35 Unique & Profitable Cleaning Business Ideas

The commercial cleaning business industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7%, reaching around USD 50 billion in 2022.

It’s an excellent time to establish your own business and earn decent profits because of the rising demand.

But out of hundreds of cleaning service business ideas, which is the best for you?

Choosing one is hard, so we have filtered the top 35 cleaning business ideas based on different niches that you can consider.

So, let’s select your cleaning service-based business idea without further ado.

35 Unique Cleaning Business Ideas

Numerous different cleaning industry niches have the potential to be successful businesses. Here are some creative cleaning business ideas to get you started in the cleaning solutions industry.

1. Pool cleaning

Pool cleaning entails checking and maintaining proper chemical balances in the water, maintaining pumps and filters, and cleaning regularly. 

Pool cleaners can earn $50-$60 per hour and even up to $200 per hour when equipment repairs are required.

A pool cleaning business can be an appealing business idea with a low initial investment. However, the pool cleaning industry is seasonal, with most companies coming in during the summer.

2. Boat cleaning

A boat cleaning business may be right for you if you love boats. You can offer services like regular washes, detailing, bottom cleaning, haul-outs, and scheduled checks. Boat cleaners can earn up to $20-$125 per hour.

3. Window cleaning

Window cleaning business - top cleaning business ideas

Window cleaning is an excellent potential business that can start for a very low investment. It also requires little experience and is a fairly intuitive job. 

As you gain experience in the industry, commercial window cleaning is where you will most likely find your most loyal customers. Businesses can be great repeat clients and provide consistent business all year if you provide good service.

Window cleaners can earn up to $50 to $70 per hour.

4. Shoe cleaning and restoration

Shoe collecting industry has grown in popularity over the years. Beyond normal wear and tear, shoes can develop yellowing, paint flaking, glue deterioration, creasing, and other flaws that shoe enthusiasts prefer to have removed from their favorite kicks.

As a shoe cleaning service, you can assist in reviving old shoes. It is possible to restore a shoe to nearly new condition from any level of wear and tear. In the shoe cleaning business, you can earn up to $15-$25 per hour.

5. Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of the industry’s most popular cleaning business ideas. The competition is fierce, but the demand for the service is so high that the owners of dry cleaning service businesses are unaffected.

You can start this business in a good location if you can afford a dry cleaning machine and washing detergents.

You can earn up to $12-$18 per garment as a dry cleaning business.

6. Residential cleaning

It is one of the most popular all weather business in the cleaning industry. After all, if people can’t wash their clothes, how can they find time to clean their homes, especially if they live in a large apartment with multiple rooms?

So, if you have access to house cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner and a sweeping machine, and the competition in your city is low, you could consider starting a house cleaning business.

You can earn up to $50-$90 per hour for house cleaning.

7. Gutter cleaning

Though it is a seasonal job, it is a profitable business idea in the cleaning industry because homeowners view gutter cleaning as a tedious and dirty job that they prefer to outsource to cleaners who provide such services.

Homeowners are not your only target customers; you can also contact restaurant owners, hospital administration, and private businesses to inform them of your services and benefits.

A gutter cleaning company can earn up to $70-$100 for 200 linear feet of gutter.

8. Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning - top cleaning business ideas

Carpet cleaning is a profitable business that can be started with very little capital.

Carpets quickly become filthy when people walk on them all day, requiring a professional’s services to be cleaned. You can also provide same-day emergency carpet cleaning for clients who require immediate assistance.

You can earn up to $0.25 per square foot or between $25 and $70 per room.

9. Chimney cleaning

If there are a lot of homes in your neighborhood with fireplaces and chimneys, you could start a chimney cleaning business. The chimney cleaning includes cleaning as well as inspections and repairs.

As a chimney cleaning business, you can earn up to $80-$200 for a level one inspection.

10. Trash bin cleaning

Trash cans that are dirty and unclean can serve as breeding grounds for mildew, germs, and preventing mold growth. Many people struggle to clean their garbage cans. You can start this business depending on the needs of the demographic.

You can earn up to $20-$30 per can as a trash bin cleaner.

11. Disaster cleaning

Disasters frequently leave a trail of dirt, debris, and residue. For example, a house recently damaged by fire may be covered in soot and filled with dirt. You can make money by starting a cleaning business that helps to clean and restore disaster-damaged areas.

You can earn up to $15-$20 per hour in a disaster cleaning business.

12. Computer cleaning

Dust and dirt accumulate on computers and laptops, which can interfere with the computer’s proper operation if not cleaned regularly.

To start this business, you need a specially designed vacuum cleaner to clean the different parts of the computer. 

As a computer cleaning agency, you can expect up to $45-$50 for the low end and $80-$90 for the high end.

13. Cemetery headstone cleaning

Tombstones can become filthy, cracked, or damaged over time. You could start a business cleaning out and repairing cemetery headstones. Many people would gladly pay for the regular upkeep of their loved ones’ gravestones.

As a cemetery headstone cleaning agency, you can earn up to $50-$80 for a headstone.

14. Furniture cleaning

You can start a furniture cleaning and restoration service to help people restore the look and smell of their old furniture. Though it is a very competitive business, you should have no trouble breaking into it with good marketing skills and high-quality services.

As a furniture cleaning agency, you can earn up to $30-$200 depending on the furniture.

15. Hotel cleaning

Setting up a hotel cleaning service is another lucrative cleaning business niche that can make you a lot of money. Many hotels would rather outsource this service and save money than hire their own cleaning staff and deal with the pension and welfare packages they must provide to permanent employees.

You can expect up to $12-$20 per hour as a hotel cleaning agency.

16. Air duct cleaning

You can help people remove dirt and dust accumulated between their air ducts and furnace. When these are left unclean, germs and allergens can spread and affect the people who live in the room.

Contact restaurant owners, IT companies, and private businesses to inform them of your services and benefits.

You can earn up to $30-$50 per hour as an air duct cleaning agency.

17. Garden cleaning

Gardeners take great pride in keeping their gardens neat. With the right moves, your cleaning business could thrive by focusing on this niche. 

You can help people remove weeds and clear fallen leaves and twigs from their gardens.

Earniniging up to $20-$150 per hour as a garden cleaning agency is very easy.

18. Foreclosure home cleaning

The number of foreclosed properties is increasing due to the economy’s state. You can make a lot of money in this industry by cleaning them out and preparing them for sale to the next client.

Foreclosure home cleaners can earn up to $500-$2500 per property they clean.

19. Closet cleaning

Many people with large closets are willing to pay someone to clean and organize their closets. It is an excellent business to start if you live in a busy city or a prestigious neighborhood.

You can earn up to $30-$90 per hour for cleaning and organizing the closet. 

20. Airport cleaning

The airports are so busy that cleaning services are frequently outsourced to professional cleaning services. You can start a business specializing in airport cleaning and earn a lot.

As an airport cleaning agency, you can earn $18-$20 per hour for cleaning airports.

21. Wall cleaning

Another cleaning business niche to consider is ceiling and wall cleaning. Many people who cannot afford to repaint or replace their walls and ceilings would gladly pay you to have them cleaned for a fraction of the price.

For wall cleaning services, you can earn $0.5-0.7 per square foot.

22. Building project cleaning

Building project cleaning - top cleaning business ideas

A newly constructed building can be an unsightly sight until properly cleaned up. Construction waste can leave the entire area unkempt and unappealing, so real estate professionals frequently hire cleaning services.

You can earn $30-$50 per hour for cleaning construction sites.

23. Graffiti cleaning

Graffiti may be appealing but defaces and lowers the property’s value. Real estate professionals frequently hire graffiti removal experts to remove them professionally.

You can earn $30-$70 per hour for removing graffiti from properties.

24. Vehicle cleaning

Automobiles are both necessities and desirable toys. You can offer car wash, interior vacuum cleaning, and dashboard polishing services.

You can charge up to $60-$150 for a full-service washing.

25. Oven cleaning

Ovens used in residential kitchens and commercial facilities such as bakeries require special attention. The latter is more viable due to its larger size and higher demand than the former.

As a result, providing quality oven cleaning is a great idea that can be profitable if managed properly.

You can earn up to $50-$95 for cleaning ovens.

26. Road cleaning

The number of road cleaning companies is growing due to increased demand, which is facilitated by the construction of new roads caused by population growth.

You can implement this idea by learning what is required and where to apply for such contracts.

You can earn up to $14-$21 per hour for cleaning roads.

27. Blind cleaning

Numerous trendy and expensive window blinds require professional cleaning and maintenance. After a while, the blinds will need to be cleaned. You can start your own blind cleaning business. If executed properly, this cleaning business idea can be profitable.

You can charge up to $18-$30 per blind.

28. Restroom cleaning

Every day, many people use public restrooms. Many public places with high foot traffic frequently require professional standby restroom cleaning services to ensure their restrooms are always clean. You can start a restroom cleaning agency.

You can earn up to $30-$60 per hour for cleaning restrooms.

29. Crime scene cleaning

A crime scene cleanup business is a specialized cleaning job that involves removing bodily remains following a natural or violent death, such as drug busts, suicides, decaying bodies, other violent crimes, and methamphetamine labs.

Not everyone can stomach visiting, let alone cleaning, a crime scene. Consider offering this service if you enjoy it.

30. Driveaway cleaning

Every house has a drive away. Dirty driveways can be dangerous and aid in spreading germs. You could start a company to clean them.

You can charge up to $180-$240 for cleaning driveways.

31. Kitchen cleaning

When it comes to the kitchen, there is a lot of cleaning. You can make good money by assisting people in cleaning their kitchens thoroughly, particularly by washing the floors, equipment, and pots so that the kitchens look fresh, clean, and shiny again.

You can provide this service to both commercial and residential kitchens. Depending on the kitchen, you can charge up to $50-$150.

32. Beach cleaning

Beaches are great places to have fun and relax. A lot of money is spent to keep them clean. If you love beaches, you can consider offering your services in this competitive market. 

You can earn up to $15-$20 per hour for keeping beaches clean.

33. Sports facility cleaning

Thousands of fans visit sports venues every week. Cleaning services are included in the management of these facilities. If you have what it takes, you can apply for a contract.

You can charge $0.11 per square foot for cleaning the sports facilities.

34. Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning business - top cleaning business ideas

Roofs become discolored and clogged with debris over time. If there are many houses in your neighborhood, you can see this as an opportunity to start a roof cleaning business.

You can charge up to $35-$50 per hour for cleaning roofs.

35. Waste disposal

Waste is unavoidable wherever humans live. You can solve this issue by offering effective waste disposal services. You only need to provide quality solutions by outperforming your competitors.

You can charge up to $12-$25 per hour.

You can consider these cleaning business ideas that are unique and profitable. However, you need service management software that will help you streamline your business process. The cleaning teams can use smartphones to streamline their processes, such as accepting payments, creating invoices and paperwork, and receiving customer feedback.

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Green cleaning is the use of cleaning methods and products that contain environmentally friendly ingredients and are designed to protect human health and environmental quality.

Some natural cleaning agents are tea tree oil, castile soap, vinegar, and baking soda.

The average cost of hiring a cleaning service ranges from $90 to $150, with a national hourly rate of $25 to $90 per cleaner. However, this may vary from location to location and will be determined by the type of cleaning required.

Some niche cleaning businesses you can consider are

  1. Dry cleaning and laundry
  2. House cleaning business
  3. Window cleaning
  4. Pool cleaning
  5. Car wash
  6. Pressure washing business

Every successful business begins with a good idea and a solid plan to back it up. Creating a business model will help you develop the business structure and business strategies for the janitorial services you will provide.

Also, it will provide an estimate for the startup costs and help you develop the marketing strategy to convert customers into potential customers.

This business insurance provides financial protection against bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, libel, slander, defending lawsuits, and settlement bonds or judgments.

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