Handyman Services List: Offer These 20 Handyman Services to Your Customers

Most of the minor maintenance and service jobs are handled by a handyman. Therefore, it is important that a handyman services list should have the most necessary jobs on it. It will help you gain a reputation and eventually retain customers. 

But what are the best independent handyman services for you to offer? Find it out with a briefly explained handyman services list below.

20 Types of Handyman Services to Offer

As per a study report by Fox News consisting of statements from 2000 American homeowners, an average homeowner has around nine home-improvement projects that need attention

Only 10% of homeowners from the survey stated that they were happy with the maintenance jobs they did with their homes. So, the need for a handyman is stated wide and clear! 

The handyman services list below discusses the best 20 services. Consider your specialization, license regulations, and comfortability to pick the ones you want to offer:

1. Drywall Repair

Drywall serves the purpose of adding insulation to your customer’s house. Apart from that, it also adds fire resistance to the house ceilings and walls. Even with so many efficacies, most people do not consider upgrading it timely. This might cause a serious problem. 

Drywall repair

Drywall repair is a common handyman service in the service list that is mostly called for water damage or home repair improvement calls. Drywall repairs and finishing services work on fixing moisture damage, cracks, drywall hanging, anchor holes, paint problems, rodent damage, and drywall muddling.

With proper care, drywall can last for around 70 years. But with damage interference due to rodents, termites, water, and others might, the durability is impacted. Therefore, a professional handyman is what homeowners mainly count on to get proper maintenance help at a nominal cost. 

2. Plumbing

Among all the professional handyman services, plumbing is the most common handyman service from homeowners. Plumbing fixtures such as sinks, showers, water taps, drains, and toilets need timely repairs. As a handyman, you can easily handle normal unclogging and minor leakage repair jobs.

The customers do not intend to call for professional plumbing services for minor leakage, gutter cleaning, and clogging repair jobs. Instead, they prefer handymen to handle jobs that are of low complexity. 

3. Fixture Replacement

A general household consists of several fixtures in kitchens, halls, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Some fixtures include cabinets, lights, built-in mirrors, bathtubs, ceiling fans, window shades, and others. 

These fixtures are used in most regular households and might just wear out or experience damage over time. But most of them can be easily replaced when they break out or are too old to be repaired. 

Some of the fixture replacement jobs are quite stressful for homeowners to do by themselves. Therefore, they request a handyman service to do the needful. It is more like a category service for replacing several fixtures in your house.

Therefore, when you offer the same on your handyman service list, it will help you get a lot of customers and more payouts. 

4. Interior and Exterior Painting

Painting a house is tiresome, and homeowners strictly rely on professionals or an expert handyman service provider to do the job. If the customers are looking for a bigger paint job both inside and outside their house, then it might be the job of the entire team of professional house painting companies.

Interior and exterior painting

But many homeowners do not always intend to paint their complete house interiors and exteriors. They sometimes want just a couple of rooms or a small part of the exterior to be painted to give a fresh touch to the old house. 

In that case, one will hire a handyman, but only when they are convinced of their experience in carrying out the paint job of a house. Following that, the customers will also check if the handyman service is equipped with all the necessary painting tools.

If interior and exterior house painting is your specialization or comfort zone, add it to your handyman service list. Make sure you have the necessary tools, such as drop cloths, furniture covers, paint rollers, and ladders.

5. Light Fixtures Installation

Many people are creative with their ideas on how they want their houses to illuminate. Today, many options with decorative lights add an aesthetic appeal to any house. 

Homeowners often seek decorative light fixture installations on the ceiling or desired part of the house. Keeping that in mind, a handyman do would be proficient in taking up such jobs.

There are minor electrical works involved in changing or installing a light fixture, which makes it complex for homeowners to approach it all by themselves. Therefore, they hire a handyman service to help them out with the work.

6. Deck Repairs

As per the survey of 850,000 single-family homes in 2017, around 23.8% of the homes had decks in them. The popularity of decks in America has been constant for a long time. 

The deck spaces add fun to houses with a leisure spot for the members to chill at. But, as they are exposed to sun, rain, moisture, and other harsh weather elements, they will eventually need timely maintenance and repair. 

Most homeowners seek the installation of durable decks, but yearly maintenance is still recommended for its longevity. 

Homeowners look for a handyman to service, repair, and replace the deck or its specific parts. Deck repair demands a few skills in hand to get the job completed. 

7. Floor Improvements

Experts say that by seeking regular maintenance for the floors of a house, one can prevent complete floor replacement. As a result, one will save a lot of time and money in the process.

Everyday wear and tear of the floors might make it look old and might just need a refinishing touch. Furniture weights on the floor and robust shoe stampings might damage the floor.

All of these problems can be easily handled by a handyman. Whenever a homeowner requests a floor improvement job, a professional handyman should inspect the site and determine the problem areas. 

They will then fix the problems without needing to replace the floor. But, if the problem seems complex, even a good handyman service should help the customers get in touch with a specialized professional.

8. Door Repair Jobs

Doors are very common and necessarily used over a hundred times a day. And that causes wear and tear to the hinges, handles, and door surfaces. The door surfaces will experience dents and dings, which will then turn into warps and hamper its looks. 

Door repair jobs

A handyman can easily attend to door repair jobs and independently fix the problems to make them last longer. Even if there are some complex problems with the closest door hardware, a handyman with the right experience can attend to them.

Door problems mostly occur when a door is used too often or rarely. The handyman will assess the damage and determine the best ways to fix it. 

9. Furniture (Assembly and Disassembly)

Whenever someone buys new furniture or moves into a new house with their old furniture sets, they need professional help to assemble furniture without damage. 

Not all furniture manufacturers or sellers offer complimentary assembly services. As a result, homeowners have to look for third-party service providers to install the new furniture in their houses. 

A handyman with furniture services on their list will take up these odd jobs of assembling and disassembling furniture. 

Disassembling furniture is often needed when residents move from their old house to a new one. They can call in a handyman to help pack the furniture by separating the removable parts. Hence, it becomes easy for the packers and movers to shift the furniture or for renovation projects. 

10. Hanging Pictures on Walls

A simple job of drilling holes on walls and fixing screws to hang pictures is also available for handymen. If you are interested in getting requests for such small jobs to maintain the workflow, then add it to your handyman services list

11. Minor Electrical Works

As a handyman, you can also offer minor electrical services to your customers. You can easily install closet organizers or replace a lightbulb, ceiling fan, home security camera, smoke detectors, and light fixtures.

If you have the training and knowledge in dealing with electrical work as a handyman, then you can add this service to your list. A handyman can only be trained and proficient in dealing with electricity-related minor repairs. If there are any complex problems with the electrical line, then you shall recommend a professional electrician for the job.

12. Babyproofing

New parents might want to babyproof their house to ensure that their baby can safely crawl and play around without getting hurt. If you are adding ‘babyproofing’ to your list of independent handyman services, then make sure that you have the skills to offer these services:

  • Installing covers on power outlets
  • Adding safety locks to things and places where the child should not have access to 
  • Setting baby gates to limit their accessibility to just the babyproofed room 
  • Anchoring the sharp and pointy edges of household furniture 

13. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing services are mostly requested for cleaning the exteriors of a house. It can scrape out the toughened dust, stain, and debris from the house’s exterior surfaces. It can be used for cleaning the stairs, driveways, and decks too. 

Pressure washing business

There is a necessity for some tools and skills to carry out pressure power washing with optimal results. It might not be affordable for all homeowners to rent or buy such tools. A handyman with expertise in pressure washing will have such tools in hand to get you the perfect cleaning in exchange for less effort and money.

14. Small Appliances (Installation and Repair)

Small appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, water purifiers, and gas stoves require less manpower and effort for installation than air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, and others. 

A handyman can be equipped with sufficient tools to take the installation jobs for such small appliances. If you have sufficient skills and knowledge in handling electronics, you can also take on the repair jobs of these appliances. 

15. House Decorations

Auspicious occasions, celebrations, and party events need decorations at home. And with the celebration and joyous mindset, the tiring work of decorations might just ruin the mood of homeowners. 

Therefore, they ask for paid help from handymen who offer services of decorating houses as per the events and celebrations specified by homeowners. 

16. Smart Home Upgrade

The demand for using smart home application installation in the United States has increased over the past few years. Some of such smart appliances include video doorbells, virtual assistants, and thermostats.

These appliances need work for proper setup and being properly mounted over the desired places. A handyman is mostly hired to take care of the installation and complete setup of such appliances.

17. Tile Replacement

Several households experience a broken tile situation very commonly. Tiles mostly experience a crack when some heavy object falls over them from a moderate height. If the crack goes unattended, the damage will deteriorate the look of the floor. 

Handymen can be optimally skilled and have the right tools to replace tiles accurately without damaging the complete setup.

18. HVAC Maintenance

HVAC system inconvenience is one of the problems that cannot be ignored. The house either gets too hot or too cold, which distorts the comfort of homeowners. The HVAC system needs regular home maintenance and repair checks to work efficiently throughout the season.

HVAC maintenance business

If you have the right training and skill set, then add HVAC maintenance and repair services to your list. 

19. Window Covering Jobs

A handyman can take up window-covering jobs such as installing curtains or blinds. It is a small job, but homeowners often miss out on the service list due to time restrictions. They call in professional services at nominal handyman rates to take on these jobs.

20. Fence Repair Jobs

Fences face the wrath of time and lose their durability and appeal. It needs timely maintenance to overcome the stress of time over its built quality. A handyman service can help you fix the fences or part of them and install new decorative fences for an aesthetic appeal.

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