenses, and permits, a business vehicle, and tools and equipment.

To know more, read ahead to learn what is a furniture assembly business and how to start one, gain customers and generate profits in nine simple steps.

What is a Furniture Assembly Business?

In plain words: a business that assembles furniture for its customers is a furniture assembly business.

It is increasingly common nowadays to find furniture retailers who sell unassembled furniture.

And people who don’t feel very nifty might be intimidated by the thought of assembling their own furniture. This is why they prefer to hire businesses that can make this challenging yet tedious process simpler for them. 

This is where you come in!

If you decide to run a company that assembles furniture, you might be able to ease the stress that many customers experience after purchasing furniture only to receive boxes of unassembled furniture.

Your job would be to put the furniture together, which would entail mounting furniture or appliances and moving furniture to the appropriate spot.

But what about the start-up costs of launching a furniture assembly business today?

The good news is that starting a furniture assembly business does not necessitate a large initial investment. Many vendors begin with their own car and a handful of basic handyman tools such as a hammer, set of screws, screwdriver, etc.

As your customer base grows, you will consider other tools that would be useful to have. You can then reinvest your profits in your business to buy those tools.

Other common expenses of a furniture assembly business include marketing costs, payment processing fees, incorporation, taxes, workspace, tools, and transportation costs.

However, since it is a start-up, you can set up your business at home and significantly cut costs related to your workspace. 

A large workspace or office isn’t necessary when you’re just starting out, especially if you assemble the furniture at your customer’s office or home.

Now that you understand what this business entails, let’s learn how you can start a furniture assembly business with some easy steps.

9 Steps to Start a Furniture Assembly Business

1. Create a comprehensive business plan 

Before you start a furniture assembly business and offer services, you must have a detailed business plan as it is the most important step.

You should have a name for your business, structure, and work processes in place, as well as a plan for how your company will operate and what services it will provide. 

You must also decide how you want to market and advertise your company, what your pricing model will be, and what your sales goals are.

2. Obtaining business licenses and permits

You might need licenses and permits to operate your furniture assembling company based on the requirements of your local government.

Many areas, however,  do not require licensing or permits. The terms and conditions and fees differ according to the type of business and location.

Therefore, it is important to verify what licenses and permits you need to run your business since failure to obtain them can result in legal problems later.

3. Find your target market

Define your niche and the clients you want to serve, and decide whether you would:

  • Provide furniture assembly services to anyone who needs them
  • Offer furniture assembly services to customers who purchase furniture from specific stores
  • Assemble new or used furniture
  • Cater to either home or office furniture, or both

Knowing your target audience is essential to avoid wasting time and resources contacting the wrong leads. You can interact with those who stand the best chance of purchasing your services if you have a clear understanding of your target customer.

4. Determine your prices and services

You must decide how much you will charge for assembly services for various types of furniture. Determine whether you will charge a flat rate for each piece of furniture or different rates based on the complexity of the job.

Researching your competitors and learning about their pricing strategies is a good idea. Determine where existing furniture assembly service companies fall short in serving customers and how you can bridge that gap to justify your service rates.

Customers are looking for reliable service and quality. If you provide better furniture assembly service, you can charge them higher than your rival companies.

5. Market and promote your business

Marketing costs are another important aspect of a business plan. To calculate the costs of promoting your company, you must first decide how you want to do it and how much you are willing to spend.

You must decide whether to spend money on billboards or van ads, or both. If you ask us, displaying your company name and contact details on a furniture delivery van can be an excellent advertising strategy.

Another important strategy to promote your furniture assembly company is to use social media advertising. You can leverage the benefits of Facebook and Instagram ads for better and faster results. 

Therefore, choose the most effective advertising channel for your business and invest the majority of your advertising budget in it.

6. Build a business website and create a social media presence

To promote their businesses, almost all business owners reach out to their friends and family and get them as their first clients. 

It is a great marketing strategy since your relatives will do their best to spread the word about your services and get you more clients. 

However, even then, your reach will remain small since the market is huge, and there are so many potential customers out there who need your services but aren’t aware of your business.

Almost 97% of people use the internet to find out more information about local businesses. Therefore, when prospective customers Google for the best furniture assembly services, your company must appear.

You can reach potential customers online by creating your own business website. There are several user-friendly website builders such as Weebly, Wix, and GoDaddy that can help you build professional websites without the help of a website designer. 

Customers commonly visit and look for services on websites from their mobile phones. Thus, a mobile-friendly website can speed up and simplify your conversion processes.

Another way to reach clients online is to create accounts on social media platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Your business website and accounts on social media should include information about your furniture types, assembly services, prices, schedules, and CTAs so that customers can act on them.

7. Map your customer journey

It can be challenging to understand the customer profile and purchase cycle of your clients with the variety of online and offline purchasing channels available these days. 

Therefore, you must first map your customers’ journey to hit the right spot and reach the right customers.

You need to understand how your customers search for a furniture assembly service. Find out if they look up your services on Google or get recommendations from furniture stores.

If your customers ask for recommendations, you should develop a solid network with the furniture retailers in your location.

Furthermore, if customers search for furniture assembling services online, you must SEO optimize your company website for it to rank high on Google SERPs.

When you understand your customers’ purchasing habits, you can approach them with personalized offers, service, and sales pitches as soon as they buy new RTA (Ready-to-assemble) furniture.

8. Ask for recommendations and reviews

It’s important to keep in mind that the same client is unlikely to hire furniture assembly services every day. 

Once the furniture is put together, your clients will only require your assistance when they purchase new furniture. As a result, you must continue to attract new customers.

People are 90% more likely to trust and buy an item or service if a friend recommends it. Therefore, word of mouth is an excellent form of advertising in the furniture assembly industry.

Ask your satisfied customers to tell others about your services. Ask them to leave positive reviews about your new business online on review sites and even post testimonials on your website. 

You can also ask them to rate your company on your social media pages, Google, and on other business directories where your furniture assembling business is listed. 

Also, network with furniture retailers in your area and build a strong relationship with them. Ask them to recommend your service to their customers and do the same for them with your clients. 

It is best to leave your business cards and service brochure with them so that they can share them with the ones needing them.

9. Sell your services and make profits

When you meet people who require your services, be prepared to earn their trust, reassure them that you can assist them, and deliver on their expectations. Be confident when pitching your business offerings to potential clients.

Finally, your ultimate business goal is to generate profit, which you will do if you follow the steps in this blog. But your job doesn’t end there!

You must constantly improve your work process to meet your specific business objectives in today’s highly competitive world. Some actions you should take regularly are:

  • Continue to promote your furniture assembly business online in unique ways
  • Maintain the financial and legal requirements of your local area
  • Improve the quality of your furniture assembling offerings as you get customer feedback

If you persistently and consistently follow these steps, you’ll be able to scale your business organically and mark yourself as an industry expert with time.

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On average, a furniture assembler can charge from $120 to $175 depending on the size and complexity of the furniture. However, some businesses charge significantly more or less than the industry standard.

Tools are the most important aspect of your furniture assembly business and will most likely be one of your most significant investment areas. Some important tools to consider are:

  • Hammer
  • Impact drill
  • Flat plates
  • Toggles 
  • Self-tappers
  • Channel lock
  • Hacksaw
  • Set of clamps
  • Duct tape
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Rubber mallet
  • Pry bar
  • Vice grips

Yes, the furniture assembling industry is profitable. The primary reason is a shift in customer preference for ready-to-assemble furniture over fully assembled furniture.

Aside from assembling, you can also provide disassembling services to clients moving or purchasing new furniture.

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