Landscaping Services List: An Ultimate List of Services You Can Offer to Customers

Landscape maintenance is a tough job for homeowners to carry out themselves. Keeping that demand into consideration, the lawn care industry was able to generate around $105 billion in 2021. 

When you break down the statistics, it shows that each household spends around $503 on any one of the care options from the landscaping services list below. 

When running a landscaping company to offer lawn care services to your clients, you should primarily have information on what services you can offer them.

If you have the right landscaping tools, equipment, and expertise to carry out garden maintenance easily, then you need to market your services right. Build the authority and trust among the target audience to get a good brand reputation. 

But even for that, you will need to pick the services that you are readily offering and promote the same for your target audience.

So, this landscaping services list below discusses the many garden maintenance services that your landscaping company can offer to customers.

Types of Landscaping Services: A Complete List

With a plethora of services available for landscaping businesses to offer, here are the top ones that will indeed give them a good profit. Moreover, not all start-up landscaping services can be covered within this list.

So, here is the landscaping services list for you to get a headstart in your business:

1. Lawn bed maintenance

Every lawn owner will believe that the periodic maintenance of a lawn bed is crucial for the overall health of the space. 

Garden beds need timely maintenance in order to protect the ground cover of the land. Some of the crucial tasks that are involved in this landscape maintenance service include shifting of twigs, removal of stray branches, flower beds, and leaf removal.

In this service, the lawn care professionals will also execute weed control measures and tree trimming and will prune the ground cover.

2. Spring maintenance

The garden looks untidy and unmaintained with the spring-fall clutter all over the garden land. The fall or spring maintenance of the garden is also called bed edging, which involves deep cleaning of the landscaping ground. 

Some of the gardening services that are executed with this service request are grass division, mulch raking, and perennial trimming.

The customers would require a lawn care service for spring or fall care of their garden at least twice a year. So, it is a good serving and earning opportunity for your landscaping business.

3. Dethatching

When the stems and leaves of existing plants in your garden get stuck at the root base of growing grasses, you will need the dethatching yard cleanup to remove the blockage. 


These leaves and stems clog the base of grasses right above the soil, and the layer it forms is called thatch. With this stem and leaf removal service, you will free up the grassroots to get optimal nutrients and water to grow.

4. Trimming

There is a dedicated tree trimming service for customers who put up specific requests to shape the overgrown hedges and trees. When the branches of trees or some plants are overgrown, they start to look messy, and the garden appeal seems neglected. 

So, professional landscaping services can help garden owners by cutting off the overgrown areas of their trees or plants. This will make the garden space more appealing from time to time.

The customers can demand these garden services multiple times a year. So, this can be a good option for your business to retain customers and help maintain their garden throughout the year. It will give you a better earning potential.

5. Yard cleanup

There are lawn care professionals who have dedicatedly highlighted their yard waste removal services to keep the area clean and appealing. Most of the time, this service comes in inclusion with in-depth lawn bed maintenance services, but some businesses offer it independently as well.

Yard waste such as branches, leaves, stems, and other plant waste can deteriorate the appeal of the garden.

Therefore, it remains an important service for the customers. The companies need to price it low in order to convince the customers to get an add-on of it to their current service plans.

6. Hedging

Hedging is the landscaping service associated with trimming down the plants and trees in some geometrical shape. It is a preferred service for house owners who want to give their gardens a structured and appealing look. 


Businesses must have skilled hedging professionals to carry out this service request for customers. 

It is going to be a high-pay job, depending upon the size of the garden and the number of plantations in it. But still, the landscaping service professionals can earn good money out of it.

7. Lawn protect services

Lawn protect services carry out safety measures for the plants to help prevent diseases from affecting them. Some of the common plant diseases that commonly affect garden plants are fungal growths, grubs, and brown patches. 

The professionals can charge a high price from the customers for executing this service request. It is because the entire process demands around 6 to 7 steps for the complete eradication of diseases. Following that, this service can be executed only in specific months of the year.

Weather change is an evident reason for the garden turf to possibly experience some plant diseases. Therefore, owners seek these services to protect their plants and trees. 

As a landscaping professional, if you find it necessary, then you can also recommend this service during ongoing maintenance of the lawn with other service requests. When it is about the health of plants and trees, the garden owners will not hesitate to opt for it.

8. Irrigation startup or shutdown services

It is one of the most crucial landscaping services, where the garden is prepared for handling the winter season. 

Many customers who lack gardening knowledge often start the irrigation system unprofessionally during the spring season. Due to this unprofessional approach, the water can expand or freeze during the colder months, which will eventually damage the plants.

Therefore, as a professional, you need to offer monthly and annual irrigation installation and shutdown services to ensure that the gardens and owners do not suffer. As expert landscapers, you need to explain its necessity to the customers while you are on a different job in their garden. 

People who are fond of maintaining and caring for their gardens will understand the necessity of irrigation. It is an optimal care service for the owners to keep their lawns and plants safe.

9. Pruning

Pruning is simply defined as the process of chopping off the decayed or dead leaves of plants. Trimming and pruning need to be done at an optimal time of the year when the plants or trees can grow back or bloom. 


For the landscaping service providers, it is important for them to have the right pruning tools to seek leveled cuts for specific plants. Cutting too much off some plants might just destroy their ability to bloom back and eventually kill them. 

So, in most cases, lawn owners will always count on professionals to carry out pruning for their plants. Even though most of the owners have pruning tools with them, they still need experts’ supervision.

10. Mulching

Mulching might seem similar to pruning, but the service has a different purpose. It does add an aesthetic appeal to the plants and the complete outdoor space, but it also promotes water retention benefits for them. 

Water retention with mulching is achieved by weed control and root insulation measures. The customers will need this service at least two times a year, depending upon the plants they have in their outdoor lawn space.

11. Lawn mowing services

Lawn mowing helps the yard look clean and tidy. The team of experts will bring in different types of mowers for different grass types and meet the client’s needs. They count on all possible variables while mowing the grasses at specific heights. 

Lawn mowing is often added as a packaged service with hedging and spring trimming services. If your business intends to offer the same service package, then market it to the customers and price it lower than the total cost of individual services added onto it.

12. Lawn aeration services

Lawn aeration demands you to poke holes in the soil to prevent it from compacting. It means that the soil is prepared for better absorption of water, air, and all other nutrients for the roots to grow healthily. 

Lawn aeration services

Even though it is an easy gardening process, many yard owners still intend to save their precious time and hire a professional aerator to do the job. So, it is still accountable for earning potential for the landscaping service providers.

13. Hardscaping lawn care services

The landscapers get to add specific features to the garden with professional hardscaping services. Some of such inclusions are concrete benches, fence installation, firepits, and small fountains. These are time-taking services that give you good pay.

For bigger hardscape installations such as patios, decks, irrigation, and retaining walls, the clients often have their own set of designs or requirements. If not, then you need to plan out the design first and explain it to them before working on the hardscaping designs.

14. Landscape design services

Apart from the core field services, the landscaping professionals also offer landscape design services to the owners. This service is for the homeowners who want to establish a garden that goes well with the house space and looks appealing. 

The landscaping design experts can help customers with consultation and a complete design pattern. The design plan should consist of a hardscape, a softscape, and a xeriscape garden consideration.

15. Landscape softscaping services

Softscaping is all about caring for the horticultural elements of yard space. Some of the services under the softscaping bundle include planting, turf installation, grading, and lawn re-turfing. 

Landscape softscaping services

The maintenance of these additions to the yard will also help your business earn good money in the long term.

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Some of the most common services that the lawn care companies provide include lawn mowing, lawn fertilization, tree services, hedge trimming, and pest control. Most of them have been included in the landscaping services list for you to relate to and pick the ones that you wish to offer to your customers.

The landscape maintenance contract signed between customers and businesses will ensure the good health of all plant species and the entire yard space. The common services can often be bundled and presented to clients for a better chance of making profits.

The customers who are planning to set up their gardens are in an optimal mindset to spend at least 10% of their income on their yards. So, as a service provider, you can make sure that the clients don’t overspend on their gardens.
Explain to them what they can get at a specific amount. This will make them believe that landscaping is worth the money they are willing to spend.

Apart from selling the services to customers, landscapers also make money out of their usual practices.

  • They manage the field teams and optimize their work efficiency to save money on time.
  • They look for upselling opportunities. It means selling add-on services with the primary job that the customer has requested.
  • They look for opportunities that can help them bag a bigger profit margin.

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