75 Home Service Business Ideas For Your Next Business

The home service industry is expected to rise at a CAGR of 18.91%, estimated at around USD 370.86 million in 2021.

It’s a great time to establish your own business and earn decent profits because of the rising demand.

But out of hundreds of home service business ideas, which is the best for you to operate from your home and handle the complexities of the workflows?

It’s hard to pinpoint one, but we have filtered the top home service business ideas based on different industries and niches.

So, without further ado, let’s select your home service-based business idea.

List of 75 Home Services Business Ideas 

The wide options for starting a home service business can be overwhelming. We have categorized the ideas into different industries and business segments that can streamline your selection process.

Personal services

With the increased workload, people are getting busier than ever. Convenience and quality service have become the priorities for customers in the United States. 

From having a knack for fixing things to working with animals or children, from a staunch academic to personal health improvement, you have multiple options in the realm of personal service business ideas.

Most personal service businesses demand little to no formal training or certification, making it easier for individuals to kickstart operations.

You also don’t have to manage the high overhead of maintaining an office or retail shop as personal services can be offered on-site in people’s homes.

The low entry barrier makes it easier to kickstart a personal service business idea and establish a strong presence in the industry.

Personal health and wellness services

Mental health, agility, or simple physical wellness have become important in today’s hectic work schedule. Individuals want some form of assistance, accountability, or guidance to achieve their health goals and become a healthier version of themselves.

If you love cooking, are an avid runner, or have training in alternative healing, you can choose one of the health and wellness service business ideas. 

You can pounce on the opportunity and fill the gap by providing different personal health care services like: 

1. Meditation instructor

2. Private yoga instructor

3. In-home masseuse

4. Acupuncturist

5. Personal fitness trainer

6. Chiropractor

7. Personal chef

8. Nutrition consultant

9. Meal delivery service

Personal concierge services

From keeping the spaces tidy to doing laundry and buying groceries to driving, it’s difficult for different modern-day working professionals to handle all the chores with finesse. 

If you’re not bothered by cleaning up, running errands, neighbors, friends, or other people in your network may be your ideal clientele to start your concierge service business.

Here are a few suggestions: 

10. Window washing

11. Home cleaning service

12. Private car service

13. Dry-cleaning delivery and pick-up

Dry cleaning delivery and pickup

14. Seamstress or tailor services

15. Grocery shopping and delivery

Beauty and lifestyle service

If you are interested in personal style and beauty, you can expand your career options from traditional cosmetology school or hourly work in a salon.

You can consider emerging lifestyle service business options that can help you establish a strong career and help you earn decent profits. Here are a few options for your gig work:

16. Makeup artist

17. In-home hair stylist

18. Personal wardrobe stylist

19. Life coach

20. Online dating consultant/profile editor

Serving parents, babies, and small children

The demand for service business ideas focused on meeting new parents’ needs is immense. In the cities where children are born to more career-minded and older couples, the requirement for professional babysitters or other important services is rising.

If you love working with small children and their parents, here are some unique ideas you can choose from:

21. Doula and birth coaching services

22. Overnight doula service

23. On-demand babysitter

24. Home baby proofing consultant

25. Nanny and au pair placement service

26. Children’s party planner

27. Birthday party character appearances

28. Children’s entertainment services

Academic consulting services

Toddlers and babies grow into young students, and their parents’ dollars are transitioning towards more academic consulting services.

With the importance of quality education rising, and if you can deliver results based on the requirements, you have different business options like:

29. Private school application consultant

30. Academic tutoring

31. SAT tutoring and preparation

32. GED test preparation

33. College application consultant

34. College essay editor

35. Cover letter and resume writer

Elder care services

With the population shift trending toward dramatic growth of older adults, the demand for elder care services is increasing, and it’s getting more and more mainstream.

If you can handle the industry’s growing requirements and deliver quality results as a home health aide, driver, or other services, here are some home service business ideas for your next business:

36. Elder companion and care provider

37. In-home physical therapist

38. Private nursing service

Animal care services

Channel your love for animals into a full-time business with different popular animal care services. You can run the business operations from your home to go outside at the location to ensure that the client gets the best results for their pet animals.

Here are a few popular specialist services you can offer in the animal care business:

39. Pet sitting

40. Dog walking

41. Mobile veterinary services

42 Mobile pet grooming

Home maintenance and repair services

Although the new, trendy, or virtual service business ideas may allure you for your next opportunity; you should not ignore the traditional home maintenance and repair services. 

With the consistent rise in the demands and needs of the United States population for different home repair and maintenance services, you can establish a strong small-scale home service business.

If you have the talent to fix different things in the home, handle different tools and home maintenance equipment, or manage the complexities of client and service management, here are a few service business ideas you can choose.

43. Handyman service

44. Pool servicing and maintenance

45. Lawn care

46. Carpet installation service

47. Air conditioning installation and maintenance

AC installation and maintenance

48. Plumbing service

49. Interior painting service

Automobile maintenance and repair

Owning a car in America is considered a necessary convenience to complete the daily chores or travel from one location to another. With the increase in vehicle ownership, the need for cleaning, maintenance, or repair rises.

With some skills training, you can deliver quality automobile repair and maintenance services and set up a professional service-based business.

Here are a few business ideas that can be used in the automobile repair industry.

50. Mobile car wash and car detailing

51. Mobile car mechanic

52. Vehicle inspection service

53. Windshield repair service

Business services

The demand for B2B service businesses is rising because more Americans are becoming independent business owners. 

The trend of outsourcing different business operations and increasing business efficiency is rising, and it’s a great opportunity for you to establish a B2B business and scale your business operations.

Instead of working with a business as an employee, you can choose one of the below-listed B2B service business ideas: 

B2B administrative services

The “business services” range can span different industries and niches. But we have selected the most traditional, purely administrative services you can provide your clients.

Based on your preference and the scale of your home service business, the services can be offered remotely or in person at the client’s office. 

Here are a few home business ideas for running a successful business:

54. Virtual assistant

55. Executive headhunting

56. Language translation

57. Project manager

58. Bookkeeper

Sales and marketing

You can help businesses sell and market their products or services. Implement a dedicated marketing strategy and ensure the online marketing tactics help your clients achieve their desired business outcomes.

Analyze the business demands, and strategize the marketing planning and execution using different marketing materials. 

Optimize the marketing strategies and help small businesses and different online businesses to scale their business operations. 

Here are a few unique service business ideas you can consider: 

59. Social media business manager

60. Website designer

61. Marketing copywriter

62. Search engine optimization strategist

63. Facebook ads strategist

Technology maintenance and repair services

With different tech industries being multi-billion dollar industries, small businesses still rely on outsourcing. They cannot afford full-time IT managers and want to cut operational costs to remain profitable.

You can use your natural affinity for computer programming or training in information technology to start different technology maintenance and repair services. Use a rewarding business idea from the below-listed list:

64. IT systems consultant

65. Computer repair service

Computer repair service

66. App developer

B2B legal services

From reviewing contractors to notarizing documents and investigating wrongdoing, you have a wide range of business ideas to create a business model in the law enforcement sector.

Using your skills in the legal industry, you can operate a profitable business and ensure that your new business stands out from other local businesses in the industry. 

Consider different examples in the B2B legal services:

67. Paralegal services

68. Private investigator

69. Contract drafting and review service

Travel and tourism service

The United States travel and tourism industry can offer a decent opportunity for you to use your own home to run a great business. Being a small business provider, you can create unique cultural and adventurous experiences for your customers and ensure that the travelers choose your brand over others.

You can turn your passion for traveling into an established business by using a professional home-based business idea from the list below:

70. Corporate retreat coordinator

71. Ski or snowboarding instructor

72. Rental property management

The continual growth of rental properties across the US means good property managers are always in demand. Rental property management involves various tasks, from finding and managing tenants to organizing maintenance and rental property financial management.

If you have a knack for problem-solving, good people skills, and a head for numbers this could be an excellent opportunity. And there are now plenty of purpose-built rental property management software on the market to help get you started.

Rental property management

Event service business

From corporate conferences to family celebrations and everything in between event hosting, almost all the occasions require many helping hands. Especially with business-to-business events, there’s a great opportunity to set up your own online store and offer event management services. 

Create a business plan and establish a professional service-based online business to deliver a quality customer experience. 

Here are a few decent ideas you can choose for event service business management:

73. Event equipment rental and furniture

74. Fundraising event coordinator

75. Conference marketing manager

Choosing one of the best home service business ideas from the list of 75 can help you set up a solid foundation for your business success and ensure that you stand out.

Once you kick-start establishing your business and scaling it to new heights, you must ensure that you deliver a quality customer experience and minimize the chances of human errors or inefficiencies.

You should integrate professional field service management software that can help you streamline your home service business and ensure that you deliver quality service results.

Even if you have a small team, you can handle their work schedules and optimize their performance to run a long-term, sustainable business.

But choosing a quality field service scheduling software for your home service business can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry.

Our team has filtered the best software that can handle the complexities of your service business and deliver you quality results.


The best home-based business ideas are.

  • Photography business
  • Existing eCommerce business
  • Dropshipping business
  • Pet sitting business
  • House cleaning business
  • Print-on-demand business
  • Social media manager
  • Virtual assistant business
  • Renting commercial real estate
  • Bookkeeping business
  • Painting business 
  • Interior design business
  • Tutoring business
  • Subscription box business
It depends based on the state where you want to start your business operations. You must cross-check the rules and regulations of different states for the sales tax and understand whether your states include service businesses in the taxable category.
You can kickstart your home service business by selecting the business idea and the niche. You can set the business foundation by acquiring the registration certificate, service licenses, and other important documents and resources. Scale your business by providing quality customer service and integrating a professional marketing strategy.

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