Different Types of Cleaning Services to Checkout

The cleaning service business has substantial potential for expansion and growth. If you are just starting with your cleaning business or thinking about an expansion of an existing business you must be aware of all the cleaning services offered and demanded in the market.

There is a range of cleaning services that you can include in your business. Many of them would be overlapping with each other through material, expertise, and equipment. On the other hand, some of them could require a completely unique set of equipment, professionals, and treatment in the cleaning industry.

We are here discussing 14 prevalent types of cleaning services that you as a business owner can add to your portfolio and serve various client bases. Here is the list of all 14 services that we are going to explain in this post.

Types of Cleaning Services

1. Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning services are also known as domestic, household, and house cleaning services. When people opt for domestic cleaning help, it helps them to get more time for their personal life rather than wasting it on normal house chores.


Household cleaning means cleaning the entire or partial house including various areas, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other remaining spaces. 

The scope of house cleaning services type is probably the highest. It is a basic one that must be offered by any cleaning business and investment is also quite nominal which makes it most preferred by both businesses and clients.

2. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services are also known as office cleaning services which are equally important as residential services for any business owner or contractor. It is performed for commercial buildings, shops, schools, and other working areas. 

As compared to residential services, commercial cleaning service is more structured because more or less they are the same as almost every commercial place. Generally, it involves, cleaning working areas, cubicles, cabins, desks, windows, canteens, restrooms, and receptions.

There can be any combination of methods from dusting and mopping to deep cleaning and sanitization. Nevertheless, they are profitable, customizable, and highly demanded services that should be part of your business.

3. Janitor Cleaning

Janitor cleaning services are often misunderstood as normal office cleaning services. With commercial cleaning, the frequency might be very low and might not cover all industrial places.


However, with janitor cleaning service ongoing maintenance is covered with daily cleaning duties of office spaces, industrial places, and various other organizations. It is consistent and thus requires less time and skilled workers. 

It is about daily smooth maintenance of the office premises and the working area thus highly demanded service type as far as the commercial and industrial segment is concerned.

4. Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is a relatively new concept that emphasizes eco-friendly cleaning practices. In this, you perform all the cleaning tasks with minimum chemicals or use only environmentally friendly materials.

People are becoming more serious and aware of the environment. Therefore, the effects and results of cleaning materials and supplies are no longer an unexplored subject. You can include green service in your business activities to make yourself different from other competitors and win clients for a good purpose. 

Your service be it in a residential or commercial area, should be certified and well constructed to use zero to minimum harmful chemicals, agents, and polluting equipment.

5. Frequency-based Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can also be divided by frequency. For a better understanding, you should know the service types that are offered with different intervals and time frames. 

So, mainly there are four types of services which are described below:

5.1 One time service

The abstract nature of this service permits all kinds of customers to approach you with any kind of requirement. This can be just once a year service, move in or move out service, one deep cleaning service, or a particular need of service.

5.2 Weekly service

Your cleaning job is set to be weekly in this type. According to the client’s preferred day, you need to provide your cleaning service once every week up till the duration of the contract.

5.3 Bi-weekly service

It takes less time and easy effort because here you will be cleaning twice a week so things will be more in your control. Many people prefer this frequency to save time for better cleaning. Especially, when it comes to regular household cleaning.

5.4 Monthly service

As the name suggests, monthly services are done once a month. This is also a part of recurring services. Be it a deep cleaning, special cleaning, medical cleaning, or regular cleaning you just have to perform your cleaning job once a month according to a clear discussion with the client.

6. Sanitization and Disinfection

Nowadays, health concerns are increasing, and thus a demand for a perfect sanitization and disinfection service. In this, there is no category because it can be required by anyone for any place. 


Sanitization services are used to make the place disinfect and sterilize various bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. It does require some experienced staff members and certified chemicals and medical cleaning supplies to perform the cleaning process and sanitization services effectively.

Pest control is a cleaning solution that helps to prevent infestation on premises. The pest control cleaning service covers both residential and commercial properties.

7. Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Laundry services are about using detergents, soaps, and softeners to clean the clothes whereas, dry cleaning services include high-end chemicals to remove stains and the overall cleansing process of the clothes.

They are both different yet they both can be offered at the same time under your household cleaning category. This can be an addition to your existing service and help you to cover any extra cleaning aspect of your client’s house.

8. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Many professional plans may include ceiling and wall cleaning services as a part of basic house or office cleaning. However, it can be a distinct task and you can introduce it as a unique service to clean the number of ceilings, fans, and walls.

Removal of dirt, grease, and stains can help the house to get better lighting and ventilation. Therefore, it can be promoted as an important distinct service if you want to expand your business.

9. Carpet Cleaning

Similar to ceiling and wall cleaning, carpet cleaning service is also sometimes part of house cleaning service. Cleaning carpets is a complex and time taking procedure which is why many carpenter cleaners keep it as a separate service.


Cleaning, washing, steam washing, restoration, stain removal, and odor removal are some of the elements of carpet cleaning houses service that you can add to your service list to serve your clients with clean carpets.

10. Disaster Cleaning and Restoration

It is a very sensitive and complicated type of cleaning. Cleaning a disaster-influenced site is a big challenge and that’s why it requires highly professional and skilled employees. 

Apart from waste removal, sweeping, moping and damage repair this kind of service demands good knowledge about the disaster type, effective treatments for water, fire, and wind damages, and related precautions as well. 

Nonetheless, a great service to offer and to expand businesses on a more grand scale.

11. Pressure Washing

Unlike other services, pressure washing is not for gentle cleaning and delicate places. It includes forceful water streams like jet spray or power washers to clean muddied vehicles, and buildings, loose paint, layers of dirt and oil, and other tough-to-clean surfaces.

Nonetheless, a great service to offer and to build up businesses on a more grand scale.

12. Medical Cleaning

Medical cleaning is a highly specialized cleaning service. Medical facilities always need persistent cleaning help to keep their hospitals and clinics sterilized. These services are challenging, expensive, and require a vigilant method. 

When it comes to taking a business to next level medical service should be part of the business plan in order to serve cleaning treatments to such professional fields.

13. Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping service is necessary for households to prevent hazards and keep the chimney in good shape for long life. It requires some technically sound workers and dedicated equipment. 


Removal of debris, ashes, dirt, nesting of birds, and harmful components are part of the chimney cleaning service. Moreover, inspection, consultation, treatment, and maintenance of the chimney will probably be all of your duties when you provide a comprehensive chimney sweeping service.

14. Window and Curtain Cleaning

Window and curtain cleaning businesses can work in both residential and commercial areas. When other cleaning services can be seasonal, window and spring cleaning can work throughout the year as they are sometimes, hard to clean and time-consuming.

Dusting, washing, and polishing of windows can be paired up with a curtain cleaning service to sell an extra service with the window cleaning option. Curtains require different cleaning treatments as they will be part of the laundry and dry-cleaning segment. 

However, clients do wish for clean windows from interior and exterior parts and that’s when you can provide them a solution with an effective and accessible window and curtain cleaning service.

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As we have discussed above there are many types of cleaning services and many are correlated to each other. However, three basic types of cleaning would be regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and end-of-tenancy cleaning. These main cleaning services are used in both residential and commercial sites.
Commercial cleaning services are related to offices and workplace areas. It may include many things such as cleaning desks and chairs, cleaning windows and doors, taking the trash out, sanitizing bathrooms, occasionally dusting and deep cleaning, etc. Generally, it varies from client to client what they want to include in such services.
Basically, there are two divisions: manual cleaning and mechanized cleaning. Both have some common methods such as polishing and scrubbing. Other than that sweeping, dusting, dry and wet mopping, spot cleaning, damp dusting, and vacuum cleaning are some of the methods of cleaning.


A good range of services will get you more clients and business. Some business owners do not consider service expansion as it can be a risky and challenging decision. However, with proper monitoring, planning, and management, you can surely expand your client base through different helpful services. 

For a start, you can add two or three new services according to your convenience and expertise. After that, you can slowly extend the service list from the above-listed types of services.

Sooner or later, you also need to consider competitors and market trends as well. If you want to grow your business then you can not skip services that your competitors are providing and the market is requiring. Talking about automating your business operations, FieldCamp is the best service scheduling software that will handle all the operations. From scheduling to job assigning and dispatching to managing, the cleaning business software will take care of all the things in clicks. and experience all the benefits of the software.

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