Best HVAC Lead Generation Strategies: How to Get HVAC Leads in 2022?

Do you find it challenging to generate exclusive HVAC leads for your HVAC business and also retain existing clients?

If so, it is time to reflect on where you are going wrong and fix it effectively.

Of course, you alone have to figure out the loose ends; however, we can help you remedy the situation.

The HVAC systems market in the United States is predicted to reach USD 17.45 billion in 2022, up from USD 16.54 billion in 2021

The numbers are a clear indication that it is time to up your business game!

Read ahead to find out how to generate exclusive HVAC leads with top lead generation strategies.

How to Get HVAC Leads?

Leads are critical to the success of any HVAC company, no matter where it is or how long it has been in operation. Long-term business sustainability is impossible without a consistent flow of confirmed HVAC leads.

Therefore, creating an HVAC marketing strategy that attracts new clients and brings fresh HVAC leads to your HVAC business company is a formula for higher revenue and business growth.

Now you know why generating fresh HVAC leads is vital for the long-term growth of your HVAC company, but how do you acquire those leads?

The answer is an effective HVAC marketing strategy.

Below is a list of proven HVAC lead generation ideas that will help scale your HVAC company’s business.

6 Proven HVAC Lead Generation Ideas

Traditional HVAC marketing techniques like newspaper ads, radio ads, direct mail, television ads, and billboards have taken a second place in many modern HVAC marketing strategies. Paid Google local service ads and online pay-per-click (PPC) ads now generate profit more efficiently.

When it comes to digital HVAC advertising, Google is the place to begin. Spend at least half of your marketing budget on online marketing such as PPC digital ads, HVAC SEO, Google My Business, Google Local Services, and increasing positive customer reviews.

2. Work on social media networks for your HVAC business


Although social media can generate new leads, its platforms are most suited to assist you in securing a contract once a client has already discovered you. If you haven’t already, you must build a social media presence to secure better leads.

Here are a couple of ways to make the most out of social media platforms:

  • Include hyperlinks to your social media accounts and website in scheduling emails

    Encourage clients to look at your profile when they schedule new maintenance service calls or quotes. Instead of simply connecting to your profile, consider referring to specific content, such as a video demonstrating how to determine when it’s time to update your air conditioning air filters or a post celebrating your employee of the month.

  • Create social media profiles for free in just minutes

    Creating a social media account is generally free of charge, and you can have access to key insights that help to track who is viewing your profile and the effect their traffic is making.

    According to research, 50% of business owners stated that digital marketing through social media has helped them get more customers and increase revenue sales.

    With over two billion active users on Facebook, it’s almost certain that residents in your town and nearby locations use this platform to find connections, seek services, and read customer testimonials. Therefore, we suggest keeping an active Facebook profile to engage with customers and answer queries.

3. Teach your HVAC service technicians how to earn more 5-star Google ratings and reviews

how to earn more 5-star Google ratings and reviews

Positive and negative reviews have a direct effect on the profitability of your HVAC company, including the salary of your HVAC technicians. Therefore, teach and encourage them to achieve 5-star reviews and ratings for your HVAC business company. 

Offering raises and bonuses or incentives to the technicians with the most 5-star evaluations is an excellent method to motivate them.

To assist your HVAC technicians in delivering 5-star services, try following these recommendations:

  • Make a positive first impression with exceptional services, then follow up when the task is complete.
  • Provide online scheduling through a field service scheduling software to your clients to make the process easier for them.
  • Schedule appointments on the day of rather than in advance.
  • Provide a time window for arrival or use a field service scheduling software application that allows clients to track their HVAC specialist’s location.
  • Before leaving the work location, check in to ensure that your clients are satisfied with the service.
  • Encourage the customer to provide feedback on their experience.

4. Generate HVAC leads for free with local SEO

Generate HVAC leads for free with local SEO

SEO is still the undisputed champion of digital marketing.

Keep in mind that SEO is exactly what you need to focus on to get your HVAC company to the first page of Google search results and stay there, ahead of your competitors. If your SEO strategy is effective enough, it can generate a huge percentage of your exclusive HVAC leads on its own.

Setting up a Google My Business account is a fantastic place to begin with your SEO campaign. You can next move on to backlinking by referring to other HVAC sites with high credibility and content marketing by publishing HVAC-related articles with your prospective clients.

Allowing an SEO expert to launch your campaign is always a smart option. They will also be able to give suggestions for improving the performance of your SEO effort over time.

5. Make your HVAC business prominent

Make your HVAC business prominent

If you want to establish yourself from rival companies in your region, your HVAC firm requires a unique selling proposition or USP. The USP could be your quality of service and customer support,  industry experience, affordable pricing of your services, brand reputation, HVAC workforces, or commitments. It is basically anything that separates you from your competitors in the market.

Use your USP in your HVAC advertisements and marketing materials once you’ve found out what makes your company unique.

If you’re unsure where to begin, investigate how your rival companies generate HVAC leads. Learn what their USP is and how to beat it with your own unique strategy. Get an insight into what matters more to your HVAC clients and the community you serve.

Here are some ideas for USPs to get you started:

  • Eco-friendliness
  • Services that are unique
  • Commercially specialized equipment
  • Quality of work assurances
  • Service quality and friendly responsiveness
  • Workforce efficiency
  • Affordability and accessibility

6. Optimize your HVAC business website

Optimize your HVAC business website

A significant number of potential clients who find you on Google or other search engines will visit your website. Therefore, you must ensure that your HVAC business website appears professional, is easy to use and is completely optimized for organic Google searches.

A business web page that is not well-maintained or does not appear professional can drive away potential clients and ruin your company’s brand reputation. That is why it is critical to invest in a well-designed and user-friendly website. 

It should also incorporate relevant keywords so that your company appears when potential clients search for HVAC service providers online.

Another reason to invest in this aspect is that a responsive website with a mobile-friendly structure appears higher in Google searches. Customers looking for a local HVAC business online are likely in a hurry and are frequently browsing on their smartphones.

Make absolutely sure that prospective customers discover you immediately. The following are some quick ways to convert them into positive HVAC leads:

  • Optimize your business website by making it appealing and accessible with a streamlined and user-friendly design that prioritizes SEO keywords.
  • Allow existing and prospective clients to conveniently reach you. Display your contact information and other relevant details prominently on your website, and ensure that calls are answered 24×7.
  • Tell your company’s narrative in your messages and posts, or showcase your HVAC professionals’ skills in behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Feature client testimonials and online reviews. Encourage happy and satisfied clients to tell others about your exceptional HVAC service.
  • Write blog posts or start a podcast on HVAC. Make your website an online HVAC center for both customers and HVAC technicians.
  • Use call to action (CTAs) to increase customer engagement. Leverage discounts, special offers, and other rewards to increase website traffic and HVAC lead conversions.

Apart from these six strategies, you can, and you should also invest in a robust field service scheduling software to optimize the everyday business operations of your HVAC service company. 

A comprehensive software with top-notch capabilities will sure help you retain your HVAC clients for a long period of time. Therefore, to simplify the search for you, we have already selected the best software solution for your company.

Here you go:

How Can FieldCamp Optimize Your Business Processes?

FieldCamp is a comprehensive and leading residential and industrial HVAC management software that allows you to keep track of all project details in one spot.

It is primarily designed and built for HVAC organizations to automate their everyday business operations and execute all duties effortlessly. 

The software allows you to manage task progress, schedule jobs, assign work to technicians, create invoices, track payments, and get business reports through crucial data analytics.

Our HVAC software assists businesses in improving overall customer service, hence increasing customer satisfaction.

With FieldCamp, you can assign tasks to the appropriate technician and view all crew information and scheduled tasks. Your HVAC staff will receive immediate automatic task notifications.

You can also generate invoices with only a few clicks using our software. You can quickly review your invoices by date and status, allowing you to verify if invoices have been sent and when they are due. Our software also enables you to send invoice reminders to your customers.

An HVAC Business Software That Helps You To

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


HVAC marketing is the production, communication, and delivery of messages concerning heating systems, ventilating systems, and air conditioning systems.
There are multiple variables to consider when it comes to HVAC Marketing, such as:

  • Target market
  • Primary goals
  • Budget
  • Expenses to carry out business operations
Remember that your primary focus in HVAC Marketing is to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

It is critical that an HVAC company’s website is kept up to date so that clients can access the latest site information.
Add a call to action or an email sign-up to lead-generating business web pages. Leverage videos to personalize and humanize your business and increase the lead quantity. Customers appreciate it when you provide “white papers” and downloadable pdfs of your content.

HVAC leads are prospective clients who have expressed an interest in heating, cooling, and ventilating services. Individuals or businesses can express their interest in a variety of methods, such as by filling out a contact form or making a phone call. When your organization obtains the prospect’s contact information, they are considered a lead.

Lead quality varies according to source and technique. For instance, many brokers sell a prospect’s information to various contractors. These are referred to as shared leads, and they convert at a reduced rate than exclusive prospects.

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